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邛崃市私密整形多少钱双流区儿童医院四维彩超多少钱我 ME --19 :19:36 来源: HI!My name is Tess. I am a girl. l can speak English very  well.I like English very  much. I am thin and tall. I am  ten years old.I am lovely ,too. I look like a big pig.I like my tachers.I like my school.It's big.It's beautiful.It's  clean.There are three buildings in  my school. One is school building .One is dance studio. The other is dormetory.There is a playground, too.We can play on it .I like everything!!!!!遂宁市看前列腺炎好吗 英语剧话剧本:《骄傲的孔雀 -- :5: 来源: 《骄傲的孔雀小松鼠:(软翻上)小猴:(围着小松鼠) Great! Great! Let me have a try.棒极了!棒极了!让我也来一个狐狸:(追上) Hi! You two, don’t play any more. The est concert is going to begin.嗨!你们两个,别再闹了 森林音乐会将要开始了You’d better go and prepare it.你们最好快去做准备工作吧!小猴:Look, I’m just preparing it.看,我不正在排练吗?(准备前滚翻)狐狸:You naught monkey! Don’t play any more.你这个调皮的猴子,别贪玩了小松鼠:Let’s go! Little monkey!我们走吧!小猴!小猴:Would you like to go with us, Fox?你和我们一起走吗?狐狸?狐狸:Thanks! But I’m going to invite the peacock to our concert. I’ll be back soon.谢谢!但我还要去请孔雀来参加我们的音乐会我马上就回来松鼠、小猴:See you later!等会见!狐狸:See you later!等会见!(自言自语地)My beautiful peacock. Where are you? Can you hear me?(狐狸下)美丽的孔雀 你在哪里? 你能听到我在叫你吗?孔雀(上):Hi, I’m a peacock! Look! How pretty I am! My colourfull feathers.大家好!我是孔雀看!我多漂亮啊! 我五缤纷的羽毛My beautiful cockscomb. Who have these just like mine? Oh! What are you saying?美丽的冠子 你们谁有呢? 哦!你说什么?Have I got any friends? Oh, no, no. I don’t need any friends. My only friend is me. 我有没有朋友? 哦,不、不我不需要任何朋友我自己就是我的朋友狐狸(上):Hello! My beautiful peacock. I’m looking you everywhere.你好!美丽的孔雀 我正到处找你呢孔雀:Looking me?找我?狐狸:Oh, yes! We are holding a est concert. Would you like to join us?哦,是的!我们要举行一个森林音乐会你愿意一起参加吗?孔雀:Oh, no, no. I never play with any ugly ones. Look! Your ears are so long.哦,不,不我从不和丑陋的人一起玩看!你的耳朵这么长,They are too terrible. And all of your friends are ugly too. Do you think so?(对观众)他们太可怕了 并且你所有的朋友都和你一样丑陋你们说呢?狐狸:My beautiful peacock. You are too proud. That’s bad you. Although we are not beautiful.美丽的孔雀, 你太骄傲了 这对你不好 虽然我们并不漂亮We’ll help you when necessary. Please be our friend. And please take part in our concert.但我们会帮助你在你困难的时候,请成为我们的朋友吧!并请参加我们的音乐剧吧!We all like your dance.我们都喜欢你跳舞孔雀:Oh, no, no. I never dance any ugly ones. And I’ll never need your helps.哦,不,不,我从不为丑陋的人跳舞 并且我不需要你们的帮助狐狸:My beautiful peacock……美丽的孔雀……孔雀:(打断狐狸的话)Don’t say any more. You ugly fox.你别说了,丑陋的狐狸狐狸:Oh, I have to leave now. You are too proud.哦,我必须走了 你太骄傲了孔雀:(独白)Oh, what a lovely day. The sun is shining brightly. Why not have a good sleep under啊,阳光多好啊 让我在这树下美美的睡上一觉this tall tree?大灰狼:(自言自语)I’m so hungry. I’m so hungry. Those elves are staying together.我太饿了 我太饿了 那些小精灵们团结的那么紧I hear they are having a est concert today. I have no chance to catch them.我听说他们又搞什么森林音乐会 我连抓住他们的机会都没有I’m so hungry. Oh, there’s a big hole in the tree. What’s in it? Is there something me?我太饿了 哦,那棵树里有一个大洞 那里面有什么呢?有什么可吃的呢?Oh, what’s that? A beautiful peacock. I think I won’t be hungry any longer.哦,那是什么?一只美丽的孔雀 我想我不会再饿肚子了Look! The two fat arms. They are delicious.看!那两只结实的胳膊他们定是美味的 英语 话剧 骄傲On the Playground 在操场上 -- :55:5 来源:   Class is over. Most of the students go to the playground to take part in all kinds of sports.  Look! There are many students playing basketball. One is jumping up and casting the ball into the net. In the distance there're some girls doing rope skipping. How swift their actions are! They're like sparrows. Not far away from them. a few boys are playing ping-pong. What an interesting school life!  They know clearly that having a strong and healthy body is very important both to their study and their future success.  下课了,大部分学生都到操场参加各种运动  瞧!那儿有许多学生在打篮球一个学生正跳起来往蓝中投球在远处,一些女孩在跳绳他们的动作真敏捷,就像麻雀一样离他们不远处,几个男孩在打乒乓球多有趣的学校生活呀!  他们都清楚地知道,拥有一个强壮健康的身体对他们的学校和未来的成功至关重要都江堰市妇幼保健医院有无痛人流术吗

凉山彝族第一人民医院贵不贵兔子的家 Raits’Family --19 :19:5 来源: 兔子的家 Rabbits’FamilyRabbits’FamilyHello, my friends! My name’s Sandy. Today, I will tell you an interesting story about rabbits. Look at me , now , I’m not Sandy but a mother rabbit. I have a happy family because of my three daughters. They are very clever and lovely. (In the morning , they have good habits . After they get up , )And they have good habits. After they get up in the morning, they wash the face , brush the hair , clean the ears and blow the noses. They like singing and dancing , too . Now , let’s have a share , children , are you y ? (Yes, let’s go.) Action , please! ( sing and dance)都江堰市儿童医院门诊怎么 有关春游(spring outing )的英语作文 -- :1: 来源: It's sunny these days,and we went a spring outing yesterday,all the students of our school joinedinit.We assembled at about 8 o'clock in the morning,then the teacher guided us to go on the buses,I was arrenged to sit together with my best friend July.The Botanical Garden was our destination.We arrived there about an hour later.It's very beautiful in the garden.Treeswere sprouting,all kinds of flowers were blooming,and birds were flying happily .We ran among the trees and flowers with laughters.Spring is the season fullof vigrous,and we are the flowers of spring.I like spring,I like spring outing.这些天,天气晴朗,我们于昨天举办了春游活动,我们学校所有学生都参加了早上8点左右我们集合,紧接着老师指导我们上车,我被安排和我最后的朋友July坐在一起植物园是我们的目的地约一个小时候我们到了那里植物园里真漂亮树儿发芽了,各种各样的花儿争相开放,鸟儿在空中欢快的飞翔我们在树木和花丛中欢笑着跑来跑去春天是富有活力的季节,而我们是春天的花朵我喜欢春天,我喜欢春游彭州市人民医院是私立的么?

四川成都妇幼医院妇科检查怎么样小学生英语作文:My teather -- :58:51 来源: 小学生英语作文:My teather Our art teather is not too young and not too old .He has black hair two big and black eyes ,a small nose and a big mouth .Look, he is wearing a blue and white jacket ,a blue hat ,brown pants and a pair of old shoes.He is very funny.He is a good art teather .We all like him . A Good Friend of Mine --3 :3: 来源: A Good Friend of Mine i have a good friend whose name is chen yingxi. she doesn't work very well at her study, but she is very willing to help others. one day, my lunch box disppeared from our class' lunch-basket, so i had to look it in other classes' lunch-basket. chen yingxi said, "let me go to look it with you." then we went to the third floor and the fourth floor to look my lunch box. at last, we found it, and sweat covered both of our eheads. i expressed my thanks to her, but she said, " don't mean it. this is what a friend is all about." i am very glad to make friends with chen yingxi.金堂县妇幼保健院属于公立还是私立彭州市中医医院门诊地址



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