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A: Are you feeling OK?B: My stomach is bothering me.A: What have you been eating?B: I had a ham sandwich with mayonnaise lunch.A: Maybe the food had something wrong with it.B: It could be bad food, but I didn’t feel so well yesterday, either.A: Have you been under a lot of pressure lately?B: I haven’t been under any more stress than usual.A: Perhaps you have caught that bug that is going around.B: I feel like maybe I am coming down with the flu. 95。

3.What do you think?你觉得如何?What do you think?你觉得如何?What is your opinion?你意见是什么?Let me think about it.让我想想看.Let talk about it some more.让我们再谈多一点吧.Let talk about it later.我们待会再谈吧.I would rather not talk about it.我不想谈这些.Let change the subject.我们换个话题吧.Let talk about something else.我们聊一些其他的吧.Sounds good to me.听起来不错.That sounds fine.这听起来不错.I dont think it a good idea.我认为这主意不好.No way.不可能.Sounds great!太棒了.I dont know.我不知道.I think that it OK.我觉得可以.Do you understand?你了解吗?Do you understand what Im saying?你了解我说的吗?Do you understand the meaning?你懂意思吗?Do you know what Im talking about?你知道我在说什么吗?I dont understand.我不了解.Yes,I understand.是的,我了解了.I get it.我懂了.I dont get it.我不懂.Please explain it again.请再解释一遍.I cant speak English very well.我的英语无法说得很好.No,what do you mean?不,你要说什么?Could you spell it me?你能把它拼出来吗?Please write it down me.可以写下来给我吗?Once again,please.请再说一次.What did you say?你说什么?What do you think?(That sounds fine.)你觉得如何?这听起来不错.What do you think?(Sounds good to me.)你觉得如何?听起来不错.What do you think?(Sounds great.)你觉得如何?太棒了.What do you think?(I dont know.)你觉得如何?我不知道.What do you think?(Let me think about it.)你觉得如何?让我想想看.What do you think?(Let talk about it some more.)你觉得如何?让我们再谈多一点吧.What do you think?(No way.)你觉得如何?不可能.What your opinion?(Let me think about it.)你的意见是什么?让我想想看.What your opinion?(Let talk about it later.)你的意见是什么?我们待会再谈吧.What your opinion?(Let change the subject.)你的意见是什么?我们换个话题吧.What your opinion?(I dont think it good idea.)我的意见是什么?我认为这主意不好.What your opinion?(I would rather not talk about it.)你的意见是什么?我不想谈这些.What your opinion?(Sounds great.)你的意见是什么?太棒了What your opinion?(I think it OK.)你的意见是什么?我觉得可以What your opinion?(Let talk about something else.)你的意见是什么?我们聊一些其他的吧Do you understand?(I dont understand.)你了解吗?我不了解Do you understand?(No,what do you mean?)你了解吗?不,你要说什么?Do you understand?(What did you say?)你了解吗?你说什么?Do you understand?(I dont get it.)你了解吗?我不懂Do you understand?(Once again,please.)你了解吗?请再说一次Do you understand the meaning?(I cant understand.)你懂意思吗?我不明白Do you understand the meaning?(Yes,I understand.)你懂意思吗?是的,我明白Do you understand the meaning?(No,what do you mean?)你懂意思吗?不,你要说什么?Do you understand the meaning?(I dont get it.)你懂意思吗?我懂Do you understand the meaning?(I get it.)你懂意思吗?我懂了Do you understand he meaning?(Once again,please.)你懂意思吗?请再说一次Do you understand what Im saying?(Yes,I understand.)你了解我说的吗?是的,我了解Do you understand what Im saying?(What did you say?)你了解我说的吗?你说什么?Do you understand what Im saying?(I cant speak English very well.)你了解我说的吗?我的英语无法说得很好Do you understand what Im saying?(Please explain it again.)你了解我说的吗?请再解释一遍Do you understand what Im saying?(I get it.)你了解我说的吗?我懂了Do you know what Im talking about?(Yes,I understand.)你知道我在说什么吗?是的,我了解Do you know what Im talking about?(No,please explain it again.)你知道我在说什么吗?不,请再解释一遍Do you know what Im talking about?(No,what do you mean.)你知道我在说什么吗?不,你要说什么?Do you know what Im talking about?(Could you spell it me?)你知道我在说什么吗?你能把它拼出来吗?Do you know what Im talking about?(please write it down me.)你知道我在说什么吗?可以写下来给我吗?Do you know what Im talking about?(I get it.)你知道我在说什么吗?我懂了 6。

5.Gustnado5.阵旋风Gustnado is the term used a brief tornado that completely separate from the main thunderstorm that usually spawns regular tornadoes. In a severe thunderstorm spawned a gustnado at the edge of a high-speed wind in southeast Wisconsin. This rare phenomenon stunned the local fire department, who rushed to the aid of people caught up in the storm.阵旋风是一种短暂的龙卷风,完全从雷暴中分离出来,通常会带来有规律的龙卷风年,一场剧烈的雷暴所带来的阵旋风以极高的风速袭击了威斯康辛州的东南部这场罕见的天气现象震惊了当地的消防部门,他们紧急援助了被困在风暴中的人们A gustnado isnt as strong as a tornado and is med when a downpour of rain draws cold air down with it from the inside of a storm. The cold air that ced downward with the rain hits the ground hard and then spouts a gust of wind, which in turn becomes a gustnado. A severe gustnado usually ms when a lot of the cold gusts med on the ground mix with the hot air there. Gustnadoes only last a few minutes, but theyre still capable of inflicting some serious damage on their surroundings.阵旋风的强度不同于龙卷风,它的形成是由于倾盆大雨将暴风雨中的冷空气一起带下来雨水推动着冷空气向下猛烈地冲击地面,而后喷射出一阵风,从而形成了阵旋风当地面上有大量的冷风混合着热空气形成的时候,剧烈的阵旋风通常会随之形成阵旋风通常只持续几分钟,但仍然会对周围的环境造成严重的破坏.Inversion Clouds.逆温云Just after Thanksgiving in , visitors at the Grand Canyon noticed something weird — the canyon was rapidly filling up with a thick fog. Tourists were left in awe when the fog rolled into the park and eventually med what looked like a waterfall of clouds. This weather anomaly is known as an inversion.年,就在感恩节之后,大峡谷的游客们注意到一件奇怪的事——一种浓雾正迅速地填满峡谷旅行者们陷入恐慌,浓雾席卷整个公园,最后看起来就像是云瀑布这种异常的天气现象就是逆温An inversion is caused by cold air remaining near the ground and warmer air moving over it. The inversion at the Grand Canyon started when a storm moved through just bee the holiday, causing the ground to freeze. When the warmer air then moved through afterward, the beautiful inversion phenomenon took place. Rangers at the park confirmed that much smaller inversions occur fairly often, but the larger ones that fill up the entire Canyon only happen every ten years or so. This one lasted the whole day, with the fog only dissipating when it started getting dark.逆温的形成是由于冷空气停留在了近地面,而温度更高的空气持续上升在节日的前一天,一场暴风雨袭击了大峡谷,导致地面冰冻,从而出现了逆温随后,当温暖的气流开始向上移动,就带来了美丽的逆温现象公园管理员表示,小范围的逆温现象相当常见,但大范围的发生于整个峡谷的逆温现象大约十年才发生一次这次的现象持续了一整天,雾气直到夜色降临时才逐渐散去3.Solar Tsunami3.太阳海啸 was a good year rare weather events. In the middle of the year, two satellites caught something unusual happening on the surface of the sun. A tsunami was rolling on its surface as a reaction to an ejection of matter into space.年年中时,两颗卫星监测到太阳表面出现了不寻常的现象一场“海啸”正在其表面滚动,这是日冕物质抛射进入太空所产生的反应The injection and subsequent solar tsunami gave scientists a greater understanding of the dynamics of a tsunami and how they occur on Earth. The Japanese satellite Hindoe and the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) are instrumental in researching events that happen on the sun, and they both study its ultraviolet light to establish the exact conditions on the surface. Hindoe was also thought to have gathered enough data experts to finally figure out why the corona of the sun is thousands of degrees hotter than its surface. It was during all of this research that scientists became aware of shock waves following the matter ejection. This incident was very similar to the movement of a tsunami on Earth after an earthquake has taken place. The shock waves are very rare, making a solar tsunami a rare phenomenon as well.抛射以及随后的太阳海啸使科学家们能更好地理解海啸的动力机制及其在地球上的成因日本卫星Hindoe与太阳动力学天文台(SDO)专门搜集太阳上发生的事件,并一同研究太阳紫外线,以确定太阳表面的准确情况Hindoe还为专家们收集了足够多的据,能够帮助专家计算出为何太阳日冕层比太阳表面要灼热上千度在整个研究过程中,科学家逐渐意识到,日冕物质抛射后,随之而至的是冲击波这一现象与地球上地震后随之发生海啸相似冲击波很少见,也使太阳海啸成为非常少见的现象.Super Refraction.超折射Also in , people living in northern Ohio woke up one morning and were stunned to find that they could see all the way to the Canadian shoreline. This is not at all possible under normal circumstances because of the way the Earth is curved. However, locals were able to see all the way to Canada because of a rare natural phenomenon known as super refraction, where rays of light are bent downward toward the surface of Earth. The rays are bent this way because of changes in air density. During this light-bending, far-off objects can be seen that are usually hidden from view because theyre reflected in the rays of light. The light from the sun had bent so far down over Lake Erie that the refraction made the Canadian shoreline visible from more than fifty miles away.还是在年,居住在美国俄亥俄州的人们清早醒来,愕然发现他们竟然可以一直看到加拿大的海岸线这在正常情况下是不可能的,因为地面上的道路是曲折的然而,当地人之所以能一直看到加拿大,是由于超折射这一罕见的自然现象,光线向下弯曲折向地面光线之所以会如此弯曲是由于空气密度的改变发生光线曲变时,可以看见那些通常看不到的遥远物体,因为它们可以在光线中反映出来太阳光从很远的地方弯折向伊利湖,折射使五十英里以外的加拿大海岸线也呈现在人们眼前1.Atmospheric Blocking1.大气阻塞Atmospheric blocking is quite possibly the rarest weather event on Earth, which is good because it also one of the most dangerous. It happens when a high pressure system gets stuck and cant move from one place to another. Depending on the type of system it can either lead to flooding or extremely hot and dry conditions.大气阻塞很可能是地球上最罕见的天气现象它的发生是由于高压系统受阻,无法移动到其他地方由于这种系统的类型,它可能会引发洪水或极端炎热与干旱的天气An example of atmospheric blocking is the European heat wave that killed 70,000 people. The high-pressure system that became stuck in this instance was very powerful and blocked any relieving fronts from passing. In , ,000 Russians were killed by a heat wave caused by another blocking incident. And in atmospheric blocking in Alaska caused such hot temperatures that glaciers started melting and large est fires started up in the area. It not always doom and gloom, though — in another blocking, positive effects were noted in Missouri as temperatures remained pleasant and eventually produced fantastic crops.大气阻塞的一个例子是年席卷欧洲的热浪,造成了70000人死亡在这次事件中,受阻的高压系统非常强劲,阻塞了所有能够缓解的锋面过境年,000名俄罗斯人丧命于另一大气阻塞所带来的热浪中年,发生在阿拉斯加的大气阻塞带来了高温天气,冰盖融化,并在这一地区引发了大量的森林火灾尽管如此,大气阻塞所带来的也并非都是厄运和破坏——年的另一场大气阻塞给密苏里州带来了积极影响,使这一地区温度适宜并最终种植出了优良的农作物翻译:赵倩 来源:前十网 55。

Supply from stock 供应现货A: Well, what can I do you?我能为你做点什么吗?B: I have the idea. Youve told me that you make the best, and the cheapest computers on the Internet.我有个想法你告诉我说你们卖因特网市场中卖的最好的,最便宜的电脑A: I think we make the best. And I also think that what youve come here .我认为我们的产品是最好的,我也认为这就是你为什么来这里咨询的原因B: I have chain stores throughtout the country and I want you to furnish them with computers. May I ask how much would it cost me per set?真的是最便宜的吗?这是使我最感兴趣的A: It would largely depend on the model you choose.你知道我们的价格幅度很大,李先生这是我们的商品目录我相信我们的价格在如今市场上比其他计算机都优惠B: The trouble is that Im short of time. Can you supply from stock?问题是我的时间太紧你能供应现货吗?A: If you could give me some idea of your requirements. I might be able to help you.如果你告诉我你们的具体需要的话,也许我能够帮助你B: About one thousand. Pioneer 60. Id like you to give me a ation as soon as you can.我需要先锋00型计算机00台我希望你能尽快给我报价单A: One and a half months is my deadline.我的期限是一个半月 98。

A Chinese woman who noticed two sizable lumps growing on her stomach was shocked to find out that they were her breasts.一名中国女性前不久发现自己的腹部长了两个肿块,但当她发现这一肿块居然是自己的“胸”时震惊了The middle-aged woman was hospitalised after noticing that, as her breasts shrunk, two similar-sized mounds were growing on her stomach.这位中年妇女在发现自己的胸部萎缩后,腹部居然长出了两个类似大小的肿块,随后她去医院进行了检查Doctors discovered that a toxic hydrogel previously injected in the woman breasts was slowly pooling in her abdomen, the Shanghaiist reported.据《上海人报道,医生发现该女子之前隆胸注入的有毒水凝胶已渐渐沉入腹部The woman told doctors that she had a substance called Amazing Gel injected into her chest years earlier as part of a breast augmentation surgery.该女子告诉医生,多年前她曾做过一次隆胸手术,胸部注入一种“注射凝胶”的物质Amazing Gel is a semi-permanent cosmetic filler - once popular in China - that has been linked to severe and long-lasting health complications over the past decade.注射凝胶是一种半永久性化妆品填料,曾在中国风靡一时,但在过去十年间,它被发现与一些严重及长期的健康并发症有关Studies have documented how, in other patients, injections of the gel have migrated to the stomach, the armpits and even the back.有研究记录表明,在其他病人身上,注射凝胶有迁移至腹部、腋窝甚至背部的案例Doctors made an incision in the stomach to remove the lumps, which drained out as a yellow gel. It is understood that the woman has made a full recovery.随后医生切开其腹部移出肿块,它以黄色凝胶的形式流出目前该女性已完全康复In doctors told the South China Morning Post that Amazing Gel could cause women to lose their breasts or even develop cancer.年就曾有医生向《南华早报透露,注射凝胶可能使女性失去胸部,甚至患上癌症We see the urgency to give a health warning to those who plan to have the injection across the border bee more patients return with the side effects, Dr Ho Chiu-ming said at the time.何秋名士当时说道:“我们认为,给准备跨境做注射凝胶手术的人一个健康警示迫在眉睫,以避免他们回国后产生副作用” 87。

A: Good morning. Could I speak with the manager, please?早晨好,我想和经理通话?B: I am the assistant manager. Is there something I can help you with?我是助理经理,我能帮你做点什么?A: The key you gave us to our apartment doesnrsquo;t seem to be working.你给我们的公寓钥匙打不开门B: Did this key work okay you bee?以前钥匙能打开吗?A: We were using my roommatersquo;s key bee and never really tried this one.我们早先用过室友的要是,但没用过这把B: Does the key seem to belong in that lock?钥匙和锁吻合吗?A: It doesnrsquo;t really fit at all.不太吻合B: Try putting your key in the top lock one more time and turn it to the right.再次将钥匙插到底,向右转动A: It works now, but it didnrsquo;t work bee.打开了,但是早先不管用B: We have been having trouble with that lock. I will call a locksmith right away.那个锁头有些问题,我会马上给锁匠打电话。