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本溪市金山医院做宫颈手术本溪平山医院引产多少钱本溪包皮手术那家医院好 DJ WHO Confirms Raising Influenza Pandemic Alert To Level 6摘要:由于甲型H1N1流感的蔓延,世界卫生组织(WHO)宣布了40多年来首次流感大流行。The World Health Organization declared the first influenza pandemic in more than 40 years,due to the sp of the H1N1 swine flu.The Geneva-based U.N. agency on Thursday raised the pandemic flu alert to six, the highest level, which indicates that the disease is sping world-wide.The decision, which followed a sharp rise in the number of confirmed cases in Australia Wednesday, was made at an emergency meeting the WHO held with its experts. The last flu pandemic was in 1968.The declaration will require all countries, including the dozens that haven't yet reported any cases, to launch pandemic-prevention plans.Around 35,000 cases of people infected with the H1N1 virus have now been reported in 74 countries, Margaret Chan, director general of the WHO, said Thursday.'Further sp of the disease is inevitable,' Ms. Chan said. So far, the disease appears to be mild and the WHO doesn't expect a sudden or dramatic jump in the number of severe or fatal cases reported.The agency is urging countries where the disease has aly peaked to prepare for a second wave of infections.Vaccine makers will finish production of seasonal vaccine, and full capacity of seasonal vaccine will therefore be available for the coming flu season in the Northern Hemisphere.Ms. Chan said that Roche Holding , maker of antiviral drug Tamiflu, has made sizable donations of the drug to the organization. The WHO has distributed the first donations and is now getting a further 5.6 million doses from Roche for distribution. The WHO has also invited generic drug makers to start producing antiviral drugs, she added.In Australia, the number of confirmed cases of swine flu has more than tripled in the past week, reaching 1,263 on Thursday, when three new cases were confirmed in the state of Tasmania. It recorded its first case of the disease on May 9.'Australia catches our eye particularly not because of the number of cases but because of strong evidence of community transmission,' particularly in the southern state of Victoria and its capital, Melbourne, said Peter Cordingley, a spokesman for the World Health Organization based in Manila. He said the WHO is also focusing on similar evidence in the U.K., Spain, Japan and Chile.In Hong Kong, the government on Thursday ordered the closure of all nurseries, kindergartens and primary schools for two weeks after a dozen students at one school tested positive for swine flu. Elsewhere in Asia, health officials in Thailand confirmed 30 new H1N1 cases, raising the total there to 46.About half of the world's confirmed H1N1 cases, or 13,217, are in the U.S., including 27 deaths, according to the WHO.Mr. Cordingley noted that the term pandemic was 'a measure of the sp of the virus, not the severity of the virus.' The virus's effects are moderate at the moment, he noted. 'But it's still going to infect an awful lot of people.' /200906/73943本溪男科医院如何

本溪做前列腺检查多少钱The largest portfolio of homes in the UK is up for sale, and could be yours for just pound;3 billion.英国最大的一单房产打包出售正在上演,总价30亿英镑。Iranian-born tycoon Vincent Tchenguiz is looking to sell the freehold for 250,000 properties, which represents one percent of the UK#39;s entire housing stock.出生于伊朗的房产大亨文森特bull;琴奎茨正出售名下25万处住宅和公寓,占英国房产市场总存量的1%。The sale has been exclusively targeted at sovereign wealth funds, according to the FT.据英国《金融时报》报道,这些房产只面向主权债务基金买家。Forty percent of the homes and apartments are in the South East of England, with 15,000 properties alone in London.其中40%的房产位于英格兰东南部地区,另有1.5万处房产位于伦敦。Mr Tchenguiz is acting on behalf of the Tchenguiz Family Trust and has spoken to investment bank Lazard to help sell the portfolio, which comes with pound;2 billion worth of debts.琴奎茨是代表他的家族基金出售这些房产的,他已向投资瑞德集团寻求帮助出售房产,这些房产负债大约20亿英镑。The homes have an average remaining lease of 60 years, after which the properties will revert back to the freehold owner or be re-leased.房产平均剩余租期为60年。到期后,业主可决定收回或继续出租。Mr Tchenguiz told the FT the portfolio would give any buyer a safe and long-running exposure to UK house price growth.琴奎茨告诉《金融时报》,这些房产可以给买家一份安全和长期的英国房产升值回报。He said there had been #39;several expressions of interest in the portfolio#39;. He added that he had not decided what he would use the proceeds of the sale for.他说,;一些买家已表示感兴趣;。他补充说还没想好怎么使用这笔收入。Mr Tchenguiz, along with his brother Robert, were arrested in March 2011 as part of an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office, into the collapse of Icelandic bank Kaupthing.英国重大诈骗案检察局调查冰岛克伊普辛倒闭案期间,于去年3月逮捕琴奎茨和他的兄弟罗伯茨。They were questioned for 13 hours, and hundreds of documents and computer files were seized. They were eventually released without charge.他们接受了13个小时的审讯,数百份文档和计算机文件被查封,但两人最终无罪释放。Mr Tchenguiz is known for his love of parties which are adorned by good-looking young women. On one occasion Mr Tchenguiz sent all the girls at one party with pound;2,000 spending money each to go on a shopping trip in St Tropez.琴奎茨因爱开美女如云的派对而著称。有一次,琴奎茨把参加一场派对的所有美女送到圣特罗佩购物游,并给每人两千英镑。He was born in Tehran in 1956 and moved to London in 1980, as a senior vice-president of Prudential Bache, after completing university in Boston, Montreal and New York.他在1956年出生于德黑兰,1980年搬至伦敦,时任保诚贝奇券公司高级副总裁,大学曾就读于波士顿、蒙特利和纽约。 /201202/169680明山区医院有哪些医生 A research report headed by senior economists in China has predicted a huge gap will occur in China#39;s pension system as early as 2013, Economic Information Daily reported.据《经济参考报》报道,由资深经济师牵头发布的一份研究报告预测,到2013年,我国养老金体系将出现重大资金缺口。A report entitled ;Resolving Mid- and Long-term Risks in National Balance,; co-sponsored by Bank of China and Deutsche Bank said the gap will be 18.3 trillion yuan next year, and that gap will keep widening to demand more than 20 percent of fiscal expenditures by 2050.中国和德意志共同主导了名为《化解国家资产负债中长期风险》的报告。报告指出,养老金缺口将会继续扩大,至2050年将超过当年财政出的20%。Meanwhile, statistics from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security did not show any fund gap in the pension system on a nationwide scale, and a long term balance is expected.与此同时,据人力资源与社会保障部统计数据,从全国层面看,不存在养老金缺口的问题,未来全国养老保险基金能够做到长期收平衡。But both allegations admit the aging population will exert pressure on the pension system, demanding more subsidy from the state revenue as the situation worsens.但两种说法均承认我国人口老龄化将会给养老金体系带来压力,随着形势恶化,将需要更多中央财政补贴。Raising the retirement has been a frequently debated topic in solving the problem.提高退休年龄以解决这一问题,则一直被热烈讨论。 /201206/187232本溪市第三人民医院怎么去

本溪开发区人民医院看效果怎么样 A number of matchmaking events involving Buddhist monks, who are permitted to marry and have families in Japan, have taken place in the capital.日本首都东京,佛教僧侣们正在参加一系列相亲活动。在日本僧侣是可以结婚组成家庭的。The daughters of temple owners without clear male successors have also been drawn to these events in order to meet potential monk husbands.一些没有明确男性继承人的寺庙主人也让尚未婚配的女儿来参加相亲会,看看能不能遇到合适的僧侣丈夫。Ageing populations and shrinking birthrates combined with the often solitary life of a monk have resulted in growing concerns surrounding the hereditary succession of temples.随着人口老龄化和出生率下降等问题加剧,再加上僧人们一直过着孤独的生活,日本僧侣们开始担心寺庙的继承问题。As a result, one such matchmaking event was recently organised by a consultation office at the headquarters of the Buddhist order Nichiren Shu.这些因素促使日莲宗(日本佛教宗派)的总部咨询办公室在最近组织了这样一场相亲盛事。We would like to give people the opportunity to find a good marriage match,; a spokesman for Nichiren Shu told The Telegraph.日莲宗的发言人告诉《每日电讯》的记者说希望能为僧侣们觅得良缘提供机会。;This is for the second or third male children of temple owners, monks from lay families and temple daughters who need to meet monks to take care of the temple for future generations.;这种相亲会的对象主要是寺庙主人的第二或第三位男性继承人,外来僧侣,以及为了下一代能继承寺庙而需要跟僧人结婚的寺庙主人的女儿们。;Followers who want to marry with monks can also attend.; Their most recent event took place on the 30th floor of a skyscraper in the Odaiba area of Tokyo and involved rows of shaven-haired monks in suits sitting at tables and being formally introduced to suitable young women. ;愿意与僧侣结婚的信徒们也可以参加。; 最近的一次相亲会安排在东京御台场(御台场是东京湾内的巨大人工岛)的一座天大楼的30层举行。一排排剃着光头、穿着西装的僧人们坐在桌旁,由主办方正式介绍给合适的年轻女性。Among the 51 participants was a 27-year-old monk from Kurashiki, Okayama prefecture, who told the Asahi Shimbun: ;It#39;s very hard to find a young women who wants to marry a monk unless we take very proactive approaches in meeting such women.;在此次参加活动的51位僧侣中,有一位来自冈山县仓敷市的27岁的僧人,他告诉《朝日新闻》的记者说:;想要遇到一位愿意跟僧人结婚的女性真的不容易,除非我们非常主动地去跟她们接触。; It was not just the monks who were concerned about the future of the family temples: another guest was a 24-year-old woman from Ichinomiya, Aichi Prefecture, who told the paper: ;My father is a temple mater and I have three elder sisters. I want to find someone who will take over my father#39;s temple.;担心家族寺庙未来命运的不只是这些僧人们。一位来自爱知县一宫市的24岁女性告诉我们:;我父亲是一座寺庙的主人,我有三个。我想找个愿意接管父亲寺庙的丈夫。;Meanwhile, another 37-year-old woman who attended without any temple connections in her family described the practical and financial appeal of potentially partnering a monk.另外还有一位37岁的女性来参加相亲会,她的家族与寺庙并没有什么关联。她向我们描述了与僧侣结婚的现实的经济吸引力:;If you marry a monk who owns a temple, as opposed to marrying a businessman, you do not need to worry about your husband being laid off as a result of his company#39;s restructuring,; she said.;要是跟管理一家寺庙的僧侣结婚,会比嫁给商人好,因为你不需要担心哪天你丈夫会因为公司重组而下岗。;Buddhism, the nation#39;s second major faith after Shinto, has suffered a steep decline in popularity in recent years, with many temples facing financial difficulties as a result.在日本,佛教是仅次于传统民族宗教神道教的第二大宗教。近些年由于佛教受欢迎程度急剧下降,众多寺庙都面临着财政困难。A growing number of innovative projects have been developed by Buddhist temples in Japan in order to revive interest and income;from opening jazz lounges and beauty salons to catwalk shows and hip hop concerts.为吸引人们的兴趣并增加收入,日本佛教寺庙目前开发了很多创新性的项目,主要包括爵士乐休息室、美容沙龙、时装秀和嘻哈音乐会。 /201111/161174桓仁县产检哪家医院好的本溪平山人民医院能做人流吗



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