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2020年01月24日 10:36:35 | 作者:放心晚报 | 来源:新华社
在曼谷动物园的一只海狮已成为最新预测世界足球风暴的权威。A sea lion in a Bangkok zoo has become the latest pundit to take the world of soccer by storm. ;Tik; -- a seven-year old male, originally born in South Africa, is certain Greece will lose to Poland in the opening game of Euro 2012 on Friday.Tik managed to head a ball marked with Greek colors into a basketball hoop, signifying the loser of the game. Tik follows hot on the heels of another famous zoo soccer pundit, Paul the Octopus, who achieved fame by correctly predicting the outcome of Germany#39;s seven matches during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Euro 2012 is being staged in Poland and Ukraine over the next three weeks. It features 16 national teams battling it out for the title of European Champions. Article/201206/186105

A member of Japan#39;s royal family, Princess Mako, is to surrender her royal status by marrying a commoner.日本皇室成员真子公主将要放弃皇室地位,嫁给一个平民。The 25-year-old eldest granddaughter of Emperor Akihito will become engaged to law firm worker Kei Komuro, also 25, whom she met while studying together.今年25岁的真子公主是日本天皇明仁的长孙女,她即将与同岁的大学同学小室圭订婚,小室圭目前在法律事务所工作。Japan#39;s imperial law requires a princess to leave the royal family after marrying a commoner.日本的皇家法律规定,在公主嫁给平民后,她就将脱离皇籍。The move, first reported by local media, is expected to reignite debate on the ever-shrinking royal family.在当地媒体率先报道出此条消息之后,人员逐渐减少的皇室家族成为了公众讨论的热点话题。Princess Mako and Kei Komuro met in 2012 when they studied at the International Christian University in Tokyo.真子公主是在2012年于东京国际基督教大学与小室圭相识的。Asked about their engagement plans, Mr Komuro last Wednesday was ed as saying: ;Now is not the time for me to comment, but I want to speak at the right time.;在被问及他们的订婚计划时,小室圭于上周三表示:“现在不是我发表意见的时候,不过我会在合适的时候发言。”The Imperial Household confirmed for US broadcaster CNN that plans were under way for the princess#39;s engagement.日本皇室则向美国有线电视新闻网实了公主的订婚计划正在进行中。Emperor Akihito, 83, hinted last August that he wanted to stand down, saying his age could interfere with his duties.日本明仁天皇现年83岁,去年8月他曾暗示想要退位,表示自己年事已高,履行职责力不从心。Japan is currently considering legal changes to allow the emperor to abdicate.目前,日本正在考虑是否要修改法律,允许天皇生前退位。 /201705/511084

Seeing double? Your eyes aren#39;t deceiving you. Twins from all over the world are flocking to Twinsburg for the annual Twins Day Festival.看到双胞胎,多胞胎了嘛?没错,你看到的是真的。来自世界各地的数千对双胞胎齐聚美国小镇,在这里欢度他们的双胞胎节。The 30 square kilometer town is quite a scene on the first weekend of every August, as twins and all multiples, young and old, gather together. This year#39;s celebration draws more than 2,000 sets of twins. After a parade, there is a dressing up competition and talent show.八月的第一个周末,30平方的小镇上聚集了许多双胞胎,多胞胎,年老的,年少的。今年的双胞胎节吸引了超过2000对的双胞胎和多胞胎前来参加。在列队表演后,还会有化妆比赛和才艺秀。Thefirst Twins Day was held in 1976, with only ten pairs. But the event has more than multiplied in recent years, now also attracting a large number of tourists, photographers and gene geneticists.首届双胞胎节是在1976年举行的,当时只有10对双胞胎。但是,近年来参加双胞胎节的人已经成倍增加,同时也吸引了大批游客,摄影师和基因遗传学专家。 Article/201208/193937

The northern limits of ancient China长城是中国古代were defined by the Great Wall北部的边界which meanders for nearly 5000km from east to west自东蜿蜒向西约5000公里The settled Han people of the Chinese heartland当时定居于中原地带的汉族人were invaded many times by warlike tribes常常被被来自于北方的from the north游牧部落所侵略The Great Wall was built to protect the Han Chinese长城的修建保护了汉族人免于from invasion遭受侵略To meet those fearsome northerners为了展现勇猛豪迈的北方壮士and the wild creatures who share their world以及这块土地上的野生生命we must leave the shelter of the Wall我们必须离开庇护所and travel into the unknown深入探索未知的世界Northeast China was known historically as Manchuria中国的东北部在历史上被称为满洲Its upper reaches are on the same latitude as Paris她的上游河段与巴黎位于同一纬度but in winter, it is one of the coldest但是到了冬季 这儿却是——most hostile places on the planet地球上最冷最不利于生存的地方Bitter winds from Siberia刺骨的寒风定期从西伯利亚袭来regularly bring temperatures of 40° below 0并将气温降至零下四十度 /201208/196077

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