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成都男科医院院四川省成都市输卵管再通术哪家医院最好的Continuing with the writings:继续我的笔记:;The next morning I went to my professors office to ask for an extension on the memo assignment,“第二天,我来到我教授办公室,问我能不能晚点交作业,and I began gibbering unintelligably as I had the night before,然后喔喔喔欧开始胡言乱语,就像前一天晚上一样and he eventually brought me to the emergency room.他最后把我送到急诊室Once there, someone Ill just call The Doctor到了之后,有一个人,我就叫他“医生”吧,and his whole team of goons swooped down, lifted me high into the air,和他的野蛮助手们,飞扑下来,把我举的高高的and slammed me down on a metal bed with such force that I saw stars.然后狠狠的摔在了一张金属床上,重的我都看到星星了Then they strapped my legs and arms to the metal bed with thick leather straps.然后它们把我的手脚都绑起来了,用很厚的皮带A sound came out of my mouth that Id never heard before:一个我丛没有听到过的声音丛我嘴里说出来:half groan, half scream, barely human and pure terror.一半呻吟,一半尖叫,惨无人性,纯粹恐惧Then the sound came again, forced from somewhere deep inside my belly and scraping my throat raw.然后这个声音又出现了,从我的肚子了逼出来的,刮着我的喉咙This incident resulted in my involuntary hospitalization.这个事情导致了我被强制住院One of the reasons the doctors gave for hospitalizing me against my will was that I was ;gravely disabled.;其中一个理由我医生给的强制住院的理由是,我严重生活不自理To support this view, they wrote in my chart that I was unable to do my Yale Law School homework.为了持这个说法,它们在我的档案里写说我不能完成我耶鲁法学院的作业。I wondered what that meant about much of the rest of New Haven.我不知道这对其他的纽黑文的人意味着什么During the next year, I would spend five months in a psychiatric hospital.在第二年,我又在医院里待了五个月At times, I spent up to 20 hours in mechanical restraints,有时候,我会再机械限制中度过20小时,arms tied, arms and legs tied down, arms and legs tied down with a net tied tightly across my chest.手被捆这,手和脚被紧紧的捆着,手和脚被捆着,而且胸前还有一个网子绑着I never struck anyone.我没有打任何人I never harmed anyone. I never made any direct threats.我没有害任何人,我没有直接威胁任何人If youve never been restrained yourself, you may have a benign image of the experience.如果你没有被限制过,你可能对这个经历有个不差的印象Theres nothing benign about it.但是其实糟透了Every week in the ed States, its been estimated that one to three people die in restraints.再美国,每周都有一到三个人死于这种限制They strangle, they aspirate their vomit, they suffocate, they have a heart attack.他们被缧,吸着自己的呕吐物,他们被窒息,他们心脏病发作Its unclear whether using mechanical restraints is actually saving lives or costing lives.不知道这种机械限制是在救人还是害人While I was preparing to write my student note for the Yale Law Journal on mechanical restraints,当我在耶鲁法学院刊物上给学生准备关于机械限制的讲义时,I consulted an eminent law professor who was also a psychiatrist,我咨询了一位知名的法学教授和精神病学家and said surely he would agree that restraints must be degrading, painful and frightening.并向他肯定了这种限制是伤人自尊,痛苦和可怕的He looked at me in a knowing way, and said, ;Elyn, you dont really understand: Elyn他理解的看着我,说你还是不明白:These people are psychotic.这些人又精神病。Theyre different from me and you.他们和你和我都不一样They wouldnt experience restraints as we would.;他们不会像你我一样经历限制。I didnt have the courage to tell him in that moment that, no, were not that different from him.我当时没有勇气告诉他,不,我们和你并没有什么不同We dont like to be strapped down to a bed and left to suffer for hours any more than he would.我们不喜欢被捆绑在床上,跟他一样不喜欢在那里受苦In fact, until very recently, and Im sure some people still hold it as a view,事实上,最近我肯定现在还是有人觉得that restraints help psychiatric patients feel safe.这些限制能帮助病人感到安全Ive never met a psychiatric patient who agreed with that view.我从来没有遇到过一个精神病同意这种说法Today, Id like to say Im very pro-psychiatry but very anti-force.今天,我非常赞成心理治疗,但是非常反对强制型治疗I dont think force is effective as treatment,我觉得强迫没有效果,and I think using force is a terrible thing to do to another person with a terrible illness.而且对一个有严重精神病的人实施强制手段是很可怕的Eventually, I came to Los Angeles to teach at the University of Southern California Law School.最终,我来到了洛杉矶,在南加州法学院教书201603/433024大邑县中医院做孕检多少钱 Happy International Womens Day! I join you in celebrating the extraordinary achievements of women in Australia and around the world. Critical to any economy and society is ensuring that the ingenuity, the wisdom and the talents of all our people are used, to their full potential, in our schools, in our workplaces and in the innovative industries of the future. Women hold up half of the sky, they are half of our community. They must be as empowered as every other citizen, as every other person, ensuring that the power of women is engaged their rich human capital, increasing their participation in the workforce. All of these is critical to securing the economic future of any nation. And it is vital that women have financial security and physical security that they can live free from violence. This International Womens Day, UN Women Australia is focusing on the need to eliminate violence against women and girls. One in three women will experience violence in their lifetime. This is utterly unacceptable. It has to stop. And we need significant cultural change. We have to recognize that at the heart of violence against women and girls is disrespect of women. Not all disrespect of women leads to violence, but that is where all violence begins. So, at the heart of this cultural change is respect for women, equality of opportunity. By working together, we can ensure women have the opportunity to contribute all of their talents and capabilities, have full financial and economic security, and live free from violence.201603/432134四川省肿瘤医院男科

新津县妇女医院在线咨询Then there was the tipping point It paid me 0 a month more than I was currently making. 然后是直接让我心动的他愿意在我现在的酬劳上 一个月多给我100美元Ill make it So I made the leap, but with a conscious commitment to myself. 于是我接受了我完成了跳跃 不过我向自己保I would do this for a maximum of five years then I would go get a real job and a real career. 我干这个最多五年然后我会找到真正的工作和职业Now I can honestly say I never had to go get that real job The career thing worked out okay. 现在来看 老实说 我再也不需要找什么真正工作了我的职业生涯非常顺利34 years later I have lived and traveled all over the world been to every major sporting event there is. 34年后 我到世界各地旅行和居住身临其境地观看每一项重要体育赛事Met and worked with some of the smartest, most creative people on the planet ive met with Presidents, Prime Ministers, and World Leaders. 同地球上最聪明 最具创造性的人们碰面 同他们一同工作我见过各国总统 首相 世界范围内的领袖And call some of the greatest athletes of our time close friends I have a pretty good gig to say the list. 同当今体坛最伟大的运动员称兄道弟要列名单的话 这会很长So here I am, celebrating with you here today and Im truly exited about that. 今天 我在这里同你们一同庆祝对此 我非常激动As I thought about how to approach this conversation many different ways crossed my mind. 准备这次演讲时我想到过很多思路But what I landed on was something that has served me well over my career Lets keep it simple. 但我最终打算讲对我职业生涯意义重大的东西简单点So what I want to do is ask and attempt to give some insights on 3 simple questions. 我想做的是提出三个简单问题 并给出我的个人理解First, what do you want to do? Second, what should you do?. 第一是 你想做什么第二是 你应该做什么201609/465558成都第二人民医院哪个好 3_11 need to wash up Excuse me a moment. 对不起,我离开一下. I’ll be right back. 我很快就回来. Please wait for me. 请等我. Nature’s calling. 我内急. I need to wash up. 我需要洗个手. I need to use the facilities. 我需要上洗手间. Where’s the bathroom? 厕所在哪里? Which way should I go? 我该往哪里走? Where can I find a restroom? 哪里有洗手间? /200706/14144成都省妇幼保健医院门诊官网

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