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2019年07月22日 17:38:37 | 作者:百姓助手 | 来源:新华社
英国大爷马路上驾碰碰车 拉风惊呆路人! --5 ::50 来源:   MOTORISTS may have been given thinking they were in a real-life funfair thanks to one driver taking to the road in a dodgem.  就因为一个司机在大马路中间开着一辆碰碰车,开车的人可能都忘乎所以,以为自己身处现实生活中的游乐园里了  Retired fairground operator Tom Evans, from Glasgow, whizzes around Scotland in his street-legal purple car.  来自格拉斯哥的退休游乐场运营商汤姆·伊万斯——开着他那辆合法街头紫车碰碰车,围着苏格兰兜了一圈  The 69-year-old was pictured in Hawick, in the Borders, showing off the bumper motor.  这位69岁的老人被拍到在霍伊克的边界上,正在炫耀保险杠汽车  It has wing mirrors, indicators, runs on petrol and is fully taxed and while its potential speed is in the region of 75mph Tom usually sticks to a much safer 0mph. Fun-loving Tom’s wife and two sons bought him the car as a Christmas gift two years ago after he spotted it sale on Facebook.  这辆汽车有后视镜、指示灯、靠汽油发动,并且交纳全部税款,尽管它的速度潜力是75英里小时,但是汤姆通常坚持开0英里小时觉得更安全两年前,当他在脸书上看到这辆车出售后,他那爱好玩乐的的妻子和两个儿子给他买了这辆车,作为圣诞礼物送给他   Passers-by usually stop and stare as he cruises past because they can’t believe their eyes.  当他开着这辆车拉风飘过时,路人通常都会停下来盯着他看,大家都不敢相信自己的眼睛  The wacky vehicle would be more at home back in a funfair than it looks on the road but Tom simply loves driving around in it.  这辆古怪的车可能更适宜于在家里或是游乐场,而不是在街上,但是汤姆仅仅就是喜欢开它  The engine came from a Reliant Robin and Tom said it needed a lot of work on the brakes and electrics.  里面的发动机来自a Reliant Robin(英国著名的三轮汽车),汤姆说在刹车和电动方面还需要进行一些改善科技英语:代号斯巴达 微软发布新浏览器取代IE -- :: 来源:   Microsoft rolled out its new Project Spartan web browser the first time publicly today, offering members of the Windows Insider Program early access to the product designed to revitalize the company’s position in the browser market.  今天,微软为Windows会员计划的参与者们提供机会提前尝试新浏览器Project Spartan这款首次对外公开的产品承载了微软在浏览器市场东山再起的希望  易词解词(BY 袁新民)  revitalize-ise [ri?va?t?l?a?z](re-再,重新,vital充满生机的,-ize使成为…状态;使重新成为充满生机的状态→)  vt. 使更强壮;使恢复生机(或健康);使新生  Features of the new browser include support annotating web pages. Users can either write or type notes on the page, which they can then share with other people. It’s an interesting move by the company to essentially take its collaboration features from Office and bring them to the web.  Spartan浏览器持网页注释用户可以在页面上手写或输入笔记,并和他人分享微软这一颇有意思的举措从根本上将Office软件中的协作功能带到了web端  . 勾结  In addition, Spartan users will be able to get help from Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant, which also appears on the Windows desktop. According to Microsoft, Cortana be waiting in the background until users want a piece of contextual inmation that the assistant can bring up. Since Cortana is powered in part by Bing, it’s no surprise that she has found a home in Microsoft’s web browser.  此外,Spartan用户还能从微软虚拟助手小娜那里获得帮助小娜还将出现在Windows 桌面上微软表示,在能为用户提供想要的相关信息前,小娜都会在后台静候考虑到小娜基于必应搜索引擎,她出现在微软的浏览器里也就没什么可奇怪的了  People who do a lot of ing on their computer may get some mileage out of Spartan’s Reading List feature, which is similar to systems like Instapaper and Pocket. The browser allows people to save web pages later, and them in a simplified view that blocks out distractions. It’s similar to a feature that Apple offers in Safari, with the same name.  经常用电脑阅读的用户能从Spartan的Reading List功能中获益该功能和Instapaper、Pocket类似,用户不仅能够保存页面以供稍后阅读,还能屏蔽各种杂乱信息苹果在Safari浏览器中也提供了相似功能,连名称都一模一样  Spartan also features a new rendering engine that’s supposed to better support the modern web, something that may draw the support of web developers who dislike Internet Explorer.  Spartan还内置了新的渲染引擎,能够为现代网页提供更好的持这一功能可能会赢得那些不喜欢IE浏览器的开发者们的持  Like the other components of the Windows Technical Preview, Project Spartan is still a piece of pre-release software, which means it’s not right everyone, and there are likely plenty of bugs lurking in its code. People who need their computers to perm reliably day in and day out should probably stay away the time being.  和Windows 技术预览版的其它组件一样,Project Spartan尚未正式发布,也就是说它并不适合所有人代码里可能还隐藏着许多bug那些需要电脑每天稳定工作的人们可能要暂时等等了生命奇迹:初生婴儿被捅刀又遭活埋,竟成功活下来 --9 ::9 来源: 日前,泰媒曾报道一名婴儿被捅刀,还惨遭活埋此事随后在泰国受到广泛关注令人称奇的是,在受到如此严重的伤害后,目前这名小男孩奇迹般的恢复了 Following the release of the viral photos of a baby who had been reported at the time to have been rescued by a dog, news reports have revealed that the child had actually been stabbed times and found buried alive.泰国媒体之前发布了一张救出婴儿的照片,被疯狂转发后来有报道称,事实上该名婴儿曾被捅刀,还被活埋The baby was reportedly stabbed times and had been buried face down in a cm deep hole in a field in the Wangyai district of Khon Kaen province in Thailand in February this year.据报道,今年二月,在泰国孔敬省王岩区,一名婴儿被捅了刀,然后还被脸朝下埋在了一个田地里的公分深坑里The woman who had rescued the baby, Kachit Krongyut, 53, reportedly disclosed that she had been taking her six cows to grave in the field where the baby had been buried when she had heard voices.据悉,救出这名婴儿的是一名53岁的女子,名为Kachit Krongyut据报道,当她听到声响(并救出该名婴儿)时,她正在(埋婴儿的)田里放牛Upon her arrival at the spot where the child had been buried, Kachit had noticed a freshly dug up section of the field which she had proceeded to dig up only to find a baby’s foot.在她赶到婴儿被埋的地方的时候,她留意到田里有一处新挖过的痕迹,她从那里接着往下挖,随后发现了一只婴儿的脚Kachit had then screamed help from her family who had helped her rescue the baby and then had him transferred to the hospital.Kachit随即惊叫求救,她的家人帮她一起救出了这名婴儿,并将其送到了医院Speaking with bangkok.coconuts.co, Kachit said: “At first, I thought someone had buried their pet alive, but then I saw a foot.在接受bangkok.coconuts.co的采访时,Kachit说道:“一开始我以为是有人活埋了他们的宠物,不过后来我看到了一只脚”“I tried to control myself and called help. The baby was buried with its face facing down.”“我试图冷静下来并寻求帮助这个孩子是脸朝下被埋在土里的”Kachit’s husband, Pornchai, who had reportedly helped with rescuing the baby also disclosed that he had noticed footprints and heard a motorbike close to the scene of the discovery, and inmed police, who are now reported to be trying to track down its parents.据报道,Kachit的丈夫Pornchai和她一起救出了这名婴儿而据Pornchai透露,他在案发现场周围发现了一些脚印,并且曾听到托车的声音,他把这些线索透露给了警方据悉,警方目前正在尝试追踪婴儿的父母Miraculously, the baby boy has made an amazing recovery, looking healthy and well after his harrowing experience.令人称奇的是,这名小男孩神奇地康复了在经历了这场恐怖的事情后,他看起来非常健康、身体状况良好学霸大水中蹲椅子上复习 网友对其十分佩 -- :3:19 来源: 渍水快淹没了椅子,武汉理工大学一名大二学生却淡定地蹲在椅子上复习备考今日,这位学霸令不少网友感叹“佩、佩” If you thought you were hardworking, you might want to think again.如果你认为自己够勤奋,你可太高估自己了A picture of a Chinese university student in the city of Wuhan apparently studying hard at his desk surrounded by murky flood water has surfaced on Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo.宿舍书桌被污浊的洪水包围,可武汉的这位大学生还在刻苦的学习,这张照片在中国的新浪微上走红The city of Wuhan has been placed on red alert heavy rainfall, after torrential downpours left parts of the city submerged and some state media estimates suggest flooding has killed more than 180 across China.倾盆大雨将武汉市的许多区域淹没,据官方媒体估计,约有180多人在本次洪水中遇难武汉市启动了暴雨红色预警This young man is reported to be a student at Wuhan University and was said to be studying exams when water started coming into his room. He then simply moved to squat on top of his chair as it continued to rise.据悉,这是武汉某所大学的学生,当洪水漫到宿舍时他正在复习准备考试宿舍的渍水越来越深,眼看椅子都要被淹了,这位同学干脆蹲在椅子上面,继续复习Reports say he later left the room in search of higher ground when water levels reached the height of his desk, returning only when the water had receded.报道说,直到水快将书桌淹了,他才撤到了宿舍楼更高的地方,直到洪水退下才能回来Local media pounced on the image lauding the young man’s apparent dedication to his studies, a paragon of studious virtue.本地媒体的报道中,对这位大学生刻苦学习的精神充满了溢美之词,称其是好学之典范"His roommate commented that the exam he is taking is very difficult," reported the Chutian Metropolis Daily. "But he has had a history of good results."《楚天都市报报道称,“据其室友介绍,这门专业课程难度非常大,不过他平时的成绩也很好”Many reported that he was looking to head overseas after graduation, and so had much invested in these exams.据说这位同学毕业以后想出国,非常看重这次的考试But netizens on Weibo were not all so kind. Some took jabs at the picture and suggested it might have been staged.不过很多新浪微的网友们可没有这么友好一些人攻击这些照片,并表示可能是在炒作"Alright, you can turn around now that the picture’s taken," said one netizen.“好了,照片拍好了,你现在可以转过身来了”一网友说"Who took the photo? He’s just as skilled," asks another.“照片是谁拍的?很拼嘛”另一人说"Is he actually watching Harry Potter?" another Weibo user posted.“搞不好他是在看哈利.波特呢”另一网友说Another user simply pointed out that the student could surely have just "brought the books and gone upstairs".另一网友直接指出,这位同学完全可以”带上书上楼去学习”Perhaps the final word should be saved this poster: "Oh man, I should really go study too."或许这张照片的结语应当是:“好吧,我真的也应当去学习了”

嘘!已婚男女互相隐瞒的秘密~ -- 19:01: 来源:chinadaily Everyone knows that open, honest communication is the cornerstone of a happy marriage. But that doesn’t stop people from lying to their spouses, whether it’s a harmless fib or a lie about something more substantial. 人人都知道公开坦诚的交流是幸福婚姻的基石,但这不能防止人们对配偶撒谎,不管是没有坏处的小谎还是涉及到实质问题的大谎 Below, people on the secret-sharing app Whisper reveal the biggest thing they’re keeping from their spouses: 下面是秘密分享应用Whisper上,人们写下的对配偶撒的最大的谎: 1. I drop at least a grand every month betting on sports. My wife has no idea. 我每月在体育赛事下注上要花最少一千美元,我媳妇都不知道这事儿 . My husband doesn't know I names our son after the first guy I loved. 我瞒着丈夫,给我们的儿子取了初恋的名字 3. My wife wants a baby but I don't, so I secretly had a vasectomy without telling her. 我老婆想要个娃,但我不想要,所以我偷偷做了结扎~ . I lost my wedding ring years ago. Bought another one and my wife has no idea. 年前我把婚戒搞丢了,我另外买了一枚,我老婆也一直都不知道 5. My wife doesn't know but I wear her underweare to work. 我曾经穿着老婆的内衣去上班,老婆当然不知道这回事儿 6. My wife does not know that our marriage was based on a dare. 我老婆不知道,其实我们的婚姻源于一个挑战 7. I have hooked up with more guys then girls and my wife doesn't know. 我之前和更多基友约会,之后才变成直男,老婆不晓得 8. I had a miscarriage in highschool. I've still never told my husband he was a father at . I just can't break his heart like mine was broken. 我高中时堕过胎我从没告诉过老公他在岁时就当爸爸了我不能伤他的心,就像我曾经那样 9. My wife doesn't know that bee we dated I produceddirected adult movies online... 我妻子不知道,在我们约会前,我曾经制作执导过网络成人影片......

78岁老父为8岁儿登征婚启事:给希拉里投票的别来 --6 ::38 来源: 美国犹他州盐湖城一名男子近日发现,他的父亲悄悄为他在报纸上刊登了一整页个人广告,为他征婚而这一广告已经红遍大江南北 Dads are famous the adorably embarrassing things they do to their children.父亲们常常以他们为子女做的令人尴尬的事而闻名However, this Utah father’s act might have gone a bit too far his 8-year-old son.不过,这位美国犹他州的父亲为8岁儿子所做的事,可是更让人哭笑不得Salt Lake City businessman Baron Brooks said he was mortified when he saw his own smiling face on a full-page newspaper ad in a North Idaho paper, the Coeur d’Alene Press.犹他州盐湖城的商人巴伦.布鲁克斯说,当他看到自己的那张笑脸被刊登在科达伦出版社北爱达荷报整页的广告版面时,感到非常囧“I am looking a wife who is y, willing and able to have children as soon as possible," the ad in the Coeur d’Alene Press .广告是这样写的,“我正在找寻一个准备、愿意、能尽快生孩子的妻子”The notice listed an age range — to 38 — and assorted other demands, including that the woman agree to be a stay-at-home mom and that she be conservative.广告上还写着女性的年龄范围——最好在到38岁之间,还有一些其他的要求,比如愿意当家庭主妇,以及得是保守派“If you voted Obama or plan to vote Hillary you are not me.”“如果你曾为奥巴马投票,或者计划投票给希拉里,那么你和我不合适”He said his 78-year-old father, Arthur Brooks, placed the ad looking a wife his son.巴伦说,他78岁的父亲亚瑟布鲁克斯刊登的这则广告"If I die now, I want it to be known by medical science, that one can die from embarrassment," he told Q News.他告诉Q新闻记者,“如果我现在死了,我想要医学家们知道,一个人是有可能尴尬死的”Baron said his father didn’t ask his permission to place the 0 ad and he had no idea until he started getting tons of phone calls.巴伦说,父亲未经过他的允许就花900美元登了这则广告,直到他不停的接到电话,才发现此事It includes a brief description of Baron with a photo and the ideal attributes of his suitable mate.广告上还有对巴伦的简介,附有一张照片,以及对他的理想伴侣的一些要求Baron said he doesn’t want to hurt his father’s feelings so he is allowing his dad to go ahead and interview candidates to be his future wife.虽然Baron并不乐意,但他表示为了不伤父亲的心,他愿意与符合条件并联系他的女士见面The deadline applicants is June 5.广告表示,征婚的最后期限是6月5日

如何防范手机黑客,教您几个妙招 --9 ::50 来源:中国日报   The government hack of an iPhone used by a San Bernardino killer serves as a reminder that phones and other electronic devices aren't impenetrable vaults.  政府雇佣黑客成功破解圣贝纳迪诺案件杀手的iPhone数据的案例,警醒我们,手机和其他电子设备并不像金库那样安全可靠,牢不可破  While most people aren't targets of the NSA, FBI or a eign government, hackers are looking to steal the financial and personal inmation of ordinary people.  虽然大多数人的金融账户和个人信息并非国家安全局、联邦调查局,或外国政府的调查目标,但却时刻可能成为黑客的窃取对象  Your phone stores more than just selfies. Your email on the phone, instance, is a gateway to resetting banking and other sensitive passwords.  您的手机中不仅存有自拍,还有许多其他关键信息例如,黑客可通过电子邮箱账户,重置您的账户密码和其他敏感密码  Like washing your hands and brushing your teeth, a little 'cyber hygiene' can go a long way toward preventing disaster.  ;网络清洁;虽然是不起眼的小事,但就像洗手和刷牙一样,可以为您省去大麻烦  LOCK YOUR PHONE WITH A PASSCODE使用锁屏密码  Failing to do so is like leaving your front door unlocked.  手机不设密码锁,就像家里没人、门户大开一样,毫无安全可言  A four-digit passcode - and an accompanying self-destruct feature that might wipe a phone's data after too many wrong guesses - stumped the FBI weeks and ced them to bring in outside help.  别小看这一串四位数密码,输错太多次的话,手机就会自动抹掉数据连FBI调查员都被这难倒,不得不请外援帮助  Using six digits makes a passcode 0 times harder to guess.  六位密码要比四位密码难猜0倍  And if you want to make it even harder, you can add letters and other characters to further increase the number of possible combinations.  如果想让密码更难猜,可以添加些字母或其他字符,这会进一步降低猜中几率,增加破解难度  These are options on both iPhones and Android.  iPhone和安卓手机都有这些选项  The iPhone's self-destruct feature is something you must turn on in the settings, under Touch ID amp; Passcode.  要打开iPhone的数据自动销毁功能,你可以在设置里面的Touch ID amp; Passcode选项下操作  Do so, and the phone wipes itself clean after failed attempts. But the attempts apply to your guesses, too, if you get your passcode, or if your kids start randomly punching in numbers. Android has a similar feature.  这样设置以后,输错密码次,手机就会自动抹掉数据但是,如果您真忘记了密码,或者熊孩子随手乱数字,手机也会在密码输错次后自动销毁数据安卓系统也有类似的功能  Both systems will also introduce waiting periods after several wrong guesses to make it tough to try all combos.  密码输错几次后,iPhone和安卓系统都会进入停用模式,所以很难再继续试密码  Biometrics, such as fingerprint scanners, can act as a shortcut and make complex passcodes less of a pain.  我们还能通过指纹验等生物识别技术,方便快捷地进行验,免去输入密码的麻烦  USE ENCRYPTION使用加密功能  Much to the FBI's displeasure, iPhones running at least iOS 8 offer full-disk encryption by default.  更让联邦调查局头疼的是,iPhone从iOS8系统版本开始,默认为全磁盘提供加密功能  That means that the inmation stored on the phone can't be extracted - by authorities or by hackers - and on another computer.  这意味着,无论政府或者黑客,都无法在另一台电脑上读取手机所储存的信息  If the phone isn't unlocked first, any inmation obtained would be scrambled and unable.  如果手机没有被解锁,从中获取的任何信息都是不可读的乱码  With Android, however, you typically have to turn that on in the settings.  对于安卓系统,你得在设置中开启加密功能  Google's policy requires many phones with the latest version of Android, including its own Nexus phones, to offer encryption by default.  针对默认加密务,谷歌的政策要求手机安装最新安卓系统,包括谷歌自己的Nexus手机,内附加密升级版软件  But, according to Google, only .3 percent of active Android devices currently are running that version.  但据谷歌数据统计,目前只有.3%的安卓活跃用户在使用该版本  SET UP DEVICE FINDERS设置手机寻找功能  Find My iPhone isn't just finding your phone in the couch cushions.  ;查找我的iPhone;功能并不是在沙发垫上找手机那么简单  If your device disappears, you can put it in Lost Mode. That locks your screen with a passcode, if it isn't aly, and lets you display a custom message with a phone number to help you get it back.  如果手机不见了,您可以通过密码将其设置成丢失模式,锁定手机锁定前,您还可以在自己的iPhone上显示用来取得联系的电话号码,帮助找回手机  The app comes with iPhones, but you need to set it up bee you lose your phone. Look the Find iPhone app in the Extras folder.  虽然这项应用程序是iPhone自带的,但是你得在手机丢失前设置好打开Extras文件夹,即可找到Find iPhone应用  Meanwhile, Activation Lock makes it harder thieves to sell your device.  与此同时,有了激活锁定功能,小偷也很难将赃物卖出  The phone becomes unusable - it can't be reactivated - without knowing its Apple ID. The feature kicks in automatically on phones running at least iOS 7.  不知道苹果账户的ID和密码,就无法重新激活使用手机iOS7系统版本以上的iPhone都自带这项功能  If all else fails, you can remotely wipe the phone's data.  如果上述尝试都已失败,那么您只好远程抹掉手机数据  While your inmation will be lost, at least it won't end up in the hands of a nefarious person.  哪怕手机信息全没了,也比落在坏人手里强  There isn't anything comparable built into Android phones, but Google's Android Device Manager app, along with a handful of others made by third parties, can be downloaded free from the Google Play app store.  虽然安卓系统目前没有类似功能,但谷歌的;安卓设备管理器;应用和第三方出品的一些其他软件也能发挥一定作用这些应用可从谷歌官方电子市场免费下载  BACK UP YOUR PHONE备份手机数据  If you do have to remotely wipe the phone's data, it's comting to know that you won't lose all your photos and other important data.  备份的好处令人欣慰,就算您不得不抹掉手机数据,也不会丢光照片和其他重要数据  It's helpful, too, if your toddler dunks your phone in a glass of water.  熊孩子把你手机泡在一杯水里的时候,备份也派得上用场  As mentioned bee, apps such as Find My iPhone and Android Device Manager will allow you to do this, provided you set them up ahead of time.  如上所述,在事先备份的前提下,您可以通过;查找我的iPhone;和;安卓设备管理器;等应用恢复备份数据  KEEP YOUR SOFTWARE UP TO DATE更新软件  Software updates often contain fixes to known flaws that might give hackers a way into your device.  软件更新是为了修复旧版本中的缺陷和漏洞,将黑客入侵您手机设备的可能性降到最低  On iPhones, Apple prompts you to get the update. Alternatively, you can go to Settings, General and Software Update to check which version you are running.  iPhone会自动提醒您更新系统或者,您也可以通过;设置;-;通用;-;软件更新;栏目查看自己正使用的版本  It's more complicated with Android because updates need to go through various phone manufacturers and wireless carriers first. But do install updates when asked.  安卓系统的更新情况更为复杂,因为更新数据需要通过多家手机制造商和无线运营商完成即便如此,也请在系统要求时更新软件  This also applies to apps. Keep them updated to make sure bugs and flaws can't be exploited.  这一建议同样适用于各种应用务必保持更新,以防错误和漏洞被不法分子所利用  Vocabulary  encryption: 加密;加密术  by default: 默认情况下  nefarious: 邪恶的;穷凶极恶的;不法的

对食堂阿姨说“你好”,饭菜可打五折 -- :7:50 来源: 安徽师范大学近日出台了一项新规定,如果学生对食堂工作人员讲礼貌的话,就可以得到饭菜打五折的奖励A Chinese university is offering students a 50% discount in its canteen if they show some common courtesy to staff, itrsquo;s reported.据报道,一所中国大学的食堂出了新规定,如果学生表现得对食堂工作人员有礼貌的话,就可以得到饭菜打五折的奖励The new incentive has been implemented at Anhui Normal University in the eastern city of Wuhu, as part of campus-wide campaign to improve studentsrsquo; manners, the official provincial news site Anhui Online reports.据安徽省级官方新闻网站;安徽在线;的报道,位于安徽东部芜湖的安徽师范大学出台了这一项新的激励措施,是安师大计划在全校范围内提高学生礼仪的举措之一To qualify the discount, which cuts the cost of a meal from 6 yuan (; 60p) to 3 yuan, students only have to utter niceties such as ;hello;, ;please; and ;thank you;. Anyone who tells staff ;You worked hard; will also be rewarded.为激励有礼貌的学生,食堂方面会提供给他们饭菜打五折的奖励,从原来的6块(约合1美元60美分)降为3块学生们只要表现出一些讲礼貌的细节就可以了,例如对工作人员说;你好;、;请;和;谢谢;等任何人只要对工作人员说一句;你工作辛苦了;,就可以得到打折的奖励;Recently the school hosted a great discussion into how we could introduce ideas about etiquette, and we considered how to give the canteen an educational function,; says university official Jing Fangming.安师大官员金方明(音)说:;最近安师大举行了一场大讨论,研究如何在学校推广礼仪,而且我们也在思考应该如何赋予食堂教育功能;While the idea might be popular the world over with cash-strapped students, it hasnrsquo;t impressed many users on Chinese social media. ;I canrsquo;t believe you actually have to use money to get basic etiquette,; writes one on the Sina Weibo microblogging site.尽管这项措施对于生活拮据的学生来说可能是一个好消息,但是却没有在中国的社交媒体上得到太多的关注一位新浪微主写道:;简直不能相信我们必须用钱来买最基本的礼貌;One person says using politeness as a ;bargaining chip; reduces its value, while another thinks itrsquo;s a ;tragedy; that civilised behaviour doesnrsquo;t come naturally. And some arenrsquo;t sure that rewards are the right approach, with one user asking: ;Isnrsquo;t this how you train animals?;有人说把礼貌当做;折扣券;会降低它原本的价值,也有人认为教化行为不是由人自发地做出,令人感到;悲哀;而有些人则认为奖励并不是正确的措施,有人反问道:;这不就是训练动物吗?;

一周热词榜(7.-) --5 :: 来源:chinadaily 一周新闻热词榜,一网打尽trending newsCHINADAILY手机报新一期热词榜发榜啦!本周的新闻热词有:1.中高考将增考'法治知识'.台'游览车事故'原因公布3.京暴雨多地现'积水路段'.土'未遂政变'后搞大清洗5.安理会举行'意向性投票'6.俄'田径禁赛令'上诉被驳1. 法治知识内容legal knowledge请看例句:Legal knowledge will be included in high school and college entrance exams in the future, according to a guideline legal education in schools jointly issued by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Justice and the legal knowledge popularization office.根据教育部、司法部、全国普法办联合发布的有关校园法治教育的大纲,今后中考、高考将考察法治知识内容《青少年法治教育大纲指出,从总体上看,青少年法治教育仍存在对其重要地位和作用认识不深刻、定位不够准确的问题;法治教育(legal education)缺乏整体规划(overall planning),方式方法有待创新;学校法治教育的评价体系不健全(poor evaluation system),教育针对性和实效性不强;学校、社会、家庭多元参与的青少年法治教育网络还没有形成;师资、教育资源(education resources)的保障机制尚不健全等问题针对这些问题,《大纲对义务教育(compulsory education)、高中教育和高等教育(higher education)等不同阶段的法治教育提出了不同的目标(different targets),并分学段细化了教学内容与要求比如义务教育阶段的学生将初步了解公民的基本权利义务(basic rights and obligations of citizens)、重要法治理念与原则(ideas and principles of law),初步了解个人成长和参与社会生活必须的基本法律常识高中学生则要较为全面地了解中国特色社会主义法律体系的基本框架(basic framework of a system serving the socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics)、基本制度以及法律常识(basic rules and common knowledge in the legal field),强化守法意识,增强法治观念(raise legal awareness),牢固树立有权利就有义务的观念,初步具备参与法治实践、正确维护自身权利的能力(abilities of properly protecting their rights)中国政法大学法学教授皮艺军表示,该文件的出台肯定与目前存在的校园暴力(school violence)情况有关他认为,从小培养青少年的规则意识(cultivate adolescents' awareness of obeying rules from a young age),比如活动里的规则、公共场合人与人的关系等,让青少年在交往中更尊重对方,甚至比普法更加重要(be even more important than teaching legal knowledge)[相关词汇]法治保障 legal guarantee法治社会 a society ruled by law依法治国 rule of law依法执政 law-based exercise of state power司法部门 judicial departments法制改革 legal rem. 游览车事故tour-bus accident请看例句:A preliminary investigation into the tour-bus accident on Tuesday in Taiwan shows that the fire was caused by electrical short-circuits near the driver's seat, prosecutors in the island's Taoyuan district said on Wednesday.台湾桃园"地检署"日表示,对19日在台湾发生的游览车事故进行的初步调查显示,其起火原因是驾驶座附近电线短路此次游览车事故(tour-bus accident)发生于19日中午时57分,这辆载有大陆游客团(tour group)的游览车在行驶到台湾高速公路号桃园机场联络道西向约3公里处时突然起火(catch fire),然后失控撞上护栏(crash into the railings),造成名大陆游客(tourists from the Chinese mainland)及导游(tour guide)、司机共6人死亡这是自年台湾开放陆客赴台旅游以来,陆客在台死亡人数最多的一次事故(the deadliest incident involving mainland tourists in Taiwan since the island opened up to mainland travelers in )台湾检方和警方、消防部门在对烧毁的游览车勘验后,初步判定起火点(the starting point of the firethe fire's point of origin)位于驾驶座(the driver's seat)旁,起火原因与电线老旧(old power lines)、电器过度使用造成短路(short-circuit)有关,鉴识人员找到一条烧熔保险丝(melted fuse);另外,游览车配电盘与连接电瓶的电线短路被认为是酿灾主因,而左后侧逃生门(the left-rear emergency exit)打不开(fail to open)是死伤惨重(heavy casualties)的主因调查发现,事故车辆左后逃生门被加装一把"暗锁"(built-in lock),锁住后,门从内外都无法打开据台湾媒体报道,初步验尸(initial autopsy)发现,游览车司机苏明成呼吸道(respiratory tract)有烧灼,显示其生前很可能曾吸入高温的浓烟(inhale high temperature smoke)桃园"地检署"发言人王以文表示,苏明成的遗体已经被烧黑,损毁非常严重经解剖,初步认为是一氧化碳中毒(carbon monoxide poisoning)后昏迷(fall into a coma),随后被火烧死另外,检方已采内脏检体送至法医研究所鉴定,初判事故并非因为苏明身心状况不佳造成的(the accident was not caused by Su's physical or mental condition),详细结果则仍须等待最后的鉴定报告1日下午时左右,事故遇难者家属(family members of the victims)6人搭乘中国南方航空包机(charter flight)抵台目前台湾警方已完成来台家属DNA检体采样,将尽快完成DNA鉴定(DNA identification),以比照确认遇难者身份接下来的几天,家属们将到中坜殡仪馆上香、指认遗体(identify the bodies),还将处理理赔事宜遇难者遗体将于日火化(the remains of the victims will be cremated on Sunday)5日举行告别式(funeral service)后,遇难者家属将返回大陆[相关词汇]重大伤亡事故 incidentaccident involving heavy casualties交通事故 roadtraffic accident跟团旅游 package tour赴台个人游 travel to Taiwan as individual tourists自由行游客 individual tourist3. 积水路段waterlogged road sections请看例句: waterlogged road sections in downtown Beijing had been temporarily closed to traffic, as the capital was hit by heavy rainfall rarely seen in years Wednesday.日,首都北京遭遇近年来罕见的暴雨,市中心个积水路段暂时禁止车辆通行19日上午,北京发布暴雨蓝色预警(blue storm alert),日清晨预警级别升级至黄色,当日下午又升级为橙色预警(orange alert)受降雨影响(due to the rain),截至日下午时,北京首都国际机场共有6架航班被取消(a total of 6 flights have been canceled at Beijing Capital International Airport),铁路列车务也受到影响(train services have also been affected)来自气象部门的数据显示(according to data from meteorological authorities),北京此轮降雨过程持续了0多个小时,平均降水量(average precipitation)接近6毫米,最大降水量出现在房山区,接近毫米北京全市平均降雨量已超过年前的"7·1"暴雨强降雨导致市内出现多个"积水路段"(waterlogged road sections)受此影响,北京市共有条公交线路(bus routes)采取临时措施,其中包括9条甩站、8条绕行、条停驶(services suspended or canceled on routes)等不少网友在微和朋友圈PO图调侃:"过了积水潭,下一站还是积水潭"更有网友在微贴出"雨中故宫"照,调侃去"故宫看海"据称,虽然大雨如注,当日参观故宫的游客数量仍达3万多人(more than 30,000 tourists visited the bidden City that day despite of the heavy rain)然而故宫官方对此回应称,由于故宫拥有较完善的排水系统(sound drainage system),故宫未见积水(free of flooding)据一名故宫工作人员(a staff member of the bidden City)介绍,在短时大量降雨时,故宫确实可能出现局部积水情况,但得益于完善的排水设计,雨水能在分钟内排掉(floods can be drained off in minutes)故宫古建部专家介绍,故宫排水系统(drainage systems)分为三类,分别是建筑(buildings)、地表径流(surface runoff)、地下暗沟(under drains)"建筑排水就是雨水落到建筑表面后,可以沿着琉璃瓦落到地面上(rain falls on the surface of the buildings and can further drop onto the ground along the glazed roof tiles)"该专家称,之后水会沿着明沟流到暗沟沟口,还有一部分直接形成地表径流(m surface runoff)到暗沟,最终通过内金水河排出故宫由于故宫的地面顺应北京地区西北高(higher elevations in the northwest)、东南低(lower elevations in the southeast)的走势,使积水能顺利排出(enable the smooth drainage of water)[相关词汇]小雨 light rain中雨 moderate rain大雨 heavy rain暴雨 torrential rain大暴雨 downpour特大暴雨 heavy downpour[!-empirenews.page--]. 未遂政变failed coup请看例句:More than 60,000 soldiers, police, judges, civil servants and teachers in Turkey have been suspended, detained or placed under investigation since a failed military coup on July .本月日发生未遂军事政变后,土耳其已有超过6万名军人、警察、法官、公务员和教师遭停职、拘留或调查日晚,土耳其军方发动了一场军事政变(military coup),政变最终被挫败日凌晨,正在国外休假的土耳其总统雷杰普·塔伊普·埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)赶回国内,并宣布掌控了局势,未遂政变(failedunsuccessfulattempted coup)就此结束根据土耳其政府公布的数字,这次未遂政变造成3人死亡,1人受伤土耳其当局在挫败政变企图(quash the coup attempt)后展开大规模清洗(purgecleansing)行动,意在清除现居美国的教士费图拉·居伦(Fethullah Gulen)的持者土耳其已向美国递交材料要求引渡(extradite)流亡美国的土耳其宗教人物居伦土耳其政府认为居伦是军事政变的幕后策划者(be behind the military coup)但是,居伦否认自己同这次政变有任何关系(deny any involvement with the coup)未遂政变发生之后,土耳其当局逮捕了6000名军事人员(military personnel),数十名将军等待受审(await trial)此外,还有9000名警官遭解雇(be dismissedfired),大约3000名法官被停职(be suspended),总理办公室也有50名雇员被撤换19日,土耳其政府的清洗行动从军队、司法部门、公安部门、行政部门扩大到教育和传媒领域,超过1.5万名教育工作者遭到停职土耳其高等教育管理部门同时要求大约00名大学系科负责人(university deans)辞职,.1万名私立学校教师被吊销执照(the licenses of 1,000 private-school teachers were revoked)土耳其的媒体监管机构在19日也注销了该国内至少家电台和电视台频道的广播执照(cancel the broadcasting licenses at least two dozen Turkish radio and TV stations),它们被指均与居伦有关土耳其大国民议会(the Turkish Grand National Assembly)1日批准了政府提出的实施为期3个月紧急状态(a three-month state of emergency)的议案土耳其大国民议会当天以6票赞成、1票反对的结果批准这项议案(ratify the motion with a vote of 6 , 1 against)土耳其总统埃尔多安在日晚的新闻发布会上说,国家安全委员会(the National Security Council)会议决定,提议政府依照宪法第0条的规定宣布紧急状态(propose the government declare a state of emergency according to 0 of the constitution)经土耳其大国民议会批准后,土耳其紧急状态正式生效(go into effect)[相关词汇]幕后操纵者 mastermind反对派领袖 opposition leader镇压 crackdown反叛 uprising叛乱分子 rebel和平手段 peaceful means政权 regime5. 意向性投票straw poll请看例句:The UN Security Council will continue to hold close-door inmal secret ballots until they reach consensus, while a second straw poll has not yet been scheduled.联合国安理会将继续举行闭门非正式不记名投票直至成员国达成一致目前第二次意向性投票的日期尚未确定联合国安理会1日就位下任联合国秘书长的候选人(candidates of the next UN secretary-general)进行首次意向性投票(straw poll)安理会未对外公布此次意向性投票结果(make no announcement of the results),但会向联大主席(President of the UN General Assembly)通报投票结果,并通过各个提名成员国常驻代表告知候选人投票结果(the candidates will be inmed of the results through the respective permanent representatives of nominating member states)安理会7月轮值主席(the Security Council president July)、日本常驻联合国代表别所浩郎在投票结束后发表简短谈话时向媒体通报了上述情况别所浩郎称,在最终结果揭晓前(bee the final decision comes out),个安理会成员国还将举行多轮意向性投票该投票将使候选人了解自己在竞选中处于何种位置(the poll is to inm the candidates of where they stand in the race),也使安理会成员国知晓此后竞选将如何展开(it also inms the council members how the race may go on from here)在角逐下任联合国秘书长的位候选人中,有一半是女性,8名候选人来自东欧国家(eastern European nations),包括前联合国难民事务高级专员(UN High Commissioner Refugees, UNHCR)安东尼奥·古特雷斯,前斯洛文尼亚总统达尼洛·图尔克,联合国教科文组织总干事(Director-General of the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, UNESCO)伊琳娜·科娃以及前新西兰总理海伦·克拉克根据《联合国宪章(the UN Charter),联合国秘书长必须首先由安理会推荐,然后由联大任命(the UN secretary-general shall be appointed by the UN General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Security Council)年秘书长遴选过程中,安理会通过闭门磋商(closed-door consultations)和轮意向性投票确定人选后,正式提名时任韩国外交通商部长官(South Korean eign Affairs and Trade Minister)潘基文任秘书长,联大随后以决议形式正式任命今年,联合国首次要求候选人提交简历并参加联大的公开面试(ask candidates to submit their resumes and take part in open dialogues with the UN General Assembly),此举被认为使竞选过程更加透明、更具包容性(make the selecting process more transparent and inclusive)[相关词汇]一票否决权 one-vote veto差额投票 differential voting记名投票 open ballot创始会员国 originalfounding member联合国安理会常任理事国 permanent member of the UN Security Council联合国秘书处 the UN Secretariat6. 田径禁赛令athletics ban请看例句:The Court of Arbitration Sport (CAS) said on Thursday it had rejected Russia's appeal against Olympic athletics ban.国际体育仲裁法庭1日称,该法庭驳回了俄罗斯对奥运田径禁赛令的上诉上个月,国际田联(International Association of Athletics Federations, IAAF)宣布对俄罗斯田径队禁赛,称其仍存在十分严重的反兴奋剂问题(there were still considerable problems with anti-doping in Russia)而18日世界反兴奋剂机构(World Anti-Doping Agency, WADA)基于一个独立委员会的一项调查(an investigation by an independent commission),认为俄罗斯在年索契冬奥会期间及其他重大赛事上(the Sochi Winter Games and other major events)存在有组织的兴奋剂舞弊(doping cheating)行为,建议国际奥委会对整个俄罗斯代表团下达奥运的禁赛令(recommend the International Olympic Committee to suspend the whole Russian team from the Games)报告称,俄罗斯体育部掩盖了该国数百名运动员的兴奋剂测试阳性结果(Russia's Ministry of Sport covered up positive doping results of hundreds of athletes)对此,俄罗斯体育部长曾否认政府参与兴奋剂舞弊俄罗斯总统普京称该报告是"危险的政治干涉体育的重演(a dangerous relapse of politics' interference into sports)"对于国际体育仲裁法庭维持其禁止俄罗斯田径运动员(Russian track and field athletes)参加里约奥运会的裁决,俄罗斯奥委会表示失望并在一份声明中称,"我们十分肯定个别人的责任不应牵连无辜者(we are absolutely convinced that individual responsibility neither may, nor must extend to the innocent)"此项裁决意味着包括伊辛巴耶娃、舒本科夫等名将(elite atheletes)可能不会出现在奥运赛场上,但还需要国际奥委会做出最终的决定国际奥委会称,将考虑国际体育仲裁法庭裁决(take the CAS ruling into ),预计于日宣布最终决定[相关词汇]兴奋剂测试 doping test终身禁赛 life-time ban尿检 urine test兴奋剂丑闻 doping scandal(来源:CHINADAILY手机报,编辑:Helen)

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