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2019年07月21日 10:19:00 | 作者:华龙爱问 | 来源:新华社
Obama Sends 2011 Budget to Congress奥巴马向国会递交2011财政预算U.S. President Barack Obama has sent a .8 trillion budget request to Congress for the fiscal year that begins on October first. It is the first step in what is expected to be a long, contentious budget process.美国总统奥巴马向国会递交了2011财政年度总额达3万8千亿美元的财政预算草案,2011财政年度从今年10月1号开始。预计国会将为此开始漫长而又充满争议的辩论程序。President Obama is walking a fine line in his 2011 budget. He is seeking 0 billion to tackle unemployment, while moving to trim the federal budget deficit.奥巴马总统在2011财政年度预算草案中努力确保平衡。他一方面要求1千亿美元拨款解决失业问题,另一方面又要削减联邦财政赤字。"It is time to hold Washington to the same standard families and businesses hold themselves. It is time to save what we can and what we must and live within our means once again," he said.奥巴马说:“现在是用普通家庭与企业要求自己的标准来要求华盛顿的时候了。现在是尽可能节约、重新量入为出的时候了。”His budget forecasts a deficit of roughly .6 trillion. President Obama says he plans to slash it in half by 2014 through a combination of tax increases on wealthy Americans, and cuts in domestic programs.奥巴马预算草案估算出来的财政赤字大约有1万6千亿美元。奥巴马总统说,他计划对富人增加税收、削减国内项目,争取在2014年将联邦赤字削减一半。"We simply cannot continue to spend as if deficits do not have consequences, as if waste does not matter," he added.奥巴马说:“我们就是不能继续不考虑赤字的后果而花钱,不能不考虑浪费的后果而花钱。”201002/96080The Republican nomination共和党提名The dance of the seven tweets七推特之舞The former speaker starts a presidential campaign前众院议长开始总统竞选 May 12th 2011 | WASHINGTON, DC | from the print edition NEWT GINGRICH entered the race for president much as he has conducted himself throughout his political career: chaotically. In March his aides let slip that he would make a big announcement during a stop at the state capitol in Atlanta, Georgia, only to retract the whole plan for reasons that still remain opaque. Then on May 9th his staff used Twitter to declare that two days later he would issue a tweet, along with an update to his Facebook page, that would mark his entry into the race. All this tweeting about possible future tweets kept commentators puzzling (which may have been part of the point) but finally, on May 11th, the immortal words “Today I am announcing my candidacy for President of the ed States” appeared on Mr Gingrich’s feed, in between a plug for an upcoming television appearance and an enthusiastic mention of a book about the Berlin wall.纽特金瑞奇此次进入总统竞选,一如他自己在其整个政治生涯所演绎过的:很混乱。三月份他的助手们无意中透露过,他将会在佐治亚州亚特兰大州议会厅逗留期间做一重大宣布:由于各种仍保密的原因要取消整个竞选计划。然而5月9日他的工作人员通过微宣布,两天后他将发布一条推特,同时更新他的脸书,以此标志他加入总统竞选。这个关于未来可能的推特的推特完全令时政员们感到迷惑(哪个会是重点所在即正式的宣告呢)但最终,5月11日,“今日我将宣布竞选美国总统”这个不朽词句,出现在金瑞奇先生所供的新闻播料中,就在为一个即将播出的电视演出所作的插播和一本关于柏林墙的书的热推之间。Mr Gingrich’s affinity for social media notwithstanding, most Americans think of him as a figure from the past. He was first elected to Congress in 1978. In 1994 he was the inspiration behind the Contract with America, a manifesto that helped the Republicans to win a majority in the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years. As a result, he became speaker, and proceeded to duel with Bill Clinton, the president of the day, over both budgets and Mr Clinton’s personal life.金瑞奇先生与社交媒体关系密切,尽管如此,多数美国人记起的还是他以往的形象。1978年他第一个当选为国会议员。1994年他提出的“与美国签约”的竞选纲领帮助共和党40年来首次羸得众议院多数席位。结果,他成了众院议长,并在比尔克林顿就任总统期间,在预算和克林顿私生活上,继续与其抗衡。201105/137009President Barack Obama is mounting an all-out push for U.S. Senate ratification of the New START nuclear treaty with Russia, calling it crucial for U.S. national security. The president summoned a bipartisan group of former White House officials to help efforts to gain ratification before the end of the year.奥巴马总统正在全力推动参议院批准美国与俄罗斯签署的新的《削减战略武器条约》。奥巴马称这一条约对美国国家安全至关重要。奥巴马总统召集了由前白宫官员组成的一个跨党派小组,努力促成这项条约在今年年底前获得批准。Seated with the president were Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, along with the Democratic chairman and ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, John Kerry and Richard Lugar.与奥巴马总统坐在一起的有副总统拜登、国务卿克林顿,以及民主党主席克里和参议院外交关系委员会的资深共和党人卢格。Also there were former secretaries of state Madeleine Albright, James Baker and Henry Kissinger, former defense secretaries William Cohen and William Perry, former National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft and former Senator Sam Nunn.在场的还有前国务卿奥尔布赖特、贝克和基辛格,前国防部长科恩和佩里,前国家安全顾问斯考克罗夫特以及前参议员纳恩。Calling ratification a national security imperative, the president said failure to do so would endanger the entire U.S.-Russian verification framework.奥巴马称批准美俄核军控条约是美国国家安全的当务之急。他说,如果条约得不到批准的话,将威胁到整个美俄的核查体制。"If we do not, then we do not have a verification regime. No inspectors, no insights into Russia's strategic arsenal, no framework for cooperation between the world's two nuclear superpowers."奥巴马说:“如果我们没有这么做,那么我们就没有了核查体制。没有检查员无法洞察俄罗斯的战略核武库,更无法在世界上两个核超级大国间建立合作框架。”201011/118638Gates: New Afghanistan Strategy a High Priority盖茨称评估阿富汗战略为当务之急  U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says a new strategy for fighting Islamic extremists in Afghanistan will be a high priority for the administration of President-elect Barack Obama. Gates, who has served as Defense secretary under President George Bush, has been chosen by Mr. Obama to remain in the post. 美国国防部长盖茨说,制定一个打击阿富汗伊斯兰极端分子的新战略将是当选总统奥巴马的优先任务。盖茨是布什政府的国防部长,奥巴马选择让他留任。Secretary Gates told reporters at the Pentagon on Tuesday that one of his first priorities in the new administration, which begins on January 20, will be to re-evaluate U.S. strategy in Afghanistan. 盖茨部长星期二在国防部对记者说,他在明年1月20号开始执政的新政府中的首要工作之一是重新评估美国在阿富汗的战略。"It is very important for us to do everything we can to make sure that the Afghans understand this is their fight, and they have to be out front in this fight," he said. "That is why I am such a strong supporter of accelerating the expansion of the Afghan army." 盖茨说:“我们要尽最大的努力,确保阿富汗人明白,这是他们的战争,他们必须站在第一线。这一点非常重要。这也是我为什么坚决持加快阿富汗扩军的速度。”The Bush administration is reviewing the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan, and the Obama administration is expected to do the same. 布什政府正在审议美国在阿富汗的战略,预计奥巴马政府也将这样做。Gates said U.S. officials are greatly concerned about terrorist safe havens on both sides of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, which Mr. Obama has called the number one threat to the security of Americans. Gates said the ed States and Afghanistan will increase their efforts to close safe havens on the Afghan side of the border, and he said Washington will emphasize a similar partnership with Pakistan's government to shut down the enclaves on its side.  盖茨说,美国官员非常关注在阿富汗和巴基斯坦边界两侧恐怖主义分子的藏身之处。奥巴马称这是对美国人安全的头号威胁。盖茨表示,美国和阿富汗将加大行动力度,清除恐怖分子在边境地带阿富汗一侧的藏身地,同时华盛顿将强调同巴基斯坦政府间一种类似的伙伴关系,敦促巴基斯坦在边界本方一侧采取同样的行动。"We are prepared to move as quickly as the Pakistanis are," he said. "I know they are uneasy about the American footprint in Pakistan, and I think we have to be sensitive to their political concerns. At the same time, we cannot do this on our own." 盖茨说:“我们会和巴基斯坦人一样迅速行动。我知道,他们对美国人在巴基斯坦感到不安,我想我们必须十分注意他们的政治关切。与此同时,我们不能独自做这件事。”Secretary Gates also said another high priority will be to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba, where more than 250 detainees suspected of terrorism are being held. Gates said closing the controversial facility will require help from Capitol Hill. 盖茨还谈到,另外一项重要工作是关闭古巴关塔纳湾的拘留中心,现在那里还关押着250多名恐怖分子嫌疑人。盖茨指出,关闭这个有争议的设施需要国会的帮助。"I think it is possible to close it," he said. "I think it does require a joint effort with the Congress. I think some legislation probably is needed as a part of it. I think trying to move forward on that, at least from my standpoint, should be a high priority." 他说:“我认为有可能把它关闭,不过这确实需要国会的合作,可能需要通过一些立法。至少从我的立场来看,我认为努力推动这件事应当是首先要考虑的一个问题。”The defense secretary commended India for its restraint in responding to last week's deadly attacks in Mumbai. He said the killings were clearly the act of an extremist group trying to target Americans and Britons. But he acknowledged that most of those who died were Indians.Gates is the only Bush administration cabinet member who has been asked to stay on in the Obama administration. 盖茨是布什内阁中唯一一位被要求在奥巴马政府中留任的官员。200812/57899

In Kenya, a Massaai elder is changing cultural practices that could help HIV infections sp. Learn how education and traditional customs affect the sp of diseases in Africa. This is Kibera, a slum in Nairobi, Kenya, home to about 1 million people. These children play without a care, just as it should be, but their reality is grim. They are all orphans, half of them because of AIDS. "In the last five years, it has gotten worse and we have now more children who were abandoned and who were orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS." George Nyakora was the national director of SOS children's villages in Kenya. They fight AIDS with community outreach, education and family strengthening programs. "You realize that up to 60 percent of the bed occupancy in some of our hospitals at the moment are actually taken up by people who're HIV positive." An entire generation of Kenya is dying; it's difficult to find anyone who hasn't been touched. "Do you have friends that have died?" "Many, including family members, very many, I lost my sister to HIV/AIDS, I've got very close friends of mine, you know, some in hospital right now, you know, terminal cases right now." Here, basic health care is out of reach, for many people, AIDS prevention is just another way to spend money they don't have." You have to make a choice between buying a condom or having a meal or having a drink that's going to knock your death, so that you forget your problems that would be." The Kibera Integrated Community Self-Help Program offers a variety of services to those affected by HIV and AIDS. The group has said that Kibera records the highest HIV and AIDS prevalence rates in Nairobi. Today Jacqueline Dbondo is administrating tests. This man fears an intoxicated night with a barmaid will be a death sentence. "The gentleman has been feeling unwell for the last five months; he was having some diarrhea, headache and feeling weak." Although the adult prevalence of HIV appears to be decreasing in Kenya, people still test positive every day, and today is no different. "Some people, they still ignore that their education that to give them the condom use. They don't want to listen that, this is AIDS at all, so it is still the ignorance who are still ignoring." The result, the number of AIDS orphans in Kenya numbers over 1 million and in Kibera alone they reportedly number 50,000.This place is called Nimborny, it's a home and safe haven for Kenya's smallest victims of the African AIDS pandemic. Most of these boys and girls come here directly from a hospital, abandoned at birth because they were HIV positive. Previously, two or three children passed away each month, but drug donations have had a huge impact on the death rate here. These children's struggles will be life-long; but they are no longer waiting to die. They are learning to live. outreach:n.A systematic attempt to provide services beyond conventional limits, as to particular segments of a community. e.g. educational outreach intoxicated: adj.happy, excited, and unable to think clearly, especially as a result of love, success, power etcdiarrhea: n. 痢疾,腹泻Excessive and frequent evacuation of watery feces, usually indicating gastrointestinal distress or disorder.200810/54101

According to a new study more people live in poverty in eight Indian states than in 26 of sub-Saharan Africa's poorest countries. The creators of the new study said the level of poverty in South Asia compared to Africa was a surprising discovery.The Multidimensional Poverty Index takes into account issues such as health and education and whether or not people have access to clean water and electricity. Sabina Alkire is director of the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative and she co-created the new index. "One striking feature is that most of the poor people live in South Asia – 51 percent of the 1.7 billion people that we have identified as poor are resident in that continent," says Alkire. "And it is not only the number, but also the intensity."She says about one-quarter of the world's poor live in Africa, according to the MPI. "When we compare the 26 poorest countries of Africa with states in India that have the same intensity of deprivation, we find there are more poor people with this intensity of deprivation in India than in sub-Saharan Africa. And that is quite striking," Alkire adds.Alkire says the new Index paints a different and sometimes surprising picture of poverty than studies that look at income alone.For example, in Ethiopia 90 percent of people are 'MPI poor' compared to the 39 percent who are classified as living in 'extreme poverty'. And 1.7-billion people living in the countries covered by the Index live in poverty according to the MPI – that is higher than the 1.3-billion people who live on .25 a day or less. Alkire says a benefit of the new index is that it shows how poverty affects people living in different regions of a country."So we looked at Kenya, where Nairobi has the poverty of the Dominican Republic – not too much poverty – whereas the northeastern rural area of Kenya is worse than our poorest country, Niger, with more than 90 percent of people poor," Alkire said.She says it also shows the range of poverty amongst different ethnic groups – she says in some countries the variety is tremendous. The Multidimensional Poverty Index was developed by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative with support from the ed Nations. It will be featured in the upcoming UNDP Human Development Report, replacing the Human Poverty Index.Researchers analyzed data from 104 countries with a combined population of 5.2 billion – just under 80 percent of the world's total population.根据一项新研究,印度八个邦的贫困人口比撒哈拉以南非洲最贫穷的26个国家的贫困人口总数还要多。美国之音记者采访了这项新研究的发起者之一。 她说,南亚与非洲贫困程度的对比是一项惊人的发现。 多维贫困指数参考的问题包括健康、教育以及人们是否能获得清洁水和电力等。 牛津贫困和人类发展项目负责人阿尔凯尔参与创建了这个新指数。 阿尔凯尔说:“一个显著的特点是,贫困人口中大部分都居住在南亚。换句话说,被我们认定为贫困人口的17亿人中,51%都居住在亚洲。这不仅仅是指人口的数量,还包括人口密度。 她说,根据多维贫困指数,世界贫困人口中大约有四分之一居住在非洲。 阿尔凯尔说:“当我们对比非洲26个最贫穷的国家和印度同样贫困程度的邦时,我们发现生活在这样贫困程度的人口中,居住在印度的人要多于居住在撒哈拉以南非洲国家的人。这是一个很惊人的发现。” 阿尔凯尔说,与单纯参考收入水平的研究相比,新的多维贫困指数反映出一种不同的、有时甚至令人惊讶的贫困情况。 比如说,90%的埃塞俄比亚人在多维贫困指数统计中属于“贫困”,而按收入统计只有39%的人被列为“极度贫困”。在多维贫困指数统计的国家里,有17亿人生活在贫困中。而按照日均收入1.25美元或以下的方法计算,这些国家的贫困人口是13亿。 阿尔凯尔说,新的多维贫困指数的一个优点是它可以显示出一个国家内不同区域人口的贫困情况。 “我们来看肯尼亚,肯尼亚首都内罗毕的贫困指数和多米尼加差不多,贫穷人口不是太多。但是肯尼亚东北部农村地区比世界上最贫困的国家尼日尔更加贫困,那里90%以上的人被列为‘贫困’。” 她说,新指数还显示了不同民族之间的贫困差异,在一些国家,这个差异非常大。 多维贫困指数是由联合国持的牛津贫困与人类发展发起的。在联合国开发计划署即将发表的人类发展报告中,多维贫困指数将取代原来使用的人类贫困指数。 研究人员分析了104个国家总共52亿人的数据,占全世界人口的80%。201007/109328

Early Returns Show Tight Race in Ghana Presidential Vote加纳总统选举难分胜负 In Ghana, election officials are counting the votes from Sunday's elections and unofficial returns show that with more than one-third of the constituencies tabulated, two leading candidates are in a tight race for the presidency. 加纳的选举官员正在清点星期天选举的选票。非官方的选举结果显示,在已统计出来的超过三分之一的选区中,两位角逐总统的主要候选人得票率旗鼓相当,不相上下。Voters in Ghana were closely following vote tabulation in the country's 230 constituencies Monday as election officials predicted official results would take a few days to be completed. 加纳的选民在密切关注着全国230个选区的点票工作。与此同时,选举官员预计,官方的计票结果要几天后才能完成。Officials report high voter turnoutVoter turnout was high Sunday as Ghanaians chose a new president and parliament.  选民星期天的投票率很高。加纳选民将选举一位新总统和新一届议会。An official with a team of international observers from the Carter Center, David Carroll, said the polling was largely calm.  卡罗尔是“卡特中心”国际观察小组的一名官员。他说,总体来说投票情况相当平静。"This has been quite an orderly and peaceful process and, importantly, a high turnout. But most importantly it is a very competitive process and a very tight race," he said. “投票在相当有秩序、平和的气氛中进行。重要的是投票率很高。但是最重要的是,选举竞争非常激烈,胜负难分。”Observers from the European Union, the Commonwealth and the West African Economic Community, ECOWAS, echoed this assessment.  来自欧盟、英联邦、西非经济共同体的观察员也对选情做出了类似的评估。President John Kufuor is retiring after eight years in office. The candidate of his New Patriotic Party, Nana Akufo-Addo, was running neck-and-neck with opposition candidate John Atta-Mills of the National Democratic Congress of former President Jerry Rawlings. 加纳总统库福尔在执政8年后将退休。他所在的新爱国党候选人纳纳.阿库福-阿多同反对党、前总统罗林斯领导的“全国民主大会党”候选人约翰.阿塔-米尔斯之间的角逐不分上下。Analysts say election shows citizens maturing in political gameThe public affairs head of Ghana's Electoral Commission, Christian Owusu-Pare, noted there had been some campaign incidents, but indicated these had not prevented a free and fair vote. 加纳选举委员会公共事务负责人奥乌苏-佩尔指出,竞选活动中出现一些状况,但是他表示,这些事件并没有影响自由和公正的投票。"Although there have been pockets of violence here and there in the past, we have not experienced the kind of violence that we have witnessed in other African countries. But there seems to be an improvement in the situation now and it is an indication that Ghanaians are gradually maturing in this political game," Owusu-Pare said. “虽然过去这些或者那些地区曾发生过暴力事件,但是我们没经历过我们在其它非洲国家目睹的那种暴力。目前来看局势似乎已经好转。这表明,加纳人在政治活动中正逐渐走上成熟。”He acknowledged there had been complaints from opposition parties about an unexpectedly high number of newly registered voters. But he said the Commission had removed many names that had been registered more than once. 他承认,反对党对新登记选民人数高得超出寻常多有怨词。不过他说,选举委员会删除了很多重复登记一次以上的选民的名单。Carter center notes some irregularitiesCarroll said Carter Center observers had seen only a few isolated irregularities during the polling and expressed hope that the results would be accepted by all. 卡罗尔说,卡特中心的观察员在投票中仅发现了一些孤立的违法行为,并希望这些结果能被各方都接受。"Ghana is showing again that there is an unusually high level of political maturity in this country and I think we can count on Ghanaians and the major parties to have the patience to let the process run its course," said Carroll. “加纳再次展现了加纳的政治成熟度非常高。我认为,我们能指望加纳人和主要政党保持耐心,静候选举的结果出来。”Official results are expected in a few days. If no presidential candidate wins at least 50 percent of the vote a runoff election is to be held in three weeks. 官方的结果预计将于几天后揭晓。如果没有任何一位总统候选人赢得50%以上的选票,将于三个星期后举行决选。200812/58357

Parenting on the move is all about sacrifice.在迁徙中父母大多都牺牲了自己,保全了后代。And in the forests of northeastern Australia, another great journey spurred by parental dedication is about to begin. On translucent tawny wings, a little red flying fox flaps homeward after a night of intense foraging. And she is one of millions.在澳大利亚东北部的森林,由于父母的奉献,另一个伟大的征程即将开始。拍打着半透明的黄色翅膀,一只红色的小飞狐在一夜紧张的觅食后正在归途当中。她是数以百万计当中的一个。Somehow, she finds her pup in the din of the camp. She wraps him in her nursing embrace. He needs calcium from her milk to build flimsy bones. And hes leaching it away from her own fragile flying machinery at an alarming rate.不知怎么地,她发现她的小崽在窝里有些吵闹。她一把将他搂入怀中照料。她从奶中给予他钙质以帮助他来搭建很薄的骨头。他在令人担忧的从她脆弱的飞行器中过滤它。The bats have eaten through the calcium and energy-rich eucalyptus blossoms for miles around. The situation is getting desperate, the need to move intense.蝙蝠通过摄取方圆数英里之外的桉树花来获得大量钙质和自身所需能量。现在的形势十分紧张,是需要迁徙的时候了。词语解释:1. sacrifice v. 牺牲2. spur v. 刺激,激励;鼓舞3. translucent a. 透明的4. tawny a.黄褐色的5. pup n. 小,幼犬201111/161782

In Southern China meanwhile, there is massive floodings and landslides. State Television has been broadcasting dramatic pictures of buildings collapsing down a mountain and plunging into a river. At least 11 people have been killed.08/81410

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