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小咖实用英语口语 第41期:二维码qr code /201504/360515Todd: So what was the hardest thing about the trip?托德:你们这次骑行之旅中最难的事情是什么?Julia: The hardest thing was seeing this country which is so beautiful with such amazing people but struggling in so many different ways with so many different things. You know, historically the legacy of Pol Pot on the country and this huge discrepancy between the rich and the poor. So as were cycling along these unpaved roads beside farmers on carts that are being pulled by water buffalo, theres these huge four by fours screaming through not paying any attention to anybody. Theres no law, theres no road law, so they could drive whatever speeds they wanted, tearing up the earth, causing accidents. I witnessed an accident and that was particularly hard to deal with. The car that caused the accident didnt stop and the guy that was left in the dust didnt have much chance. You know the locals I guess tried to get him to a hospital or whatever but the medical conditions, theres not much going on in terms of rural hospitals. People are still dying from poor sanitation, water, malaria, these kind of things that we should be able to eradicate, you know, instantly. We have the knowledge and the know how to do but still struggling with that. And, you know, being aware that education is so important and that people arent getting it.朱莉娅:最难的就是看到这个风景如此漂亮、居民如此友好的国家,却因为很多事情苦苦挣扎。你知道,从历史上看,贫富差距悬殊是波尔布特留给这个国家的遗产。我们沿着土路骑行时,看到有农民坐着水牛拉的四轮车,这辆四轮车一直发出刺耳的声音,可是没有人在意。因为没有道路法,所以他们可以想开多快就开多快,然后会扰乱道路,引发交通事故。我目睹过一场很难应对的交通事故。肇事车辆撞人以后没有停车,被撞的人躺在泥土里,没有多少活命的机会。当地人有试图送伤者去医院,可是由于医疗条件有限,乡村医院没能救活那个人。那里的人们会因为恶劣的卫生条件、污水、疟疾而死亡,而这些都是我们可以根除的问题。我们有知识有技能,可是仍因为这些事情挣扎痛苦。虽然知道教育有多重要,可是人们无法接受教育。Todd: Yeah. What was the best thing about the journey?托德:对。那旅行中最棒的事情是什么?Julia: The best thing about the journey was going to this place that was so, that seemed so exotic and getting to see, you know, how people lived there and how they smile at everybody. You know, everybody in Cambodia was so friendly and so peaceful and so, I dont know, welcoming. It made me realize like how privileged I really am in life and things that I take for granted. You know my education and the choices I have and things like that. And the beauty and mystery of Angkor Wat is, I mean its an incredibly, its one of the worlds, its one of the seven wonders of the world I think these temples, these incredible temples, getting to go there and we took some of the kids from the school there. These kids who live in the area who never actually ever been there. We went on a school trip with them and took them and they got to go through, going through these temples and the jungle with these young kids and it was really awesome.朱莉娅: 这次骑行中最棒的就是能去那些充满异国情调的地方看看,了解那里人们的生活,他们会对所有人微笑。柬埔寨所有人都非常友好、非常安静,而且很热情。这让我意识到我的生活中有多少特权,还有我认为是理所当然的那些事。我接受了教育,我有选择权。吴哥窟的美和神秘非常不可思议,吴哥窟是世界七大奇迹之一,我认为那些寺庙非常神奇,我们带当地学校的一些孩子去了吴哥窟。这些孩子虽然生活在那里,却并没有去过吴哥窟。我们和这些孩子一起去了几所学校,还带他们去了那些寺庙,和孩子们一起旅行,感觉真是太棒了。Todd: Thats a great experience.托德:这真是愉快的经历。Julia: Yeah.朱莉娅:没错。 译文属 /201609/464604我去年在一家电器商店买了一台摄像机,当时店里的售货员告诉我说,如果发生故障,可以随时把摄像机拿回店里,五年内免费保修。结果,上星期,摄像机上的录制键坏了,我拿回去修,谁知道,那家店早就倒闭了。今天我们要学的习惯用语能够恰如其分地描述我当时的心情:leave in the lurch. Leave in the lurch, 这个习惯用语的意思是弃别人于危难之中,置别人于困境而不顾。这回你明白了吧,那家电器行倒闭,让我没办法修理本来可以保修的摄像机。也就是,Its left me in the lurch.不过,并不是所有人都会置别人的利益于不顾。让我们听听下面这个医生的故事。例句-1: The interview went so well that the hospital administrator offered Dr. Long the job. The trouble is she wanted him to start right away. He explained that his clinic wouldnt be able to find a replacement so quickly. And he couldnt abandon his patients like that. He was too professional to leave them in the lurch.医院负责人经过面试,对龙大夫特别满意,希望他能立即开始工作。但是龙大夫解释说,他现在的诊所无法马上找到替代他的医生,他不能就这样抛弃自己的病人;作为医生,他不能置自己的病人于不顾。这不禁让我想起了女儿的班主任。虽然她先生调到西部去工作,但是她却决定要待到学期结束,因为她觉得中途换老师对学生不好。People appreciate her not leaving them in the lurch. 她对学生如此负责的态度让我深受感动。******在刚才的例子里,我们提到,一位老师为了学生的利益,宁可暂时和丈夫分开,也不愿意在学期结束前辞职。但是有些人,却能对自己亲生骨肉的利益都置若罔闻。让我们一起听听看。例句-2:After the divorce, Bills kids felt left in the lurch. Theyd rarely see him as they grew up. Not only was he absent on special occasions like birthdays and graduations, but also during tough times when they really needed a dad. They never got over that sense of abandonment.离婚后,比尔的孩子感觉好像完全被父亲遗弃了。在他们的成长过程中,很少能见到他,不仅孩子过生日或是毕业典礼等重要场合上看不到他的身影,其他孩子们最需要父亲的时候他也从来不在他们的身旁。孩子们始终无法原谅他这种不闻不问的态度。这些孩子的要求其实并不过份,虽然夫妻离异,但孩子是无辜的,不论是父亲还是母亲,只要依然在世,就应该继续陪伴孩子的成长。我的曾祖父很早就去世了,跟当时其他妇女一样,我的曾祖母并不工作,而且又没有现在的社会保障,She was left in the lurch。幸运的是,她在工厂里找到了一份工作,才能勉强养家糊口。 /201505/375427

33 Buying a musical instrument(1)第33课 买乐器(1)C: Excuse me, Id like to buy a guitar. Could you recommend one?顾客:对不起,我想买把吉他,你可以推荐一把吗?S: Sure. Do you want an acoustic one or an electric one?店员:当然,您想要买木吉他还是电吉他?C: An acoustic one.顾客:木吉他。S: Are you looking to get a steel-string or a classical?店员:您想找一把钢弦的还是古典的呢?C: Whats the difference?顾客:有什么差别呢?S: Well, a classical guitar has nylon strings and its neck is bigger than a steel-string guitars. Its best suited for finger picking. A steel-string is best for playing chords.(to be continued)店员:嗯,古典吉他用尼龙弦,而且琴把比钢弦的吉他大,它最适合拨弦。钢弦最适合弹和弦。(待续) /201504/367468unit 439搭乘软卧dialogue 英语情景对话A:Good afternoon, can I help you?A:下午好,请问我有什么可以帮忙的么?B:Yes. Do you have any train available to Shenyang today?B:是的。请问今天有到沈阳的票么?A:Yes. It is Train No. K92. It is an express train. It leaves at 11:30 tonight from Guangzhou and reaches Shenyang at 9 a. m. the day after tomorrow.A:有的,K92次列车,是特快。今天晚上11点半从广州出发,准点到达沈阳的时间是后天早上9点。B:Sounds wonderful. Okay, thats it,B:听起来不错啊。好的,就要这趟。A:Want a seat or sleeper?A:卧铺还是坐票?B:A soft-class sleeper, please. And I prefer an upper berth.B:一张软卧,我想要上铺。A:Okay, 900 Yuan, please,A:好的,请付九百元。B:Here you are.B:给你。 /201606/449615

Language PointsGirls think its wierd. But I hate being naked. So when it comes down to sex I always need an artile of clothing on. Never full nude.I dont like being naked or even looking at myself naked, because Im so self-conscious.I hate being naked, I dont even shower naked. I feel like Im a freak.I hate being naked. The touch of my own skin against myself is too much.Im disgusted by my own bodyI dont like beinig naked. What if Im murdered.I dont want people to find me like that. /201611/4800934. Find a Church 4.找教堂A: I cant believe were actually moved in.A:我不敢相信我们真的搬进来了。B: I know. Its like a dream come true.B:我知道。就像梦想成真。A: We found the stores, and schools. Its time to find a church now.A:我们找到了商店和学校。现在是时候找到一个教堂了。B: Yes. I cant believe I forgot about that.B:是的。我不能相信我忘了。A: Weve been very busy, Marcy. Thats okay.A:我们一直很忙,玛西。没关系。B: How do we find one?B:我们如何找到一个?A: I guess we can call our old pastor.A:我想我们可以打电话给我们的老牧师。B: Thats right. He will know.B:这是正确的。他会知道的。A: Its either that, or check the Internet.A:或者那样,或者在网上找。B: I think I like the pastor idea better.B:我想物品更喜欢打给老牧师这个主意。A: Yes. He can probably give us the name of the local pastor.A:是的。他可能给我们当地的牧师的名字。B: Im so eager to start now. B:我现在非常急于开始。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/433787经典句型:How about going to a movie? 去看电影怎么样?A:What do you plan to do tonight?甲:今晚你打算做什么呢?B:How about going to a movie?乙:去看电影怎么样?A:Nice idea.甲:好主意。B:There are two films on tonight.乙:今晚上映2部电影。A:One is Next,the other is Mei lanfang.甲:一部是《预见未来》,另一部是《梅兰芳》。B:Which one do you prefer?乙:你喜欢看哪个?A:I prefer the foreign one.甲:我想看外国电影。经典句型:What will be on tonight? 今晚上映什么电影?A:What will be on tonight?甲:今晚上映什么电影?B:The Mummy Returns 3.乙:《木乃伊归来3》A:Lets go to see the movie.甲:我们去看电影吧。句型讲解:“去看电影”可以用go to a movie来表示,也可以说go to a film或者go to the cinema。 /201502/358593

讲解文本:hot water 热水,严重的麻烦,困境Joe is really in hot water now. His girlfriend just found out hes seeing another woman.Joe现在可是难办了。因为他的女朋友最近发现他另外还有一个女朋友。I got a D in my exam. Im in hot water now.我考试得了个D。我完蛋了。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201704/502232Wendi: OK, so the next thing was when I was young, I used to watch this TV program. It was called the ;Wonder Years;. And I had such a crush on that kid Fred.温迪:我小的时候看过《纯真年代》这部电视剧。当时我非常喜欢演孩子的弗莱德。Ken: Fred Savage was it?肯:是弗莱德·萨维奇吗?Wendi: Yeah, yeah, Fred Savage. What was his name in that show?温迪:对,弗莱德·萨维奇。他在戏里面叫什么?Ken: I actually never really watched that show. No, Ive seen a couple of reruns.肯:其实我没怎么看过那部剧。不对,我看过几次重播。Wendi: I know he had a crush on some girl names Wendi but I cant recall what his name was, but I has such a huge mad crush on him.温迪:我记得他很喜欢名字是温迪的女孩,不过我想不起来他在戏里的名字了,我当时真的非常喜欢他。Ken: Its that show with the little kid, but like someone else, like the adults like recounting his childhood.肯:那是一部讲述一个孩子成长的故事,里面是主角成年以后对自己童年时期进行的回忆。Wendi: Yeah, I think so.温迪:对,是这样的。Ken: Like theres a narrator in the back.肯:电视剧中有旁白。Wendi: I think so. Yeah. I think so. But then, that whole thing just broke down when I saw Austin Powers, and ;Mole, Mole, Mole, Mole;.温迪:是的,对。我记得也是。可是在我看了他出演的《王牌大贱谍》之后一切都结束了。Ken: Was that him?肯:那是他吗?Wendi: Yeah.温迪:对。Ken: That was him?肯:真的是他?Wendi: Its the same guy and hes an adult and hes not attractive or cute whatsoever and so I just feel really betrayed. OK, so I told you about an actor I had a crush on when I was young. So what show did you grow up on that you totally had a crush on — one of the actresses?温迪:对,是他,成年后的他不再那么吸引人,也不再可爱,我有种被背叛的感觉。我刚告诉了你我小时候喜欢的演员。你小时候有没有非常喜欢的节目和女演员?Ken: Unfortunately. Unfortunately, I was banned from watching TV as a child.肯:不幸的是,我小时候家里不让我看电视。Wendi: Are you serious?温迪:真的吗?Ken: Yeah, so.肯:对。Wendi: Were you really?温迪:真的?Ken: I did not grow up watching TV. Yeah. I was not raised on TV.肯:小时候不能看电视。我不是看着电视长大的。Wendi: You werent raised on TV at all?温迪:你小时候完全不能看电视吗?Ken: Not at all.肯:对,完全不能看。Wendi: So, were taking Monday to Friday, no TV?温迪:周一至周五不能看电视?Ken: Im talking I had to, like while my mom was cooking dinner, I could like turn the volume really low on a nine inch black and white TV and maybe catch five minutes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or something.肯:我妈妈做晚饭的时候,我可以把那台九英寸黑白电视的音量调低,大概能看五分钟的《忍者神龟》或其他节目。Wendi: Are you serious?温迪:你说真的吗?Ken: Thats how bad it was.肯:真实情况就是这么糟。Wendi: Thats shocking.温迪:这太令人震惊了。Ken: That is, yeah.肯:是这样的。Wendi: Yeah, so then at like what age did you, because you know how to work a computer quite well, when did you learn all this stuff?温迪:你什么时候开始……你擅长电脑操作,你是什么时候开始学习这些的?Ken: I guess once my brother and sister started growing up, then my mom, you know, let me have a little bit more freedom.肯:我的兄弟渐渐长大以后,我妈妈就给了我一定的自由。Wendi: Yeah. Yeah.温迪:嗯。Ken: We got our first computer. I was more into computer than TV, initially.肯:我们买了第一台电脑。最初,比起电视,我对电脑更感兴趣。Wendi: Yeah.温迪:好。Ken: And the first TV show I watched regularly must have been like the Simpsons, probably.肯:我看的第一个电视节目可能是《辛普森一家》。Wendi: How old were you?温迪:当时你几岁?Ken: I cant remember. Probably, seventh, eight grade.肯:我记不清了。可能七年级或八年级。Wendi: Oh, yeah.温迪:哦。Ken: So thirteen or fourteen years old.肯:大概十三四岁了。Wendi: Crazy. Crazy. Thats amazing.温迪:这太不可思议了,太令人震惊了。Ken: Yeah.肯:对。 译文属 /201507/385105

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