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This amazing knot may save your life, probably your pride, and certainly piles of your time. If you have kids you know how many times each day you have to tie their shoes. With this knot you#39;ll tie them once and be done. This knot is easy to tie and can be untied as easily as any other.这种不可思议的打结方法或许可以拯救你的生命,可以挽救你的自尊心,当然也可以节约许多时间。如果你有孩子的话,你就知道每天要给他们系多少次鞋带。如果采用这种打结法,一次就搞定了。这种打结法非常简单,和其他方法一样容易。Step 1: Normal Knot1.普通打结I am going to show you how to tie your shoes with a knot that is guaranteed to never slip.我将向你展示如何打结可以保鞋带不会滑脱。Start as you normally would with an overhand knot.像平时一样打一个单结。Step 2: Extra Loop2.多绕一圈Then when you get to this point, instead of going around once, go around twice before pulling the second loop through.到了这一步,不要只绕一圈,而是绕两圈,再把鞋带穿过。This one little extra step makes all the difference and I guarantee the knot is not going to slip.多绕一圈可以起到非常重要的作用,我保鞋带再也不会滑动。Still when you want to take off your shoes, this knot is as easy to untie as any other.当你想脱掉鞋子的时候,鞋带仍然非常容易解开。Thanks for watching How To Tie An Amazing No-Slip Shoe Knot.感谢收看“如何打结防止鞋带滑动”视频节目。视频听力由。 Article/201401/272468上饶韩美整形美容医院打瘦腿针多少钱When Bruce started doing the film Way of the Dragon and he was this huge star on the rise,things were changing.当布鲁斯开始做《猛龙过江》这部电影的时候,他成为一颗冉冉升起的新星,事情在发生变化。I think he started having a hard time trusting people around him.我觉得他开始不敢相信身边的人You bastard!Fame is a killer, literally.Put money on top of that.你个混蛋。毫不夸张得说,名誉是个致命物。这是毫无疑问的。Suddenly you distrust people#39;s motives,for very good reason.突然你有了充分的理由对人们动机产生怀疑He had told me that he doesn#39;t know who his friends were.他告诉我说不知道他的朋友是谁He says he doesn#39;t know who to trust.他说他不知道该相信谁It was eye-opening to know what the price of fame was.成名的代价让我很有启发You can#39;t go to school for it.没有专门的课程教你怎么对待名誉You deal with it on a day-to-day basis.处理方法全靠平日里的积累It almost destroyed my career, my family.I was caught up in my own hype.它几乎毁了我的事业和家庭,我被自己的炒作所束缚。I thought the only way to save myself from myself was to do something where I could get hit and hit back.我想解救自己的唯一办法就是找个地方打上几拳And I thought I#39;d made a healthy choice because it was better than a whisky bottle or, you know, whatever the fuck.我想我做了个健康的决定,因为这样好过酗酒或者其他糟糕的事情。 Article/201312/269339上饶打美白针The ocean is by no means uniform.海洋绝非完全一致Differences in depth, temperature, sunlight and currents深度,温度,阳光和水流的差异pose particular challenges.带来不同的问题One and a half miles down, these hydrothermal vents在海面下两公里处的 这些海底热泉spew out super-heated water at 450 degrees Centigrade从地壳裂缝喷出 摄氏四百五十度的from cracks in the Earth#39;s crust.超高温热水Despite the enormous pressure, the total darkness,虽然水压极高and the scaldingly-high temperatures,周围一片漆黑 水温更是炙人the ancestors of all life may have evolved所有生命的祖先 或许就在这种地方in a place just like this.演化诞生Pompeii worms.庞贝虫之名So named for their ability to survive volcanic heat.来自它们耐高温存活的能力They share the vents with crabs and two-metre-long tube worms.它们在热泉的邻居,包括蟹类 和两公尺长的巨型管虫They can only survive here它们只能在这里生存because they are able to feed on bacteria that thrive around the vents.在热泉周围大量繁殖的细菌 能填饱它们的肚子 Article/201310/259035Bruce Lee#39;s philosophy has been adopted by people in numerous fields.李小龙的哲学在很多领域被人采用His belief that success flowed from dedication and self-knowledge helped prepare him to become the first Asian super star and was changed forever the way Asians were seen in west.他相信成功来自奉献和自我认识,这帮助他成为第一个亚洲的超级明星,从此改变了西方社会看待亚洲人的方式。Bruce Lee exploded onto American cinemas screen in August 1973 in ;Enter the Dragon;.For many Asian Americans, he was a revolution,the first Asian hero they had ever seen on the screen.1973年8月 李小龙凭借;龙争虎斗;闯入美国影坛,对很多亚裔美国人来说,他就是场变革,是他们在荧幕上看到的第一个亚洲英雄。。Usually you will be seeing white actors playing Asian roles,like Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany#39;s.So the appearance of Bruce Lee was... was quite revolutionary because people of the actual race were playing that race...通常亚洲人的角色是由白人演员饰演,比如;第凡内早餐;里的Mickey Rooney,因此李小龙的出现... 具有变革意义,因为真正是这个种族的人在饰演自己...he brought Asian faces to American cinema.For many Asian people around the world, Bruce Lee became an instant role model.他把亚洲面孔带进了美国影院,对全世界很多亚洲人来说 李小龙立即成为典范。We connected to him because he was the first one that came on and said ;Look, I#39;m Chinese, I was yellow skin. You know, I can do everything else everybody else can.;我们尊崇他是因为他是第一个表示,;听着 我是中国人 我是黄皮肤 我能做其他任何人能做到的任何事;For myself going up to America, I can totally relate to him.You know, coming to America as an immigrant... being an minority in a dominant white world.And the things that he wanted to achieve in life.我自己在美国长大,完全能感同身受,移民到美国... 在白人统治的世界里作为少数民族,他有崇高的人生目标。I... I believe that#39;s why other minority races,they can relate to that, especially the urban minorities.They can feel the same passion that Bruce Lee wanted to bring for his own race.我... 我相信这也是为什么少数民族的种族,他们能体会到的 特别是住在城市里的少数民族。他们能感受到李小龙想为自己种族带来的相同的热情。 Article/201401/273360信州区妇幼保健人民中医院吸脂手术多少钱

上饶市第二人民医院开双眼皮手术多少钱上饶德兴市哪家割双眼皮比较好;Quiet, please.;“请安静。”;Wait a second.;“等一下。”;I#39;ll take one.;“我要一份。”;Oh, yeah.;“喔,耶。”;All right!;“好的!”;All good.;“一切順利。”;Take care.;“保重。”;Way to go.;“干得好。”;Nice.;“真棒。”;Bring it on.;“放马过来。”;Got you.;“了解。”;I#39;m here for you.;“我在这陪你。”;Oh, no.;“喔,不。”;Please, please.;“拜托拜托。”;Please.;“拜托了。”;I#39;m waiting.;“我在等着。”;Interesting.;“真有趣。”;Not buying it.;“我不相信。”;Not fair.;“不公平。”;That#39;s it.;“就这样。”;This conversation is over.;“这段对话结束了。”;Oh, brother.;“喔,老兄。”Body language can tell you all sorts of things.肢体语言可以告诉你各式各样的事情。;I#39;m having a stroke.;“我中风了。”;I#39;m having a stroke.;“我中风了。”Know the certain signs. Learn FAST.了解特定征兆。学会FAST。F—Face drooping.F--脸部松垮。A—Arm weakness.A--手臂无力。S—Speech difficulty.S--语言障碍。T—Time, time to call 911 immediately.T--时机,是时候立刻拨打119。The sooner they get to the hospital, the sooner they#39;ll get treatment. And that can make a remarkable difference in their recovery.他们越快送医,就能越快接受治疗。而那可以为他们的痊愈带来重大影响。Learn the body language, the sudden signs, and spot a stroke FAST.学会肢体语言、突发征兆,并迅速发现中风。 Article/201410/332868信州区妇幼保健人民中医院激光除皱手术多少钱武夷山做脱毛手术多少钱

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