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山东青岛新阳光妇产医院电话号码是多少山东省青岛中医院专家咨询What exactly is the power that drives nature's most famous jaws? In New Zealand, this great white shark drowned in a fisherman's net. And scientists Kara Yopak and Clinton Duffy are preparing an ultra-rare great white shark dissection."Ah, I've never dissected one that is the size before."It's a unique opportunity to study a great white's near-perfect design, including its fearsome jaws."The jaws of great white are really, really valuable. So most of the time, if we do get a specimen to measure, it looks a little bit more like this. Not nearly as pretty. That fishermen know pretty much. We're catching animal of, yes, for, um, a fishing competition or even just in its net. Um, we'll remove the jaws and quite often its fins as well. The jaws are amazingly valuable. Uh, they can go anywhere, from ten to twenty thousand dollars. Um, you can see them, I mean, being sold on eBay. It's kind of such a status symbol. Everybody knows the great white shark. When you have an idea of shark in your head, it's gonna be this one."Look at the jaws.The jaws of a great white are evolutionary marvel. They actually burst forward, allowing for a bite that shears up to 30 pounds of flesh in a single mouthful. About 50 teeth lie in the front of a great white's jaws. The lower teeth act like daggers, stabbing and holding prey in place. The larger upper teeth are like steak knives, slicing off giant mouthfuls of a victim. And behind this front row of teeth are literally hundreds of others, y to be pressed into service. But to truly understand this extreme design, you have to go beneath the skin.Unlike human beings, the great white's jaws aren't fused to the skull. They hang loosely underneath the braincase, y to execute their signature bite. First, the snout rises and opens the mouth. At the same time, the lower jaw pushes down, widening the gape. Next, special muscles in grooves in the skull push the upper jaw forward, exposing gums and teeth. The lower jaw rises, latching onto the prey, and the snout slams down, hammering the upper jaw with almost 700 pounds of force.These extraordinary teeth are clearly designed to kill, but they may also serve another purpose: delivering a message to other great whites."She actually has some scarring out here. You can see where this scar's coming down, turn around underneath the eye. The ones on the side of a pectoral fin, they appear to be shark bites. This one is likely to be a tooth mark, possibly another shark. These guys are not necessarily one big happy family when they get together."Great whites can be covered in battle scars. It's believed they bite one another to assert dominance, compete for a meal and even to mate."How these guys get together, of course, and don't kill each other is an, it's a really interesting question."12/92862青岛医院治阴道炎 Along the way,they breathe in the clean air and 1 the vastness of nature. They are constantly surprised by the new and exciting views,whether they've been massive mountains or coastal landscapes. Luss and Carlo are getting closer to the coast. The weather here is known to change suddenly. They are in luck---the sun's come out. And from the comfort of their camper van,they have a panoramic view of this perfect summer's day. Norway is a land that has an abundant amount of water. The coast including all the fjords and coves,measures over 20,000 kilometers. Norwegian churches have their own unique architecture. They are called Stave churches and characteristically feature overlying towered pitched roofs. To protect them from the cold climate,they are covered with wood shingle. The dragon heads are to ward off demons from the house of God. The small-scale churches originated in the time of the Vikings in the 12th century and only a few remain. After all this time in nature,Carlo and Luss are y to explore a big city. They travel to the well known harbor city in Bergen on the southwest coast. Most of the city was destroyed in a series of fires. Only one quarter of the old-style Medieval town of Bryggen remains. These 2 building has been listed as a cultural heritage site by UNESCO. This mixture of past and present gives the old town its charm. 注释:① breathe vi. 呼吸;低语;松口气;(风)轻拂vt. 呼吸;使喘息;流露;低声说例句:1. And all I can breathe is your life.何况我唯一能呼吸的就是你的生命。2. Can you even breathe in those pants?你穿那条裤子还能呼吸吗?② originated v. 起源,发起;发明(originate的过去式,过去分词);准备呼叫例句:1. The style of architecture originated from/with the ancient Greeks. 这种建筑风格起源於古希腊。2. The quarrel originated in rivalry between the two families. 这次争吵是两家不和引起的。③UNESCO: ed Nations Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization 联合国教科文组织课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?201110/156750As Japan's new Prime Minister Naoto Kan took power Tuesday, he received an unexpected boost from online sales of T-shirts bearing his picture and the message "Yes we Kan".While Kan was being sworn in by Japan's Emperor Akihito, Japanese retailer ClubT said it had sold more than 100 T-shirts online with the catch phrase, a reworking of US President Barack Obama's election motto "Yes We Can".Meanwhile sales of shirts poking fun at his scholarly predecessor Yukio Hatoyama, who stepped down last week, were also surging as people snapped up memorabilia of the premier who carried the moniker "The Alien".A Washington Post columnist in April called Hatoyama hapless and "increasingly loopy" over his contradictory comments in a dispute over a US airbase that badly strained ties with Washington and finally led him to resign.Hatoyama later conceded in parliament he may indeed be described as loopy, leading ClubT to print a T-shirt that : "Self-professed loopy Hatoyama"."When Hatoyama went into office, his T-shirts didn't sell but they soared after he resigned," company executive Tomohiro Miyake said."On the other hand Kan's T-shirt is selling well on his inauguration. It's a sign that the quality of the two leaders' level of popularity is different."【Notes】catch phrase:a phrase in wide or popular use, especially one serving as a slogan for a group or movement(口头禅,警句)poke fun at: to ridicule or mock, esp. covertly or slyly(取笑)snap up:to acquire quickly(抢购)201006/106194崂山区看妇科医院那些好

黄岛区儿童医院无痛人流要多少钱Vuvuzela enters the dictionaryThe World Cup, global warming and the credit crunch have all inspired the latest additions to the English language.The vuvuzela, the horn instrument which provided the soundtrack to this summer's football extravaganza in South Africa, is one new entry in the Oxford Dictionary of English, which is based on how language is really used.The battle to deal with climate change has given us carbon capture and storage - the process of trapping and storing carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels - and geo-engineering - manipulation of environmental processes in an attempt to counteract the effects of global warming.The credit crunch has introduced toxic debt to the language - debt with a high risk of default - and quantitative easing - the pumping of new money into the national supply by a central bank.Cyberspace produces a constant supply of words and phrases. The dictionary now offers social media - websites and applications used for social networking - and microblogging, or posting short entries on a blog.In all there are more than 2,000 new items in the third edition of the dictionary, which was originally published in 1998.Other new entries are :* wardrobe malfunction: when someone exposes an intimate part of their body after clothing slips;* chill pill: a notional pill to make someone calm;* bromance: a close but non-sexual relationship between two men;* LBD (little black dress): This refers to the simple evening or cocktail dress that, it is claimed, should be part of every womans wardrobe; and* frenemy: a person that one is friendly with despite a fundamental dislike.Vocabulary:extravaganza: any lavish or opulent show, event, assemblage, etc.(盛典,铺张华丽的表演)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111760青岛那家医院治疗不孕不育比较好 Clinton: US, Pakistan, Afghanistan Face 'Common Threat' of Extremism美、巴、阿三方会谈强调加强合作  U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton convened a three-way meeting with the leaders of Pakistan and Afghanistan Wednesday, saying they face a common threat, task and challenge posed by Islamic extremism. Clinton stressed U.S. regret over the death of Afghan civilians in a U.S. air attack Monday against Taliban forces.美国国务卿克林顿星期三召集巴基斯坦和阿富汗领导人举行三方会议。她表示,他们都面临伊斯兰极端主义带来的共同的威胁、任务和挑战。克林顿强调,美国对美军星期一对塔利班武装力量进行的空袭造成阿富汗平民死亡感到遗憾。The trilateral meeting, the second of its kind this year, comes at a critical juncture with both the Pakistani and Afghan governments facing major battlefield challenges from militant forces. 这次三方会议是今年举行的第二次类似会议。它是在巴基斯坦和阿富汗政府都在战场上受到激进分子的重大挑战的时刻举行的。Clinton, convening joint talks that are to continue later at the White House with President Obama, said the administration has common cause with the two South Asian governments, who she said are struggling with extremists who would destabilize and undermine democracy.克林顿召集的三方联合会议晚些时候将在白宫同奥巴马总统继续举行。克林顿说,美国政府与这两个南亚国家政府有共同的奋斗目标,因为阿、巴两国都在与破坏稳定和民主的极端分子作斗争。The trilateral meeting convened under a shadow of one of the most serious incidents of U.S.-inflicted civilian casualties of the Afghan war, with dozens of Afghans reported killed in a bombing raid aimed at Taliban forces in the western Farah province.正在这次三方会议举行之际,刚发生了美国在阿富汗战争中导致平民伤亡的最严重的事件之一,据报导,有几十名阿富汗人在美军对阿富汗西部法拉省的塔利班力量进行轰炸时丧生。Clinton in opening remarks with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari, reiterated a U.S. statement of regret issued late Tuesday and a promise to investigate the matter. 克林顿在与阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊和巴基斯坦总统扎尔达里会谈的开幕致词中,重申了美国星期二晚间发表的表示遗憾的声明,并承诺对有关事件进行调查。"We deeply regret it," Clinton said. "We don't know all of the circumstances or causes, and there will be a joint investigation by your government and ours. But any loss of life any loss of innocent life, is particularly painful. And I want to convey to the people of both Afghanistan and Pakistan that we will work very hard with your governments and your leaders to avoid the loss of innocent civilian life." 她说:“我们对此深深表示遗憾。我们不了解当时发生的所有情况和原因,你们的政府和我们的政府将进行联合调查。但是,任何生命的丧失,任何无辜生命的丧失,都令人特别痛心。我希望向阿富汗和巴基斯坦人民传达这样一个信息,那就是我们将和你们的政府和你们的领导人一道努力工作,避免无辜平民的丧生。”For his part, President Karzai - who appealed in Washington Tuesday for the ed States to be more sensitive to Afghans - said he the hoped the two governments can work together to reduce and eventually eliminate such occurrences.卡尔扎伊总统星期二在华盛顿从他的立场出发呼吁美国对阿富汗人更富有同情心。他说,他希望两国政府能共同着手减少、并最终消除这类事件。He also said he hoped the trilateral forum can help ease his country's frequently tense relationship with neighboring Pakistan. 他还表示,他希望三方论坛能协助缓和阿富汗同其邻国巴基斯坦的关系经常出现的紧张局面。"Occasions like today, Afghanistan will use to the best of its ability to deliver to the effectiveness of what we're doing together for stability and to do the right thing with regard to our relations with Pakistan in bringing more confidence, more trust, and a working environment in which the two countries together can wage a more effective struggle against the menace of terrorism, and the violence that radicalism causes," Mr. Karzai said. 他说:“阿富汗将尽一切努力利用像今天这样的机会,来有效地维护稳定,采取正确步骤改进我们同巴基斯坦的关系,进一步树立信心和信任,并创造这样一种氛围,使得两国能针对恐怖主义的威胁和极端主义带来的暴力发动更有效的斗争。”U.S. officials in recent weeks have expressed open concern about the Pakistani government's commitment to defending against Taliban inroads after militants went on the offensive in districts north of Islamabad. 在激进分子于伊斯兰堡以北地区发动攻势之后,美国官员最近几个星期对巴基斯坦政府关于捍卫领土、不让塔利班得寸进尺的承诺公开表示担忧。But in his remarks, President Zardari stressed his commitment to the fight against terrorism, saying the threat is common to all three countries and the burden is shared. 但是,扎尔达里总统强调了他有关打击恐怖主义的承诺,说威胁对三个国家都存在,大家都要分担这个重任。"I'm here to assure you that we shall share this burden with you, for no matter how long it takes and what it takes, democracies will deliver. My democracy will deliver," Mr. Zardari said. "The people of Pakistan stand with the people of the ed State and the people of Afghanistan. We stand with our brother Karzai and the people of Afghanistan against this common threat, this menace which I have called cancer." 他说:“我在这里向你们保,我们将与你们分担这个重任,无论需要多少时间,无论需要付出什么代价,我们的民主制度将会获胜。巴基斯坦人民与美国人民和阿富汗人民站在一起。我们与我们的兄弟卡尔扎伊和阿富汗人民站在一起,抵御这个共同的威胁,这个我把它称为毒瘤的威胁。”The opening event of what are to be two days of high-level talks included the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Pakistan and Afghanistan for the conclusion of a border trade and transit agreement by the end of this year - an accord under discussion for more than 40 years.为期两天的高层会谈的开幕活动包括巴基斯坦和阿富汗为在今年年底之前缔结边界贸易和运输协议签署一份备忘录,双方已经就这份协议进行了四十多年的讨论。05/69002青岛哪家医院看不孕不育最好

青岛内治疗女性尿道炎的医院 Two passenger trains collided in central China Monday morning, leaving at least three people dead and 60 injured.29日凌晨中国湖南境内两旅客列车发生相撞事故,目前至少3人死亡,60余人受伤。The accident took place at 2:34 am at Chenzhou railway station in Hunan province, according to local railway company sources.据当地铁路部门说,事故发生于凌晨2:34分,地点位于湖南省郴州火车站。A train going from Changsha to Shenzhen collided with another train from Tongren to Shenzhen, causing several cars to derail, according to the sources.一辆从长沙开往深圳的列车和另一辆从铜仁开往深圳的列车相撞。导致部分车厢脱轨。Liu Zhijun, minister of railway, has gone to Chenzhou, 300 kilometers from Changsha, capital of Hunan province, to oversee the rescue work.铁道部部长刘志军已经赶往郴州指挥救援工作,郴州距离湖南省会长沙300公里。 06/76082青岛人民医院在线咨询青岛新阳光妇产医院做宫颈手术多少钱



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