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抚顺中心医院皮肤科怎么样抚顺市石油一厂职工医院内科抚顺清原县妇幼保健院属于几级 Burma Grants Visas to Relief Workers, But Little Access to Delta国际救援者仍很难前往风灾严重区 International relief agencies say Burma's military government has been granting visas to a larger number of foreign relief workers this week. But the agencies complain that once in Burma, the authorities are preventing many from traveling to the Irawaddy Delta areas hit by Cyclone Nargis, which left nearly 134,000 people dead or missing. 国际救援机构说,缅甸军政府这个星期向更多的国际救援人员签发入境签。但是救援机构抱怨说,进入缅甸后,当局仍然不准他们前往遭受纳尔吉斯风灾严重的伊洛瓦底江三角洲地区。这场风灾导致13万4000人死亡或失踪。U.N. officials say in the past week since General Than Shwe told visiting U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon he would allow foreign aid workers in the country regardless of nationality, the Burmese authorities have been issuing visas. But the officials say few of those relief workers are being permitted to go into the Irawaddy Delta, where the storm leveled entire villages and where an estimated 2.4 million people are in dire need of adequate water, food and medical attention. 联合国官员说,自从缅甸领导人丹瑞将军上星期向到访的联合国秘书长潘基文表示将允许任何国籍的外国救援人员入境以来,缅甸当局一直在签发入境签。但是,联合国官员说,没有几个入境的救援人员被允许前往伊洛瓦底江三角洲地区。风暴把该地区的村庄全部夷为平地,估计有240万当地居民急需适当的饮用水、食物和医疗。Among those who have not received visas are members of the U.S. Agency for International Development's Disaster Assistance Response Team, who have been waiting in Bangkok for weeks.  尚未得到入境签的包括美国国际开发署的救灾应急队成员,他们已在曼谷等候了几个星期。U.S. Ambassador to Thailand Eric John said the ed States is not giving up its efforts to provide aid and expertise when Burma allows it. 美国驻泰国大使埃里克.约翰说,美国不放弃努力,仍然会在得到缅甸许可后提供援助及专业力量。"So far no word that they can, but also so far no word that they cannot," he said. "That is why we are still pushing ahead, pushing on this with the Burmese and we still think that it is valuable to get them in." 约翰说:“到目前为止还没有得到可以这样做的音讯,但是也没有不能进入缅甸的说法。所以,我们仍在努力与缅甸打交道。我们仍然认为让这些救援人员进入缅甸是很有价值的事情。”Also standing by are U.S. Navy ships loaded with purified water and other supplies off the Burmese coast in the Andaman Sea. Washington says it intends to keep the ships in place, but the commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific Admiral Timothy Keating said this week that would likely be only for matter of days, not weeks.  载有净水等物资的美国海军军舰仍然在缅甸海岸外的安达曼海上候命。华盛顿方面表示打算让这些军舰留在那里等候,但是,美军太平洋舰队司令基廷上将这个星期说,这批军舰可能只能再守候几天,而不是几个星期。U.S. officials say that while Burma has been allowing more aid to flow in than in weeks past, there is no indication of a change in the Burmese generals' policy of not allowing a larger-scale delivery of aid.  美国官员说,虽然与几星期前相比,缅甸已经允许更多的救援物资进入缅甸,但是没有迹象显示缅甸军人统治者会改变不准大批运送救援物资的方针。The ed States has pledged million for relief efforts and sent in more than 70 relief flights to the main city, Rangoon. 美国已经承诺为救援工作提供2千300万美元,并且向主要城市仰光派出70多架次运送救援物资的飞机。More than relief supplies, Burma's generals have suggested they need money and have requested billion for reconstruction.  缅甸军政权表示,除了救援物资,他们更需要资金,并要求得到110亿美元的重建经费。A state-run newspaper in the country criticized the international community for not giving enough toward that effort. The newspaper blasted donor nations for falling short of the 1 million target set by the ed Nations in a flash appeal this week. 缅甸一家官方报纸批评国际社会没为缅甸的重建工作提供足够的资金。这份报纸谴责捐赠国没有达到联合国这个星期在紧急呼吁中定下的向缅甸提供两亿零100万美元的目标。200805/40517face time------ 会面时间(非正式) 英文释义(INFORMAL) Physical presence between two or more people; time spent actually being with someone, in contrast to communicating by phone, letter, or email. 例句While my boss and I get a lot of work done by sending each other email messages, we also need some face time in order to really understand each other.尽管老板和我通过发电子邮件做了很多事情,但是为了真正相互理解,我们也必须有会面的时间。 /201609/466488抚顺新抚妇幼保健院耳鼻喉

望花区人民医院妇科探索世界奥秘之Life Story(生命物语) 8I can see the muscles that make up my face, my skull, and my own brain. So, now I can take you on that journey into my ear in a way that’s never been possible before. This time we can fly straight through my eardrum. We're inside my head and at last I can show you what we’ve come here to see. On the right, it’s my eardrum again, but now we’re looking at it from the back. And attached to the middle of it is what I want to show you. It’s a bone. Though it’s towering above us, it’s actually tiny, about the size of a grain of rice. It’s the first in a chain of three bones which transfer the vibrations of my eardrum to receptors in my cochlea. They are the smallest bones in my body and they are perfectly engineered to perform their task, yet these bones will reveal how evolution has transformed us because they were once something completely different. Let me take you back even before birth, and the bones will tell us their story: a fetus in the womb, just 12 weeks old and it’s only a few centimeters long, it would fit in an eggcup.---Deep inside its head, its ear bones are forming. Now let’s look at younger and younger fetuses: 8 weeks, 7 weeks, 6 weeks. We are actually witnessing something amazing because at certain times in this early development our human embryo betrays the shapes of the embryos of some of our distant prehuman ancestors. In other words, what we are looking at now is like the embryo of a creature we evolved from millions of years ago. It’s just as if we are journeying back in time virtually rewinding evolution to show episodes in the history of life. ---If we use the magnetic scanner, incredible details are revealed. We can see right through the skin of the brain and the spinal cord beginning to form, and the beginnings of an eye behind the emerging hand. Like some of the creatures that preceded us on the evolutionary tree, it has a curved spine and what might be a tail. And those amazing ear bones we saw earlier are taking shape on the outside of the head. The cells that will make them are located here, tiny grooves almost hidden behind that hand.words and expressionstower:tower vi.(常与above, up连用)高耸;屹立cochlea:A spiral-shaped cavity of the inner ear that resembles a snail shell and contains nerve endings essential for hearing.耳蜗:内耳的螺旋形内腔,像蜗壳,有主要用于听的神经末梢fetus: In human beings, the unborn young from the end of the eighth week after conception to the moment of birth, as distinguished from the earlier embryo.胎儿:人类从开始怀的第八个星期到出生这一期间的有别于更早期的胚胎的幼儿spinal cord :The thick, whitish cord of nerve tissue that extends from the medulla oblongata down through the spinal column and from which the spinal nerves branch off to various parts of the body.脊髓:从延髓开始沿脊柱延伸的粘稠、白色、索状的神经组织,由脊髓开始脊椎神经分叉伸向身体各个部位200707/16008抚顺哪家无痛人流术好 The new white iPod, and yes, it does . Now...And now . We have a beautiful 2.5-inch TFT display, 320 by 240 pixels, so it's very high density. 260,000 colors, the color is fantastic on it. And most importantly, we support realtime decoding of H.264 . This is the standard used in Quicktime 7 and it's adopted as an international standard. It is the best compression technology on the planet. And the iPod decodes wonderfully, as well as MPEG 4. And we have TV out. So if you wanna buy an optional cable, you can have the output right after your TV. And the quality is just amazing, for watching iMovies, for watching podcasts, for watching music s, for watching anything that you've got, you wanna see on your iPod. And what's it gonna sell for? 299, 299. The 60 giga model, 15,000 songs, 25,000 photos, up to 150 hours of . And it's gonna sell for just 399. And the fourth feature is . You know, if we can play on our computers, if we can now play on the new iPod, we have to have a way to buy s. iTune 6 offers us a way to buy music s. Music s from all your favorite artists, we have over 2000 music s for sale, starting today in iTune 6. We have a whole music page. All your favorite artists, U2, Madonna, Kanye West, just about everybody. And you can search on these things,too. So if you do a search for Madonna, take a look at just her s. She's got a very large catalog. You can preview them all. You can get a preview to make sure you wanna buy it, and then hit one button and download them. They are pretty cool. Now what do they cost? For the song and the , a dollar 99.Well ,there is one more thing that we are announcing today, that you can buy off the iTunes' music store. And that is TV shows. Now, if we are gonna get TV shows, we ought to get the biggest hits, right?What's the number one hit show on television? Desperate housewives. What's the number two hit television show? Lost. And what network are they on? They are both on A. And who owns A? Disney. I know these guys.The guys that have the number one TV shows I've had the great fortune be working with for quite some time. And they own A and the Disney Channel. And we have done a landmark deal which we are announcing here today. We are going to be offering 5 shows on iTunes, which you can purchase online and download, and play on your computer and play on your iPod. And those shows are, Lost, Desperate Housewives, the number one and two shows on television. A new A show called Night Stalker. And the two most popular shows on the Disney Channel, That's So Raven and Suite Life of Zac and Cody. And all five of these shows you will now be able to buy on iTunes. And so you can go as an example to Lost in season one and buy any of the season one episodes. But what about current episodes? Yes, you can buy current episodes. And you can buy them the day after they are broadcast. So you can buy the episode of Desperate Housewives that was broadcast this past Sunday. There will be an episode of Lost broadcast tonight, you can buy it tomorrow. It's amazing. And these shows are downloaded ad-free. So you don't need to fast forward through the commercials. We are downloading them 320 by 240 again the same native resolution as the new iPod. And an hour show, like Desperate Housewives and Lost is about the size of five albums and so that's about the download time. If you have broadband which you need for this. Depending on what speed broadband/ you have, it's about ten to twenty minutes to download an episode. It's really amazing. So TV shows. What are they gonna cost? They are gonna cost a dollar 99 an episode.200807/44666新宾县妇幼保健院白带异常多少钱

辽宁抚顺医院前列腺炎哪家医院最好Obama-Clinton Nomination Race Heads for Final Phase奥巴马和克林顿之争进入最后阶段  The long running battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination may be in its final days. Both contenders are campaigning for delegates in the final three primaries between now and Tuesday. And both campaigns will be watching a meeting of the Democratic Party's rules committee on Saturday that will attempt to resolve a dispute over primary votes in the states of Florida and Michigan. 美国民主党参选人奥巴马和克林顿争取总统候选人提名的漫长较量可能即将结束。两位候选人都希望在下星期二前举行的最后三场初选中赢得更多代表人票。两边阵营也将密切关注民主党法规委员会今天为解决佛罗里达和密西根州的初选争议而举行的会议。Saturday's meeting at a Washington hotel represents Hillary Clinton's best hope of cutting into Barack Obama's lead in the overall delegate count before the primary season ends on June 3. 今天在华盛顿召开的这次会议可说是希拉里.克林顿在下星期二所有初选结束前,缩小奥巴马在代表票数上领先优势的最佳希望。The Democratic Party Rules Committee will attempt to resolve the dispute over the primary votes in Florida and Michigan. The national party voided the results of those primaries after both states defied party rules and moved up their primaries into January, instead of holding them later in the year. 民主党法规委员会将试图解决佛罗里达和密西根州的初选争议。这两个州违反党规,提早在一月举行初选,结果被取消初选的结果。Clinton won both of those primaries, and her campaign argues the results should be recognized, which would cut into Obama's lead in the delegate count. 克林顿是佛罗里达和密西根州初选的赢家,她的阵营认为应当承认这两个州的选举结果,如此一来她就能缩小奥巴马在代表票数上的领先优势。Obama supporters say that the results should not count because Obama took his name off the Michigan ballot before the vote, and because neither candidate campaigned in either Michigan or Florida in deference to national party rules. 奥巴马的持者则认为,两州初选结果不应该计算在内,因为在密西根州选举前,奥巴马已经把自己的名字从选票上去掉,而且两位候选人为尊重党规,都没有在这两个州进行竞选。After Saturday's party meeting, the focus will be on three remaining Democratic primaries. Puerto Rico votes on Sunday, while Montana and South Dakota close out the primary calendar with contests on Tuesday. 在今天的会议后,人们将把注意力集中在最后三场初选。波多黎各星期天投票,下星期二是蒙大拿与南达科塔州,从而结束民主党内初选。Despite her fading hopes of winning the nomination, Senator Clinton continues to argue that she would be the stronger Democrat to run against the presumptive Republican nominee, Senator John McCain. 尽管赢得提名的希望越来越渺茫,克林顿仍然坚持她是在与共和党对手麦凯恩的竞争中更有胜算的候选人。"Who do you believe is best prepared and y to be commander in chief and president on day one, to start making those tough decisions that our next president will have to make," she asked. “你们认为哪一位候选人是准备最充分、在上任第一天就能做好总统,做好三军统帅,就能够马上做重大决定的?”In the final weeks of the campaign, Senator Obama increasingly has shifted his attention away from Clinton, and is now focused on what he expects will be a showdown with Senator McCain. 而奥巴马在竞选的最后阶段,已经将注意力从克林顿转移到他未来可能面临的对手、共和党总统候选人麦凯恩身上。"I am happy to have a debate with John McCain about the Bush-McCain foreign policy, because their foreign policy has not worked, and we cannot keep on doing the same thing over and over again," he said. “我非常乐意与麦凯恩就他与布什总统的外交政策进行辩论,因为他们的外交政策是失败的,我们不能重蹈覆辙。”Clinton is favored in Sunday's vote in Puerto Rico, while Obama has an edge in the polls in Montana and South Dakota. 一般认为克林顿能在星期天的波多黎各初选胜出,而奥巴马在蒙大拿和南达科他保持领先。Democratic congressional leaders are hoping for a quick resolution of the Democratic nomination contest after Tuesday's primaries. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid are urging the remaining uncommitted superdelegates to publicly support one of the candidates once the primary season ends. 民主党国会领袖希望下星期二初选结束后,党内的总统提名之争能够尽快落幕。众议院议长佩洛西和参议院多数党领袖瑞德敦促还没有表态的超级代表在初选结束后,公开说明自己究竟持哪位候选人。"I think the time has come to end this," he said. “我认为现在是结束竞争的时候了。”Superdelegates are party officeholders and activists who can vote for either candidate. Political experts expect most of the remaining superdelegates will rally to Obama after Tuesday's voting, setting the stage for the Illinois senator to clinch the nomination. 超级代表是党内的公职人员或活动人士,他们可以选择任何一位党内候选人。政治专家预期,星期二初选结束后,大多数超级代表将持奥巴马,为他赢得党内提名铺路。John Fortier, who monitors U.S. politics at the American Enterprise Institute, told VOA's Encounter program that Obama's march to the nomination appears to be on track, even though Clinton may win a few more delegates in the remaining primaries."Overall, it is a small claim that she can make, and Barack Obama, with those delegates he will win plus the march of the superdelegates, slowly, day by day, into his column, ultimately will be building a lead, and will get to one of the various magic numbers we have for the nomination," he said. Once he secures the Democratic nomination, Senator Obama would then have the challenge of unifying the Democratic Party and winning over Clinton supporters in time for the party's national nominating convention in late August. 一旦确定获得党内提名,奥巴马面对的挑战将是如何在八月全国党代表大会前,整合民主党,争取克林顿持者的拥护。 200806/40704 Google, Starbucks and Motorola, they are all brands easily recognizable around the world and getting even more so according to a new survey of the top 100 global brands. Of All, tech companies seem to be gaining dominance, Coca Cola still holds the number 1 spot. Microsoft is number 2, and IBM comes in at number 3. BusinessWeek and Interbrands team up annually to determine these rankings, and joining us now to discuss them is Interbrands' Chief Executive John Allert.John, thanks for being here. Very briefly, what is the criteria? The criteria is that we need brands that have strong franchise with consumers, but importantly, businesses underlying those brands that have very large amounts of revenue. Large amounts of revenue, so basically you look at, dah, numerically, and just the, the list unfolds? Well, it's a combination of numerical factors and, and more soft marketing factors, so we look at the degree of resonance that the consumers have with a particular brand proposition, and that allows us to actually discount from an entire group of earnings, how many of those earnings are attributable to the brand? Let's, let's take a look at some of these. Coca Cola, for instance, because it's, it is more than just a brand. I think for a lot of people, it almost has a certain nostalgia. Yeah, look, Coke is, uh, Coke is obviously famous for a proposition around refreshment. What Coke's been able to do very cleverly is, is take that through generations, but also take it through different ethnographies and through different market demographics. So the people all around the world buy into the Coke proposition. Microsoft, a lot of people, of course, hate Microsoft, you know, because they feel that it's, you know, monopolistic and so on and so forth. Yet, it runs most of the software for computers (Well, Micr..) or has the software that runs most of computers.Mi, Microsoft is a good lesson and I'm not sure whether people hate Microsoft, I mean Microsoft is great. Well, a percentage of people do, I mean, you know, (Of course, of course) a lot of anti-competitive practices and so forth. I am not expressing an opinion here, but, you know, talk to somebody who has an Apple computer for instance.Sure, as I have had. Microsoft actually has a fantastic product underneath its brand, and, and of course without a fantastic product you can't build a valuable brand. Er, and we've seen that through, uh, through some of the great er, rises in the table this year with, with the likes of eBay which has a fantastic product, the likes of Google which has a fantastic product. It really does come down to the functionality of the product.Well, it's not just the functionality, it's about delivering on the promise and, and brands obviously, uh, are promoted to build a promise to consumers and, and if they continuously deliver on that promise, people will go back again and again, er, and build loyalty with those brands.Why do you think some companies've been so successful at, at building a brand, be it Coca cola, Microsoft, Google, Starbucks which is another one of your top er, names, and some aren't able to do it. Well, I guess product, as I said, is, is critical, but a number of these, a number of these brand markets have been around for a long long time.Let, let me, let me just go back, you say product is critical. Now, Starbucks would say their coffee is certainly different than what you'll get er, from one of the competitors. But the basic coffee is not that different, so there is some atmosphere that's also created or some perception that's created that makes people want to buy this brand.Sure, I, I guess, what I, I mean by product is that is an entry-level criteria. If you don't have a good product, you can't build a strong brand. So in, in the case of Starbucks, what they have been able to do is build an emotional base on top of that product that people have brought into and understand Starbucks has been something more than just functional coffee.John Allert, chief executive of Interbrands, as always, thanks for your answers. Pleasure, Todd.1. demographics:n.人口统计资料(如年龄、性别、收入等等)200810/51863抚顺市清原县产科生孩子多少钱抚顺新抚怀孕检测多少钱



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