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Thats the unique sense of purpose that this place has always infused 这是这个地方一直灌输的独特目的观The conviction that this is a training ground这是一个训练场Not only for individual success目的不仅是训练你取得个人成就But for leadership that can change the world它还要训练出改变世界的领导能力Dr. King was just 15 years old when he enrolled here at Morehouse金牧师15岁就入学于莫尔豪斯He was an unknown, undersized, unassuming young freshman 他当时还是默默无闻 身材矮小 不受瞩目的新生Who lived at home with his parents同父母一起住在家里And I think its fair to say he wasnt the coolest kid on campus我可以公正地说 他绝不是学校最酷的小孩For the suits he wore, his classmates called him ;tweed;因为他的穿着 他的同学都叫他;粗花呢;But his education at Morehouse helped to forge the intellect但在莫尔豪斯 他锻炼着自己智慧The discipline, the compassion, the soul force that would transform America纪律 同情心 以及变革美国的精神力量It was here that he was introduced to the writings of Gandhi and Thoreau正是在这里 他接触到了甘地和梭罗的作品And the theory of civil disobedience以及非暴力反抗的理论It was here that professors encouraged him to look past the world as it was正是在这里 教授们鼓励他 将目光超越旧世界And fight for the world as it should be并为创造应有的新世界而奋斗And it was here, at Morehouse, as Dr. King later wrote也正是在这里 在莫尔豪斯 金牧师之后写道Where ;I realized that nobody was afraid;我意识到没有人害怕过Not even of some bad weather哪怕是糟糕的天气I added on that part这部分是我加的I know its wet out there我知道你们都淋湿了But Dr. Wilson told me you all had a choice and decided to do it out here anyway不过威尔逊士告诉我 你们都可以选择坐到这里 201604/438000。

  • So, what is it really about? We need to look to some of the non-religious, or secular, arguments against homosexuality, and we especially need to do that if we are genuinely committed to living in a society that embraces freedom of religion.所以,真正的原因是什么?我们来看看一些非宗教的,或者可以说更世俗的观点。当我们生存在一个持宗教自由的社会里并且真心热爱它的时候,我们尤其需要从这个角度进行探究。So, what are some of those non-religious arguments against homosexuality?那么,有哪些非宗教观念的论点是反对同性恋的呢?Well, the second argument Im going to look at tonight, the first non-religious argument, is the argument that homosexuality is wrong because its not universalizable.今晚我要说的第二个论点,也是第一个非宗教性质的论点,是声称同性恋不可以普遍推行。Thats not a word you get to use every day.这个词不是个常见词。What does that mean?那它是什么意思呢?I first heard of this argument back in 92.我第一次听说这种论调,是在1992年的时候。I gave an early version of this lecture at St. Johns University in New York, where I had previously done my undergraduate work.我在纽约的圣约翰大学,我本科就读的地方做一个演讲。此刻我的这个演讲即脱胎于那时。And there was a priest, Father Prior, who wrote to the school paper.当时有一位普莱奥神父--当时学校报纸的撰稿人。He was very upset that I had been invited to give this lecture, and he wrote this long letter to the school paper.对我受邀演讲非常不满。于是给校方写了一封长信。And in his letter to the school paper, on of the things he said was, ;Of course homosexuality is bad for society.信中有这样的说法:;毫无疑问,同性恋对人类社会是有坏处的。If everyone were homosexual, there would be no society.;每个人都是同性恋的话,根本不可能有人类社会。;And I call this the ;universalizability argument.;我将之称为;普遍推行论;。Everyone were this way, if we universalize the activity, that would be bad; therefore, the activity is bad.如果每个人都这样。如果我们将个体的行为推广到整体,出现不会的推论结果,那么这种行为就是错的。Now, I disagreed with a lot of what Father Prior said in his letter, but I thought it was nice that he took the time to write to the school paper.我对神父信中的很多观点颇不同意,但我想既然他花了那么多时间来写这封长信。And I said, ;You know what, Im going to write to the school paper, too.;我不妨也写封吧。So, I did. I wrote an open letter to Father Prior.因此我给普莱奥神父回了一封公开信。It said, ;Dear Father Prior, if everyone were a Roman Catholic Priest, there would be no society, either.信是这么说的:;尊敬的普莱奥神父,如果每个人都是罗马天主教神父的话,人类社会也不存在了。;(罗马天主教神父有独身不婚的传统)Sincerely, John Corvino.;John Corvino敬上。Whats the problem with this argument?这种论点的问题在哪里?A few problems.它有很多问题。One, Father Prior seems to assume that just because society needs some people to procreate that everyone is obligated to procreate, but, of course, that doesnt follow.一是普莱奥神父假定,仅仅因为社会需要某些人生育繁衍后代,就能据此得出每个人都有义务生育的结论。当然,这种推论显然错了。Society needs some people to be doctors.社会需要某些人去成为医生。That doesnt mean everyone is obligated to be a doctor.并不意味着每个人都有义务去成为医生;Society needs some people to be sanitation workers, which doesnt mean that everyone is obligated.社会需要某些人去成为环卫工人,并不意味着每个人都有义务去成为环卫工人。Yeah, we need some people to procreate, but it doesnt follow that everyone is obligated, as Father Prior surely recognized.诚然,我们需要一些人去生育后代,但并不能推论出每个人都有义务生育后代。这点我想普莱奥神父一定会认可。People have pointed out to me, ;Yeah, well some Catholic priests actually do have children.;有人对我指出:;其实有些天主教神父是有孩子的。;Fine. The point is the argument applies equally well to celibacy.说的没错,但重点在于,神父的论点都同样适用于独身主义。But, lets suppose that we were to grant this premise that everyone is obligated to procreate.因为很多同性恋也是有孩子的。退一万步说,先假定我们要遵循这种;每个人都有义务生育;的论调。201605/444002。
  • A couple of days later, I saw her again. I remember, she was wearing a long, white, flowery skirt.几天后,我又看到她。我记得她穿着一条白底印花长裙。And I went up to her and she said she was going to register for classes for the next term.我朝她走过去,她说要去注册下学期的课程。And I said Id go, too.我说我也要去。And we stood in line and talked -- you had to do that to register back then.我们一起排队聊天——那个时代学生必须这样去登记。And I thought I was doing pretty well until we got to the front of the line and the registrar looked up and said, ;Bill, what are you doing here, you registered this morning?;我觉得我表现得非常不错,直到我们排到队前,登记员抬头说:“比尔,你在这儿干啥,你早上不是注册了吗?”I turned red and she laughed that big laugh of hers.我脸红了,她哈哈大笑。And I thought, well, heck, since my covers been blown I just went ahead and asked her to take a walk down to the art museum.我心想,反正我的借口被戳穿了,干脆我继续往下,直接邀请她一起散步去艺术物馆吧。Weve been walking and talking and laughing together ever since. And...我们边走边聊边笑,从那之后一直如此。然后...Weve done it in good times and bad, through joy and heartbreak.我们一起经历了好时光和坏时光,欢笑和心碎。We cried together this morning on the news that our good friend and a lot of your good friend, Mark Weiner, passed away early this morning.我们在今天早上一起哭泣——我们的好朋友,你们很多人的好朋友马克·韦纳今天凌晨去世了。Weve built up a lifetime of memories.我们建立了一生的记忆。After the first month and that first walk, I actually drove her home to Park Ridge, Illinois...to meet her family and see the town where she grew up, a perfect example of post World War II middle-class America, street after street of nice houses, great schools, good parks, a big public swimming pool, and almost all white.第一次散步之后的一个月,我就开车送她回了伊利诺伊州帕克里奇的家中...去见她的家人,游览她成长所在的小镇,那里是二战后美国典型中产阶级城市——一条又一条的街上排列着漂亮的房屋、优质的学校、美丽的公园、一个巨大的公共游泳池,而且居民几乎全是白人。I really liked her family.我真心喜欢她的家人。Her crusty, conservative father, her rambunctious brothers, all extolling the virtues of rooting for the Bears and the Cubs.她执拗保守的父亲、闹哄哄的兄弟们,他们都说持熊队(芝加哥橄榄球队)和小熊队(芝加哥棒球队)是一种美德。And for the people from Illinois here, they even told me what ;waiting for next year; meant.还有,这里的伊利诺伊人甚至还告诉我“等明年吧”的含义。It could be next year, guys.明年可能会获胜,同志们。201612/480377。
  • I got another call for shooting was on Court Street in our city I go down there, I do the same thing. Im. 又接到电话说 我们市的法院街发生击事件我到现场 还是和原来一样Going to people, telling them about our plans telling them that we have to pull together. 给人们讲我们的计划告诉他们 我们需要团结起来That we are going to fight through this crime that were going to drive down the violence. 我们应该同犯罪进行斗争我们将减少暴力犯罪I barely paid attention to the dead body on the sidewalk another one being rolled into the ambulance. 我几乎没有关注路边的尸体尸体和往常一样被卷起并抬入救护车After that night of being important of being the mayor of New Jerseys biggest city. 作为新泽西州最大城市的市长我当了一天的重要人物之后I went back to my home in the high rises of Brick Towers. 晚上回到家中回到高楼林立的砖石塔楼I sat there with my Blackberry reviewing the incident reports of the day. 我坐在家里 用黑莓回顾今天重要事件的报道And then it came to that shooting on Court Street and I looked at my Blackberry and I saw the name of the murdered victim. 这时我看到了法院街的击事件黑莓屏幕上赫然显示出遇害者的名字It was the kid for my lobby It was the young man who was my father. 竟然是大堂里的那个孩子竟然是那个犹如我父亲化身的年轻人It was this smart and charismatic young man who God had put in front of me every single day. 竟然是上帝赐予我 每天都在我眼前活灵活现的那个聪明且魅力四射的年轻人I looked at my Blackberry praying that the name would somehow change. 我盯着黑莓祈祷名字改变一下Praying that it was a mistake or maybe not the same young man, but it was him. 祈祷这仅仅是我看错了祈祷不是同一个年轻人 但事实却正是他I went to the funeral home on the day that we had services and I did not feel like the mayor of them. 我去了他的葬礼 那一天我们有工作在身 但我不觉得自己像个市长I didnt feel mayor, I didnt feel important All I could do was stand in the back of that funeral home. 我感觉不到我是市长 感觉不到我有多么重要我只能静静地站在殡仪馆最后All I could do was to feel a darkness covering my heart As I watched everybody come to this kids corpse. 我只能感受到黑暗侵袭着我的心灵我看着每个人走到这个孩子的尸体旁There were teachers and there were community activists and there were politicians there were people from the buildings, there were his classmates. 有老师 有社会活动者 有政治人物有来自那幢大楼的邻居 还有他的同学201611/476808。
  • 第34课Can I try that on? 我可以试穿吗?34.云想衣裳花想容 123. Can I try that on? 我可以试穿吗? Could I try that on? 124. How does this look on me? 我穿这件衣看起来怎么样? How does this look ? 125. How does it fit? 这件衣合不合身? 126. I''ll take it. 我买下它了。 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2941。
  • 中级英语口语闪电速成[26] /200703/10798。
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