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牡丹之都洛阳迎来旅游高峰 -- :31:1 来源: 牡丹之都洛阳迎来旅游高峰Luoyang, a city in central China’s Henan Province, is famous its peonies which are now in full bloom, tens of thousands of butterflies have travelled there all the way from Yunnan province to China’s National Flower Garden.Nestled in this greenhouse inside China’s National Flower Garden is the home to over ten thousand butterflies. They are literally all over the place, on the flowers, and on people."I’ve never seen so many butterflies. And they come in all shapes and sizes, it’s so beautiful."Tens of thousands of butterflies have travelled there all the wayfrom Yunnan province to China’s National Flower Garden.There are more than different species inside this butterfly garden. And it seems they feel quite at home in this environment, and it’s not just the flowers they are interested in."It’s an amazing experience. To have a butterfly on your wrist. Feels like heaven."Since a butterfly’s life cycle is only about ten days, personnel at the garden have taken measures to ensure that visitors have a great experience."We also raise pupas, so that there’ll be enough butterflies in the garden, and so visitors can enjoy interacting with them." said Yu Xinyu, Butterfly Breeder.The garden will also host an exhibition to introduce butterfly culture. Visitors are invited to witness the birth of the butterfly as it exits its pupa stage, and takes its first flight. 牡丹之都洛阳 旅游现代版音乐剧《大梦神猴让人笑掉牙 --1 :: 来源: 现代版音乐剧《大梦神猴让人笑掉牙你见过跳着街舞的黑人孙悟空吗?你见过穿着普拉达、古琦、阿玛尼的玉皇大帝吗?你见过龙王和他的妻子为是否给孙悟空金箍棒争打不休吗?你见过身着现代装、脚穿高跟鞋为孙悟空争锋吃醋的龙女吗?这就是现代版的音乐剧《大梦神猴The modernized version of the famous Monkey King musical makes jaws drop with its contemporary twists. The people behind the scenes share with Chen Jie their inspirations and their optimistic views about Chinese musicals.Every Chinese grows up with the story of the Monkey King, but I'll bet not many have ever seen it like this: the main character is an African-American who dances hip-hop; the Emperor of Heaven wears Prada, Gucci and Armani; the Dragon King and his wife fight with each other about whether to give weapons to the monkey or not; their three daughters, all in modern dresses and high-heel shoes, compete the heart of the monkey.Everything in the new version of the Monkey King musical, co-produced by Beijing Permance Arts Group and Beijing Genhua International Culture and Media, makes jaws drop.Broadway actor Apollo Levine, who plays the monkey, sings in English while he duets with the Emperor of Heaven actor who sings in Chinese. The monkey converses in English with his followers, who all speak in Chinese.Audiences may feel a bit disconnected in the first few minutes, but are soon so drawn by the actors' emotions and the dramatic story, that they will not find anything strange in the musical.The story is no longer a hundred-year-old folklore about the gods, the spirits and Buddha, but an aspiring contemporary drama about a young man who keeps leaving home in search adventures, after he gains power, he takes the responsibility to protect his family and finally realizes the value of home."I had no idea about the Monkey King bee I came here. The cast and director are wonderful and they help me learn everything about the story. I watched movies and television versions," Levine says."I always try to find something in me similar to the character and get to the table. Ironically, I find myself in the monkey. Like him, I travel and explore everywhere. I don't want to stay at home. The play helps me to find my responsibility in my family." 3 现代版音乐剧《大梦神猴关于英语学习计划的作文 --1 :5:58 来源: 关于英语学习计划的作文As to English,i'm a poorstudent, I usually get the lowest marks in English.In this new term,I think i should make a plan to learn English well,the following is my English learning plan.Firstly,and the most important,listen to the class carefully, actively, make notes.Secondly,carefully dohomework, ask the teacher bravely when i have problems.Lastly,listen to the english tapes as much as i can.湖北旅游景点英文介绍 神农架英文导游词 -- :8: 来源: 湖北旅游景点英文介绍 神农架英文导游词神农架位于湖北西部的房县,占地面积350平方公里,平均海拔00多米,其中海拔3000米以上的山峰有6座被誉为“华中屋脊”Shennongjia is situated in Fangxian County, in western Hubei Province, covering an area of 3,50 square kilometers. Over 00 meters above sea level on an average, it has six peaks measuring 3,000 meters above sea level, known as "The Roof Of Central China". Where virgin est, one of famous China's Green Treasure Houses, is located. Here discovered are more than 00 species of wild plants, out of which over 30 belong to world's rarity or China's specialty, and 500 species of wild animals, comprising over rare and precious types listed under the state protection.No.1 Peak in Central ChinaIt's the main peak of Shennongjia, 33 meters above sea level, towering face to face with the nearby Minfen Peak, of 31 meters above sea level. Lofty and majestic, it glistens with the sun in one moment, but another moment gets lost in clouds and mist. From the top down, the Peak is covered, in three circumscribing tiers, with ests of firs, bamboo and cypresses. Stretching far and wide, the firs, with a trunk as tall as 0 meters, and of a circumference as long as four men's arms extended and linked, stand straight and upright with dense branches and foliage the sun light can hardly penetrate. The ground inside the est, is dotted with azaleas of various colors-pink, dark violet, crystal etc. The primeval est looks fantastic. Climbing to the top of the lofty Peak, one enjoys a very pleasant view of the surrounding luxuriantly green mountains and ridges.Hongping "Picture Gallery"The 30 miles long valley is flanked by numerous craggy and perilous peaks, and gifted with 3 waterfalls, 5 pools, 6 caves, 7 springs and streams, 8 cliffs, 9 boulders, plus bridges. In spring, all flowers burst into bloom. The waters are gurgling all the year round. "Every step is a picture", as some one acclaims. The Tianjing Cave (The Cave Of Skylight) is endowed with a light shaft, through which the blue sky and drifting clouds over-head, can be glimpsed. Within the Cave, there's another karats cave with a spring splashing down.Reflections upon the Valley LakeThe lake, km. long and 0 meters wide, is embraced at its two banks by the craggy cliffs overgrown with lush woods. Its smooth surface mirrors the peaks, trees and clouds, with the reflections merging into one with the waters, and looking as though fish swam among the trees in the lake, while birds flew amidst billowy water clouds.Area of Concentration of White AnimalsIn the area close to the summit of the Mountain, exist a great variety of white animals such as white bears, white deer, white rats, white snakes, white monkeys. Places like this are few and far between in China as well as in the rest of the world. 湖北旅游景点英文介绍 神农架英文导游词

虎胆龙威Ⅱ飞鹰计划经典英文电影台词 --7 :39:35 来源: 虎胆龙威Ⅱ飞鹰计划经典英文电影台词电影简介:纽约警察约翰麦卡伦又一次在错误的时间来到了错误的地方,他本是来机场接乘机归来的妻子的,却意外发现了一个重大阴谋......Once again, New York cop John McClane is in the wrong place at the wrong time - this time he''s waiting his wife''s plane to arrive at Washington''s Dulles Airport when he uncovers a plot to sabotage the airport''s landing system. The criminals wish to free a drug baron being extradited to America trial by holding the airport to ransom until they all safely escape on another plane. However, if they''d known that Holly McClane was on a flight home to the very airport they were hijacking, they would have picked another day. 电影台词General: Freedom! John: Not yet! You''re supposed to stay in your seat until the plane reaches the terminal. No frequent-flier mileage you. General: Who are you? John: A cop. General: A cop? John: Yeah, one of the good guys. You see you''re one of the bad guys. Now I''ve got your sorry ass, I''m gonna trade it with my wife. John: Sit down! Soldiers: Go in! Soldier1: Where did he go? General: In there. General: I don''t believe this. Two months of planning, and you can''t anticipate one pendejo of a cop. Soldier1: Come on, General. General: Where the hell is Colonel Stuart? Soldier: General! General: I''m all right! He said he was a policeman. I thought you had this place secured. Soldier1: He went in the cockpit (驾驶员座舱). Colonel Stuart: He''s going to hell! McClane! I assume it''s you, McClane! You''re quite a little soldier. You can consider this a military funeral! Colonel Stuart: How many GREnades (手榴弹) we got? Soldier1: Three each! Colonel Stuart: Use them! John: Oh, ****! Colonel Stuart: Go! John: Aaagh! Oh, shit! Colonel: You lucky ****! Soldier1: Fire trucks, sir! Colonel Stuart: Fall back to the church. Now! 经典英文电影台词

An Announcement 一项通知 -- :3:58 来源: An Announcement 一项通知Boys and girls,Attention, please! I have an announcement to make. On March 19 Mr Smith from London will come to our school and give us a talk on the difference between British English and American English. His talk will be helpful to our English study. It will start at half past two, and end at four o'clock. It's a very good chance. I hope you will not miss it, and try to take notes. It will be given in the meeting-room. That's all. Thank you.同学们:请大家注意!我有一个通知3月19日伦敦来的史密斯先生要来我校做一次关于英国英语和美国英语区别的报告他的报告对我们的英语学习会很有帮助报告两点半开始,四点结束这是一个绝好的机会,希望大家不要错过,并尽量记好笔记报告在会议室进行就这些,谢谢!

我的同学 My Classmate -- :3: 来源: Kelly is one of myclassmates. She is a pretty girl but a little bit shy. She seldom talks toothers. But my classmates still like her very much. Smiles are always on herface and she is friendly to others. Her study is very good. When we ask her somequestions, she is always y to help. Singing is her favorites and she singswell. I think she is a talented girl.凯莉是我的同学之一她是个漂亮的女孩,但是她有点害羞她很少和别人说话,但是同学们仍然很喜欢她她脸上总是露出微笑,对别人十分友善她的成绩很好当我们问她问题的时候,她总是乐意帮忙她最喜欢唱歌,而且唱得很好我觉得她是一个有天赋的女孩

夏威夷科纳海滨英文介绍 -- :30:31 来源: 夏威夷科纳海滨英文介绍科纳海滨恐怕是夏威夷岛风景最优美、海洋生物最繁多、交通最便利,也是最有意思的潜水景点它位于火奴鲁鲁湾,美国国家历史公园的北部 This Kona Coast dive site is possibly the most beautiful, diverse, easily accessible, interesting dive location we have on the Island of Hawaii. It is at Honaunau Bay, just north of the National Historic Park. This whole area is an ancient Hawaiian fishingreligious ceremonial area, so treat it as such. Show the proper respect the location, please. Some of the locals are upset with the proliferation of divers and snorkelers frequenting this site today, so please, treat them with respect and don’t leave any trash them to use as evidence of your visit. Respectfully smile at everyone you see, you’ll be surprised at how that will confuse those you meet.   Because of the abundance of colorful reef marine life, this is an excellent place to snorkel …… as well as scuba. The clarity of the water here is conducive to exciting sightings of various marine-life species.There are two fine routes divers to take from the entry point. One is straight out toward open ocean, the second along the rocky shore in a northerly direction. If you are going straight out, watch and listen closely the many fishing boats that use this bay as a launch site (a cautionary dive flag float is recommended). The straight out route will take you across many coral heads and sandy channels holding a multitude of invertebrates and reef fish. In the center of the bay, you’ll reach a living coral reef that is punctuated with countless pukas (holes) that hold numerous eels, crabs and shells of many descriptions. Watch the Giant Green Sea Turtles in this bay as they often frequent this fantastic dive spot. Remember, the Green Sea Turtle is a protected, endangered species. So don’t touch, grab on to, or try to ride these valuable creatures —— the penalties such action, if reported, is mega bucks and it ain’t worth it. Just enjoy their presence.   Here’s a hint on diving anywhere: When you see a coral reef that is covered with living coral, thoroughly inspect it, slowly, it will be filled with delightful sea-life, in, around, under and above it —— but don’t touch it. Dead coral heads and most rock rubble areas generally hold fewer species (but fascinating ones, nonetheless).   If you opt the northerly shore route from the entry area you’ll find many caves and indentations as you explore the underwater terrain.The lava wall is literally filled with hiding places Kona’s famous ula(Spiney Lobster)and(although they are being overharvested) you just may glimpse one or two peeking out at YOU!   Only a few yards away from the shoreline you’ll notice a gradual slope of branch coral rubble. It slopes down more rapidly as you descend to over 80′ bee leveling off in a sandy flat at over 0′. As you float over this ledge watch the infamous Crown of Thorns Sea Star. This voracious critter is covered with sharp spines that can cause considerable pain when touched (so, don’t touch ’em!). At the bottom of the bay, in the sandy area, occasionally, huge Manta Rays, and often, leopard rays are seen resting on the sandy flats. We’ve seen schools of opelu here that numbered in the thousands. Sometimes these schools are so dense they actually blot out the sun, appearing as black undulating masses of unrecognizable blobs of darkness. As they draw nearer,or if you are a brave soul and go toward them,you’ll see that the ‘ blob’ is actually thousands and thousands of tiny fish.Quite an experience.   In this area always keep your eye out, to the sides, ahead, and to your rear. Too many times, as we dive, we keep looking down —— and too often, several interesting sights are missed. Make it a habit to look around ——? you’ll be surprised at what you’ve been missing. 夏威夷科纳海滨 英文介绍 英文导游词

My Cousin Stella -- :39:01 来源: My Cousin Stella  I have many cousins. I like Stella best. She is a pretty girl. She likes eating cucumbers , eggplants, cabbages… She doesn’t like eating eggs and milk. So she is very short.     Stella is an excellent student . She is the monitor of her class. She likes studying and she studies very hard. So she is always the top student in her class.     In this summer holiday , I spent a very happy time with her in Sichuan . I often miss her very much.     I like my cousin best!

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