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一年级英语作文:My Home --1 01:1:31 来源: My home is on the first floor. There are two bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room. I’m a child. I have a nice bedroom. In my bedroom, there is bedroom, a closet, an air- conditioner and so on. My closet is green. My bed is blue. I love my bedroom very much.。

  • 人A Sunny Day Party -- :: 来源: 人A Sunny Day PartyA:Rabbit B:Mountain C: Tree D: RiverSummary This story talks about some nature members want to have a party one day. But the party becomes a condem.Prologue:(The voice-over) It’s a beautiful sunny day! A little white rabbit jump out of her hole and run here and there happily. Then the story begins……ACT 1:Rabbit: Hello everybody! I’m the rabbit. I’m looking someone else to have a party because, you know, a sunny day like this is hard to meet these days. I’ve not see it several weeks!River: (Flowing in the desktop now and saying) I’m the river. I’m enjoy myself andyou can feel it from my song:“一条大河,波浪宽,风吹稻花香两岸……”(The rabbit step ward and interrupt him)Rabbit: Hello River! Nice to meet you.River: Nice to meet you too.Rabbit: What are you doing here?River: Just singing,“一条大河……”(Look at Rabbit) and y to go!Rabbit: Wait! Wait!River: Um? Is there anything I can do you?Rabbit: Would you please have a party with me?River: Have a party?(愕然,look at her, then laugh) A river with a little grey rabbit?Rabbit: I’m white, not grey! (angrily) You look!River: Oh! Are you white? (look around) But there’s grey in my eyes!Rabbit: No! you can’t say that!River: Ok, ok! You say there’s a party?Rabbit: (turn to smile) Yeah, I think we can raise a party!River: (laugh) To raise a party need several people. And there can be several!Rabbit: We can invite other guys to join us! There comes from one to two.River: (think) Ok, let’s go!ACT :(Mountain and Tree 上)Mountain: I’m the Mountain, not a hill. So, there are so many trees here with me,(骄傲地) and……Tree: Okay, okay! (转向大家) Morning everyone, I’m the Tree—an old tree a hundred years. (turn the face to Mountain) So, I’m owned by you, er?Mountain: Yeah, yeah….That’s what I want to say….(不好意思地冲Tree笑忽然看见Rabbit和River上来,就告诉Tree:) Oh,look! Who’s coming?All: (to each other) Nice to meet you!Mountain: (to Rabbit) You two come here ……Rabbit: …to raise a party! Can you join us?Mountain: Okay, but….(look at Tree)Tree: Um, ….(look all and think a while) Okay!(smile)….as there’s nothing to do today.Rabbit: (jump)Great, great! (laugh to River)I have told you: Several come from one to two!River: Yeah, I believe it!Rabbit: Then, (to all) why not find a cool place to sit down and, get enough foods and drinks, and we chatting, singing, and dancing?All: It’s easy! (smile)Mountain: I can offer delicious fruits.Tree: I can give you shadow.River: I can make a lake. You can drink or fish if you like!Rabbit: Woo! Impossible! Everything is y!Tree: Okay, we can begin now! Everybody must give us a show including singing, dancing, or just give us an interesting story. (to All) Do you agree?All: Yes!Tree: Then, (to All), Who’s the first?All: You--are the boss!Tree: Um….ok! (to mountain) How about you?Mountain: I have so many things to do such as prepare fruits you….Tree: Then….what about you, River?River: Oh, no! I want to do some fishing but, you know, the fish is few and fewer these days. So, I need some time….Tree: Then….what about you, Rabbit?Rabbit: No! I am the youngest one….you know….Tree: You are all Chinese!(angrily) This is the English class, why not be voluntary?(鼓励)Rabbit: I’d like to be the first!(高兴地)Mountain: Good! Let our pretty grey Rabbit be the first!Rabbit: (生气) How can you say that? Look, I’m white!All: (众笑,互相议论: Is her white? No ! haha….When the Rabbit look at them, they all become quite. Then, )Rabbit: I want to sing a song to you named …………………..All: (All applause.) Great!Mountain: (大惊失色)Oh my god! Wind comes again! He wants to carry my soil!All: Don’t worry! We will protect you!Tree: Actually, man has done too much to the earth! They should consider the consequence bee they do that! (All nod)Tree: Many foolish Chinese people cut their trees—my friends—to make one-off chopsticks and freight to Japan. Japan, you know, have a ests covering ratio of 65% which is 5 times to China. They bade cutting their own est but importing billion pairs of one-off chopsticks every year from China. And there’s 500 thousand of my friends were fell every year because of this!(weeping, 擦眼泪)All: Faint! (众安慰)Don’t cry anymore.Rabbit: Really? How disgusting they are! I hate Japanese! I really hate it!River: I hate those foolish Chinese people!Mountain: The overexploitation is not only to trees. They exploit us too much temporary interests and left garbage everywhere! Mountains become empty.River: Yeah, yeah, as what I said just now, there’s fewer kind of fishes here day by day because of overexploitation too! I haven’t got one piece of fish till now!Rabbit: I’d rather not to eat fish today…..All: (低头沉思状)Tree: And all kinds of factories released noxious gases and detritus into the atmosphere which made us grow hard!River: And dumped toxic wastes into us—the rivers! All my fish were hurt seriously, even die out! (weep, 擦眼泪)All: (众安慰)Don’t cry again.River: And the domestic sewage! They are not treated bee flow to me! And all kinds of pesticides flow to me since they are undegradable.All: (低头沉思状)Rabbit: Yes! The smoke and dust in air made my white cloth become grey day by day! Even black! All my It’s impossible me to become white again! (weep, 擦眼泪)All: (众安慰)It’ll be better some day.Mountain: I heard that many yellow powders were insufflated to the lawn of the Summer Palace when the film The Promise was taken. And it made there years to become a little green! Also, the famous beauty spot Shangre-La’s碧沽天池 was destroyed too! It needs 3 to 5 years to comeback!Rabbit: That’s terrible!River: Underground water has been contaminated as a result if agricultural waste.Rabbit: Green house effects make our earth become wormer and wormer. I can not see ice column in my hometown any more, which I often play in my childhood!Mountain: They cut all my trees (to Tree) except you and the wind often tease me and make me sick.All: What sick do you have?Mountain: Soil erosion!(weep, 擦眼泪) 教育城外语网http:www.edu.cnwylwyjywjbAll: (众安慰)Don’t cry anymore.Tree: Yes, man must do something to us since they want to develop the economic.Rabbit: But man cannot deal with the conflict between economic growth and environmental protection very well.All: Right.Rabbit: We Rabbit are timid by nature and we cannot endure too much noise. But Man’s machine make noise pollution, cause many of my friends died!(愤怒)All: (皆怒)How can they do that!Tree: I think the relationship between human and us should be friendly.River: But they don’t think so!All: (低头沉思状) Mankind believe that they can conquer over the nature, but they never done!River: Okay, let’s take revenge on human, how do you think?Tree: I agree! Since they killed so many friend of me including my brothers and sisters!Rabbit: My parents are all killed by human!Mountain: I’m so sick because of human’s hurt!All: Come on! Let’s call more and more people to fight against human being! 英语 话剧 剧本。
  • 我爱运动 I Love Sport -- :35:3 来源: I love sports. I love all kind of sports. I can’t stay inside the house a long time. When I have spare time, I will go out to play sports. If it is convenient, anyone asks me to go out to play sports, I will say yes. I often go hiking, running, swimming, play basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis and so on. All of them are my favorite. And because of them, I have a good body.我喜欢运动所有的运动我都喜欢我没办法长期呆在室内我有时间的时候,我都会出去运动如果方便的话,不管是谁约我出去运动,我都会答应我经常去爬山,跑步,游泳,打篮球,踢足球,打排球,打乒乓球等这些都是我最喜欢的因为运动,我的身体才那么健康。
  • Computers in the Future 未来的计算机 -- 19::56 来源: Computers in the Future 未来的计算机  Do you know what computers will be like in the future?  In the future, computers will get smaller and work faster. There are aly computers that you can hold in your hand. Cellphones have computers in them and you can use them to send e-mails and go on the Internet. Keyboard will disappear from computers in the future. You will be able to talk to a computer. It will understand your voice and do what you tell in to do.  Computers will get cheaper and will be used more widely than they are used today.  你知道未来的计算机将是什么样子吗?  在将来,计算机会更小,工作更快现在已经有了你可以放在手中的计算机手机里面就有计算机,你可以用它发邮件、上网将来键盘会从计算机上消失你可以对计算机讲话它会听懂你的声音,然后你的意思去做  计算机将会更便宜,会使用得比今天更广泛。
  • :除夕 -01- 18:6:6 来源: New Year’s Eve5人剧本除夕的传说,一个很优秀的剧本,讲述了除夕的传说,就是有一个怪物叫“夕",每到腊月的最后一天会出来害人...CharactersMonster who likes to eat people, especially on Chinese New Year’s Eve ( )Old lady A whose husband and children were eaten by the monster ( )Old lady B who comes to help old lady A to fight with the monster ( )Neighbors C ( )Neighbors D ( )Neighbors E ( )Scene ISETTING: C、D、E and old lady A are in the village.AT RISE: C、D、E are talking to one another.C: Tomorrow is Chinese New Year’s Eve.D: Oh, my god! It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve again.E: We must run away today or we will be eaten by the terrible monster.C: Yes, I remember it comes to the village every year.D: And eat all the people.E: That’s terrible!Old lady A’s husband and children were eaten by the monster last year.C: Oh, that poor lady who lost her family. She must be very sad.D: We must tell her to run away with us.E: Yes, don’t let the tragedy happen again.CDE: (Run to the old lady A’s home) Old lady, Old lady, you must run away with us now.C: Yes, take your baggage and go with us. D: Hurry up, we have no time to waste.A: No, I want to stay here.E: Why?A: I want to fight with the monster!It killed my family. I need to take revenge on it.C: No, No, No, it’s not safe.D: You won’t win by yourself!E: And you will be eaten, too.CDE: You must go with us!!A: I’m too old, and I don’t want to keep living without my family. I must kill it bee I die.CDE: You are a crazy woman. Just suit yourself. (C, D, E run away) Scene IISETTING: old lady B is at Old lady A’s homeAT RISE: Old lady A is cooking dumplings. Old lady B is knocking at the door.B: Anyone home?A: (Opens the door) What are you doing here?You must run away with the other neighbors or you will be eaten by the monster.B: I’m too hungry to run. Can you please give me something to eat?A: All right, all right.B: (Eating dumplings) Why don’t you run away like everyone else?A: I want to kill the monster because it ate my husband and children.B: But it is too difficult.A: I don’t care.B: Do you have any method to deal with it?A: Um, I don’t know.B: In order to thank you giving me this food, I can teach you how to kill the monster.A: Really?How?B: Well, I know the monster is afraid of the color red and loud noise. So we can stick some red papers on the door and make loud noise to frighten it away.A: So what are we waiting ?Let’s do it now.B: You are right!It’s getting darker and darker outside. :除夕。
  • England 英国 -- 3:6: 来源: England 英国  We study English every day. So of course we should know something about England.  England is an island in Europe. The nearest country is France, which is miles away. The capital city is London, which is in the southeast of England. It is a city with a long history.  In England, people often talk about the weather, because they can have four seasons in one day. They can have summer in winter or have winter in summer.  我们每天都学习英语,我们当然应该知道一些有关英国的事  英国是欧洲的一个岛国,最近的邻国是法国,有英里远英国首都是伦敦,它在英国的东南部,是一座具有悠久历史的城市  在英国,人们经常谈论天气,因为他们在一天之内可以经历四个季节他们可能在冬季中过夏,或在夏季中过冬。
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