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广州黄埔治不孕哪家医院最好的从化不育三甲医院Here’s Huggable—Teddy Ruxpin for the new millennium. It’s a talking blue teddy bot designed to care for and comfort hospitalized children。这就是抱抱熊(Huggable)——新千年的泰迪熊华斯比。它是一个会说话的蓝色机器人,为了关心和安慰住院的孩子们而设计。The New York Times reported today it’s currently being used in a study that gathers kids’ physiological responses to various stress-alleviating stimuli to determine whether Huggable offers ill children therapeutic benefits or not. Eventually, that data will be integrated in the robo-bear to make it automated and able to respond to kids’ various needs。据《纽约时报》报道,在某研究中该泰迪熊被用于收集孩子们应对各种压力缓解刺激的生理反应,以此来决定抱抱熊是否对病中儿童的治疗有好处。最终,这些数据将被整合到机器熊里,使它能够自动回复孩子们的各种需求。Right now, the bear is more of a “high-tech puppet,” the Times writes. An adult down the hall controls the bear, serving as its voice, shooting the breeze with the young patient. The robot’s a collaboration between MIT’s Media Lab and Boston Children’s Hospital, which has invested half a million bucks to research social robots。现在,这只熊远远不止是一个“高科技玩偶”那么简单。一个成人可以在走廊操控这只熊,通过它来发声和小病人们闲聊。这个机器人是麻省理工大学媒体实验室和波士顿儿童医院合作研发,投资50万美元的研究型社交机器人。As with most robots, the ultimate goal is to get it to adapt to changing situations on its own, just as humans do. So maybe one day, if a child doesn’t respond to the bear’s jokes, it could shift strategies automatically. Switching to a calmer activity might help that particular child relax, for instance。和绝大多数机器人一样,抱抱熊的终极目标是让他们能够像人类一样适应不断变化的情况。如此一来,也许某天,如果一个孩子听了熊的笑话没有笑出来,它可以自动转换策略。例如,切换成更为平和的活动模式,也许能帮助这个小孩放松下来。Will robots be caring for our future offspring? If the tech’s up to snuff, maybe. After playing with Huggable, the young patient in the Times says the bear suffered from lagged responses and limited motion—a major problem when they tried to play peek-a-boo。机器人会照顾我们的后代吗?如果科技能达到一定水平的话,也许可以。在和抱抱熊玩耍过后,小病人们在《纽约时报》视频里说,这只熊反应滞后而且动作幅度有限,若他们想要和抱抱熊玩捉迷藏,这就会成为一个大问题。 /201506/379594广州市第一人民医院不孕不育医院 Men sp happiness by sweat人类通过汗液传播快乐According to a team of European researchers, happiness may generate chemicals that get secreted in sweat, which gets sniffed by those around us, making them happier.欧洲的一组研究人员表示,快乐可能会产生某些化学物质,这种物质藏在汗液里,被周围的人闻到时会让他们变得更加快乐。The research team concluded from an experiment that there appears to be a so-called ;behavioral synchronization; between a sweating person and the person who sniffs that sweat.通过实验,研究团队发现,在出汗的人和闻到汗液味道的人之间存在着所谓的;行为一致性;。Study co-author Gun Semin from Koc University in Turkey acknowledged that they have not demonstrated what the nature of the chemical compound is in sweat.来自土耳其科克大学的研究合著者古恩·肖明表示,他们暂时还未明出汗液中化合物的什么属性起到了该作用。 /201506/380459天河区长安医院输卵管恢复

广州看卵巢早衰什么医院好You may think that appearing intelligent might be the key to getting a promotion at work.你也许认为,锐智的外形是在工作中获得升职机会的关键。But people who want to rise to the top should concentrate on looking healthy, according to a new study.但是,根据一项新研究显示,那些想要爬到顶层的人应该把注意力放在外形健康上。Researchers found that 70 per cent of the time, a worker with a healthy complexion is more appealing than a colleague who looks intelligent.研究者们发现,在70%的情况下,一个气色健康的职员比一个相貌聪颖的职员更吸引人。They discovered that appearing intelligent is an ‘optional extra’ for workers looking for a pay rise or for politicians seeking election.他们发现,对那些想要加薪的员工或想要获选的政客来说,外表锐智只是一项“可有可无的附加值”。In the experiment, the participants were given a job description that specified the CEO’s main challenge each time they were asked to choose between the two images.在一项实验中,研究者向参与者们提供了一份首席执行官主要工作任务的详细说明,并请参与者们数次在两张头像中做出选择。Job descriptions involved driving aggressive competition, renegotiating a key partnership with another company, leading the company’s shift into a new market and overseeing the sustained exploitation of non-renewable energy.工作任务包括主持积极的竞争活动,与另一家公司重新协商相互之间的关键伙伴关系,领导公司转向新的市场,监督对不可再生能源的可持续开发。The participants chose more healthy-looking faces over less healthy-looking faces in 69 per cent of trials and this preference was equally strong irrespective of the future CEO’s main challenge.在69%的情况下,参与者们都会选择气色更加健康的头像,而非气色较不健康的头像。无论这位未来的首席执行官的主要工作任务是怎样的,研究参与者的偏好都非常明显。More intelligent-looking faces were only preferred over less intelligent-looking faces for the two challenges that would require the most diplomacy and inventiveness: renegotiating the partnership and exploring the new market.只有针对两项最需要讲究策略和创新性的工作任务,即重新洽谈伙伴关系和开发新市场时,人们才更偏向于外观锐智的头像,而不是气色健康的头像。The aim of the experiment was to explore people’s implicit preferences for traits of leaders, such as health, intelligence, and attractiveness.这项实验的目标是研究人们在领导者外形特征上的隐形选择偏好,比如健康,智力和美型程度。In women as well as men, caring and cooperative personalities are statistically more likely to have a more ‘feminine’ face, due to higher oestrogen levels, while aggressive risk-takers tend to have higher testosterone levels and a more ‘masculine’ face.在对女性的调查中,和男性一样,根据数据来看,关爱他人且具有团队精神的女性由于雌激素值更高,因而面容更女性化,而更有闯劲和冒险精神的女性则拥有更高的男性荷尔蒙,所以更倾向于拥有中性化的外形。 /201412/347524广州天河的人流手术 1. You might have too many shoes yet not enough handbags 你会不会鞋子太多但是包包太少啊?Shoes cannot last long, especially if they are comfortable and you tend to wear the same pair very often. You can always buy similar shoes for a lower price. It’s a different story with handbags, though. Bags do not wear out quickly. If you pay money for a good bag, be sure that you invest in something worthy. If you have to choose, opt for an expensive bag instead of expensive shoes。鞋子是穿不久滴~尤其是穿起来舒的话,你会老穿同一双。同一款式的鞋子你可以花低价钱就能买到几双。但包包就不一样了。包不会那么容易就背坏。如果你要花钱买个质量好的包包,一定要确保物有所值。要是非得选的话,那就买贵的包而不要买贵的鞋子。 /201507/384124广州长安治疗宫颈糜烂好吗

广州天河看痛经的医院 The U.S. government will publish sweeping new rules on Tuesday requiring chain restaurants and large vending machine operators to disclose calorie counts on s to make people more aware of the risks of obesity posed by fatty, sugary foods.美国政府于25日出台一项食品行业新规定,要求连锁餐馆和大型自动售货机商家在菜单中标明食物所含的卡路里,以提醒人们高脂高糖食物会带来肥胖的风险。;Obesity is a national epidemic that affects millions of Americans,; Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Margaret Hamburg told reporters on a conference call on Monday.“肥胖已成为一项全国通病,影响了数百万美国人,”美国国家食品和药物(Food and Drug Administration)专员玛格利特·汉伯格(Margaret Hamburg)在24日的电话会议上告诉记者。;Strikingly, Americans eat and drink about a third of their calories away from home.;“美国人摄入的卡路里中有约三分之一来自于在外就餐,这很令人惊讶。”The FDA#39;s new rules, which are part of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, set a national standard for restaurant chains with 20 or more outlets.食品和药物出台的这项新规定是2010年美国平价医疗法案(Affordable Care Act)的一部分,适用于全美范围内拥有20家及以上连锁店的餐厅。Under the rules, calories must be displayed on all s and boards. Other nutritional information - including calories from fat, cholesterol, sugars and protein - must be made available in writing upon request.它规定所有的菜单和菜单板上必须标明卡路里数。其他营养成分的信息如脂肪、胆固醇、糖类和蛋白质所含的卡路里信息,如有要求,也必须能够以书面形式提供。The new calorie rule covers meals at sit-down restaurants, take-out food, bakery items, ice cream from an ice-cream store and pizza, which will be labeled by the slice and whole pie. Seasonal items, such as a Thanksgiving dinner, daily specials and standard condiments will be exempt.餐馆内就餐、外卖、面包店内、冰淇淋店内的食物都必须遵循这一规则,比萨也会按每片或整张标记卡路里;但这一规则不包括时令性菜单如感恩节晚餐、每日特卖和标准调味品。The final rule, unlike a 2011 proposal, includes movie theaters, amusement parks and alcoholic beverages served in restaurants, but not drinks mixed or served at a bar.最终版本与2011年提案有所不同,它包含了电影院、游乐园内的食物和餐厅提供的酒精饮料,但不包括调制饮品和酒吧提供的饮品。Restaurants have one year and vending machine operators have two years to comply with the new rules following publication in the Federal Register.联邦公报公布后,餐厅的调整期限为一年,而售卖机为两年。Panera B Co in 2010 became the first company to voluntarily display calorie information at all its cafes nationwide. Others, including McDonald#39;s Corp and Starbucks Corp, followed suit.2010年帕尼罗面包连锁餐厅(Panera B Co)成为第一家自愿在全国范围内的咖啡馆里标明卡路里的公司。其他公司像麦当劳和星巴克也效仿了这一做法。The agency said it amended its proposals after considering more than 1,100 comments from industry, public health advocates and consumers.管理机构称,食品行业、公共卫生倡议者和消费者对此提案提出了一千一百多条建议,他们在考虑过这些提议之后进行了修订。It narrowed the scope to clearly focus on restaurant-type food. Still, there are nuances: Foods such as deli meat bought at a grocery store counter will be excluded. But the rules will apply to food eaten in grocery stores, such as meals purchased at in-house cafes.它缩小了针对的食品范围,仅限于餐厅类食物。但这一概念本身也有细微差别:不包含像是在杂货店柜台买的熟食这一类食物。但在杂货店里吃的食物,如在咖啡馆里买了在店里吃就需要遵循这项规则。Hamburg acknowledged that calorie counts for pizza slices and many other foods made on the premises will vary. Restaurants may draw on databases, cookbooks and food package labels to calculate calories.汉伯格承认不同店里披萨片和其他食物所标注的卡路里会有所不同。餐厅可以根据数据库、食谱和食物包装上的标签来计算卡路里。The restaurant industry has supported a national standard for years and welcomed the changes.餐厅行业多年来持这一规则成为全国标准,并欢迎这一变化。;We believe that the Food and Drug Administration has positively addressed the areas of greatest concern,; said Dawn Sweeney, chief executive of the National Restaurant Association, which represents 990,000 restaurant and food-service outlets.美国国家餐馆协会(the National Restaurant Association)代表了99万家餐厅和食品专卖店。其首席执行官道恩·斯威尼(Dawn Sweeney)说,“我们相信国家食品和药物已经积极地处理了这一广受关注的问题”。Not all industry groups were satisfied.并不是所有行业都满意这一规则。;We are disappointed that the FDA#185;s final rules will capture grocery stores, and impose such a large and costly regulatory burden on our members,; said Peter Larkin, president and CEO of the National Grocers Association.美国食品杂货商协会(the National Grocers Association)主席兼任首席执行官彼得·拉金(Peter Larkin)说,“国家食品和药物出台的这项规则的最终版本将包括杂货店,会给我们的成员施加沉重的规则负担和经济压力”。National Automatic Merchandising Association, representing the food and refreshment vending industry, said it will ;reserve judgment; on the impact on the industry, but said that two years was insufficient ;implementation time;, especially for small businesses.美国自动售货协会(National Automatic Merchandising Association)作为食品和甜点售卖行业的代表,表示对这个规则所带来的影响持“保留”态度,但称两年不足以让企业尤其是小企业适应这一规则。The rules aim to close a gap in the 1990 Nutrition Labeling and Education Act, which established nutrition labeling on most foods, but not restaurant or other y-to-eat foods.1990颁布的《营养标识和教育法》(Nutrition Labeling and Education Act)规定大多数食物必须标明营养成分,但没包含餐厅和其他即食食物。这项规则旨在对此进行改善。Katie Bengston, Panera#39;s nutrition manager, said labeling has not affected its business: ;We did not notice a jump in sales from higher calorie items to lower calorie items.;帕奈拉冷饮西餐厅(Panera)营养经理凯蒂·本斯顿(Katie Bengston)则表示在菜单上标明卡路里这一变化对生意没有影响,“我们没有看到高卡路里食物销售额猛降和低卡路里食物销量猛增”。 /201412/346027广州第三人民医院收费贵吗广州长安医院检查不孕不育怎么样好不好



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