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四川重庆去斑价格重庆星辰医院光子脱毛手术多少钱四级作文范文:电视对人们沟通带来的影响 -- :3: 来源: 四级作文范文:电视对人们沟通带来的影响  【题目】  Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Television has destroyed communication among friends and family. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.  【范文】The Effects of Television on Communication  There is no doubt that television has greatly changed people’s lives. After its invention, it became an almost indispensable part of most households within the space of just a few years. Nowadays, many families have two or even three television sets so that every member of the family can watch what he wants whenever he wants. In my opinion, this has significantly reduced the amount of time that family and friends spend communicating with each other.  Bee the invention of television, people spent their leisure time in more active and social pursuits. They often played cards or other games, listened to the radio together or went out to see friends. But now television is widely available and it offers a variety of program choices that appeal to almost every interest. People no longer have to look to others entertainment. Also, television can be like a sedative. Studies have shown that watching a great deal of television makes people more passive. Finally, people are simply watching increasing amounts of television. And with two or three TV sets in the house, there is no need them to even watch it ttogether.  Although television has reduced the amount of time that family and friends spend together, it doesn’t have to be this way. People can make the choice to turn off the TV and do something more active. Or, if they really want to watch TV, they can find a thought-provoking program that they would all like to watch and discuss afterwards.重庆市隆鼻大概得多少钱 英语能力>英语作文>初二英语作文 My Favorite Festival 我最喜欢的节日中秋节 -- :33: 来源: My Favorite Festival 我最喜欢的节日中秋节The Mid-autumn Festivalwhich ison the th of the 8th lunar month is my favorite festival.农历八月十五的中秋节是我最喜欢的节日Families in China usually gather around on this day to celebrate it.On this day,we usually eat mooncakes and enjoy the glorious full moon,which is the reason why i likethe Mid-autumn Festival best .Moreover,we often buy mooncakes to our relatives.Anyway, the Mid-autumn Festival is a day of reunion .中国人们通常团聚一起庆祝这一节日这一天,我们通常会吃月饼,赏月,这就是我为什么最喜欢中秋节的原因另外,这一天我们经常会买月饼送给亲人总之,中秋节是一个团聚的日子I like the Mid-autmun Festival also because a legend .According to the legend,long time ago there was a beautiful girl called Chang'e ,and HouYi was her husband.They loved each other deeply.But one day,Chang'e ate the elixir of life by mistake,and then flied to the moon. That is the widely known story of The Goddess Chang's fly to the moon. It is said that people can see Chang'e in the moon at a full-moon night of the Mid-autumn Festival .我喜欢中秋的同时也是因为一个关于中秋节的传说据传,很久以前,有一位漂亮的姑娘叫嫦娥,她的丈夫叫后羿他们深爱这彼此但是有一天,嫦娥误食了不死药,飞向了月亮这就是广为人知的“嫦娥奔月”的故事据说,中秋月圆之夜,人们便可以在月亮上看到嫦娥英语专业四级 专四听力材料:Libyan Rebels’ National Transitional Council Recognised -- :33: 来源: 专四听力材料:Libyan Rebels’ National Transitional CouncilRecognised  You’re listening to the World News from the B in London.  Western and Arab eign ministers have agreed to recognise the Libyan rebels’ National Transitional Council as the country’s legitimate governing authority. The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the rebel council had given important guarantees on transparency and democratic rem. Kim Ghattas reports from Washington.  西方和阿拉伯国家外交部长已经同意承认利比亚叛军国民过渡委员会为合法的执政机构美国国务卿希拉里?克林顿称,叛军委员会保透明执政,并进行民主改革Kim Ghattas从华盛顿报道发回  Most of the country’s political leaders agree that the debt ceiling must be raised and that this protracted debate is not good economic confidence. But after long hours of meetings and with various competing solutions on the table, a deal is still not in sight. Barack Obama said he wanted to see the logjam broken in the next couple of days and urged members of Congress to think in ambitious terms.  全国大多数政治领导人赞同必须提高债务上限,这场旷日持久的辩论不利于市场对经济的信心但是经过长时间的会议和不同解决方案之间的较量,协议仍然遥遥无期奥巴马称,他希望未来几天能够打破僵局,敦促国会成员从更长远的眼光考虑问题重庆附属医院祛眼袋手术多少钱

重庆脸上长毛怎么去掉Have any of you really listened to the language of this play?你们当中有谁真正领会剧中的语言呢?This is your best play yet,Will—the best of them all.威尔,这是你写的最好的剧本了—所有戏剧中最好的一部。Just listen to the language,the poetry!He stood up,and his great voice filled the room.听听剧中的语言,剧中的诗歌吧!他站起来,顿时整个房间回荡起他雄厚的嗓音。To be,or not to be—that is the question…活着还是死亡,这是问题……We sat and listened,silently,while that wonderful voice brought the words to life.我们默默地坐着,倾听那绝妙的声音将纸上的文字赋予了生命。Will watched him,smiling.He knew that Richard,like him,was in love with words.To die,to sleep.威尔望着他,会意地微笑着。他知道,只有理查能如他一样,深深地迷恋着语言的妙处。To sleep—perchance to dream.Ay,theer#39;s the rub.死亡,就是睡眠。For in that sleep of death what dreams may come睡眠—也许要做梦,这就麻烦了。When we have shuffled off this mortal coil我们一旦摆脱了尘世的牵缠,在死的睡眠里,还会做些什么梦呢?Must give us pause.一想到就不能不踌躇。Richard Burbage was right,of course.理查真的说对了。The people loved the play,they loved Burbage as Hamlet,they cried for poor Ophelia#39;s death,and they shouted for the murderer Claudius to die.观众迷上了这部悲剧,他们迷上了白贝芝扮演的哈姆雷特,他们为可怜的奥菲莉亚的死而哭泣,他们怒吼着让凶手克劳狄斯死去。I think it was Will#39;s most famous play.我认为这的确是威尔最负盛名的戏剧。 /201307/246397铜梁区哪里割双眼皮好 英语专业四级 年英语专业四级考试及 -- 19:50:37 来源: 年英语专业四级考试及SECTION A STATEMENTIn this section you will hear seven statements. At the end of each statement you will be given  seconds to answer the question.?1. Which is NOT true about the listener?A.He works hard.B.He drinks a lot.C.He smokes a lot.D.He is healthy.. How did the speaker feel when he heard the news?A.He was satisfied.B.He was annoyed.C.He was astonished.D.He was relieved.3. When does the next coach leave?A.At 9:.B.At 9:.C.At 9:.D.At 9:.下载地址:5369.doc重庆医科大学附属第二医院看病贵吗

重庆绣眉大概多少钱罗马不是一天建成的 英语能力>英语作文>初一英语作文 暑假英语日记每日一篇:我们的客人 -- ::36 来源: 暑假英语日记每日一篇Today my cousin Xiao Hua came to see us.I haven't see her since last Spring Festival.When she reached us it's about o'clock in the morning,she wore a beautiful white skirt,with a pair of glasses on her nose.She's taller and fatter than last time when i saw her.I spent the all day together with her.I showed her the new doll my father bought me,and we talked about all the funny things happened in the school.When it's about o'clock,Xiao Hua had to go,because there would be no bus later .I bought hera hairpin and said goodbye to her.I hope i will see her again soon.今天我的表小花来看我们了自从去年春节我就没见过她早上约点点时候,她来了我们家我穿着漂亮的白色裙子,鼻梁上架着一副眼镜她比我上次见她的时候高了,也胖了一整天我都和她在一起我给她看了爸爸新给我买的洋娃娃,我们一起谈论着学校里的有趣的事约点点时候,小花就要走了,因为再晚就没有车辆我给她买了一个发夹,并和她道别真希望很快又可以再见到她潼南区祛斑多少钱巴南区第二人民医院网上咨询




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