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He is dying for a big meal. 他很想大吃一顿。初学英语的人,常用expense来表示一切“费用”。其实expense主要是“花费”、“开”之意,如current expenses“日常开”,selling expenses“销售费用”,traveling expenses“旅费”等等。在现实生活中,各种“费用”有各种不同的表达法。一、admission (n.) 指入场费。如:admission free 免费入场二、charge (n.)“原价、要价”。常用复数,主要用于一次性劳务所收取的费用,如务费、行李超重费、旅馆费等等。如:What are the charges in the hotel? 这家旅馆收费多少?三、cost (n.)本义为“成本”、“原价”。常常用来表示对已取得的货物或劳务所付的费用。如:The cost of seeing a movie is seven dollars.看一场电影要花七美元。四、fare (n.) 指旅客乘公共汽车、出租车、火车、轮船、飞机等所付的费用。如:All fares, please. (公共汽车售票员用语) 请买票。五、fee (n.) 医生、律师或其它专门职业的佣金及会费、手续费、停车费等。如:My lawyer's hourly fee is 130 dollars. 我的律师费是每小时130美元。六、freight (n.)运费,指海运、空运、陆运的费用。如:Who will pay the freight on this order? 谁付这批定货的运费?七、postage (n.) 指邮费。如:How much postage do I need to send this package? 寄这个包裹须付多少钱?八、rent (n. ) 土地、建筑物、房舍、机器等定期的租费。如:The student owes me three months’ rent for my house. 那学生欠我三个月的房租。九、tip (n.) 小费。如:I gave my barber a fat tip. 我给理发师优厚的小费。十、toll (n.)道路、桥梁、港口、市场的捐税、通行费及电话费等。如:This month I had to pay 200 yuan toll call. 这个月我要缴200元的电话费。十一、tuition (n.) 学费。如:John took out a loan to pay his tuition. 约翰贷款交付学费。 /200802/27120

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  Larry跟李华一起在超市购物。今天我们要学两个常用语:check out和max out. LH: OK. 让我看看购物清单。今天晚上开party的东西就差奶酪了。 LL: OK, wow! Check this out! What a great price! LH: 你是说要买这种奶酪吗? LL: No, I mean that I want you to check this out! And yeah, if you agree that it's good, we should buy it! LH: Check out在英语里,不就是交钱的意思吗?你越说我越糊涂了。 LL: Oh, my mistake. 'Check out' has a few different meanings, depending on the situation. For example, when I just said 'check this out' I mean - take a look at it. LH: 哦,你是让我看看这种减价奶酪,那你说'Hey, take a look at this cheese'. 不就完了。 LL: It's just our way of saying 'look at' or 'inspect' in American slang. LH: 我明白了。可是美国超市里交钱的地方不是也叫checkout吗?你看,那边还挂了个大牌子,上面就写着 Checkout. LL: Oh, I see why you're confused. 'Checkout' is a noun - and you're right - it means the area where you pay money for the things that you buy. And 'to check out' - in this case a verb, is when you return your key and leave a hotel room. LH: 所以说,checkout连在一起,是名词,指交钱的地方.那如果分开,就是动词,指交钱的行为,在旅馆说to check out就是退房结帐。那现在,我们要check out the cheese prices,那是看看奶酪的价格,如果决定买,就去交钱go to the checkout to buy them. LL: Exactly! And one more thing. We can also use 'check out' as a verb to describe the action when a male or female is looking at a person they are physically attracted to. LH: 你是说,看到吸引人的异性多看几眼也叫check out? How come you never check ME out! LL: Oh, trust me. I check you out, but I only do it when you're not looking. Us men have a special talent for that, haha! LH: 够了够了,你又贫嘴。我们还是赶紧买奶酪吧。 LL: Haha, ok. Wait. Check this out! And that! And... ****** LH: 东西都买全了吗?奶酪、面包、葡萄酒、水果..... LL: And this box of chocolate! Now we're y. Let's go to the checkout. LH: 我们今天用现金还是刷信用卡? LL: Let's go ahead and use cash. I actually maxed out my credit card the last time I used it. LH: Maxed out? 是什么意思? LL: It means I used up all the available credit on the card. I reached the maximum amount last month. So, in American slang, we just say 'max out.' LH: 怎么可能。你卡上的信用额度不是很高吗?怎么会max out用光了呢? LL: I maxed out the card because I booked our vacation to Hawaii last month. Don't worry. I intend to pay if off over the next few months. LH: 难怪。原来去夏威夷渡假的开销你全都放在了信用卡上。那max out还能用在其他地方吗? LL: Well, you can use it when you have reached or exceeded the maximum quantity of something that you are capable of. Some other things I can think of are vacation time and allowed overtime hours. LH: 我明白了。公司一般对年假和加班都有限制,所以要说假用光了,就可以说max out. LL: Exactly. So regarding our trip to Hawaii - I managed to max out my credit card AND my vacation time. Haha! It better be worth it! LH: Larry, 我还听说如果把信用卡上的额度全都用光的话,对你的信用记录不好,是这样吗? LL: Oh, it's true. You have to be very careful with the amount of credit you have. But as long as you pay all of your bills, it's ok. Constantly maxing out your credit card is not something you want to do, however. LH: 你上个月把卡刷爆。这完全可以理解,一趟夏威夷,又是机票、又是渡假村,还要租车,一定很多钱。 LL: Yeah. It's why I didn't tell you, because I just thought it wasn't a major issue. I'll let you know next time, but I'm hoping that there won't be a next time. LH: OK. 我们去交钱吧!这巧克力还买吗? LL: Perhaps I can put those back on the shelf. I need to watch my spending a little more. 今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是check out, 瞧一瞧。另一个是max out,意思是用到极限。 /05/71636


  K: how many people are there in your family?J: my immediate family is quite small. It’s just my older step-brother, my mom, my step-dad and me. how about you?K: I have a large family. I have three older sisters, my twin sister, a younger brother, and parents.J: I didn’t know you were a twin! Are you identical or fraternal?K: we’re identical. I mean, we look exactly the same, but we are complete opposites when it comes to everything else.J: interesting. It must be great having a twin sister. Are you best friends, too?K: we used to be really close, but that all changed once she moved to Shanghai. How about your family? You didn’t mention to your biological father.J: I don’t know much about him. He died when I was just a baby. Even though I don’t have a blood relationship with my step-father and step-brother, I consider them to be my real family.K: what about your step-brother’s mother? Does he keep in touch with her?J: no, she also died when my step-brother was little. My mother and my step-father met each other shortly after my father died and became good friends. They ended up getting married a few years later.K: sounds like it was meant to be. /07/78702

  在聊天时,我们总需要一些短语来进行自然过渡,以缓和语气,转换话题,使谈话的氛围更轻松自然,以下的这几个短语简单实用,不妨一起来看看吧,下一次你一样可以脱口而出。  1. That reminds me.   那倒提醒了我。  A:My mother called this afternoon. I was so glad to talk with her. I really miss her very much.  B: That reminds me. You have a package from her. They are holding it for you down at the front desk.  A:今天下午我妈来电话了,跟她说话我真高兴,我真的太想她了。  B:哦,对了。你妈给你寄来了包裹,前台帮你保管着。 /201012/119598美国习惯用语-第219讲:Touch Base/o Lunch大家都知道,各行各业的人在跟同行业的人讲话时都有一些专门的行业术语。不管是医生,律师还是警察都有他们圈子内用的特殊词汇。这里讲的并不是指各行业的技术词汇,而是指他们如何把人们日常用的语言用到他们的行业里,使它们具有特殊的意义。举一个例子来说吧。美国的公共汽车驾驶员把他们驾驶的公共汽车叫做驴子,不在他们行业里的人就不一定听得懂。当然,有的行业俗语一般人也经常用。我们今天要讲的第一个习惯用语就是一个例子。To touch base. To touch就是碰,或者是接触。Base就是基地,或基础。To touch base作为一个俗语,它的意思就是把某一件事的情况告诉有关的人。这个习惯用语是来自美国的棒球运动。但是,它已经成为一个常用语了。意思是跟有关人员进行联系。下面的例子是一个负责人在跟一个要借钱的店主在讲话。例句1: Mister Lee, you have a good credit record and I think we can okay the loan. But I do have to touch base with the head of our loan department for his okay. I'll try to phone you tomorrow.这个负责人说:李先生,你在借贷方面信用很好。我想我们能够同意你贷款的要求。但是,我们还需要本行贷款部负责人的同意,所以还得跟他联系一下。我明天再给你打电话。******To touch base虽然在商业界用的很多,但是一般人也经常用。凡是一个人认为有必要跟其他有关的人互通一下情况,使大家都知道这件事的进展和计划,就可以用to touch base来表示。下面这个例子是几个朋友准备一起去旅游,但是日期和路线还没有定。负责安排这次旅行的人在对其他成员说:例句2: There are several thing we can't decide right now. Mary has to know if her husband wants to join us and I need to consult my wife as to when I can start the trip. Anyway, I'll touch base with you all when I have these answers.这个人说:我们还有几个问题不能马上决定。玛丽得知道她丈夫是不是要参加我们的旅行。我得跟我太太商量什么时候我才能够动身。不管怎么样,等到我有了我会跟你们大家联系的。美国人非常喜欢旅行,旅行已经成为他们生活的一部份了。特别是到了夏天,出外旅行的人更是多。有的人到国外去旅行,有的在国内旅行。不少人还喜欢长途开车,沿着安排好的路线一路欣赏风光。在美国,你可以租一辆旅游车,在车里可以睡觉,还可以做饭。******今天我们要讲的第二个习惯用语是当前非常时髦的说法。在一般情况下,我们要是说:吃午饭,那就是:To eat lunch, or to have lunch together.可是,现在不少参加工作的人不说to eat lunch, 而说:To do lunch. Do lunch这个 do是有一定含义的。To do就是做一件事。To do lunch就是表示这顿午饭不是仅仅在一起吃午饭、聊天,而是有正经的事情要讨论。下面是一个例子。这是一个人在马路上碰到一个朋友,他说:例句3: Charley, good to see you! Say, let's do lunch next week - I have some new ideas I want you to hear. I'll give you a ring tomorrow to set a date.这人对他的朋友说:查利,见到你很高兴。喂,下星期我们一起吃午饭吧。我有些新的想法想讲给你听听。我明天给你打个电话约一个日子。To do lunch这个说法参加工作的人用的比较多,因为他们往往会利用一起吃午饭的机会讨论一些工作上的问题。一般不工作的人,如家庭妇女就不太会用这种说法。******我们再来举一个例子。这是一个工程设计人员遇到很多问题,所以很着急。他正在打电话给他的朋友Peter。例句4: Peter, I'm afraid I can't finish the design before the deadline. There are simply too many problems that need to be solved. Let's do lunch today - I desperately need to hear your views.他说:比得,我怕我在限期内不能完成这项设计了。要解决的问题实在是太多了。我们今天一起吃午饭吧。我非常想听听你的看法。 /200711/21205资料内容和音频选自《一句话喷倒老美》经典语句It drives me bonkers. 这简直让我发疯。喷倒老美周末,Bill和好友一起去商店购物,不幸的是,等结账时朋友发现钱包被偷了,卡和现金都在钱包里,朋友气愤地说:“It drives me bonkers. What should I do?” Bill连忙安慰她“Don’t worry. I can help you.”想聊就聊Bill: Oh, my god! My wallet is lost. What should I do? It drives me bonkers.比尔:天哪!我的钱包丢了。我该怎么办?这简直让我发疯。Mary: Dear, don’t worry. The police can help you.玛丽:亲爱的,不要担心。警察能帮助你的。知识点津在此句中,drive是“迫使,逼迫”的意思,bonkers是形容词,意为“发疯的”,drive sb bonkers表示“把某人逼疯”。 It drives me bonkers.意为“这简直让我发疯”。也可说成:It drives me mad. /201103/127115

  美国习惯用语-第225讲:Like Greased Lightning今天我们要讲的两个习惯用语都是表达速度非常快的意思。它们都很生动,也很形像。当你给别人讲故事的时候,你往往会想用一些有色的词汇来使你的故事更加生动。一百五十多年前,当美国人向西部开发的时候,那些打先锋的拓荒者在荒野生活很单调。他们只好轮流讲故事,用一些夸张的词汇来引别人发笑。我们今天要讲的两个习惯用语就是来自这个传统。当然,那时用的一些词汇已经流传到今天成为人们常用的习惯用语了。下面我们来讲第一个习惯用语。Like greased lightning. Greased就是上了油的。那就是很滑溜的意思;lightning就是闪电。闪电是自然界速度最快的一种现象。别忘了,这里讲的还只是一般的闪电,上了油的闪电当然是幽默性的夸张,但是要是确实存在的话,那它肯定会比一般闪电更加快的。我们现在来举一个例子。这是一个人在跑马厅一匹马。例句1: I never saw a faster horse in my life. He ran like greased lightning all the way from the starting gate to the finish line and he broke the track record by more than three seconds.这个人说:我这辈子没见过比这匹马跑的更快的马了。它从开跑的门出来一直到终点始终像闪电一样跑得飞快。它比以前的记录还要快三秒多。******我们再来举一个例子。这是一个人在说他下班回家的路上所看到的事。例句2: Walking home I looked up and got out of the way quick - here came this black cat running like greased lightning and right behind him was this big dog chasing him so closely.这个人说:当时我正在走回家的路上。我一抬头,看到一只黑猫跑得飞快。就在它后面一只很大的正在紧紧地追赶。我看到这情况,马上就闪到一边去了。对了,要是他不马上躲开的话,没准那只大怪他挡路而咬他一口,或者把他撞倒。******我们再来给大家介绍一个描写速度很快的习惯用语。Like a bat out of hell. Bat就是:蝙蝠。Hell就是:地狱。Like a bat out of hell按字面翻成中文就是:就像一只从地狱里飞出来的蝙蝠。发明这个说法的人可能是想像一只蝙蝠在扑打着翅膀,竭尽全力地飞,以逃避地狱之火。Like a bat out of hell现在可以用在各个方面。下面我们要举的两个例子就能说明问题。第一个例子是一群孩子在打篮球,一不小心把旁边住家的玻璃窗打破了。这房子里的主人说:例句3: As soon as I heard the glass break, I ran out to try to catch who had done it. But the kid ran away like a bat out of hell, so I'll have to pay for new glass myself.这个人说:我一听到玻璃打破的声音马上跑了出去,想抓住那打破玻璃的孩子。但是,那孩子像闪电一样地逃跑了,所以我只好自己掏钱来买新的玻璃啦。******刚才举的那个例子是说小孩犯了错误生怕受到惩罚而赶紧逃跑。我们再给大家举一个 like a bat out of hell的例子。这是一个参加过二次世界大战的人在说他死里逃生的情况。例句4: We were marching on this road to the front when this German fighter plane came over the hill ahead of us like a bat out of hell. We were lucky: he was flying so low and so fast he didn't even see us. And he was gone before we could even turn our heads.这句话的意思是:“我们当时正在行军到前线去。突然,一架德国战斗机从我们前面的山头上出现。我们还真是运气:他飞的很低,也很快,所以他根本没有看到我们。还没有等到我们回头,它就不见了。 /200711/21211B地道英语口语:Size Zero 零号Yang Li: 大家好,欢迎收听B 的地道英语, 我是Yang Li。 Diarmuid: And I’m Diarmuid. In Real English we look at words and expressions you might not find in your dictionary. Today’s expression is size zero.Yang Li: 这个表达是用来描绘那些身材特别纤细,瘦小的女孩子。Diarmuid: Size zero is actually an American clothing size.Yang Li: 这是来自美国的衣尺寸,零号是最小号的。不过现在它不单单代表一个衣尺寸,而是和一个概念相联了,尤其是在欧洲, 是用来形容那些很瘦很瘦的模特儿。Diarmuid: To be size zero, you need to be very, very thin. Some people think that is attractive, but it is quite controversial.Yang Li: Controversial – 具有争议性的。Why?Diarmuid: Because many people think that encouraging young women to think that they need to be a size zero to be attractive is dangerous – it could encourage eating disorders. Yang Li: 引起饮食疾患 eating disorders – 有些人为了瘦下来而不顾一切的节食,结果对身体造成了很大的伤害 。Diarmuid: Some fashion models say they are naturally that slim.Yang Li: 不过很多人觉得除非特意的去减肥,不然没人会自然的瘦成那样。 Diarmuid: Many doctors say that it is unhealthy to be that thin, and some fashion shows have banned models who are size zero. Yang Li: 让我们来听听这个零号表达在新闻里是怎么用的吧。Insert Health professionals have voiced concerns about the trend for ‘size zero’ fashion models, saying that it is generally unhealthy for a woman to be so thin. They also worry that teenage girls will try to imitate the size zero models and that eating disorders will increase. Diarmuid: Well, we’ve run out of time now.Yang Li: 让我们复习一下 – 今天的表达是用来形容非常非常瘦的女孩子,同时也是美国衣尺寸的最小号。Diarmuid: Size zero.Yang Li: 我们下次节目再见!Diarmuid:Bye! /200711/19942

  B地道英语口语:Dab Hand 能手Neil: Hello, welcome to Real English from B Learning English, I'm Neil.Helen: 大家好, 我是 Helen.Neil: In Real English we look at words and phrases people use all the time, but you probably won't find in your dictionary.Helen: 希望在今天的地道英语节目中, 您能学到在书本里找不到的英语常用表达。Neil: Today's expression is dab hand.Helen: Dab hand. What does that mean?Neil: If someone's a dab hand at something, it means they're very good at it. They're skilful at something.Helen: Oh I see. 如果有谁对什么事特别在行 a dab hand, 意思就是他是这方面的能手。Neil: Like you Helen with chopsticks. You're a dab hand at chopsticks. You're really skilful.Helen: Hmm, and you could do with some practise.Neil: Well, Helen, I'm not Chinese.Helen: Neil 说我是用筷子的能手 a dab hand at using chopsticks。Insert A: Argh computers! I hate them. Could you give me hand? B: Yeah, no problem, you just need to look here. A: Ah, your such a dab hand with computers. I wish I could understand them. Helen: Is it a common expression, Neil? 这是不是个常用表达呢?Neil: Yes it is, but be careful because it's very British. You won't hear it much in American English.Helen: So what are you a dab hand at, Neil?Neil: Well, we don't usually use dab hand to talk about ourselves, but it's a nice compliment to pay someone else.Helen: 我们一般不用这个词来形容自己,不过如果用来形容其他人, 这就有赞美的意思。 Well, you're a dab hand at English.Neil: Thanks, Helen, but it is my first language!Helen: Oh yeah.Neil: Well, that's all for today from Real English /200711/19945

  你知道怎样用地道的美式口语翻译下面这段话吗?“ 走这条单行道,在第一个红绿灯时左转, 那里就是 Hemphill Ave. 是一条双线道. 往下走, 你会在你的左边看到一个加油站, 继续走50 码, 直到看到一个三叉路口, 右转, 经过二个 stop sign. 你就会碰到 Wal Mart. 邮局就在 Wal Mart 的对面. 而杨先生的家呢? 邮局后面就是啦”. 以下可以作为参考:  1. Take the one-way street. 走这条单行道。  One-way street 就是单行道. 尤其在 Downtown 地区, 以亚特兰大和纽奥良为例, 其复杂的程度可以用进的去, 出不来来形容, 实在不是个愉快的开车经验。  2. You will stay on the street for a while until you hit the first traffic light。  你会走一会儿, 直到你遇到第一个红绿灯。  有一次我开车老美坐我旁边, 他帮我指路就是这么说的. Stay for a while 通常指五到十分钟的时间, 不会太久. 遇见某样东西, 可以用 hit 这个字, 如 hit the traffic light, hit the stop sign 等等. 而 traffic light 也有人说成 light, 或 stoplight。  3. Then take a left. 向左转。  向左转可以说成 turn left, take a left 或是 Make a left. 有时光讲 take a left 不明确, 你可以加上路名, 明确地告诉人家要转哪一条路, 例如 Take a left into Hemphill Ave. 或是 Take a left onto Hemphill Ave。。

  丹尼尔和妈妈在做热身运动,忽然听到一阵欢呼声,原来大家在围着大屏幕观看水上表演,精的表演让丹尼尔变得兴奋起来。Listen Read Learn Daniel: Look! Mom, that's amazing! I can't believe the girls have so neat movements.Mom: Yeah, they all received very strict training. A minute on the stage takes ten-year practice.Daniel: And all their movements are so elegant. It seems like dancing in the water.Mom: Exactly, you know, water ballet puts dancing, music and swimming together.Daniel: There you go! Daddy has told me that water ballet is also called Synchronized Swimming.Mom: That's my boy! Katherine Curtis created this activity in 1920. And in 1984, it was authorized as one activity in Olympic Games.Daniel: Wow, Mom is more knowledgeable than Dad. I must learn from you.Mom: My little boy, you should learn more from me. I'm almost thirty years older than you.Daniel: OK, you're the boss. Look, Mom, one guy has just jumped into the swimming pool.Mom: Oh, my God. It's so dangerous. And he might break his leg. You mustn't do anything like that.Daniel: I'll never learn from him. His gesture is so awful. The Olympic diving champion Tian Liang is the only person I admire.Mom: Is he your “shining star”? As far as you see, why he can get the champion in Olympic Games?Daniel: Of course, he succeeds in crouched jump and backward spinning dive. And he has a clean entry. The degree of difficulty is also very high.Mom: It seems that you know much about him. And I believe you can do it as well as him one day.Daniel: That's an obvious thing. I'm a reliable man. Right?Mom: Well, but the first thing is that you have to learn how to swim. Let's get down to business.听看学丹尼尔: 妈妈,快看。那太神奇了!我真不敢相信她们的动作这么整齐。妈妈: 嗯,她们都经过严格的训练。台上一分钟台下十年功。丹尼尔: 她们的动作那么优雅。看起来像在水中跳舞。妈妈: 确实,你知道吗?水上芭蕾是将舞蹈、音乐和游泳融合起来了。丹尼尔: 那就是了,爸爸告诉我水上芭蕾又叫花样游泳。妈妈: 这才是我的儿子。柯蒂斯在1920年创建了这个活动。在1984年,它被正式列为奥林匹克的一项运动。丹尼尔: 哇,妈妈比爸爸更有知识。我要向你学习。妈妈: 小家伙,你应该向我学更多的东西。我可比你大三十岁呀。丹尼尔: 好,听你的。快看,妈妈有个人跳进游泳池里了。妈妈: 喔,我的天哪!好危险呀!他可能会扭断自己的腿。你不要像他那样做。丹尼尔: 我不会像他学习的。他的姿势那么难看。奥运冠军田亮才是我所佩的人。妈妈: 他是你的偶像吗?据你看,他为什么在奥运会上夺得冠军呢?丹尼尔: 当然,他成功地完成了抱膝跳水和向后旋转跳水。他落水时水花很少。难度系数十分高。妈妈: 看起来你对他很了解呀。我相信有一天你能跟他做的一样好。丹尼尔: 那是再明显不过了。我是个可以信任的人,不是吗?妈妈: 嗯,但是你首先该做的事情是学会游泳。让我们开始吧! /200809/49753

  在英语课上,老师的很多指令或要求都是用英语说的,一定要想办法逐渐适应哦。现在咱们就来学一些简单的课堂用语,OK? 1. Let's start now./Let's begin our class/lesson. 我们开始上课吧。 2. Sit down, please. 请坐下。 3. Who's on duty today? 今天谁值日? 4. Is everyone here? 都到齐了吗? 5. Don't be late next time.下次别迟到。 6. Go back to your seat, please. 请回到你的座位。 7. Ready? /Are you y?准备好了吗? 8. Listen carefully, please.请听仔细了。 9. Listen to the tape recorder/the recording.请听录音。 10. In pairs, please.两人一组进行练习。 11.Let's do it one by one.我们一个一个地做。 12. Now you, please./It's your turn now.现在该你了。 13. Think it over and try again.仔细想想,再试一次。 14. Say/ Read after me, please.请跟着我说/读。 15. In English,please.请用英语回答。 16. Please take out your books.请把你们的书拿出来。 17. Please answer my question(s).请回答我的问题。 18. Please stop now./Stop now, please./Stop here,please.请停下来。 19. Stop talking./Stop talking now,please.请不要讲话了。 20. Time is up.下课时间到了。

  2. This Happy Feeling (1)Internet is number one! 国际互联网真是顶呱呱!We finally made it. 我们终于做到了!Well done! Bond, you've done it! 好极了!邦德,干得好!Yay, a hole in one! 嘿!一杆进洞!(一击必杀?)Oh well, better luck next time. 算了,下次的运气会更好。Steady wins the race. 从容就是赢得比赛的诀窍。Chase the nice bone, doggie. 兄,去追那可口的骨头啊。(俚语,不用解释了吧?)Tell me, is it a boy? 喂,你是男孩吗?Come on, honey. 过来,亲爱的。He swept her off her feet. (俗语)他对她可着迷了。Beautiful! 漂亮!(和美丽可没关系呦。)Hey, guy, we're rich. 嘿,伙计,我们发财了! /200802/27132

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