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我的周末计划 My Weekend Plan -- :: 来源: Dear Anna,亲爱的安娜:I’m going to have a busy weekend! On Saturday, I’m going visit my friends by car. Because I haven’t seen them a long time. Then, I’m going to the bookstore on foot. I’m going to lots of books there. On Sunday morning, I’m going to go a walk. Then, in the afternoon, I’m going to go shopping with my mother. Then, in the evening, we are going to watch TV together. That will be fun! What about you? What are you going to do on the weekend?我就要过一个忙绿的周末了!星期六的时候我会坐车去拜访我的朋友因为我已经很久没见他们了之后,我会走路去书店我打算在书店里看很多的书星期天早上,我打算去散散步然后,下午的时候我会和妈妈去买东西之后,我们晚上打算一起看电视那肯定很有趣!你呢?周末你打算做什么呢? Yours, Stella 斯特拉。

  • Let's Help Her 我们来帮她 --7 :30:6 来源: Let's Help Her 我们来帮她  Li Mei is a new comer to our class. She is short and thin. She looks quite and unhappy. And then we know her story.  Li Mei has no mother, and her father is ill in bed. She also has a 70-year-old grandmother. They are living a poor life.  As soon as we knew about it, we all quickly started to do something her. At first, Mr Ma, our English teacher, gave her 300 yuan. Then Gao Wen gave her some new clothes. At last, we decided that everyone will save 5 yuan her family every month. We often visit her father and help her do the housework. There is a smile on her face now.  李梅是刚到我班的新生她个子矮矮的,瘦瘦的,看起来寡言少语很不开心后来我们知道了她的经历  李梅没有母亲,她父亲因病卧床不起,家里还有七十岁的老奶奶他们的生活很艰苦  我们一知道这件事后便马上开始为她做些事,开始我们英语老师马老师给了她300元,后来高雯送了她一些新衣最后我们决定每人每月给她家节省5元钱我们常去看她爸爸,并帮她做些家务活现在她的脸上出现笑容了。
  • 《功夫经典英文电影台词 --7 :37: 来源: 《功夫经典英文电影台词1. 问君能有几多愁,恰似一江春水向东流All the sadness one can bearDown the river everywhere.  . 一曲肝肠断,天涯何处觅知音A song that wrenches the heartO, where do I find a knowing ear?  3. 警恶惩奸,维护世界和平这个任务就交给你了The duty of upholding world peace and punishing evil will be yours.  . 就算杀了一个我,还有千千万万个我You can kill me, but there’ll be thousands more of me. 5. 单挑啊We’ll go one-on-one.  6. 自己人啊We’re on the same side!  7. 我不入地狱,谁入地狱?You cannot escape your destiny!  8. 点解霎时间会没水呢?What happened to the water?  9. 有钱给钱,没钱收拾包袱,滚!Pay up or pack up!  . 记忆是痛苦的根源,你能不记得算是福气了Memories can be painful. To get may be a blessing.  . 还有王法吗?还有法律吗?Is there no justice? Is there no law?. 这是一个社会动荡,黑帮横行的年代,其中又以”斧头帮”最令人闻风丧胆.惟独一些连黑帮也没兴趣的贫困社区却可享有暂时的安宁.In a time of social unrest and disorder, the gangs have moved in to consolidate their power. The most feared of them all is the Axe Gang. Only in the poorest districts, which hold no interest the gangs, can people live in peace. . 后会有期 Till we meet again.  . 天下武功,无坚不破,唯快不破In the world of kungfu, speed defines the winner.  . 自古正邪不两立The good cannot coexist with the bad. 功夫 经典英文电影台词。
  • 《Titanic泰坦尼克号经典台词 -- 3::7 来源:kekenet 1.Outwardly, I was everything a well-brought up girl should be. Inside, I was screaming. 外表看,我是个教养良好的,骨子里,我很反叛..We’re the luckiest sons-of-*****es in the world. 我们是真***走运极了.(地道的美国国骂)3.there is nothing I couldn’t give you, there is nothing I would deny you, if you would not deny me. Open you’re heart to me. 如果你不违背我,你要什么我就能给你什么,你要什么都可以.把你 的心交给我吧..What the purpose of university is to find a suitable husband. 读大学的目的是找一个好丈夫.(好像有些片面,但比较真实)5.Remember, they love money, so just pretend like you own a goldmine and you’re in the club. 只要你装得很有钱的样子他们就会跟你套近乎6.All life is a game of luck. 生活本来就全靠运气7.I love waking up in the morning and not knowing what’s going to happen, or who I’m going to meet, where I’m going to wind up. 我喜欢早上起来时一切都是未知的,不知会遇见什么人,会有什么样的结局8.I figure life is a gift and I don’t intend on wasting it. You never know what hand you’re going to get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you. 我觉得生命是一份礼物,我不想浪费它,你不会知道下一手牌会是什么,要学会接受生活9.To make each day count. 要让每一天都有所值(※I like this one ).We’re women. Our choices are never easy. 我们是女人,我们的选择从来就不易.You jump, I jump. (another touching sentence).Will you give us a chance to live? 能不能给我们留一条生路?.God shall wipe away all the tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death. Neither shall there be sorrow or dying, neither shall there be any more pain, the mer world has passed away. 上帝擦去他们所有的眼泪.死亡不再有,也不再有悲伤和生死离别,不再有痛苦,因往事已矣..You’re going to get out of here. You’re going to go on and you’re going to make lots of babies and you’re going to watch them grow and you’re going to die an old, an old lady, warm in your bed. Not here. Not this night. Not like this. 你一定会脱险的,你要活下去,生很多孩子,看着他们长大.你会安享晚年,安息在温暖的床上,而不是今晚在这里,不是像这样的死去 经典台词 Titanic。
  • 我的英文老师(My English teacher) -- 1:1:19 来源: 我的英文老师(My English teacher)  hello! i’m he baoyi. we have three new teachers this term. but my favourite teacher is english teacher. who is she? yes, she’s linda.  do you want to know her? linda is very beautiful. look! she has a round face, two small black eyes, a straight nose, a big mouth and two small ears. her hair is very long. she is not tall and not short. she likes wearing a white dress. she looks like an angle. linda works very hard every day. and she is strict to us. but she is kind. her class is so much fun. really? yes. in class, she is our good teacher. after class, she is our good friend.  her favourite food is tofu. it ’s very very healthy. she is not only good at pingpong, but also good at singing. she likes talking with us. we all like her.。
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