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重庆鼻翼整形哪家医院好綦江区妇幼保健医院做双眼皮多少钱威胁Dont try any tricks.不要耍花招。A:Dont try any tricks.不要耍花招。B:I wont.不会的。trick n. 诡计,花招Youd be very unwise not to agree with me.你不同意我,这是不明智的。A:Youd be very unwise not to agree with me.你不同意我,这是不明智的。B: Its not much wiser to agree with you either.同意你也不明智多少。unwise a. 明智的,愚笨的agree with sb.“同意某人的观点”Youll have to pay for that.我饶不了你。A: Ha-ha,youve been cheated.哈哈,你被骗了。B: Wait,youll have to pay for that.等着,我饶不了你。pay for“偿还”Ill sort you out sooner or later.我早晚要找你算账。A: Ive got no money now.我现在没钱。B: Well, what do you want to do with the money you owe me? Ill sort you out sooner or later.那你欠我的钱怎么办?我早晚要找你算账。sort out. 惩罚,打败”sooner or later“迟早”Behave yourself! Mind your behaviors!规矩点儿!A: Mom, may I play computer games for a while?妈妈,我玩一会儿电脑游戏好吗?B: Behave yourself! We have guests here.规矩点儿!我们有客人。Let me catch you at it again!别让我再看见你这么干!A: You mustnt jump into the park from wall. Let me catch you at it again!你不可以从墙上跳进公园。别让我再看见你这么干!B:I dare not do it again.我再也不敢了。Dont you dare!你敢!A: If you dare report it, Ill beat you.如果你敢去报告,我就揍你。B: Dont you dare!你敢!You wait!你等着瞧!A: Youll regret selling me out. You wait!你会为出卖我而后悔的。你等着瞧!B:Regret? Never!后悔?从来没有过!sell out“出卖,背叛” /201501/353617江北区人民第一医院祛除腋臭多少钱 1.惯用口语句子:A computer virus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer without permission or knowledge of the user.电脑病毒就是一个电脑程序,它能自我复制并在未经用户允许或者在用户毫不知情的情况下感染其计算机。virus n. 病毒program n. 程序infect v. 感染,使受影响permission n. 允许,许可knowledge n. 知道,了解,知识An E-mail virus travels as an attachment, and usually automatically mails itself to all the people in the victims E-mail address book.电子邮件病毒以附件形式传播,通常会自动群发给被感染用户邮箱通讯薄里的所有人。A virus must be attached to the E-mail to infect an executable program.病毒只能附在电子邮件上以感柒可执行性程序。attachment n. 附件automatically ad. 自动地victim n. 受害者attach v. 附加,附上executable a. 可执行的,实行的address book“通讯录”A Trojan horse is simply a computer program.木马病毒只是个计算机程序。This kind of program claims to do one thing ( it may claim to be a game ) , but instead does damage when you run it.这种程序宣称是用于某种用途(可能说自己是个游戏),但当你运行它的时候就会造成破坏。claim v. 宣称,声称damage n. amp; v. 损害,伤害Trojan horse“特洛伊木马”(亦指“木马病毒”)do damage“造成破坏”A worm is a small piece of software that uses computer networks and security holes to replicate itself.蠕虫病毒是一种小软件,它利用计算机网络和安全漏涓来进行自我复制。worm n. 虫,蠕虫software n. 软件network n. 网络security n. 安全,安全性replicate v. 复制How does a virus infect a computer?病毒是如何感染电脑的?Once attached to the host program, the viruses then look for other programs to ;infect;. In this way. the virus can sp quickly throughout a hard disk or an entire organization when it infects a LAN or a multi-user system.病毒程序一旦附加到一个主程序上,就开始寻找其他可以进行“感染”的程序。这样,病毒就能很快布满整个硬盘,如果病毒感染了一个局城网或者一个多用户系统,那么它就会在整个组织内进行扩散。host n. 主人,宿主hard disk“硬盘”LAN是local area network的缩写,指“局部区域网络”,简称“局域网”。The mode of attack varies.攻击的方式是各种各样的。So-called ;benign; viruses might simply display a message. Malignant viruses are designed to damage the system. The attack is to wipe out data. to delete flies. or to format the hard disk.所谓的“良性”病毒可能只是简单地显示一条消息。恶性病毒是被设计出来破坏系统的。常见的攻击方式是消除数据、删除文件或者格式化硬盘。mode n. 模式 vary v. 变化,呈多样化so-called a. 所谓的 benign a. 良性的malignant a. 恶意的,恶性的 delete v. 删除format v. 格式化wipe out“删除,清除”Viruses can have a devastating effect, disrupting productivity and doing billions of dollars in damages.病毒可以造成毁灭性的后果,还可以破坏生产力并造成数十亿美元的损失。devastating a. 毁灭性的,破坏性的effect n. 结果,效果,影响disrupt v. 破坏,扰乱,使中断productivity n. 生产力billion n. 十亿The virus made my computer crash and I lost three hours work.病毒使我的电脑死机了,我三个小时的工作白做了。crash n. amp; v. (电脑)死机three hours workthree hours of work.这两种说法都可以。There are four main types of viruses: shell, intrusive, operating system and source code.有四种类型的病毒程序:外壳型、入侵型、搡作系统型和源码型。shell n.壳intrusive a. 侵入的source n. 来源,根源code n. 代码,编码So far the Internet has become the main channel through which the computer viruses sp.迄今为止,因特网已成为电脑病毒传播的主要渠道。Viruses also sp through downloads on the Internet.病毒也通过网络下栽进行传播。channel n. 渠道,通道sp v. 传播(过去式、过去分词均为sp)download n. amp; v. 下载so far“迄今为止,到目前为止”Please tell me how to protect our computer against viruses.请告诉我怎样才能使我们的电脑免受病毒的攻击。To help avoid viruses. you should keep your computer current with the latest updates and anti-virus tools, stay informed about recent threats. and follow a few basic rules when you surf the Internet. download files and open attachments.为了有助于避免染上病毒,你应该将你的计算机随时更新,并装备最新的杀毒工具,你要知晓最近的病毒威胁,还有在上网冲浪、下栽文件和打开附件的时候要遵循一些基本规则。avoid v. 避开,避免current a. 现时的,当前的update n. amp; v. 更新tool n. 工具stay v. 保持informed a. 知晓的,消息灵通的threat n. 威胁,恐吓surf v. 冲浪protect sb./sth. against...表示“保护某人或某物免受(…)侵害”anti-virus意思是“防病毒的”,其中“anti”是表示否定的前缀。You may try Kaspersky anti-virus software.你可以试试卡巴斯基杀毒软件。How to remove this type of virus?怎么杀/清除这种病毒?What anti-virus software have you tried?你试过什么杀毒软件?remove v. 清除,去除 /201506/379009本期内容:What turns a stranger or acquaintance into a friend? Do you know right away if you are going to like someone?是什么使陌生人或熟人成为朋友呢?如果你喜欢某人你是否立刻就知道呢?Some people think that any stranger can become a friend if they spend enough time together.一些人认为只要有足够的时间相处,那么任何陌生人都能成为朋友。That may be true for some people.对于一些人来说可能是这样的。But one thing most of us agree on is that true friendships seem to happen when people have something in common.但我们大多数人都一致认为当人们之间有共同点时才会存在真正的友谊.Perhaps we see a part of ourselves in our friends. Maybe seeing the good in them helps us to see the good in us as well.也许我们在朋友的身上看到了自己的影子。看到他们的优点或许也能帮助我们了解自身的长处。单词及实用短语:1. acquaintance 相识; 相识的人,熟人2. agree on 在……一致同意3. have something in common 在某方面有共同点关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖! /201609/468035重庆面部激光脱毛效果

沙坪坝区去除鱼尾纹多少钱9. Complaining about a Late Bus (1) 9.抱怨晚点的公交车(1)A: This bus is taking so long!A:这班公交花了这么长时间!B: Youre right. Its running late.B:你说的对。它晚点了。A: It was supposed to be here thirty minutes ago.A:应该在30分钟前到达这里。B: Just be a little more patient. Im sure itll arrive any minute now.B:再耐心一点吧。我确定它马上就到了。A: Were going to be so late, all because of this late bus.A:我们要迟到很多,都是因为这班晚点的公交。B: The buses usually come on time.B:公交通常都会准时。A: They should always be on time. Dont they know people depend on their swiftness?A:他们应该总是准时。难道他们不知道人们指望他们的敏捷吗?B: Just wait a little longer.B:再稍等一会。A: Im tired of waiting. This bus is never going to come.A:我等够了。这班公交可能再也不会来了。B: Complaining is not helping the situation.B:抱怨并不能对现在的处境有帮助。A: I have every right to be complaining!A:我有抱怨的权利!B: Suit yourself then. B:那你随便。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201604/437029涪陵区人民医院专家门诊 讲解文本:bummer 不愉快的经历,失望what a bummer 真倒霉啊!Its a real bummer that we have to cancel the trip.我们不得不取消旅行的计划了,真扫兴。What a bummer! I lost my new phone, I just bought it last week.我的新手机掉了,真倒霉!上星期才买的呢。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201608/458787重庆市什么地方有除痣的

西南医院减肥手术多少钱34.You added up wrong你计算有错误Useful Expressions常用语句1.I think there is a mistake on the bill.我认为这张账单有错误。2.I didnt order this here.这个我没有点过。3.Is this total correct?这个总数对吗?4.Is the service charge and tax included in this bill?务费和税金包含在账单上吗?5.Will you give us separate checks?请你给我们分别结账好吗?6.I suppose Ive got the wrong change.我想我是把零钱找错了。7.May I have a receipt?请给我收据好吗?8.Do you accept credit card?你们接受信用卡吗?9.Could you check the bill again?请你把账单再核对一下好吗?Practical Conversation实用会话A:Will you bring our bill,please?请把账单拿来好吗?B:Yes,certainly.Ill be back in a minute.是的,当然,我马上就回来。B:Here you are.这就是。A:Thanks.Let me see.I think theres a mistake on the bill here.Would you mind checking,please?谢谢,让我看一下,我认为账单这里有错误,请你检查一下好吗?B:Of course,not.Let me check.Oh,you seem bo be correct.当然,不,让我核对一下,啊,你好像是对的。A:How about tax and service charge?税金和务费怎样算的呢?B:Only ten percent tax is included in the bill.账单内包括10%的税金。A:Then one hundred U.S. dollars covers everything,doesnt it?那么100元美金包括一切,够吗?B:It sure does.够了。 /201502/355463 重庆星辰整形医院看效果怎么样重庆光子嫩肤手术要多少钱哪家医院好



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