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建湖县男科医院盐城迎宾外科医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱盐城治疗女性疾病哪家医院最好的 When Steve Jobs died in 2011, iPhone sales were still doubling year on year. It is a safe bet that his successor, Tim Cook, is going to preside over the end of continuous growth. In quarterly earnings in two weeks, analysts still expect Apple to have sold 1m or more phones than the 74.5m it achieved in the same quarter last year, with Chinese demand crucial. If it turns out that Apple has sold fewer, it will be a blow to the credibility of Mr Cook, who primed the market to expect growth. But the timing hardly matters. If it is not coming this quarter, the decline is priced in for the next one.2011年史蒂夫吠布斯(Steve Jobs)去世的时候,iPhone销量还在翻番地增长。几乎可以肯定,他的继任者蒂姆錠克(Tim Cook)将在任期内眼看着这股持续增长势头终结。苹果将于两周内发布季度财报,分析师们仍预期iPhone销量将比去年同期的7450万部增加100万部以上,其中中国的需求是关键。如果销量下滑,将对库克本人的信誉造成打击,因为他事先放出的风声让市场认为增长可期。但时间点并不重要,如果这个季度销量没有下滑,投资者也预期下个季度就会下滑。So what? For all its “fanboy” customers, Apple has some Jeremiah shareholders. Since it reported the most profitable quarter in corporate history 12 months ago, its shares have fallen 15 per cent. Yet the stock trades at just 10 times forward earnings. Strip out the massive cash pile and it trades at less than 8 times. Investors know that the end of rampant growth is nigh.所以呢?尽管果粉众多,一些股东却抱着悲观态度。自12个月前报告公司史上最盈利的季度业绩以来,苹果股价下跌了15%。然而该公司股票的市盈率仅为10倍。如果不算大量的现金储备,市盈率还不到8倍。投资者知道,迅猛的增长快要结束了。Having risen to well over 50 per cent of group revenues, of course the iPhone matters. But maturity does not mean extinction, and just because Apple has become a phone company does not mean that it is all it ever will be.iPhone对集团营收的贡献已经远高于50%,当然十分重要。但成熟并不意味着一定会走向消亡,仅仅因为苹果成了一家手机公司也并不意味着它将永远只是一家手机公司。The important metric for measuring iPhone success over the next couple of years is not how many iPhones are sold in a particular quarter — but how long those phones last. Apple hopes that more consumers will switch to its new upgrade programme, which incentivises them to buy a device every 12 months. Part of the bull case outlined by Mr Cook three months ago was the relatively small number of iPhone users who had upgraded to the iPhone 6 — fewer than 35 per cent.在接下来几年,衡量iPhone是否成功,关键不是看某个季度卖出了多少部iPhone,而要看手机换代的时间。苹果希望更多消费者升级其新程序,这将激励他们每12个月买一部手机。3个月前,库克概述了看好苹果的理由,其中之一是升级到iPhone 6的iPhone用户比例相对较小,不到35%。That cuts both ways, though. A recent survey by Accenture found that the proportion of consumers who expected to buy a smartphone in the next 12 months had fallen to 48 per cent from 54 per cent last year; the drop was particularly severe in China. Another survey by Mizuho found that 81 per cent of iPhone users expected to hang on to their next device for longer, an estimated 27 months compared with 20 months. The iPhone 5 has demonstrated more staying power than previous versions of the device; it has not yet been rendered obsolete by more processing power or killer features from subsequent iterations. In Apple’s sales pitch to worrywart shareholders, that is the wrong sort of iPhone endurance.不过,此事有利有弊。埃森哲(Accenture)最近的一项调查发现,打算在接下来12个月内购买一部智能手机的消费者比例从去年的54%降至48%;在中国下滑得更厉害。瑞穗(Mizuho)的另一项调查发现,81%的iPhone用户预计下一部手机会使用更长时间,估计比目前所用手机的20个月多7个月。iPhone 5比前几代产品更为经久不衰;之后的产品更强的处理能力或者杀手级特色功能都未能淘汰iPhone 5。在苹果对忧心忡忡的股东的宣传中,iPhone的这种耐久可不是好事。 /201601/423410Tim Cook used the launch of a cheaper Apple iPhone to set out the principles behind its fight with the US government over encryption, as well as announcing new environmental and digital health initiatives. 蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)利用廉价版苹果(Apple) iPhone的发布会阐明了该公司在加密问题上与美国政府抗争背后的原则,同时还宣布了新的环境和数字化健康倡议。 In a rare move downmarket as it tries to stimulate growth, Apple cut the price of its Apple Watch Sport by and introduced a new 4-inch iPhone at 9, 0 less than its flagship 6s model. Apple also unveiled a new 10-inch iPad Pro costing 9, 0 below the 13-inch productivity-focused tablet the company launched last year. 在为了刺激增长而采取的面向低端市场的罕见举动中,苹果将其Apple Watch Sport价格下调50美元,并推出了新款4英寸版iPhone,售价为399美元,较其旗舰版6s型号的价格低250美元。苹果还公布了新款10英寸的iPad Pro,售价为599美元,较其去年推出的面向工作的13英寸平板电脑的价格低200美元。 “We are always pushing forward and innovating and doing things that positively affect many people — something Apple has been doing for over 40 years,” Mr Cook said. “我们总是向前推进、创新、做出正面影响很多人的事情——这些是苹果做了40多年的事情,”库克称。 The new iPhone SE looks nearly identical to the 5 series first introduced in 2012 but includes its latest A9 chip, Apple Pay and a much improved camera module. The device is intended to appeal to customers buying their first smartphone in emerging markets, with around a third of 4-inch iPhone customers buying their first Apple handset, as well as consumers who prefer a smaller form factor. 新款iPhone SE看起来与2012年首次推出的iPhone 5系列几乎相同,但是iPhone SE配备了最新的A9芯片、Apple Pay以及性能好得多的摄像头模块。该产品旨在吸引新兴市场的顾客购买其首部智能手机,并迎合那些更喜欢较小尺寸手机的消费者。约有三分之一的4英寸iPhone用户是首次购买苹果手机。 “Many, many customers have asked for this,” said Mr Cook. “很多很多顾客要求这种尺寸的手机,”库克称。 However, hype around Monday’s event has been more subdued than for many Apple product launches, ahead of a more substantial update for its flagship device in September. 然而,围绕周一发布会的宣传相比以往多次苹果产品发布会更为低调,9月苹果将推出其旗舰产品更具技术含量的更新版本。 Apple’s product launch has been partly overshadowed by its high-profile fight with the FBI over whether the company should be forced to help investigators break into the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone. Monday’s event came just a day before Apple and the FBI will meet in court near San Bernardino, when a magistrate will hear evidence from security experts and law enforcement officials. 苹果此次产品发布会因其与联邦调查局(FBI)之间令人瞩目的争执而蒙上了些许阴影,争执的焦点在于该公司应不应该被强制要求帮助调查人员破解圣贝纳迪诺(San Bernardino)手的iPhone。发布会举行次日,苹果和FBI将在圣贝纳迪诺附近的法庭面对面,届时法官将听取安全专家和执法官员的词。 Moments after taking to the stage at Apple’s headquarters in Silicon Valley, Mr Cook positioned its legal battle with the FBI as a political one: “We get to decide as a nation how much power the government should have over our data and over our privacy.” 在走上硅谷苹果总部的讲台后不久,库克就将苹果与FBI的法律战定性为一场政治抗争:“我们作为一个国家,需要决定政府应当对我们的数据和隐私拥有多大的权力。” “We did not expect to be in this position — at odds with our own government#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;But we believe strongly that we have a responsibility to help you protect your data and protect your privacy,” he said. “We owe it to our customers and we owe it to our country. We will not shrink from this responsibility.” “我们没有想到自己会处于这种境地——与我们自己的政府产生争执……但是我们坚信我们有责任帮助你保护自己的数据,保护自己的隐私,”他称,“这是我们应该为我们的客户做到的,也是我们应该为我们的国家做到的。在这个责任面前,我们绝不退缩。” Yet amid its privacy campaign, Wall Street remains more concerned about Apple’s sales. 不过,在其隐私战争进行之际,华尔街更关心的是苹果的销量。 Analysts have forecast that the new iPhone will provide only a modest boost to iPhone sales at a time when the company is under pressure from investors to deliver faster growth. Apple is expected to report its first quarter of declining iPhone sales next month, after units were flat year-on-year in the December quarter. 分析师预计,新款iPhone只会给iPhone销量带来小幅提升,而该公司正面临投资者要求其实现更快增长的压力。苹果预计将于下月公布首个iPhone销量下滑的季度财报。去年第四季度iPhone销量同比持平。 “Pricing is the most significant component of these announcements. Apple will always prioritise margins but we’re seeing Apple price more aggressively across all products and categories,” Geoff Blaber, analyst at CCS Insight. “定价是这些发布会上最重要的部分。苹果总是会优先考虑利润率,但是我们正看到苹果在所有产品和品类的定价上更加咄咄逼人,”CCS Insight的分析师杰夫#8226;布拉波(Geoff Blaber)称。 /201603/432751盐城/市第一人民医院治疗不孕不育多少钱

盐城做人流手术最佳时间盐城同洲手外科医院收费好不好 Google will on Wednesday be accused by Brussels of illegally abusing its dominance of the internet search market in Europe, a step that ultimately could force it to change its business model fundamentally and pay hefty fines.欧盟(EU)将于周三指控谷歌(Google)非法滥用其在欧洲互联网搜索市场的主导地位。此举最终可能会迫使谷歌从根本上改变商业模式,并付高额罚金。Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s competition commissioner, is to say that the US group will soon be served with a formal charge sheet alleging that it breached antitrust rules by diverting traffic from rivals to favour its own services, according to two people familiar with the case. The initial charge will focus on product searches where Google is accused of harming other shopping sites, but could be extended to other areas.知情人士表示,欧盟反垄断专员玛格丽特#8226;维斯特格(Margrethe Vestager)将会宣称,谷歌将很快收到正式起诉书,指控其违反反垄断法规,将竞争对手的流量分流去持自身务。最初的指控将集中于产品搜索务,谷歌被控在搜索过程中损害其他购物网站的利益。但这一指控可能会扩展到其他领域。Google confirmed the imminent charges in an internal email sent to staff on Tuesday. “We have a very strong case, with especially good arguments when it comes to better services for consumers and increased competition,” it said in the communication, a copy of which was obtained by the Financial Times.周二,谷歌在发送给员工的一封内部电子邮件中确认即将面临指控。在英国《金融时报》记者看到的这封邮件的拷贝中,谷歌表示:“我们的理由非常充分,尤其是在以更好的务面对消费者、面对更趋激烈的竞争方面,我们的理由更加充分。”Serving Google with a so-called statement of objections will be the opening salvo in one of the defining antitrust cases of the internet era. It could prove as epic as the decade-long battle with Microsoft that ultimately cost the company 2bn in fines.作为互联网时代具有判例意义的反垄断案之一,该案的第一步将是向谷歌递交所谓“异议声明”(statement of objections)。这一案件或将被明是与微软反垄断案同样经典的案例。微软反垄断案前后持续了10年,最终令微软付了20亿欧元罚金。The commission’s move comes after a torrid five-year investigation that Google came close to settling without charges last year. The draft deal collapsed after fierce objections were raised by ministers in France and Germany, and by some of the continent’s most powerful telecoms and media groups.在欧盟委员会采取最新举措之前,谷歌曾面临长达5年的调查,去年一度接近达成免受指控的和解方案。但由于法德两国部长及欧洲最有影响的电信和媒体集团的激烈反对,这一和解协议的草案未能通过。 /201504/370405盐城/医院精液检查

盐城/流产多钱The Use of Fractional Number and Decimal Number分数和小数的最早运用Fractional number分数The first appearance of fractional numbers(fen shu in Chinese ) was a result of dividing two numbers. A fraction number was considered a part of a whole number, and in Chinese,the word fen means to split or divide.Later,in the process of calculation,fractional numbers also appeared to denote the ratio of two whole numbers. Systematic fractional number algorithm appeared in the ancient math classic Jiuzhang Suanshu(Nine Chapters on Mathematical Art)in the Eastern Han Dynasty around the 1 st century,which was about 1,400 years ear-tier than in Europe.最初分数的出现,并非由除法而来。分数被看作一个整体的一部分。“分”在汉语中有“分开”“分割”之意。后来运算过程中也出现了分数,它表示两整数比。在中国古代,东汉时期的《九章算术》中有系统的分数运算方法,这比欧洲大约早1400年。In the annotated version of Jiuzhang Suanshu by Liu Hui,it clearly shows the algorithm of the subtraction,addition,multiplication,and division of fractional numbers,which is identical to todays fractional calculations. Besides, other knowledge about fractions, including how to compare two fractions,and how to calculate the average of fractions,were also included in the book, making Jiuzhang Suanshu the earliest monograph that systematically discussed fractional numbers.从后来刘徽所作的《九章算术注》可以知道,在《九章算术》中,讲到约分、合分(分数加法)、减分(分数减法)、乘分(分数乘法)、除分(分数除法)的法则,与我们现在的分数运算法则完全相同。另外,《九章算术》还记载了课分(比较分数大小)、平分(求分数的平均值)等关于分数的知识,是世界上最早的系统叙述分数的著作。It was not until the 15th century that calculations with fractional numbers be-came popular in Europe. It is generally believed in Europe that the algorithm of frac-tional numbers originated in India,while the fact is the earliest Indian book on the algorithm of fractions appeared in the seventh century,in which were introduced the same rules as the those in Jiuzhang Suanshu .And even the annotated version of Jiuzhang Suanshu by Liu Hui was completed in 263 in the Wei Dynasty(220-265),which means that the algorithm of fractions is at least 400 years earlier than its counterpart in India.分数运算,大约在巧世纪才在欧洲流行。欧洲人普遍认为,这种算法起源于印度。实际上,印度在7世纪的著作中才开始有分数运算法则,这些法则都与《九章算术》中介绍的法则相同。而刘徽的《九章算术注》成书于魏景元四年(263 ),所以,即使与刘徽的时代相比,印度也要晚400年左右才有分数运算法则。Decimal number小数Also in the annotated version of Jiuzhang Suanshu by Liu Hui,the notion of the decimal number was first raised up. Liu invented the decimal number to denote the approximate number value of root extradions. Around the year 1300,Liu Jin in the Yuan Dynasty wrote the number 106368. 6312 as 一 □ ⊥ Ⅲ ⊥ Ⅲ M _ⅡIn his book Lulu Chengshu.The notion of decimal number appeared in the West in 1585 and the expression is rather difficult.For instance,the same number mentioned above would be expressed as (0) ① ② ③ ④or106368 06①3②l③2④刘徽在(九章算术注》中介绍,开方不尽时用十进分数(徽数,即小数)去逼近,首先提出了关于十进小数的概念。到公元1300年前后,元代刘瑾(公元1271一1368年)所著《律吕成书》中,已将106368.6312写成:一 □ ⊥ Ⅲ ⊥ Ⅲ M _Ⅱ。而西方直到1585年才有十进小数的概念,且表示方法很复杂,如上述小数,写法为:(0) ① ② ③ ④或106368 06①3②l③2④。 /201512/410701 Sutong Changjiang Highway Bridge苏通长江公路大桥The Sutong Changjiang Highway Bridge ( Sutong Bridge) is a cablestayed bridge that spans the Yangtze River in the People#39;s Republic of China between Nantong and Changshu, a satellite city of Suzhou, in Jiangsu Province. the highway is 32.4 kilometers long. Overall the bridge length is 8,206 metres (26,923 ft) and construction has been estimated to cost about 6. 45 billion yuan RMB. Sutong Bridge can claim four worlds records. The largest main span (1088m) : as far as main span is concerned, Sutong Bridge is 200m longer than that of Tatara Bridge m Japan; the highest pylon ( over 300m) ; the deepest foundation (steel casing depth: 120m) and the longest stayed cable (580m). Construction began in June, 2003 and the bridge was linked up on June 18, 2007, one year ahead of schedule. The bridge was opened to traffic on May 25, 2008 and was officially opened on June 30, 2008. The completion of the bridge makes the commute between Shanghai and Nantong, originally completed through ferry route, shorten to about an hour. It brings Nantong one step closer to becoming an important part of the Yangtze River Delta economic zone, and has further attracted foreign investors into the city. The bridge is also pivotal in the development of poorer northern Jiangsu regions.苏通长江公路大桥(简称苏通大桥)位于中国江苏省,该桥跨越长江,连接苏州(常熟)和南通两座城市。公路总里程32.4千米(含南北端引道),实际跨江的桥梁部分约8200米,总投资约64.5亿元。苏通大桥将由跨江大桥工程和南、北岸接线工程三部分组成,建成后将创造四项世界纪录:世界跨度最大的斜拉桥,斜拉桥主孔跨度1088米,比日本多多罗大桥还长200米;世界最高桥塔,塔高300.4米,相当于100层楼房的高度;最深基础,苏通大桥主墩基础由131根长约120米、直径2.5米至2.8米的群桩组成,在40米水深以下厚达300米的软土地基上建起来的,是世界上规模最大、人土最深的群桩基础;最长拉索,苏通大桥最长拉索长达580米,为世界上最长的斜拉索。2003年6月开工,于2007年6月18日提前合龙,2008年5月25日苏通大桥投入试运行,6月30日正式通车,南通进入上海的一小时都市圈之内,成为长江三角洲区域经济的重要组成部分。苏州大桥的建设,对于完善国家公路网,打通我国东部沿海大通道,促进长江三角洲区域经济社会的协调发展具有战略意义。 /201603/430096盐城/治疗早泄费用是多少盐城/哪里看男科



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