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上海玫瑰美容医院做祛疤手术价格静安区治疗痤疮多少钱Rising prices could cause cheap imports from China to become more expensive and this comes as China’s commerce ministry admits that a slowdown in the US could spark a drop in Chinese exports and mark a turning point for China’s economic growth.Shoppers are rushed to a hospital in Southwestern China after fighting to get their hands on cheap cooking oil at a Carrefour supermarket in Chongqing over a week ago. The price of cooking oil in China is up over a third from last year. The Carrefour bottles had just gone on sale. The supermarket stampede was a second such incident in the country in recent weeks. A sign soaring prices or inflation are fast becoming a headache for Beijing. High inflation is always a social, a political problem. The reason is because it normally hurt the poor people more because the food prices and so on. And so it’s damaging to social stability. China’s leaders clearly understand the potential problem. High inflation in the 1980s led in part to protest at Tian’anmen square. To help avoid social issues Premier Wen Jiabao this week visited a district of Beijing promising to stabilize inflation which is now growing at its fastest pace in over a decade. Wen said record-high oil prices and the rising cost of food were largely to blame. Food prices rose eighteen percent in October. Eggs are now fifteen percent more expensive. The price of vegetables is up a third. But the biggest price jump is for pork, by a whopping fifty-five percent in part due to concerns over the meat safety and supply. Some worry the spike in the food prices could hit other areas of the economy, forcing China to export higher prices to the rest of the world.In the near term, inflationary problem might push up some of the cost of Chinese products overseas particularly if the currency continues to appreciate.So far the government has banned price hikes in some industries like energy. It’s also stopped limited time sales promotions like the one at Carrefour. Most economists expect China to take more aggressive steps to control inflation, tightening interest rates and bank lending to make sure its people feel more at peace. And some economists expect China Central Bank to raise interest rates very soon possibly as early as this weekend.Notes: Stampede: A mass impulsive action200807/43619宝山区人民中医院隆鼻价格费用 Cheetahs are sprinters, not made for a long-distance chase. So they must get close. But springbok have keen senses. True to their name, springbok can leap two meters high. It's jumping with a purpose. It signals a warning to the others and confuses the attackers.After such a burst of activity, springbok need to cool down fast. Here in the Kalahari, temperatures can be unbearable. But large animals can at least find a shady haven under the broad canopies of camelthorn trees.For ground squirrels, it's also time to seek shade. The sand is much cooler just beneath the surface. So each squirrel digs its own special trench.For most Kalahari mammals, mid-day is siesta time, a chance to unwind. Even the meerkat sentry takes his eye off the job.But a sociable weaver's work is never done. They're busy constructing their own unique shelter. These giant haystacks can accommodate up to three hundred individuals and can weigh over a ton. Because they're occupied year round, thatching is an endless task. The nests are a miracle of home-made air conditioning. Air trapped in the pockets of the thatch acts as a buffer against extremes of temperature. In summer, it can be ten degree Celsius cooler inside.words:1.cheetach:a long-legged, swift-running wild cat of Africa and southwest Asia, having black-spotted, tawny fur and nonretractile claws. The cheetah, the fastest animal on land, can run for short distances at about 96 kilometers (60 miles) per hour非洲的一种猎豹2.sprinter:competitors in the short-distance racing competition短跑者3.siesta:a rest or nap after the midday meal中午的小休息4.unwind: stretch and relax伸直休息5.sentry:a guard, especially a soldier posted at a given spot to prevent the passage of unauthorized persons岗哨200807/44763WFP Urges More Food Aid to North Korea联合国促各国为北韩提供紧急粮援 The ed Nations World Food Program is calling on donor nations to urgently provide food assistance to North Korea. The agency says people in parts of North Korea are experiencing their worst levels of hunger in nearly a decade. 联合国世界粮食计划署呼吁捐赠国为北韩提供紧急粮食援助。该机构说,北韩部分地区正在经历近10年来最严重的饥荒。Jean-Pierre de Margerie is the World Food Program's country director for North Korea. He says hunger is once again a serious problem there. 德马尔热里是世界粮食计划署北韩地区负责人。他指出,饥荒再次成为北韩一个严重的问题。"We believe that the current food security situation, right now, in many parts of the country, is the worst that it has been since the late 1990's," said de Margerie. "We believe that it is between five and six million Koreans who are in need of food assistance right now." 他说:“我们认为,目前北韩许多地方的粮食安全问题是1990年代末期以来最严重的,现在有500万至600万北韩人立即需要食品援助。”While speaking to reporters in Beijing, De Margerie said a food security assessment conducted last month shows that the situation in parts of North Korea could deteriorate into what he described as a humanitarian emergency, in the lean season ahead of the Autumn harvest. 德马尔热里指出,上个月进行的粮食安全评估显示,在秋收前青黄不接的月份,北韩部分地区的形势可能会恶化到他所说的人道主义危机。"One of my team members came to me and said that some of these households were in tears," he added. "They were asking WFP for support, in the northeast of the country, because they simply didn't have any options." 他说:“我们小组的一个成员告诉我,在北韩东北地区,一些家庭哭着央求联合国粮食计划署提供帮助,因为他们别无选择了。”De Margerie says North Korea's food shortage has worsened this year. Severe floods, last year, were followed by poor harvests. 德马尔热里说,去年的几场洪水造成粮食歉收,北韩的粮食短缺问题今年恶化了。He is calling on international donors to help raise million. This money would allow WFP to expand its food distribution to more than six million North Koreans - five times the number of people it reaches now.  德马尔热力呼吁国际捐赠国协助筹集2000万美元,使世界粮食计划署能够将获得食品援助的北韩人增加到600万,是现在的5倍。The agency says Pyongyang has granted it permission to help feed the most vulnerable segment of North Korea's 23 million people. 世界粮食计划署说,平壤已经同意协助向北韩2300万人口中最需要帮助的人提供食品。200807/45211奉贤区奉城医院激光去掉雀斑价格费用

上海复旦大学附属华山医院丰胸多少钱Opposition Leader Tsvangirai Calls for Expanded African Involvement in Zimbabwe津巴布韦反对党呼吁非洲加强干涉  Zimbabwe's opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has called for greater African involvement in Zimbabwe's crises. The Movement for Democratic Change leader added his voice to growing calls for a transitional authority in his country. 津巴布韦反对党领袖茨万吉拉伊呼吁非洲国家加大介入津巴布韦选举危机的力度。这位“争取民主变革运动”领导人也同越来越多的人一样要求在津巴布韦建立过渡政权。Morgan Tsvangirai briefly emerged from his refuge at the Dutch Embassy and told reporters in Harare that the crisis in Zimbabwe demands greater African involvement, supported by armed peacekeepers. 在茨万吉拉伊在他避难的荷兰驻津巴布韦使馆短暂露面,他在哈拉雷对记者说,津巴布韦目前的危机要求非洲国家在维和部队的配合下加大介入的力度。"I am asking the African Union and SADC to lead an expanded initiative supported by the ed Nations to manage what I will call a transitional process," Tsvangirai explained. "We are proposing that the AU facilitation team comprising eminent Africans set up a transitional period which takes into account will of the people of Zimbabwean as exercised on the 29th of March."  茨万吉拉伊说:“我请求非洲联盟和南部非洲发展共同体在联合国的援下,领导一项更加广泛的行动,进而完成我称之的过渡进程。我们建议由杰出非洲人组成的非洲联盟调解小组设定一个过渡期,跟3月29号的做法一样,这个过渡期将考虑津巴布韦人民的意愿。”Tsvangirai listed four requirements for a transitional program, but top of his list was an end to state-sponsored violence. 茨万吉拉伊为过渡计划列出4项要求,其中的头号要求就是结束由国家持的暴力事件。"The violence must stop," he said. "All structures and infrastructures of violence must be withdrawn and disbanded . . . towards this objective, amongst other things war veterans, youth militia and others encamped on the edges of our cities, in towns and villages need to be sent home and be reintegrated into out society. Unofficial roadblocks along the roads and highways must be disbanded. These camps and roadblocks are the checkpoints of violence." 茨万吉拉伊说:“暴力必须停止。所有跟暴力有关的组织和设施都必须取消、解散。为了实现这个目标,军队的老兵、青年民兵以及其他驻扎在我们城镇乡村的人有必要让他们回家去,重新融入我们的社会。街道和公路两旁非官方设置的路障必须要清除。这些营地和路障是暴力时期的关卡。”President Robert Mugabe continues to insist the presidential runoff poll will be held Friday as planned, even though Mr. Tsvangirai has withdrawn from the race. Tsvangirai said he remains convinced his decision to withdraw was the right decision, and he again said he believes the election will be an illegitimate sham. He said his decision has received widesp support from within the region, the continent and the broad international community. 津巴布韦总统穆加贝仍然坚持将于星期五如期举行总统决选,而茨万吉拉伊已经退出选举。茨万吉拉伊表示,他仍然深信退选是正确的决定。茨万吉拉伊再次表示相信,这次的选举是不合法,是虚假的。他说,他的决定得到了本地区、非洲大陆以及广大国际社会的广泛持。Tsvangirai also repeated his belief that a transitional period and dialogue are the only way forward for Zimbabwe in the current climate. 茨万吉拉伊还反复表示,他相信设定过渡期并展开对话,对于目前津巴布韦的形势来说是取得进展的唯一途径。"The transitional period would allow the country to heal," Tsvangirai said. "Genuine and honest dialogue among Zimbabweans is the only way forward. A negotiated political settlement which allows the country to begin a national healing and the process: a, of economic reconstruction; b, provision of humanitarian assistance; and c, democratization would be in the best interests of this country." 茨万吉拉伊说:“过渡期会让这个国家消除分歧。津巴布韦人中间进行真实和诚恳的对话是取得进展的唯一方式。经过磋商达成的政治解决方案可以让国家开始和解,并开始经济重建、提供人道主义援助以及民主化等进程。所有这些都符合国家的最佳利益。”But he warned there could be no talks while the party's number two, Tendai Biti and some "2,000" political prisoners remain behind bars. 不过茨万吉拉伊警告说,如果“争取民主变革运动”二号领导人比迪和大约“两千名”政治犯继续被关押,就不会有任何对话。200806/42809上海交通大学医学院附属新华医院抽脂多少钱 Israel's Olmert Resigns as Prime Minister以色列总理奥尔默特宣布辞职下台  Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert presented his resignation letter to President Shimon Peres at the president's official residence in Jerusalem Sunday. Olmert faces corruption allegations and is likely to be replaced by Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, who was elected the ruling party's new leader last Wednesday. 以色列总理奥尔默特告诉他的内阁,他将兑现七月做出的承诺,辞职下台。奥尔默特面临腐败指控,他的总理职位将由外长利夫尼取代。利夫尼上星期三被选为新的执政党领导人。Ehud Olmert has been mired in a corruption scandal that brought him to promise last July that he would step down as soon as his party picked a new leader. 奥尔默特身陷腐败丑闻的泥淖,不得不在七月做出承诺,一旦执政党选出新的领导人他就会下台。That happened last Wednesday, when moderate Tzipi Livni won a narrow victory in the Kadima party primaries.  上星期三,温和派的利夫尼以些微的差距赢得了前进党的初选。Olmert said he was informing his cabinet about his decision to step down from his post as Prime Minister of Israel.  奥尔默特说,他已经通知内阁,决定辞去以色列总理的职务。The outgoing Israeli leader said resigning was not an easy decision, but said it is the worthy, diplomatic, and responsible thing to do. 这位即将下台的以色列领导人说,辞职不是件容易的决定,但他表示,这样做值得、谨慎、负责任。Aides said his resignation would become formal late Sunday.  助手们说,他的辞职将在星期天晚间正式宣布。Olmert said he would stand by Livni.  奥尔默特说他会持利夫尼。She has just a few weeks to form a coalition government or Israel will be forced to hold early general elections - a year and a half ahead of schedule.  利夫尼只有几个星期的时间来组成联合政府,否则以色列将被迫提前一年半举行大选。Olmert's departure is seen by many here as an opportunity to move ahead with U.S.-mediated negotiations with the Palestinians, which have been stalled over longstanding issues. The corruption scandal was viewed by party members as a distraction that took attention away from the peace process, and other pressing issues.  耶路撒冷的很多人认为,奥尔默特的去职,被视为是推动美国斡旋的以色列和巴勒斯坦的谈判机会。以色列和巴勒斯坦的谈判因长期存在的问题而陷入僵局。前进党成员认为,奥尔默特的腐败丑闻分散了对和平进程和其它紧迫问题的注意。Olmert plans to stay on as caretaker of the negotiations while Livni works to set up a governing coalition.  在利夫尼设法组成联合政府的同时,奥尔默特将留下来看守联合政府的谈判。Kadima is anxious to avoid early elections, which could see it lose to right-wing parties supported by those in Israel who believe the centrists are giving too many concessions to the Palestinians. Right-wing sentiments have been fueled in recent months by security concerns including Iran's nuclear ambitions and the Islamist group Hamas' continued control of the Gaza strip.200809/49766上海去痣

玫瑰王晨光做膨体隆鼻怎样Zimbabwe Opposition Accuses Mugabe Supporters of Sabotage津反对党指责穆加贝持者搞破坏  Opposition leaders in Zimbabwe say supporters of President Robert Mugabe have launched a campaign of violence in order to derail elections 10 days ago, which they say they won. The accusation comes as a court in Harare began hearings on the delayed results of the presidential vote.  津巴布韦反对派领导人说,穆加贝总统的持者发动暴力运动是为了搅乱10天前的选举。反对派表示赢得了那次选举。在反对派发出这一指控的同时,哈拉雷一家法庭开始进行关于推迟公布总统投票结果事宜的听会。 The secretary-general of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), Tendai Biti, says militias of the ruling ZANU-PF party are being armed and are attacking MDC supporters in what he called massive post-election violence. 反对派争取民主变革运动的秘书长比提说,非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线的民兵正在武装起来,在他所称的选举后的大规模暴力活动中攻击争取民主变革运动的持者。Biti appealed to African governments to intervene in what he called the constitutional and legal crisis in Zimbabwe. 比提呼吁非洲国家政府干预他所说的津巴布韦的宪法和司法危机。Meanwhile, Commercial Farmers Union leader Trevor Gifford said supporters of Mr. Mugabe have evicted farmers who were thought to have supported the opposition. 与此同时,商业农场主工会领导人吉福德说,穆加贝的持者把据信持反对派的农场主扫地出门。"Sixty farmers have been removed from their farms since Saturday evening and of those 60, two are black commercial farmers and the remainder are white commercial farmers," he said. 吉福德说:“从星期六晚间以来有60名农场主被赶出他们的农场。在这60人中,两人是黑人商业农场主,其他都是白人商业农场主。”He said it reminded some of the period following the elections of 2000 and 2002 in which all, but a few hundred of Zimbabwe's 4,000 white farmers were evicted and their farms given to liberation-war veterans and government officials. 吉福德说,这让一些人想到2000和2002年选举后的时期。在那些时期,津巴布韦四千白人农场主,除了几百人外,其他全部被赶出农场。他们的农场也被分给解放战争的退伍军人和政府官员。"We have information at hand, which shows to us that this is state sponsored," he added. "It is directed by parts of the military, the [ruling] party and the war veterans. And basically, we are getting very little support in trying to sort out this problem." 吉福德说:“我们手上有信息,向我们表明这是受到国家持的。这是由军方一部分人、执政党和退伍军人导演的。而且基本上,几乎没有人持我们尽力查明问题。”The high court in Harare began an urgent hearing at the request of the opposition on whether to oblige the Zimbabwe Election Commission to release results of the presidential election 10 days ago. 哈拉雷高级法院应反对派要求,开始举行紧急听会,讨论津巴布韦选举委员会是否有必要公布10天前总统选举的结果。The Commission has released results from the parliamentary election showing the opposition won a majority of the seats. And it has released results from Senate elections showing the two sides won an equal number of seats. 津巴布韦选举委员会公布了议会选举结果。结果显示反对派赢得了多数席位。选举委员会公布的参议院选举结果显示双方赢得同样多的席位。But results for the presidential vote have not been released. The opposition and pro-democracy civic groups say their tallies of official results posted outside polling centers show MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai defeated Mr. Mugabe and may have won the 50 percent majority needed be declared the winner outright. 但是总统投票的结果没有公布。反对派和持民主的公民团体说,他们清点贴在投票中心外的正式结果后的结论是:争取民主变革运动领导人茨万吉拉伊击败了穆加贝,并且可能赢得了宣布一次胜选而不需要决选所需的50%的多数。The government has asked for a recount of many of the results and has arrested five electoral officials, accusing them of undercounting votes for Mr. Mugabe. ZANU-PF leaders have indicated they are preparing for a runoff election, which is required if no presidential candidate wins 50 percent of the vote. By law a runoff must be held within 21 days of the announcement of the results. 津巴布韦政府要求重新计算许多项结果,并且逮捕了5名选举官员,指责他们少算了投给穆加贝的票。非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线领导人表示,他们准备进行决选。进行决选的条件是没有任何总统候选人获得50%的选票。法律规定,如果这种情况出现,应该在宣布选举结果后21天内举行决选。The opposition says these moves are part of an orchestrated attempt by the ruling party to overturn its first defeat since independence 28 years ago. Western governments have expressed concern over the delay, but South African President Thabo Mbeki urged patience Monday, saying the process should be allowed to take its course. 反对派说这些举动是执政党策划行动的一部分,目的是推翻执政党在津巴布韦独立28年以来首次选举失利的结果。虽然西方国家政府对推迟公布选举结果表示关切,但是南非总统姆贝基星期一呼吁人们保持耐心。他说,应该让选举过程自然发展。200804/34006 (NASA Administrator Dan) Golden accepts that the search for life on Mars is not over."If we wanna find out what Mars is like, what its weather patterns are like, what its geology is like, where there's potential sources of water and other resources can we generate, the substance of life, breathing gases, water, nutrition on the surface, you must send spacecraft."In 1996, NASA launched Mars Pathfinder on a seven-month journey to Mars. Twenty years had passed since the first Mars landing. Pathfinder has been designed to test a variety of new technologies for 21st century space exploration. The most challenging aspect of the mission is the landing on the Martian surface. Instead of fuel-guzzling braking engines, Pathfinder uses the planet's own atmosphere to slow it down from 17,000 miles per hour to around 1,000 miles per hour. A parachute slows the vehicle further to about 135 miles per hour. Seconds before impact, computers trigger the firing of small solid rockets and the inflation of a giant collection of airbags to soften the impact which takes place at about 40 miles per hour. In the light of a Martian day, a solar-powered robot explorer roams an ancient flood plain, collecting samples in the continued search for past or present life. "When we go to a place like Mars and we ask the question , you know, if we were gonna look for evidence of an ancient biosphere on Mars where would we go to look? Well, it'll be an environment like this. So by studying these places and understanding the processes by which this biological information is captured, we are in a much better position to address those issues on Mars. We know what, first of all, what kind of targets to look for, so that when we send landed missions there, we'll know where to go. Secondly, we know better how to interpret the information contained in those rocks when we bring samples back from Mars. So this is really a good training ground, really, for sample return mission from Mars." If Mars has ancient salt deposits, scientists might be able to revive some sleeping Martians. Boulby Salt Mine, in the North of England, provides an example of how it might work. Microbiologist, William Grant, is about to tour a saline cemetery for microorganisms. Boulby Mine is all that remains of an ancient lake. It's one of the deepest mines in the world, also, one of the hottest. "I'm about a mile below the surface and it's baking hot. I'm standing in part of what, 260 million years ago used to be a vast salt lake, a bit like the Dead Sea or the Great Salt Lake... but much much bigger. And 260 million years ago, this lake teemed with life."Professor Grant seeks to revive dormant microbial life that might exist in the mine's salt deposits. Words in this passagePathfinder:探险者, 开创者guzzle: to eat or drink quickly, eagerly and usually in large amounts:狂饮, 暴食(这里用了拟人化的手法)roam:to move about or travel, especially without a clear idea of what you are going to do:漫游, 闲逛, 徜徉salt deposit:盐层saline:containing or consisting of salt:盐的; 与盐有关的;含盐的teem with sth:o contain large numbers of sth:充满200808/46467上海市中医医院吸脂手术价格上海哪里隆下巴便宜



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