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长春市宽城区铁北医院人流价格表长春市妇产科医院不孕不育多少钱How To Wear a Long, Skinny Scarf on HowcastScarves are a great way to update or even completely change your look. Use these style-savvy ideas for instant chic.You Will NeedLong, skinny scarf Pin Elastic band T-shirt (optional) Blazer (optional) Step 1: Drape(系在脖子上,与T恤或宽松的运动衫搭配)Stretch the scarf out to full length in front of you. Place the middle of the scarf on the front of your neck, bring the ends around to the back, crossing them at the nape, and then bring them to the front again. Adjust the fit around your neck.Wear your scarf with a T-shirt or underneath a blazer.Step 2: Pull through(折叠起来,从一边穿到另一边)Fold the scarf in half and place the middle at the nape of your neck. Then bring both sides around to the front. Take the side with the two ends and weave it through the folded opening on the other side, pulling the ends through.Step 3: Belt it(系成腰带)Pull the scarf through the belt loops of jeans or pants, tying it in a knot and leaving the ends hanging down your side or in front for a chic belt.Step 4: Wear as jewelry(当首饰来戴)Wear a long scarf as jewelry. Wind a jeweled scarf around your neck and tie in a knot or secure it with a pretty pin. Or wrap it around your wrist and tuck in the ends to make a unique bracelet.Step 5: Wear in your hair(用作头绳)Tie your hair into a ponytail, secured with an elastic band. Wind the scarf around the elastic several times, and then let the ends hang down with your hair or weave it through your ponytail.A kaffiyeh is an an Arab headdress consisting of a square of cloth folded to form a triangle and fastened with a cord.201005/103445吉林省妇幼医院属于几级医院 The biggest concern was大家最担心的是that the ice airstrip might break apart,冰面上的飞机跑道可能也破裂了but, luckily, it held但幸好没有and everyone was able to evacuate天气好转的时候when the weather improved.所有人都得以疏散The Frozen Planet teams clearest demonstration冰冻星球摄制组of the power and unpredictability of breaking ice came拍摄到一条正在融化的加拿大冰河when they went to film the melting非常清楚地展示了这种力量of a frozen Canadian river.以及破冰一刻的不可预测性Producer Mark Linfield and制作人马克·林菲尔德和researcher Matt Swarbrick研究员马特·斯沃布里克have travelled to the Far North of Canada.去过遥远的加拿大北部Matt, when was the last time we saw a car?马特 我们上一次看见汽车是什么时候I dont know, about three hours ago.不知道 大概三小时前吧Theyve driven through the vast Northwest Territory他们开车穿越广袤的西北地区on a mission to film the moment when this frozen waterfall breaks apart.去拍摄冰冻瀑布裂开的瞬间The break-up, when the frozen river above the waterfall thaws当瀑布上方的冰冻河流开始融化and masses of water start to flow again,大量的水再次流动can be a spectacular event.瀑布的崩塌确是壮观But predicting exactly when its going to break但如果马克和马特想要拍到最佳镜头is the big challenge,得精确预测破冰的时间if Mark and Matt want to get the best shots.这是个巨大的挑战 /201301/220230Space is unchartered territory.太空仍是无主领地Like the expansion westward.就好比西进运动A grueling five-month journey through the interior.经过漫长艰苦的五个月穿越内陆It hasnt stopped America before.即使这样 美国人也不曾退缩The pioneering spirit drives people onward.这种开拓精神促使人们不断前行Americans are impatient.美国人民急于进取They want to see new things, new opportunities.他们渴望了解新事物 获得新机遇And they challenged millions of people into putting this program together.这激发了上百万人为这一项目共同努力And you know what? They did it.结果真的成功了We just made it.我们成功了July of that last year of that decade,we just made it.1969年7月,我们做到了400,000 Americans worked directly on ;Apollo; 11.40万美国人直接参与了阿波罗11号的工作Flight controllers, engineers, scientists, seamstresses.航空指挥官 工程师 科学家 裁缝After 8 years, theyre y for the big one.历时八年 终于迎来最后时刻And the fact that this team of delicate people from astronauts all the way down to, you know,这些来自各行各业的精英从宇航员到每一位工程师 every engineer to achieve that goal为同一个目标而奋斗its really one of the truly inspiring stories in American history.这真的是美国历史上一个激动人心的故事A timeline planned down to the last second.时间安排周密而完备17,000 people in Florida to handle take-off.佛罗里达州有一万七千人负责起飞工作131 people man the mission control room in Houston, Texas.131人坐镇德克萨斯州休斯顿的任务控制室Ten, nine... ignition sequence, start.十 九 开始点火3,000 tons of metal and three astronauts set off for the moon.3000吨重的金属载着3名宇航员飞往月球Six, five, four, three, two, one.Zero.六 五 四 三 二 一 零All engine running.发动机全部启动Liftoff. We have a liftoff.起飞,起飞了 /201303/230635辽源人流哪家医院最好的

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