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本溪子宫息肉手术多少钱呢辽宁省本钢总医院院长是谁Perhaps well never know what tipped the scales for those young men who did that terrible thing at the Boston Marathon 也许我们永远不会得知是什么 让那些年轻人决定在波士顿马拉松赛上做出如此可怕的事情 Perhaps we will never fully understand what happened to that young man who drove the car bomb into Times Square 也许我们永远不会明白 那个将汽车炸弹开进时报广场的年轻人是怎么想的 And all the others who found that all their cooperation options were closed, and only what they can say 而所有那些人发现 他们同别人协作的可能性为零的时候 而他们唯一一种向别人表达 ;Hey, look at me. Im matter. I mean something.; is to take somebody else down If you were going to avoid that, you have to be able to begin again 你看 我很重要 我有价值 的方式就是干掉别人 如果你想避免此类事情 你得学会重新开始 The thing I like about being here today is that you still like to laugh 今天在这里我感到很欣慰的一点就是你们还是爱笑的 Its a part of our culture, you know 知道吗 这是我们文化的一部分 And its an essential thing in life 而且是生命最本质的需求 But I will close with this story 我要以下面这个故事结束我的演讲 And I hope you will remember try to do something that makes you happy, try to find a way to serve, 我希望你们会记得 去做那些能让你们感到开心的事情 寻求能为大众务的方法 try never to forget what we have in common is more important than our interesting and profoundly important differences 不要忘记我们之间的共同点 要比我们有趣且极度重要的不同之处更为重要 And dont give up on yourself or your life 而且不要轻言放弃 不要放弃生命 One of the most rewarding experiences that I had or have had since I left the White House 我有过的最有意义的经历之一 或者说自从我离开白宫之后的经历 is the opportunity to work in South Asia after that horrible tsunami, which occurred a couple of years before Hurricane Katrina 就是 在那场可怕的海啸过后到南亚工作的机会 那场海啸发生于卡特里娜飓风的前几年 You remember that? 你们还记得吗? It was devastating to Indonesia and Southeast India and Sri Lanka and the Maldives, parts of Thailand. 给印度尼西亚 印度东南地区 斯里兰卡 马尔代夫 还有泰国部分地区 造成了毁灭性灾难 President Bush asked me to work for his father for a while 布什总统邀请我为他父亲工作一段时间 I did that. After that I worked for the UN for two years 我接受了 在那之后我又在联合国工作过两年 And we had a great time 我们共事非常愉快201507/389099本溪经济技术开发区人民医院做人流要多少钱 Im going to a few strips.我马上会朗读的一些连环漫画。These are, most of these are from a monthly page I do in and architecture and design magazine called Metropolis.它们中的很多都选自我每月刊登在一本关于建筑设计杂志上的小故事。那本杂志叫《登都市》。And the first story is called ;The Faulty Switch.;第一个故事叫做《开关的小瑕疵》。Another beautifully designed new building ruined by the sound of a common wall light switch.又一个设计精良的新建筑被一个再平常不过的电灯开关的启动声给毁了。Its fine during the day when the main rooms are flooded with sunlight.白天的时候一切都很美好,阳光洒满了你的房间。But at dusk everything changes.但当黄昏降临一切都变了。The architect spent hundreds of hours designing the burnished brass switchplates for his new office tower.建筑师愿意花很多时间,为新的办公大楼设计这些抛光的铜制开关板。And then left it to a contractor to install these 79-cent switches behind them.然后让承包商在这些精致的开关板后装上79美分的开关。We know instinctively where to reach when we enter a dark room.我们本能地知道,当我们走进这间黑屋子时,该按哪里打开开关。We automatically throw the little nub of plastic upward.接着,我们就自然而然地把那小小的按钮向上一摁。But the sound we are greeted with,但是,当房间溢满,as the room is bathed in the simulated glow of late-afternoon light,如傍晚阳光般昏暗的光线的时候,那迎接我们的一声响。recalls to mind a dirty mens room in the rear of a Greek coffee shop.却让人想起了一间希腊咖啡店后面那不甚整洁的男洗手间。This sound colors our first impression of any room;it cant be helped.这声响让我们对任何一间房的印象都那样先入为主,改都改不了。But where does this sound,commonly described as a click, come from?但是这我们称之为“咯嗒”的声响到底从何而来呢?201512/417316Exactly 30 minutes into the problem-solving the researchers interrupted each group 在他们开始解决问题30分钟时 研究人员们会打断各组 They entered the room bearing a plate of cookies. Four cookies 他们会拿着一盘饼干进入房间 The team consisted of three people and there were these four cookies 总共四块 小组里有三个人 但却有四块饼干 Every team member obviously got one cookie but that left a fourth cookie, just sitting there 显然每个成员分到了一块 但还剩下第四块放在那儿 It should have been awkward. But it wasnt 这本应该是个尴尬的处境 但事实并非如此 With incredible consistency the person arbitrarily appointed leader of the group grabbed the fourth cookie, and ate it 每个组的表现难以置信的一致 那个被随机任命做组长的人 拿了第四块饼干 并把它吃了 Not only ate it, but ate it with gusto lips smacking, mouth open, drool at the corners of their mouths 不仅吃了 而且吃的津津有味咂咂做响 大嚼特嚼 口水横流 In the end all that was left of the extra cookie were crumbs on the leaders shirt 最后那块饼干剩下的 只有组长衣领上的饼干渣了 So this leader had performed no special task 这位组长没有任何丰功伟绩 He had no special virtue 也没有过人的美德 Hed been chosen at random, 30 minutes earlier 他只是30分钟前随机被选的 His status was nothing but luck 他的身份除了运气什么都没有 But it still left him with the sense that the cookie should be his 但他仍然觉得饼干应该是他的 This experiment helps to explain Wall Street bonuses and CEO pay and Im sure lots of other human behavior 这个实验有助于解释华尔街的奖金和CEO薪酬 我也确信它还可以解释很多人类行为 This is how people behave when they blind there luck 这就是人们掩盖他们的幸运所做出的表现 But it also is relevant to you to new graduates of Princeton University 但它同时也和普林斯顿大学的 新毕业生有关 Because in a general sort of way 通过某种一般性的方式 you have been appointed the leader of the group 你已被任命为小组领袖 Your appointment may not be entirely arbitrary 你的任命不一定是完全随机的 But you must sense its arbitrary aspect you are the lucky few 但你必须意识到它的随机的那一面 你们是少数的幸运儿 Lucky in your parents lucky in your country lucky that a place like Princeton exists 幸运在于你有这样的父母 幸运在于你有这样的国家 幸运在于有普林斯顿这样的地方 that can take in lucky people introduce them to other lucky people and increase their chances of becoming even luckier 专门吸引幸运的人 把他们介绍给其他幸运的人 并增加他们更加幸运的机会 Lucky that you live in the richest society the world has ever seen in a time when no one actually expects you to sacrifice your interests to anything 幸运在于你正处于世界历史上最富饶的社会 处于一个没有人会要求你为任何事 牺牲自己的利益的时代 All of you have been faced with the extra cookie 你们都面对着那块多出来的饼干 All of you will be faced with many more of them 你们也将面对更多 In time you will find it easy to assume that you deserve the extra cookie 随着时间的推移 你会发现你很容易觉得 你本来就配得那块多出来的饼干 For all I know, you may deserve the extra cookie 就我所知 你可以这样认为 But youll be happier, and the world will be better off if you at least pretend that you dont 但你可以更快乐 这个世界也可以变得更美好 如果你能够至少假装你不配 So never forget, In the nations service 永远不要忘记 为国效力 In the service of all nations 为万国效力 Thank you. And good luck 谢谢 祝你们好运 201508/394164明山区医院是私立医院吗

本溪县人民医院是什么意思But if you want to inspire people to participate, you have to show more than numbers; you have to convey the human impact of the work-so people can feel what saving a life means to the families affected.但是,如果你想激励其他人参加你的项目,你需要拿出的就远不止一些统计数字了;你必须展示你的项目的人性影响,这样其他人就会感到拯救一个生命,对那些处在困境中的家庭到底意味着什么。I remember going to the World Economic Forum some years back and sitting on a global health panel that was discussing ways to save millions of lives. Millions! Think of the thrill of you can save just one persons life-then multiply that by millions... Yet this was the most boring panel Ive ever been on ever. So boring even I couldnt bear it.几年前,我去世界经济论坛旁听一个全球健康问题论坛,会议的内容是关于如何拯救几百万个生命。几百万!想一想吧,拯救一个人的生命已经让人何等激动——现在你要把这种激动再乘上几百万倍……但是,这是我参加过的最乏味的论坛,乏味到我无法强迫自己听下去。What made that experience especially striking was that I had just come from an event where we were introducing version 13 of some piece of software, and we had people jumping and shouting with excitement. I love getting people excited about software-but why cant we generate even more excitement for saving lives?那次经历之所以让我难忘,是因为之前我们刚刚发布了一个软件的第13个版本,我们让观众激动得跳了起来并喊出了声。我喜欢人们因为软件而感到激动——那么我们为什么不能够让人们因为能够拯救生命而感到更加激动呢?You cant get people excited unless you can help them see and feel the impact. The way to do that is another complex question.除非你能够让人们看到或者感受到那种影响,否则你无法让人们激动。如何做到这一点,并不是一件简单的事。201405/299945本溪市北大医院妇科医生怎么样 Some abilities, of course, decrease with age.当然,一些能力会随着年龄的增长而变差。Those include abilities at tasks这些包括完成requiring physical strength and stamina,需要体力和耐力,ambition, and the power of novel reasoning野心及在特定情况下有创意的推理力in a circumscribed situation,的这类任务的能力,such as figuring out the structure of DNA,如想出DNA的结构,best left to scientists under the age of 30.最好还是留给30岁以下的科学家去做。Conversely, valuable attributes相反的,随着年龄的增加that increase with age include experience,会更有价值的,包括经验,understanding of people and human relationships,了解人和人之间的关系,ability to help other people不被自我意识影响地without your own ego getting in the way,去帮助其他人,and interdisciplinary thinking about large databases,以及跨学科地思考大型数据库的能力,such as economics and comparative history,如经济学和比较历史等事情,best left to scholars over the age of 60.最好留给年龄超过 60岁的学者来做。Hence older people are much better than younger people因此,老年人比年轻人at supervising, administering, advising,在监督、管理、咨询、strategizing, teaching, synthesizing,战略规划、教学、综合,and devising long-term plans.及制定长期计划上更擅长。Ive seen this value of older people我在老年人身上看到这个价值with so many of my friends in their 60s,包括我那些60多岁,70s, 80s and 90s,70多岁,80多岁和90多岁的朋友们,who are still active as investment managers,这些人依然是活跃的投资管理人,farmers, lawyers and doctors.农民、律师和医生。In short, many traditional societies总之,许多传统社会make better use of their elderly比我们现代化大社会,and give their elderly more satisfying lives更好地利用他们的老年人than we do in modern, big societies.也给老人更满足的生活。Paradoxically nowadays,矛盾的是,现在,when we have more elderly people than ever before,当我们比以往任何时候,living healthier lives and with better medical care有更多的老年人健康地生活than ever before,和有更好的医疗照顾,old age is in some respects more miserable变老在某些方面反而than ever before.比以往任何时候更惨。The lives of the elderly are widely recognized老人生活状态被公认as constituting a disaster area构成了现代美国社会of modern American society.的一个灾难性的部分。We can surely do better by learning我们当然可以做得更好,from the lives of the elderly通过学习在传统的社会中in traditional societies.老人的生活。But whats true of the lives of the elderly但,对传统社会in traditional societies老人生活来说是对的事情,is true of many other features对许多其他of traditional societies as well.传统社会的特点来说也是对的。Of course, Im not advocating that we all give up当然,我不主张我们都放弃agriculture and metal tools农业和金属工具and return to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle.并返回狩猎采集的生活方式。There are many obvious respects在许多明显的方面in which our lives today are far happier我们今天的生活远比than those in small, traditional societies.在那些小的、传统的社会更快乐。To mention just a few examples,举几个例子,our lives are longer, materially much richer,比在传统社会中人的生活。and less plagued by violence我们活得更久,物质更丰富,than are the lives of people in traditional societies.也少受暴力迫害。But there are also things to be admired但传统社会中的人们about people in traditional societies,的一些事情也值得敬佩,and perhaps to be learned from them.或许应该向他们学习。Their lives are usually socially much richer他们的生活通常在社交上than our lives,比我们的生活更丰富although materially poorer.虽然物质上比较贫乏。Their children are more self-confident,他们的孩子们更自信more independent, and more socially skilled更独立,和在社会上更熟练,than are our children.比起我们的孩子。They think more realistically about dangers than we do.他们比我们更实际地对待危险。They almost never die of diabetes, heart disease,他们几乎从来不会死于糖尿病、心脏病、stroke, and the other noncommunicable diseases中风和其他非传染性疾病,that will be the causes of death of almost而这些将会是我们今天all of us in this room today.在这里的所有人的死因。Features of the modern lifestyle predispose us to those diseases,现代生活方式的特点让我们更容易患上这些疾病,and features of the traditional lifestyle而传统生活方式的特点protect us against them.保护我们免受这些疾病的伤害。Those are just some examples of what we can learn这些只是几个例子来说明我们能from traditional societies.从传统社会中学习什么。I hope that you will find it as fascinating我希望你会发现,to about traditional societies了解传统社会as I found it to live in those societies.和我觉得在这些社会中生活一样引人入胜。Thank you.谢谢。201507/383457本溪中医院什么时候建立

平山医院地址哪里I want to send my best wishes to everyone celebrating Vaisakhi this year. This is a hugely important time for Sikhs across Britain and around the world, for them to come together with friends and family to celebrate the birth of the faith. 160 years ago, the first Sikh arrived in Britain. Since then, Sikhs have more than made their mark here – in business, in public services, in sport, culture, charity and beyond. Vaisakhi gives us a chance to celebrate that immense contribution and to share the success stories of British Sikhs: Of people like Tom Singh, who expanded a single clothes shop into a chain of 1,000 New Look stores around the world. Like Paul Uppal, the self-made businessman, who is the only Sikh MP serving in the House of Commons. Like Ravi Singh, from the charity Khalsa Aid, who rallied the community during the recent flooding to help with the clean-up. And like the remarkable marathon runner Fauja Singh – “the turbaned tornado” – who, at over 100, is still running and still inspiring millions. 2014 also marks 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War. During that conflict, well over a million men from India fought for Britain. Many thousands of them were Sikhs – and many made the ultimate sacrifice. From the trenches of the Somme, to the deserts of the Middle East, they demonstrated the bravery and the courage that is so synonymous with Sikhism so I hope we can all pause this Vaisakhi to remember those who fought and fell for the freedoms we enjoy today. Vaisakhi is also a special time for Hindus, who are celebrating the beginning of their New Year. We salute their ancestors’ remarkable role in the First World War, and their role in British life too. So as we think about the contribution of these faith communities, past and present, let me, once again, wish everyone a very happy Vaisakhi.201502/360739 The president often criticized for his caution is now doing things in his own way.由于谨慎而时常遭受批评的总统现在决定任性一回。He is cut a climate deal with China and he issued an immigration order.他与中国达成了气候协定并颁布了移民令。Well see how far he can take it.让我们来看看他能做到什么程度吧。Good evening, everybody.大家晚上好。Welcome to the White House Correspondents dinner.欢迎参加白宫记者晚宴。A night when Washington celebrates itself.一个华盛顿自我庆祝的夜晚。Somebodys got to do it.必须得有人做才行。And welcome to the fourth quarter of my presidency.欢迎来到我的第四季度总统任期。Its true...thats Michelle cheering.是的...那是米歇尔在欢呼。The fact is I feel more loose and relaxed than ever.事实上我感觉到从未有过的轻松。Those Joe Biden shoulder massages theyre like magic.乔·拜登的肩膀神奇极了。You should try one.你应该试试。Oh, you have.哦,你已经试过了。I am determined to make the most of every moment I have left.我决定利用好剩余的每一分钟。After the midterm elections, my advisors asked me ;Mr. President, do you have a bucket list?;中期选举之后,我的顾问问我:“总统先生,你有遗愿清单么?”And I said, ;Well, I have something that rhymes with bucket list.;我说:“我倒是有一些跟遗愿清单押韵的东西。”201512/414116本溪市最好的男科医院是本溪北大男科医院割包皮多少钱



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