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How To Be HappyThe best minds in science and academia weigh in on the mystery of happiness.Step 1: Be A Do-Gooder(做好事)Researchers caution against mistaking "pleasure" for "happiness. " Pleasure is based on external factors, and leaves one craving more, more, more. Happiness, however, is influenced less directly- even by putting off your own pleasure for the good of someone else. People who perform selfless acts of kindness, whether by volunteering for a shelter or just helping out a friend, raised their reported level of happiness.Step 2: Don't Sweat Decisions(快速下决定)The longer a choice is debated, the less happy the decider is with the outcome. Whether it's what to eat or where to live, first set your standards- the factors most important to you- then take the first option that meets them.Step 3: Spend Well(明智消费)If you're going to splurge, do it on an experience you'll remember, not goods or gadgets. Research indicates that people often regret purchasing an expensive ITEM, but tend NOT to regret money spent on "experiences" such as dining and travel.Step 4: Aim High- But Not That High(把目标定得高些,但别太高)Those at the pinnacle of financial success don't report significantly higher levels of happiness than the average Joe. Ask yourself if that overtime is REALLY worth it.Step 5: Be A Joiner(参加社团活动)Whether it's a church choir or street dance crew, being part of a defined community group raises happiness levels.Step 6: Stop Dwelling(别胡思乱想了)Leading psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky has found that the happiest people don't dwell on negative or ambiguous events. Furthermore, excessive introspection may sap your mental resources, making it harder for positive changes to occur. So turn off that Morrissey record and go outside.Step 7: Be Grateful(有感恩的心)Several professors and scholars in this field instruct students to keep a regular journal of what they're thankful for. The results indicate that gratitude reliably increases happiness. Who knew that those greeting cards urging us to "count our blessings" were right?Also known as:(How Do I Be Happy)Thanks for watching How To Be Happy For more how to s, expert advice, instructional tips, tricks, guides and tutorials on this subject, visit the topic Finding Happiness. Article/201105/136217

VideoJug presents you with some great tips on how to eliminate insomnia. Let VideoJug help you sleep with these great steps.本期视频汇将会告诉你如何消除失眠。Step 1: Establish a Schedule1.建立行程表Your body rests best when it gets into a regular sleep-wake cycle.只有在有规律的作息中身体才能得到最好的休息。Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day – even on weekends.试着每天固定时间躺下,然后早上在固定时间起床—周末也要坚持。Eventually your body will get better at “knowing” when it#39;s time to sleep and when it#39;s time to get up.最后你的身体会适应这个作息周期。Step 2: Follow a Routine2.日常事项Do the same things in the same order every night. Following a pre-bed ritual trains your brain and reminds you that sleep is coming soon.每个晚上都按照一定的顺序完成睡眠之前的事情。这样有助于训练你的大脑。Step 3: Things to Avoid3.不能做的事情Food creates energy, and big meals can trigger indigestion and heartburn – both of which can keep you up.食物是能量的来源,大餐能让你消化系统延长工作时间,并可能带来胃灼热,这两种情况都能使你无法正常入睡。Alcohol – even small amounts – can cause disruptive sleep and an early rise.酒精-哪怕是一小口-也能让你无法正常入睡,并且容易早醒。The nicotine in cigarettes is a potent drug that acts as a stimulant for some and can contribute to poor sleeping patterns.香烟中的尼古丁是一种能够引起人睡眠质量降低的成分。Caffeine – Of course not.咖啡因-这个就不用多说了。And while 30 minutes of exercise each day will help you sleep at night, make sure it#39;s at least three hours before bed.尽管每天锻炼30分钟有助于睡眠,但是要记住,睡前三小时内不要运动。Step 4: Setting the Stage for Sleep4.创造睡眠条件Keep your bedroom cool – but not cold – and as dark as possible. Fans, humidifiers and white-noise machines also help drown out little noises that could distract or wake you.保持卧室舒适—但不是冷,尽可能的黑,风扇,增湿机和任何产生白噪音的极其都有助于减少干扰睡眠的因素。Avoid doing any work or paying bills in your bed or bedroom. Those stresses can spill over into your mind when it#39;s time to sleep.避免在卧室和床上做任何工作或者算账,这种活动产生的压力容易使你在睡眠时间心烦意乱,无法安然。Step 5: Clear Your Mind5.心神合一Insomnia sufferers often complain that a flurry of thoughts enters their mind the minute their head hits the pillow. Instead, try some relaxation techniques. Focus on your breathing. Imagine your body floating in a pool of water. Let your arms and legs go limp. Begin counting sheep… one…two…three…失眠症患者经常抱怨说,在他们接触到枕头的瞬间脑海里涌进无数的想法。相反的,尝试一些放松的技巧,比如集中注意力在呼吸上,想象你的身体漂浮在水池中,让手脚变得柔软无力,开始数羊:一只,两只,三只……Thanks for watching How To Eliminate Insomnia谢谢收看本期“失眠症”节目。 /201208/195396

How do I handle the question, ;Why did you leave your last job;?如果面试官问你,“你为什么离开上一份工作呢?”你应该怎样应答呢?Why did you leave your last job? is another semi-tricky question that most interviewers ask and it#39;s a valid question for them to ask. They have a right to know why you did leave your last employer, or your last job. If you left your last employer on terms that weren#39;t the most positive, then downplay those issues and tell the interviewer that you left your last position because you were seeking a better opportunity. You#39;re not lying, that#39;s the absolute truth and hopefully the position for which you are now interviewing is that better opportunity. If you left your last employer on good terms, then there#39;s absolutely nothing that can get you into trouble with that answer. Once again, you can just put a positive spin on it and say I was looking for an opportunity that would allow me to stretch and grow even more than my last job provided for me.你为什么离开上一份工作?这是大部分面试官会问的陷阱式问题,他们问这个问题是正当的。他们有权知道你为何离开上一个雇主。如果你离开上一份工作是因为不太乐观的原因,把这些问题淡化,告诉面试官你是为了寻求更好的发展机会。你不是在撒谎,这绝对是事实,这说明你现在应聘的职位是更好的机会。如果你离开上份工作是因为正当理由,那么你面对这个问题就没有什么困难。再次强调,你还是要表述地更加积极乐观,说自己是为了寻找发展的机会,取得比上份工作更长足的进步。Thanks for watching How To Handle The Question ;Why Did You Leave Your Last Job; In Interviews.感谢收看“面试应答技巧:你为什么离开上一份工作?” Article/201210/203591

Learn how to take control of your life by effectively communicating with others. Confrontation doesn#39;t have to be unpleasant;it can be a vehicle in which you get to broadcast your feelings and thoughts to someone, if done properly.学习一下怎样更加有效地和别人沟通,掌控自己的生活。冲突不一定是不愉快的,如果方法得当,可以是你向别人表达自己的感受和想法的途径。Step 1: Confront The Issue1.直面问题Start off with showing empathy for the other person#39;s feelings. This shows them that you understand their point of view and you#39;re not trying to pick a fight. Then describe your unhappiness. This tells them why you need something to change. Finally,state exactly what you would like to see change in the other person#39;s behavior.首先对对方的感受表示同情。这表明你能够理解对方的想法,你并不想挑起争端。然后表达自己的不快。告诉他们为何你希望做出某种改变。最后,明确表示你希望对方的行为作出什么样的改变。Step 2: Communication Dos And Don#39;ts2.应该做什么,不应该做什么Don#39;t lose your temper. Keep your voice calm and maintain a pleasant but serious facial expression. Don#39;t accuse, judge or blame the other person; instead, focus on the problem you#39;re having. Use your body to communicate, too; stand or sit up tall and maintain eye contact. Use ;I; statements - for example, ;I#39;d like to have some more time to get y;, instead of ;You#39;re always rushing me;. Express ownership of your thoughts and feelings.不要发脾气。语气保持平静,面部表情愉快但是严肃。不要指控,争辩或谴责对方,集中讲述问题所在。同时使用身体语言来沟通,坐立姿势要挺直,保持眼神交流。说话的时候保持第一人称——例如,“我希望有更多准备时间”,而不是“你老是在催我”。表达自己的想法和感受。Step 3: Stay On Track3.不要跑题There are several ways the confrontation can get off track. Be sure to remain focused on the problem at hand. If you need to,keep repeating yourself until the other person gets what you#39;re requesting. This is called the broken record technique. If the content of the argument shifts, slow down and re-evaluate. The real problem may be something bigger than the immediate topic.有几种方法会导致对话跑题。确保集中在目前的问题。如果需要的话,不断重复自己的看法,直到对方了解了你的诉求。这叫做分解记录技巧。如果争论的内容出现偏差,慢下来,重新评估一下。真正的问题可能比目前的话题更加严重。Step 4: Just Say No4.直接说“不”Passive people commonly have trouble saying no. If you can#39;t say no, you#39;re not in charge of your life. Realize you do have a choice and if you say no, it doesn#39;t make you a bad person and the other person will accept it as your answer. Decide on your position before you speak and if you need some time to think about it, it#39;s OK to ask for more time. Finally, don#39;t apologize for saying no, remember, it#39;s your right to do so.消极的人通常不喜欢说“不”。如果你说不出口的话,你就不能掌控自己的生活。要意识到,你有选择权,你说“不”,并不意味着你是一个坏人,对方也不会认为这就是你的。说话之前坚定自己的立场,如果需要时间考虑的话,你可以要求更多时间。最后,不要因为说“不”而道歉,记住,你有权这样做。Thanks for watching How To Be Assertive.感谢收看“怎样更加果敢决断”视频节目。 Article/201302/227288

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