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Horatio: So sorry to bother you , but it's time you moved to the east pasture.Rory: Herd away,Horatio, my friend!Horatio:Why, thank you. After you.Rory:No.After you.Horatio:Well.Thank you.But please after you!Rory:Oh,no! I insist after you!Stan: Just go aly!!!Rory:Don't mind Stan. He's always grumpy in the morning's until he's his comics. /201105/135683西非国家冈比亚总统办公室11月14日发表声明称,冈比亚政府将同台湾断绝“外交关系”,“断交”立即生效。【新闻】请看相关报道:The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday said it was not aware of Gambia#39;s decision to cut off its diplomatic ties with Taiwan, adding it had no contact with authorities in the West African state.中国外交部周五表示,中国政府对冈比亚决定与台湾断交一事并不知情,并否认同冈方进行过接触。【讲解】“断绝外交关系”常见的英文表达有to cut off diplomatic ties/relations with, to sever diplomatic relations with, 或者稍显正式的to terminate diplomatic relations with,如上文中的Gambia#39;s decision to cut off its diplomatic ties with Taiwan。我们生活中常说的“绝交、一刀两断”则可用to break/cut ties with表示,如:He cut ties with his father several years ago(他几年前与他父亲断绝了关系)。那么与之相对的“建交”就可用to establish/set up relations/ties with表示了,比如:We have established trade ties with these regions. (我们和这些地区建立了贸易关系。) /201311/265527We all consider the teacher easy to get along with.我们都认为这个老师很好相处。be easy to get along with 平易近人,好相处~例句I found him to be unassuming and easy to get along with.我发现他没有架子,很好相处。 /201302/223222

have one#39;s eyes on 想要【讲解】have one’s eye on本义是“把目光放在……逐渐转喻为“注视,想要”。【对话】A:Paul, I#39;m going to work.A:保罗,爸爸要上班了。B:Dad, don#39;t forget to buy me the toy gun.B:爸爸。别忘了给我买那玩具。A:No, I won#39;t. I know you#39;ve been having your eyes on it for long.A:好的,我知道你想要这玩具已经很久了。B: Thank you, Daddy.B:谢谢你,爸爸。 /201503/364404

Have you duang today?你今天duang了么?I have aly been brainwashed by duang我已经被duang洗脑了 /201503/364203A: Ok... I’ll talk to you later. Bye B: Carrie, are you ok? You seem a bit down. A: I just got off the phone with my boyfriend. He is always getting upset and losing his temper over nothing. It’s so hard to talk to him at times. B: Maybe it’s just that he is stressed out from work or something. He does have a pretty nerve wracking job you know. A:Yeah but, he is always in a really foul mood. I try to find out what’s bothering him or get him to talk about his day but, he always shuts down and brushes me off. B: Men are like that you know.They can feel nervous, anxious or on edge and the only way they can express it is by trying to hide it through aggressiveness. A:I guess you are right. What do you think I should do? He wasn’t always this grouchy you know... B: Talk to him, try to cheer him up when he is down and if that doesn’t work, I say get rid of him and get a new one! A: You are something else you know that?【文章大意】Carrie和她的男朋友吵架了,因为她的男朋友总是易怒,容易发脾气。另一个人劝她说:可能是她男友因为工作而心情不好,劝Carrie想办法让男友振作起来。 /201010/115184

今天的每日一句是: The only rock I know that stays steady,the only institution I know that works is the family.--Lee Iacocca我知道,只有家庭坚若磐石、运转自如。--李-艾柯卡(美国企业家)Notes:1.rockn. 岩石,石头;摇滚乐;棒糖;lt;非正式gt;宝石(尤指钻石)v. 摇晃;摇动;震动vi. 演奏摇滚乐;随摇滚乐起舞eg.rock sb.#39;s beliefs动摇某人的信念rock a baby (in)to sleep摇婴儿入睡Our boat was rocked by[on] the waves.我们的船随浪颠簸。Stormy applause rocked the hall.暴风雨般掌声震动了大厅。2.stayvt.amp; vi. 停留;停止;坚持;抑制vi. 继续处于某种状态n. 逗留;延期;倚靠;忍耐常见搭配:come to stay稳定; 已成定局, 留下不走; 扎根下来make a long stay长住, 长期逗留put a stay on抑制, 妨碍stay abreast (of)(与...)并驾齐驱, 保持同一水平stay at暂住在..., 投宿在...stay away (from)不在, 外出; 走开; 别接近stay by[美, 口]呆在...的旁边, 留在...旁边stay on继续呆下去;继续点燃下去;继续处于某种状态stay out呆在外, 不在家;呆到...的结束;继续罢工stay up不睡, 熬夜;站[浮]起;继续留在悬挂的位置上stay with在...家作客; 把...坚持或继续下去; 跟着...不离开; [美]与...结婚; 继续听...说下去 -233.institutionn. (大学、等规模大的)机构;惯例,制度,规定,建立;社会事业机构;lt;口gt;名人,名物eg.the institution of regulations条例的制定the institution of slavery蓄奴制度a scientific institution科学协会He was one of the institutions of the place.他是当地著名人物之一。 本节目为可可原创节目,。 /201306/243815

林丹与谢杏芳大婚之日临近早已不是秘密,但此前具体婚期仍是一个谜。近日,根据马来西亚媒体报道,林丹和谢杏芳的大婚之日是在9月23日。与此同时,林丹已确定婚礼将邀请马来西亚名将李宗伟、印度尼西亚名将陶菲克和丹麦名将盖德。我们来看一段相关的英文报道The wedding day for China#39;s two-time badminton Olympic champion Lin Dan and his former teammate, Xie Xingfang, has been set for Sept 23. The A-list wedding ceremony will be held in the Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium.The couple received a marriage certificate in 2010. They also announced their wedding party.Lin#39;s badminton teammates Bao Chunlai and Chen Jin, as well as actor and singer Ren Quan, are on the groomsmen list.2012年9月23日,两届奥运会羽毛球冠军林丹将在北京工业大学羽毛球馆迎娶谢杏芳。林丹和谢杏芳于2010年领取了结婚,并同时宣布了结婚的喜讯。据悉,林丹的“伴郎团”成员包括了羽毛球名将鲍春来和陈金,以及演员兼歌手任泉。【讲解】文中的A-list wedding即为盛大婚礼。A-list解释为“最好的、重要的”,比如,A-list stars 一线大牌。marriage certificate是结婚的意思,相反地,divorce certificate则解释为离婚。groomsmen是groomsman的复数形式,解释为伴郎,相同的表达还有bridesmaid伴娘。 /201209/199007

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