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襄樊中心医院是正规医院吗宜城妇幼保健院前列腺炎多少钱An Australian woman has accidentally become a viral online sensation after sharing an image of a #39;#39;life hack#39;#39; which has shown people worldwide they#39;ve been using chopsticks wrong all their lives.一位澳大利亚女性偶然间在网上引起了病毒式的轰动。这是因为她分享了一张生活技巧图片。这张图片向全世界的人展示了:原来他们一辈子都把筷子用错了。The nifty trick is fairly simple: just snap the chunky wooden taboff the end of a pair of disposablechopsticks and use it as a stand to avoid putting utensils straight onto the table.这个小花招十分简单:折下一次性筷子尾端的粗短木头,将折下的部分用作撑来防止用具与桌子的直接接触。However, it seems the trick was enough to break the Internet when people reacted to the ground-breaking chopsticks news with absolute shock and amazement.然而,这个技巧似乎足以震惊网络。当人们看到这个具有开拓性意义的筷子新闻时,他们的反应是相当的震惊。An Australian woman saw the photo on Facebook and, deciding it was funny, thought she#39;d reshare it on Twitter. Bort of Darkness#39; tweet went viral almost immediately and, two days later, she can still barely use her phone as she is bombarded with messages and retweets from amazed social media users.一位澳大利亚妇女是在脸书上看到这个图片的,当时她觉得很有趣,于是在推特上进行了分享。这条推特传播的速度之快堪比病毒,两天以后,这位主(Bort of Darkness)仍然几乎无法自己的手机,因为社交媒体上有太多用户被这条推文惊艳到了,他们发来的消息持续轰炸着她的手机。The bemused young woman has also now been credited as the brainchild behind the life hack in news articles around the world, from Ireland to Germany.从爱尔兰到德国,这个不知所措的年轻女子现在在全世界的新闻中都被称赞为是这个技巧的发明者。Although she#39;s found the staggering response quite absurd, Bort says it#39;s given her an intriguing insight into how quickly online content can go viral.尽管主本人觉得这些惊人的回应十分荒诞。但这也让她对于网络内容传播之快产生了有趣的洞察。#39;#39;I just tweeted it thinking a couple of people would be like #39;oh#39;, but it got retweeted about ten times in a minute,#39;#39; Bort told Daily Mail Australian.“我原本发的时候以为只有几个人会喜欢,天呐,但是后来在一分钟内就被转发了十倍。”波特告诉澳大利亚每日邮报的记者。#39;#39;I went to bed thinking it would have blown over by the morning. I think it was on 1000 retweets at bedtime and when I woke up a friend had posted on my Facebook wall to say she had been ing her Irish news site and my tweet was on there!#39;#39;“我上床的时候想这条消息在明天早上就会被淡忘了。我认为我睡觉的时候大概被转了1000次。当我醒来的时候,我的一个朋友在脸书上告诉我说她在浏览爱尔兰新闻网站的时候看到了我的推特!”She says she has received a range of responses – most commonly: #39;what?#39;,#39;noooo way#39; and #39;my life is a lie#39; – but her favourite tweets have been the photos shared showing #39;failed chopstick hacks#39; where people have tried to imitate the trick only for it to go terribly wrong.她说她收到了一系列的回应,最平常的有“什么,竟然如此?”“不可能吧#39;#39;#39;#39;我的生活就是个谎言”-但她最喜欢的是那些分享的“失败筷子技巧”的图片,图片中人们试图模仿却事与愿违。#39;#39;I guess my conclusion from this whole thing was that it was nice to have had responses from all over the world and to see people having some nice discourse about proper chopstick etiquette!#39;#39;“我觉得我从整件事情中得到的结论就是:可以获得来自世界各地的回应,并且可以看到人们对正确使用筷子进行交流论述实在是太好了!” /201608/462596襄阳治疗前列腺囊肿哪里最好 These are the hilarious images of squirrels proving that they are the natural acrobats of the animal kingdom.这组爆笑的照片明了松鼠是动物王国中天生的杂技演员。With their legs outstretched, the critters are pictured doing the splits as well as balancing on a number of objects from tree branches to sweetcorn and carrots.照片里,小家伙们张开两脚劈叉,在各种各样的东西中间保持平衡,有树干、甜玉米、胡萝卜等等。The charming images were captured by Dutch photographer Geert Weggen in the back garden of his home in Bipsgarden, Sweden.荷兰摄影师吉尔特·伟根在瑞典家中的后院里拍下了这组萌翻的照片。 He said: #39;In all images the squirrels are placing them self in a good position to have a dinner. Most of my days I am waiting for squirrels.摄影师说:“每张照片里,它们都摆着绝妙的姿势吃东西。我的一天基本上都在等待它们摆姿势中渡过。” #39;They are planned. I put out food where I hope these squirrels will be.“这是计划好的。我用食物吸引它们前往我想要它们去的地方。”#39;Sometimes I have to wait many days to capture one shot. It is very satisfying.“有时候拍好一张照片要花上好几天。不过结果我十分满意。”#39;When I was 16 my interest started. I love to create photos and squirrels are living in the forest near my house.“我16岁时开始对这些东西感兴趣。我喜欢摆拍,而松鼠们正好就住在我家后面的森林里。”#39;It is great to follow them and see the amazing things they do and then capture that in an art form like photography.#39;“能够跟着它们,观察它们的趣事并记录在照片里,简直是太棒了。” /201606/448125襄阳妇幼保健医院妇产科医院

襄阳市中心医院在线Anyone who was left scratching his or her head at the bone broth diet craze is going to be particularly flabbergasted by the latest development in the trend.对骨汤饮食热潮大惑不解的人们势必要对这一潮流的最新发展目瞪口呆了。New York City restaurant Springbone Kitchen is one of the very hotspots that spearheaded the #39;bone broth#39; movement, which sees health-conscious dieters sipping the warm meat-flavored soup as a meal replacement.名为“春骨厨房”的纽约餐馆是引领“骨汤”运动的先锋热店之一。重视饮食健康的节食者们在此啜饮温暖的肉汤代替餐饭。And it seems the Greenwich Village eatery is intent on enticing customers to down bone broth even when it#39;s hot outside — and to that end, they#39;ve debuted a new bone broth popsicle, which mixes the meaty liquid with fruit and coconut milk for a frozen dessert treat.而今,这家格林威治村的餐馆似乎铁了心要引诱顾客臣于骨汤,即使外面烈日炎炎——为此,他们推出了新的骨汤冰棍,将肉汤与水果和椰奶混合,制成冰冻甜点。Bone broth as a healthy foodie trend first started to take off in 2015, but really gained momentum during the winter earlier this year, with Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma Hayek, and Shailene Woodley coming out as fans.骨汤作为一种健康饮食潮流在2015年初露锋芒,但在今年早前的冬季才真正形成发展势头。著名影星格温妮丝#8226;帕特洛、萨尔玛#8226;海耶克和谢琳#8226;伍德蕾都成为其粉丝。Dr. Kellyann#39;s Bone Broth Diet, a guide book written by a nutritionist, became a bestseller, and several soup-focused stores and restaurants began popping up in major cities.一位营养学家所写的指南《凯莉安士的骨汤饮食》成为畅销书,多家主打汤类的商店和餐馆开始出现在各大城市。Made by slowly boiling animal bones in water, the trendy broth is specially prepared to have little sodium but plenty of collagen, vitamins, and minerals, promising health benefits like weight loss, shiny hair, radiant skin, and a stronger immune system.时尚骨汤是由动物骨头加水慢慢炖煮,特制而成。只含有很少的钠,但富含大量骨胶原、维他命和矿物质,有望带来众多健康功效。比如使人体重减少,秀发闪亮,皮肤有光泽,免疫系统增强。So it#39;s no surprise it became such a hit this past winter, when temps were frigid and a steaming cup of soup was a welcome meal-on-the-go.因此,骨汤在上个冬季成为爆点毫不奇怪。当天气严寒,一杯热腾腾的汤无疑是大受欢迎的便携饮食。Now, however, when temperatures are reaching into the 90s in New York City, Springbone Kitchen seems to have been searching for a way to appeal to its broth-guzzling masses with something that would help with the heat, not make it worse.但现在,纽约市气温将达到90多华氏度(32摄氏度以上),“春骨厨房”餐馆似乎正寻找新的方式,满足其骨汤爱好者。餐馆要提供解暑的食品,而不是让酷热加剧。Though they tried just serving the broth cold, they found that it was #39;too gelatinous#39;, and instead decided to simply freeze it and sweeten it up.他们尝试过供应冷却的骨汤,却发现冷汤“凝胶似的太过粘稠”,于是决定干脆把汤冰冻再变得更甜。Three weeks ago, they began selling a popsicle made with coconut milk, raspberry puree, pomegranate juice, maple sugar, and bone broth.三周前,他们开始出售4美元一的冰棍。冰棍由椰奶、覆盆子酱、石榴汁、枫糖和骨汤制成。#39;It’s a little bit sweet,#39; 26-year-old Jordan Feldman, Springbone Kitchen#39;s founder, told the New York Post — adding that the meat is barely detectable.餐馆创始人、26岁的乔丹#8226;费尔德曼告诉《纽约邮报》:“它有点甜。”又补充说几乎尝不出肉味。#39;It’s there, but it’s totally overwhelmed by the other flavors,#39; he said.他表示:“确实是有肉,但完全被其他味道盖住了。”Not everyone seems to agree, however. Last week, Kelly Ripa and Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons tried the popsicles on air — and though they seemed pleased with the fruity flavor at first, they were less impressed with the surprise aftertaste.然而,并非所有人都能认同这一点。上周,主持人凯莉#8226;蕾帕和《生活大爆炸》的主演吉姆#8226;帕森斯在节目中尝试了这种冰棍。尽管他们似乎很喜欢一开始的水果味儿,但对其令人惊讶的余味就不怎么受用了。A young boy they called up from the audience had an even stronger reaction, pulling a face and remarking that he tasted #39;raw meat#39; and #39;something really disgusting#39;.节目邀请了观众一起品尝,一位年轻男孩的反应更为强烈。他做了个鬼脸,评价说自己尝到了“生肉”和“极为恶心的东西”。A reporter at Buzzfeed, however, didn#39;t mind the pop, writing: #39;It was tangy and vaguely fruity. I felt like I sensed a subtle, but not unpleasant meatness to it, but that could’ve just been psychological. It wasn’t bad!#39;Buzzfeed的一位记者倒是没有在意所谓流行风潮,而是写道:“冰棍味道挺重,有点儿水果味。我觉得尝到了细微的、但并非令人不快的肉质感,当然也可能仅仅是心理作用。它并不糟糕!” /201607/455914襄阳市中心医院北区价目表 1. Trying to keep your wardrobe organised is like a full-time job 需要专门腾出一大块时间整理衣柜 2. You have to do a charity shop clear-out every other month 每隔一个月都要出清一些不穿的衣给慈善商店 3. You often find things you swear you must have been drunk to buy 经常发现一些不知什么时候“失手”买来的衣 4. Under your bed is full of shoe boxes that you haven#39;t opened in forever 床底下有不少根本从没打开过的鞋盒子 5. You have to rotate your summer and winter wardrobes to make more room 需要互相倒腾放夏装和冬装的地方,以便腾出些空间 6. You spend your days googling walk-in wardrobes 在网上到处搜超大的衣柜 7. When people tell you they#39;ve never seen you wear the same thing twice 有人跟你说,他们从没见你穿过重样的衣 8. You run out of hangers 衣架不够用了 9. Nothing gets you going quite like a good storage solution 总也找不出存放衣的最佳解决方案 10. You have clothes in your wardrobe, the spare room, the loft AND various suitcases 衣柜、空房间、阁楼、各种行李箱……到处都放着你的衣 11. Finding that specific skirt you need takes hours, sometimes days 想找到要穿的那件短裙需要好几个小时,甚至好几天 12. There#39;s nothing quite like the rush of discovering something you forgot you owned 突然发现你竟然还有这样一件衣,简直让你喜出望外 13. Coats have no place in your wardrobe - they take up WAY too much room 衣柜没地方放外套了——因为外套太占地方 14. You could quite happily give away half of your sunglasses collection and still have a pair for every weekend of the year 即使你乐于把一半的太阳镜都送人,还是会发现每个周末都可以戴不重样的 15. You never have anything to wear - mostly because of all the clothes disguising actual outfits 你总是不知道穿什么好——主要是因为衣太多,不知道怎么搭配才最好 16. No one ever wants to buy you clothes for your birthday. ;You have enough; 你生日没人送你衣,大家都说“你衣够多了” 17. Bags to you are like pants - you wear a new one every day 包包对你来说就像裤子一样——每天换一个 18. Every time you#39;re invited to an event, you buy something new 每次获邀出席某个场合,你都要置办几件新行头 19. Your friends are better at remembering what you own than you are 朋友们更容易记住你穿过的衣,早忘了你是个什么样的人 20. You have a bra to match every kind of outfit 每套行头你都有专门的胸罩来搭配 21. Strangers on Instagram think you#39;re rich - they don#39;t see the Cup A Soup dinners 社交网站上的人还以为你富得流油,殊不知你晚餐只喝一杯速食汤 22. Your dry-clean pile never gets done - when you have so many other clothes to wear, what#39;s the point? 你的脏衣永远堆在那儿——还有那么多其他选择,何必去洗脏的? 23. Your clothes are always creased from cramming too many in your wardrobe 衣柜里衣太多,弄的都起皱了 24. You definitely own more hangers than you know people 你衣架的数量比你认识的人的数量还多 25. Sometimes you get home and realise the top you just bought is identical to one you aly own 有时你到家才发现,刚买的那件上衣跟之前买过的一件一模一样 26. At weekends you play with your clothes as if they were your toys 周末你净跟自己的衣打交道了,仿佛它们是你的玩具 27. Your laundry basket acts as extra storage 脏衣篓其实是一个你储存衣的地方 28. So does the washing machine 洗衣机也是 29. So does the clothes horse 晾衣架也是 30. If you sold all of your clothes you could probably buy a mansion. 要是你卖掉所有衣,你应该可以买栋房了。 /201604/439420枣阳市第一人民医院就诊怎么样

襄阳妇幼保健院中医院检查妇科病怎么样You#39;ve heard those hospital horror stories where the surgeon removes the wrong body part or operates on the wrong patient or accidentally leaves medical equipment in the person they were operating on.你一定听说过那些医院里发生的可怕事件,比如外科医生切除了身体错误的部分;做手术把病人弄错了;或者意外将医疗器械留在了病人身体里等等。Even scarier, perhaps, is a new study in the latest edition of BMJ suggesting most medical errors go unobserved, at least in the official record.更为骇人听闻的是,也许就像《英国医学期刊》最新报道的,大部分的医疗事故根本未被统计进来,至少在官方记录里是这样的。In fact, the study, from doctors at Johns Hopkins, suggests medical errors may kill more people than lower respiratory diseases like emphysema and bronchitis do. That would make these medical mistakes the third leading cause of death in the ed States. That would place medical errors right behind heart disease and cancer.事实上,由约翰霍普金斯大学医学院的教授们进行的这项研究显示,每年因医疗事故死亡的病人远远高于因患气肿或气管炎等呼吸道疾病死亡的人数。医疗事故成为了美国仅次于心脏病和癌症的第三大致死原因。Through their analysis of four other studies examining death rate information, the doctors estimate there are at least 251,454 deaths due to medical errors annually in the ed States. The authors believe the number is actually much higher, as home and nursing home deaths are not counted in that total.通过另外四项对死亡率信息的分析,这些教授们估计,在美国每年至少有25万1454人死于医疗事故。笔者相信真实数据一定远不止这个数,因为在家里或疗养院死亡的数字并未被统计在内。The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of the inspector general in 2008 reported 180,000 deaths by medical error among Medicare patients alone.美国健康和人类务监察办公室在2008年曾报道过,因医疗事故致死的人数为18万,不过它仅追踪的是有医疗保险的病人。Dr. Martin Makary and Dr. Michael Daniel, who did the study, hope their analysis will lead to real reform in a health care system they argue is letting patients down.进行这项研究的马丁·马卡里教授和迈克尔·丹尼尔教授表示,希望他们的分析能带来医疗系统真正的改革,因为当前的情况实在太让患者失望了。One reason there#39;s such a wide range of numbers is because accurate data on these kinds of deaths is surprisingly sparse. That#39;s in part because death certificates don#39;t ask for enough data, Makary said.这些数据差异如此大,原因之一是对这类死亡的精确统计惊人的少。马卡里教授表示,这部分是由于患者的死亡明上并未要求显示完整的信息。Makary believes there should be a space on the certificate that asks if the death is related to a medical error. If the answer is yes, Makary suggests the doctor should have some legal protection so the certificate is not something that could be used in a lawsuit.马卡里相信,死亡明应该是有改善的空间的,以此确认死亡是否与医疗事故有关。如果有关,他建议医生应当受一定的法律保护,即该死亡明不应当导致医生被起诉。There are barcodes that could be placed on each piece of surgical equipment so a team could account for every tool at the end of a surgery, for example. Makary believes many hospitals don#39;t invest in technology that could prevent errors because the hospitals don#39;t always realize how big the problem is and don#39;t make it a priority. Funding for research on medical errors is also extremely limited.我们还可以给每个医疗器械贴上条形码,这样医生们在手术结束后就可清点数量避免意外。马卡里认为很多医院不愿意去投资科技以预防医疗事故,因为这些医院还未意识到这些问题有多严重,也不会优先考虑这一块。而用于医疗事故研究的资金也是少得可怜。The problem is not unique to the ed States. Earlier studies have shown undercounted medical errors are a problem in hospitals throughout the world.这个问题不是只有美国才有。更早的研究显示,数不胜数的医疗事故一直是全球各地医院的一大困扰。Doctors are human and they are going to make mistakes, Makary said.马卡里表示,医生毕竟也是人,难免会犯错误。 /201605/443399 襄阳一医院妇科疾病怎么样襄樊湿疹医院哪家比较好



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