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India is very proud of the country’s so called ‘demographic dividend’. High numbers of youth in India are wrongly regarded as an asset. This constitutes a big liability in the absence of proper education and job access.我们继续将在二十世纪的战争期间众多女性的尊严与名誉遭受严重伤害的过去铭刻在心正因为如此,我国希望成为一个国家要时刻体贴女性的心我国将在世界领先努力将二十一世纪成为不让女性人权遭受侵害的世纪

quell criticisms on social media.但是,过渡期发言人杰森米勒坚称,特朗普家人对于他们效力国家这一新角色非常“兴奋并且激动”,只是担心年中更换学校,对平息社交媒体的批评毫无作用;First Family resides in White House as a symbol of our country to us and and

CAIRO Egypt's expresident Hosni Mubarak was sentenced to life imprisonment on Saturday, the Cairo Criminal Court said.

  The upheaval is the latest chapter in an eightyear conflict pitting Bangkok's middle class and royalist establishment against the mostly poorer, rural supporters of Yingluck and her selfexiled brother, mer premier Thaksin Shinawatra.

  committed approx. $ million both the endowment and to support the。


  GoodNeighborliness and Friendly Cooperation and the th anniversary of theWith less than a month to go bee the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump sent the first fundraising email of his entire campaign on Tuesday. The billionaire eccentric promised to personally match all contributions up to $ million.was on board.新加坡表示,装甲车用于“常规海外训练,并与之前一样通过商业方式运回”,装甲车上也没有弹药A team from the Singapore Armed ces has been allowed to inspect the

  US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel went further on Saturday, directly accusing China of "destabilizing" the South China Sea and by backing Tokyo's pursuit of a more muscular military role as a counterweight to Beijing.尽管听上去很容易,但该实验绝不像在公园散步那么简单长期看来,微重力会对人体产生严重不良影响血液无法往下流,而是停留在脸部和手足等处,造成浮肿;肌肉组织会随着氮源的消耗而减少,体重随之减轻;腿部的静脉和动脉变弱;随着血细胞减少,将出现贫血症状;骨钙大量流失

  US President Barack Obama told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a phone call that the ed States was willing to help negotiate a ceasefire, the White House said.

  Among the rem tasks, poverty reduction is a key step in improving people's lives. Xi said in his most recent New Year's address that what he cares most about is poor people.。

  guard against missile attack have been placed on all seven of China’s newly

  韩国客轮沉没已致9人遇难 :5: A passenger ship capsized in waters off South Korea's southwest coast Wednesday. Search operations survivors of the tragedy have resumed overnight after being halted earlier due to bad weather. The South Korean Coast Guard says about 180 divers were sent to the scene during the night. Two rescue vessels have also arrived and joined other ships and helicopters in searching waters near the site of the tragedy. The US Seventh Fleet said its warship, the USS Bonhomme Richard, which has helicopters on board and was on a routine patrol off South Korea’s west coast, was on its way to the scene to help. The South Korean passenger ship "Sewol" was on an overnight journey to the tourist island of Jeju, when it overturned and sank off the coast of Jindo Island on Wednesday morning. There were 75 people aboard, and many of them were high school students on a class trip. 9 people have been confirmed dead, and nearly 300 are still missing.

  China has been keen to boost exchange and cooperation among the world's different political parties, with the first ever ChinaCELAC (Commy of Latin American and Caribbean States) um of Political Parties held on Dec. 8 and 9, in Beijing.

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