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Forget Singapore.别提新加坡了。The latest brain-mangling maths puzzle to hit the news is from Vietnam.最近登上新闻头条的烧脑数学题来自越南。It#39;s posted above. You need to fill in the gaps with the digits from 1 to 9 so that the equation makes sense, following the order of operations - multiply first, then division, addition and subtraction last.如上图所示。你需要用1到9的数字将所有空格填满,并且使等式成立,计算的顺序为,先乘,接着除,然后是加,最后是减。According to the VN Express, it was set as a problem for third graders in the town of Bao Loc in the Vietnamese highlands.据报道,这道题目是越南保禄地区小学三年级的数学题。That#39;s eight year olds!他们可只有8岁啊!There is no complicated maths involved, only basic arithmetic. But it#39;s not a walk in the park.这题目没有涉及任何复杂的运算,只有基本的算术。但做起来一点也不容易。“This problem is difficult even for adults good at math, so it will be difficult for students in grades 3, and even more challenging for students in the highlands,” teacher Tran Phuong told VN Express.一位老师说:“就算对数学很好的成年人来说,这道题也很难解。所以对三年级的学生来说肯定很难,对高地地区的学生就更难了。”He added: “I sent the problem for some people, including a doctorate in economics with mathematics, but they have not given the answer.”他还说:“我把这道题发给了一些人,其中包括一位有数学背景的经济学士,但他们都还没有给出。”Vietnam does very well in the international PISA tables that compare 15-year-olds#39; performance in maths, science and ing. Vietnam ranks 17 in maths and 8 in science, which outperforms many Western countries like the UK (26 and 20) and US (36 and 28).越南的学生在国际学生评估项目的数学、科学和阅读领域表现都不俗。他们在数学领域排名17,在科学领域排名第8,比英国(这两项分别排名26和20)和美国(分别排名36和28)都出色。No wonder if they are given problems like this....难怪他们能出这样的题目......Can you do it?你能解出这道题吗?Here is one of the solutions from a commenter at Gizmodo: There are other possible solutions, but the first one I came up with was: 6, 9, 3, 5, 2, 1, 7, 8, 4 in that order ... How I got to it was assigning each blank to a letter and writing the whole thing as an equation then grouping like terms.以下是Gizmodo网站一位网友给出的:可能还有别的解法,但我最先想到的是:空格中依次填6, 9, 3, 5, 2, 1, 7, 8, 4。我用字母代替每一个空格,然后把整个等式列出来,再进行同类项合并。So... a+13(b/c)+d+12e-f+(gh/i)-2166.算式是这样的:a+13(b/c)+d+12e-f+(gh/i)-2166。Then you add 21 to both sides and a+d-f+13(b/c)+12e+(gh/i)87. And since you#39;re limited to plugging in numbers between 1-9 for a-i, you see that there#39;s only so many combinations that will yield numbers close to 87. So then you start guessing and checking how large you have to make the various numbers to make it work. You need smaller numbers in the denominators and the subtraction and larger numbers being multiplied.给算式两边都加21,就得出a+d-f+13(b/c)+12e+(gh/i)87。字母a到i的空格中只能填入1到9 的数字,计算结果能得出87的变化组合也就那么多。所以你就可以边猜边调整,最后得出正好的结果。分母和减号后面的数字要小一些,乘号后面的数字要大一些。 /201505/377342Human bodies are frail, easily damaged packages full of parts that can never fully come back once lost. Luckily, researchers worldwide are working on replacing every bit of the body to make us all cyborgs.人的身体是十分脆弱的,有些娇弱的器官一旦破坏就永远难以复原。幸运的是,世界各地的研究人员都在研究能替代我们身体部位的生化机械器官。10.Supersensitive Electronic Skin10.超敏感电子皮肤Skin has the thankless job of coating and protecting your whole body, making it your most easily damaged organ. When you burn or rip off a stretch of skin, your main option right now is to graft some back on from elsewhere on your body. But an effective synthetic replacement skin may not be that far off, thanks to research from Stanford scientists. Stanford#39;s Zhenan Baohas has developed a super-flexible, super-durable, and super-sensitive material that can be the basis for future synthetic skin. People have tried developing synthetic skin before, but Baohas#39;s material handles touch sensitivity better than any predecessor. It contains organic transistors and a layer of elastic, letting it stretch without taking damage. And it#39;s self-powered—this skin contains a series of elastic solar cells.皮肤辛苦的担任着包裹我们和保护我们整个身体的责任,因此它也成为了最容易被伤害的器官。当皮肤被烧伤或者被割破,你最快的选择是从身体其他部位移植一部分过来。然而,感谢斯坦福大学科学家的研究,一种能有效替代人体皮肤的材料,不久后将面世。坦福大学的Zhenan Baohas 研发出了一种具备超弹性、超耐性和超敏感的材料,能够作为未来发展人工皮肤的基础。以前,人们也研究过生化皮肤,但是Baohas的材料比以前研发出来的更具敏感性。它带有有机转换物质和一层弹性材料,保它在不被破坏情况下的延展性。另外,这种材料带有一系列的太阳能电池元件,可以自动充电。9.Beating Hearts Created In A Petri Dish9.在培养皿中跳动的心脏Scientists have long investigated stem cells#39; potential for growing hearts, and they reached a major milestone this year when they created heart tissue than can beat on its own.The University of Pittsburgh team used stem cells made from skin to make MCPs, a special kind of cell that acts as a precursor to cardiovascular tissue. They then placed these cells on a 3-D scaffold designed to support a mouse heart. Within 20 days, the new heart began beating at 40 to 50 beats per minute.This heart is too weak to actually pump blood, which is the primary reason anyone would want an new heart. But the tissue has a lot of potential for patching heart muscles that have suffered damage.长久以来,科学家一直在研究干细胞分化为心脏组织的潜力,今年当他们创造出可以自己搏动的心脏组织时,这一研究工作达到了一个重要的里程碑。匹兹堡大学的研究小组从来自皮肤的干细胞培养出MCPs,一种可以作为心血管组织驱动器的特殊细胞。他们把这些细胞放在一种可以维持老鼠心脏的3-D架上。在20天内,新的心脏开始以每分钟40~50次的速率搏动。虽然这个心脏太虚弱,不能真的输送血液,但是这种细胞组织在修复受伤的心脏肌肉方面具有巨大潜力。8.Prosthetic Hands That Sense Touch8.触感人造手Current prosthetic hands do little beyond filling the arm-shaped space between your body and the air. Sure, they can grasp things all right, and they help in balance, but they lack one of the human hand#39;s most important abilities—the sense of touch. People with prosthetics can#39;t detect if they#39;re in contact with an object without looking at it directly. A research team at the University of Chicago has solved this problem, producing hands that send electric signals to the brain. They#39;ve begun with monkeys as test subjects, studying the animals to see how their brains respond to touch. When outfitted with prosthetic hands that stimulate their brains that way, the monkeys respond just as though they physically touch objects themselves. Programming these same signals into artificial human limbs would give amputees replacement hands unlike anything we#39;ve developed before.现在的假手除了具备手的外形外,几乎没有其他功能。当然,这些假手能够拿东西和保持身体平衡,但是它们缺乏人手最重要的功能之一——触感。装了假手的人在碰触到一样物品时,如果不用眼睛看,是没法判断东西的。芝加哥大学的一个研究小组制造了一种能够向大脑传递信号的假手来解决这个问题。他们以猴子为测试对象,研究动物大脑对触摸信号的反应。当装备了可以刺激大脑的假手后,那些猴子的反应就好像他们身体接触到了物体一样。将这些类似的信号通过编程的方式写入造假肢,会给截肢者带来和以前研发出来的产品完全不同的假肢。7.Thought-Controlled Bionic Legs7.思想控制仿生腿Though bionic legs are of course a huge boon to amputees, they lack actual nerve connections with the body. As a result, walking on them is cumbersome and tiring. But last year, Seattle resident Zac Vawter was outfitted with the world#39;s first thought-controlled leg, a bionic limb that takes signals directly from his mind.This technology previously existed for arms, but legs are rather more complicated. And since a mis signal can send you jumping off a bridge or in front of a moving car, thought-controlled legs need more stringent programming than equivalent arms. As one of the researchers delicately put it, “If you#39;re using a bionic arm and it misbehaves, the elbow may move slightly. If the prosthetic leg misbehaves . . . that could be quite a safety issue.”Vawter climbed 103 floors of a Chicago skyscraper on his bionic leg, but its designers are still working on improving it. To optimize it for everyday use, they have to make it even thinner and lighter. Its successor (the iLeg Air?) may meet the Army#39;s stated goal for a bionic leg—10,000 steps without recharging.虽然仿生腿对截肢者来说是巨大的福音,但是它们与人体缺乏真正的神经联系,导致依靠仿生腿走路十分麻烦和劳累。但是去年,西雅图的居民Zac Vawter 安装了世界上第一思想控制的腿,一种直接接受从他大脑发出信号的仿生肢体。这项技术曾经运用于武器,但是运用在仿生腿上会更复杂。误读信号可能导致安装者跳下桥或站在开动的车辆前,依靠思想控制的仿生腿需要比武器更为复杂的程序。正如研究者指出的那样:如果你使用仿生胳膊,而胳膊动作做错了,可能只是手肘偏移预订位置。而如果仿生腿动作做错了,那可能就是生命安全问题了。Vawter使用仿生腿在芝加哥一栋高楼里向上爬了103个阶梯,但是仿生腿的设计者们仍然在尝试提高它的性能。为了使它能适用于日常生活,设计者们必须让它更轻更薄。它的衍生品(充气仿生腿)可以满足陆军对于仿生腿的阶段性目标——行走一万步不用充电。6.Miniature Human Brains6.微型人脑Brain death is a bit of an inconvenience if you#39;re a fan of living, and if you#39;re looking to replace yours with a spare, you#39;re out of luck. Sure, maybe we#39;ll one day be able to plant brains into skulls, but the brain#39;s not just another organ. It contains all your thoughts and memories. They can plop a new brain in your head, but you#39;ll still be gone, so the idea of making artificial brains may seem absurd.But that hasn#39;t stopped scientists from growing actual human brains in a lab. Starting with nothing but stem cells, scientists in Austria this year managed to create brains equivalent to those in nine-week-old fetuses. These miniature brains are the size of peas and are incapable of thought—so far. The one thing keeping the brains from growing beyond this stage and becoming fully functional is that they have no blood supply.Though these brains aren#39;t going into anyone#39;s bodies, they#39;re proving a great resource for scientists investigating brain diseases.如果你热爱生存,那么脑死亡是一件不美好的事。而且,如果你想用空闲的大脑来替换,那你是绝对找不到的。当然,也许有一天,我们能将大脑放入头骨中,但是大脑跟别的器官不同。它装有你所有的思想和记忆。人们能在你头里放一个新的大脑,但是你还是不存在,所以人造大脑这种想法看起来很荒谬。但是这并没有阻止科学家在实验室发展人造大脑。今年奥地利的科学家仅从干细胞开始,成功地创造出等同于9个周大的婴儿的大脑。目前,这些大脑只有豌豆大小,也不能思考。阻止这些试验品发育成具有完全功能的大脑的因素是它们没有血液供给。尽管这些大脑没有进入任何人的身体,但是他们给科学院研究脑科疾病提供了原材料。翻译:郑静 前十网 /201507/384411

With Greece reeling over fears of default and the weeklong closure of its major banks and stock market, travelers are likely wondering how these major financial disruptions will affect their ability to use currency throughout the country. While native Greeks are currently limited to daily A.T.M. withdrawals of 60 euros per account, tourists do not face similar restrictions. (However, many A.T.M.s have been running out of money, forcing people to try other machines, which have been plagued by long lines.)眼下希腊正陷入违约恐慌,主要和股市关门已有一周,观光客们可能在想,这些剧烈的金融动荡会对他们在该国消费产生怎样的影响。目前每个希腊本国账户每天只能从ATM机提取60欧元(约合410元人民币),但游客不会受到类似的限制。(不过,许多ATM机的钱已经被取光,人们被迫要去别的机器前排长队。)Credit and debit cards issued by foreign banks are being accepted throughout the country without any additional regulations.外国核发的信用卡和借记卡可全境正常使用,没有任何额外的管制。The Ministry for Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism, a Greek governmental department, released a statement on Monday saying, “The Ministry does not anticipate any disruptions in visitors’ everyday holiday experience, neither in the islands nor in mainland Greece, as there are adequate fuel supplies, products and services.”希腊经济、基础设施、航运和旅游部(Ministry for Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism)在周一发布声明称,“我部不认为游客的日常度假体验会受到任何干扰,无论在岛屿还是希腊本土,燃料供应、产品和务都是充足的。”Menelaos Karvounidis, an American Express Travel destination expert who specializes in Greek tourism, said the country’s cash flow problems have not deterred tourists who are there or decreased interest in the country.从事希腊旅游研究的美国运通旅行社(American Express Travel)目的地专家梅内拉奥斯·卡沃恩尼蒂斯(Menelaos Karvounidis)说,希腊的现金流问题不会妨碍在那里的游客,也不会影响人们对这个国家的兴趣。“Things have been pretty calm and no one has canceled,” Mr. Karvounidis said. “I would recommend that people go on their trips.”“事态一直挺平静的,没人取消行程,”卡沃恩尼蒂斯说。“我的建议是大家照去不误。”Christos Stergiou, the founder of TrueGreece, a Greek luxury travel company, said that his organization is trying to provide the most updated information to travelers. He said that current visitors are “having a blast” and “have been completely unaffected by recent economic developments.”希腊豪华游公司TrueGreece创始人克里斯托斯·斯特尔吉乌(Christos Stergiou)说,他的公司会尽力把事态进展及时告知游客。他说此刻游客们“玩得很开心”,并且“完全没有受到近日经济局势的影响。”However, Mr. Stergiou still asks that travelers take some extra precautions.不过斯特尔吉乌还是建议游客们要多加小心。“When arriving in Greece, we recommend that guests have an appropriate cash balance in euros aly with them,” he said. “We recommend maintaining extra cash on reserve in addition to what you would normally expect to spend.”“我们建议客人来希腊时准备好适当的欧元现金额度,”他说。“我们建议在原计划开销的基础上,再多准备一些现金。”Mr. Stergiou also said that visitors should try to use their credit cards as their main payment method.斯特尔吉乌还说,游客应该尽量将信用卡作为主要付手段。“Most service providers should continue accepting credit cards; therefore, cash can be preserved for those that do not.”“多数务供应商会继续接受信用卡付;因此可以省下现金,在不能刷卡的地方用。”Ronnie Liadis, owner of Liadis Travel, said that despite initial concerns about accessing money, no one who booked a vacation through her company has run into any problems.里亚迪斯旅行社(Liadis Travel)所有人罗妮·里亚迪斯(Ronnie Liadis)说,大家一开始担心会取不到钱,但通过她的公司预订度假行程的客户没有遇到问题。“I have clients in Santorini, Crete and Athens, and the only issue I have heard was long lines for gasoline in Crete,” she said.“我在圣托里尼岛、克里特岛、雅典都有客户,据我所知,唯一的问题是在克里特岛加油要排长队,”她说。“This has been one of the busiest summers for tourism in Greece because of the value of the ed States dollar,” she added. “Of all my clients traveling to the country in July, August and September, none have called and said they wanted to cancel.” (The euro is currently .11 against the dollar.)“由于美元升值,今年夏天希腊旅游格外地旺,”她说。“计划7、8、9月来希腊旅游的客户里,没人打电话来取消。”(目前的汇率是1欧元兑换1.11美元。)Ms. Liadis said that while American travelers may not be sure what to expect, the country will be y for them.里亚迪斯说,也许美国游客会有点忐忑,但希腊已经做好迎接他们的准备。“The people who work in the hotels and restaurants in Greece know how important tourism is, and they’re really bending over backwards to make visitors feel welcome and protected,” she said.“在希腊的酒店和餐馆工作的人知道旅游有多重要,他们会拼尽全力招待和保护游客的,”她说。 /201507/383921

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