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长春省妇幼保健院治疗附件炎多少钱Hong Kong developers are unable to compete with their big-spending mainland Chinese rivals, one of the territory’s wealthiest tycoons has warned, as property prices in the world’s least affordable market surge to ever higher levels.香港最富有的大亨之一警告称,香港开发商无法与内地大手笔的竞争对手竞争。目前这个全球购房最不容易的市场的房价飙升至越来越高的水平。Lui Che-woo this month lost out in an auction for a Hong Kong site that was acquired by a subsidiary of HNA, the acquisitive mainland conglomerate, at double the price paid for a similar site in 2014.吕志和(Lui Che-woo)本月在竞拍香港一地块时败给了收购意识较强的内地综合企业海航集团(HNA Group)的一家子公司,后者的出价是2014年类似地块价格的两倍。The site went for HK,500 (,740) per square foot — similar to the going rate for completed apartments nearby.该地块售价达每平方英尺1.35万港元(合1740美元),相当于附近已完工公寓的市价。It is hard for local businesses like us to chase after that, Mr Lui, a property and casino magnate worth more than USbn, according to Forbes, told the Financial Times. 吕志和向英国《金融时报》表示:像我们这样的本地企业很难竞拍这种地。《福布斯》(Forbes)数据显示,房地产和业大亨吕志和的身价超过110亿美元。Mainland companies have the ability to do it but we don’t.内地公司有能力竞拍,但我们不行。Surging home sales to wealthy Chinese investors have sparked concerns of market distortion in global cities from Vancouver and Sydney, to New York and London. 在从温哥华和悉尼到纽约和伦敦等全球城市,销售给富裕中国投资者的住房激增引发了人们对市场扭曲的担忧。Now China’s developers are also getting in on the act, with a sharp rise in land acquisitions in Hong Kong prompted by the falling value of the renminbi, a desire to move capital out of the mainland and increasing curbs on property investment at home.现在中国的开发商也参与进来,由于人民币贬值、人们有意将资本转移出内地以及政府加大遏制内地房地产投资,内地开发商在香港买下的地块急剧增长。Mainland developers acquired 44 per cent of the residential land sold by the Hong Kong government last year, up from just 7 per cent in 2012, according to calculations by Spacious, a property listings website. 房地产信息务网站千居(Spacious)估计,在香港政府去年出售的住宅用地中,内地开发商占到了44%,而2012年的该比例只有7%。In the year to date, mainland companies have bought 39 per cent of the land auctioned.今年迄今,内地公司收购了39%的拍卖土地。In addition to the devaluation of the renminbi, Chinese developers are being driven by lower taxes in Hong Kong, high land prices in the mainland and easier access to finance in Hong Kong compared to other overseas markets, said James Fisher, director of market analysis at Spacious.千居市场研究总监詹姆斯.费希尔(James Fisher)表示:除了人民币贬值以外,中国开发商在香港大量拿地的原因还有香港税率较低、内地土地价格高企以及与其他海外市场相比,在香港更容易获得融资。Hong Kong, a densely populated, semi-autonomous territory of 7m people, has seen its property market heat up despite a deteriorating economic outlook. 香港是一个拥有700万人口的人口密集的特别行政区,尽管该地区经济前景恶化,但房地产市场日益升温。After a brief dip, residential property prices have rebounded to near the record hit in September last year, according to government data.政府数据显示,在短暂下跌之后,住房价格已反弹,逼近去年9月创出的最高纪录。The weakening renminbi and the search for higher investment returns offshore have funnelled money into Hong Kong’s residential and office markets, with leading mainland companies Evergrande and Everbright spending more than USbn to acquire skyscrapers in Hong Kong this year.人民币贬值以及投资者希望寻找境外较高的投资回报,促使资金流入了香港的住宅和写字楼市场,今年内地领先公司恒大(Evergrande)和光大(Everbright)斥资逾10亿美元收购了香港的天大楼。Inflows from the mainland made Hong Kong the second most active commercial property market in Asia after Tokyo in the first half of this year, with US.8bn of deals, up 17 per cent on the previous year, according to PwC, the financial services group, and the Urban Land Institute, a research body.金融务集团普华永道(PwC)和研究机构——城市土地研究所(Urban Land Institute)的数据显示,今年上半年,内地资金流入使香港成为仅次于东京的亚洲第二大活跃的商业地产市场,交易金额达68亿美元,同比增长17%。At the same time, commercial rents have continued to surge because of interest from mainland companies. 与此同时,由于来自内地公司的兴趣上升,商业租金继续飙升。Office space in the upper floors in prime skyscrapers leases for US8.5 per square foot, the most expensive rate in the world and nearly double the cost of the second and third most expensive cities, Tokyo and New York.香港高端天大楼较高楼层的办公室租金达到每平方英尺278.5美元,这是全球最贵的,几乎是第二贵城市东京和第三贵城市纽约的两倍。Some mainland investors simply think it is nice to have something in a major financial centre like Hong Kong, especially if they can find an iconic building and attach their name to it, said KK So, an expert in real estate and tax at PwC.普华永道(PwC)房地产和税务专家苏国基(KK So)表示:一些内地投资者认为,在香港这样的大型金融中心拥有一些房产是不错的,特别是如果他们能够找到标志性的大楼、然后把自己的名字与之相连的话。Mr Lui said the high cost of housing was the biggest issue facing Hong Kong but he was not sure if the government’s recent decision to increase stamp duty for second-home buyers would have the desired effect of stabilising the market. 吕志和表示,房价高企是香港面临的最大问题,但他不确定,政府最近做出的对二手房购买者提高印花税的决定,是否将起到理想的稳定市场的作用。I need to wait and see for the next few months, he said.他表示:我需要观察未来几个月的情况。Mr So also remains to be convinced.苏国基也不确定。The government is trying to reassure Hong Kong people that there will be a steady supply of property in the coming few years, he said.他表示:政府正试图安抚香港市民,称未来几年房地产供应将保持稳定。But is it good enough to satisfy the demand out there from local home buyers, locals with investment needs and overseas investors, particularly those from the mainland?但这些足够满足本地购房者、有着投资需求的本地人以及海外投资者(尤其是来自内地的投资者)的需求吗? /201611/480029通辽第一人民中医院地址 长春哪家妇科医院做人流好啊

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