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重庆隆鼻手术价格Tony Starks’ Iron Man suit may be something out of comic books, but Chinese businessman Yang Zongfu has built something in real life, out of iron-clad steel, that is just as effective, albeit not as form-fitting. According to Shanghai Daily, the entrepreneur created a modern day version of Noah’s Ark: a steel spherical capsule which can withstand nuclear radiation and 1700 degrees of heat. It can also keep humans inside safely, no matter what the elements — it has even kept raw eggs intact on several tests.托尼·斯塔克斯的钢铁侠套装可能是漫画书中才有的,但是中国商人杨宗富已经在现实生活中建成了一个真实版的钢铁工具,虽然钢质外壳不太合身,但功能很好。据上海日报报道,这名中国企业家建造了一个现代版本的诺亚方舟:一个能够防止核辐射和1700摄氏度高温的钢质球形太空舱。在任何情况下它都能保内部的人员安全,它的圆形甚至能经历几个测试而保持完好。Reports say that the capsule can safely sustain a family of three for two weeks with stored food and water, and can even float on water in the event of a flood. This was all demonstrated by Yang Zongfu himself, in a stunt that looks a bit like zorbing down a big hill, but in a sphere of steel消息说,这个太空舱储存的食物和水可以维持一个家庭三两周的生活,甚至可以在发生洪水时浮在水面上。所有这些功能都由杨宗富一个人进行了演示,看起来像是进行悠波球一样壮观,只不过这次的工具是个钢的球。However, the Chinese aren’t the only ones with balls of steel; a Japanese company also has a version of “Noah’s Ark,” available for 00 USD, according to Treehugger. And with a recent history of tsunami and nuclear accident in that country, you can never been too prepared. In fact, people are aly making orders.然而,中国不是唯一制造诺亚方舟的国家,根据TreeHugger媒体的消息,日本一家公司也有一个版本的诺亚方舟,而且明码标价3,900美元进行出售。这在一个发生过海啸和原子弹爆炸事件的国家来讲,怎么准备都不为过,所以已经有人下了订单。 /201208/196992重庆星辰医院-整形美容中心怎么样Generational differences and the economy are shifting more responsibilities for children from their parents to grandparents, according to a new survey.根据一项新研究,隔代差异和经济形势将更多抚养孩子的责任从父母身上转移到了祖父母身上。More than one-third of grandparents aged 50 and older contribute financially to their grandchildren#39;s#39; upbringing, and 11 percent have a grandchild living with them, the poll by AARP, the lobbying group for 36 million older US citizens, showed.美国退休人员协会的调查显示,50岁以上的祖父母有超过三分之一为孙子女的培养提供经济持,11%的人让孙子女和自己住在一起。美国退休协会是一个针对3600万美国老年公民的游说组织。Forty percent of people who responded to the telephone survey, whose average age was 69, reported spending more than 0 on grandchildren over the past year beyond traditional gifts. Education costs accounted for 53 percent, daily expenses for 37 percent and medical and dental costs for 23 percent.电话调查的应答者有40%报告说,他们去年除了传统礼物外,给孙子女花的钱在500美元以上。其中教育费用占53%,日常开占37%,医疗和看牙花费占23%。这些被调查者的平均年龄为69岁。Sixteen percent provided daycare for grandchildren.16%的祖父母在白天照看孙子女。;They are the safety net for American families, helping to pay for practical expenses and necessities,; said Amy Goyer, AARP#39;s multigenerational and family issues expert.美国退休人员协会的多代家庭问题专家艾米#8226;戈伊尔说:“他们是美国家庭的安全网,帮忙付实际生活中的费用和必需品。”;We see many providing daycare services, while growing numbers even have grandchildren living with them,; she said, referring to the 16 percent who watch their grandchildren while the parents are at work or school.戈伊尔提到有16%的祖父母在子女工作或求学期间帮助照看孙子女,她说:“我们看到许多祖父母在白天照看孩子,越来越多的人甚至让孙子女和自己住在一起。”Overall nearly 90 percent of the 1,904 grandparents questioned said they play a very or somewhat important role in their grandchildren#39;s lives, and about 70 percent live within 50 miles of the closest one.总体而言,接受调查的1904名祖父母中,有近90%称自己在孙子女的生活中扮演着非常或比较重要的角色,约70%的祖父母住在离孙子女50英里的范围内。The poll conducted by Woelfel Research Inc. also showed that grandparents were increasingly keyed in to the younger generation#39;s life issues and preferred ways of communicating.沃菲尔调查机构开展的这一调查还显示,祖父母们越来越多地去适应年轻一代的生活问题和他们喜欢的交流方式。More than one-third connect with their grandchildren via email, Skype or text messaging, while half said they routinely discuss topics ranging from values and spirituality to drug and alcohol use.超过三分之一的祖父母通过电子邮件、网络电话Skype或短信和孙子女联系,半数祖父母称他们惯常和孙子女讨论从价值观、精神生活到吸毒酗酒等各种话题。Nearly 40 percent said they had discussed dating or sex with at least one grandchild. About 60 percent said they spoke with their grandchildren at least once a week.近40%的祖父母称,他们和至少一个孙儿讨论过约会或性。约60%称他们每周至少和孙子女交谈一次。Most of the grandparents said they had five or more grandchildren, while one-fourth said they have grandchildren of a different race, mixed race or different ethnicity.大多数祖父母称他们有五个以上的孙子女,四分之一的祖父母说他们有不同种族、血统或混血的孙子女。 /201203/176091北碚区双眼皮多少钱

重庆减肥医院垫江县中医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱For wealthy Chinese, a big overseas life-insurance policy might be the ultimate security blanket.对于中国有钱人来说,最让他们感到安全的可能是一张海外巨额人寿保单。Worried that their hard-won fortunes could evaporate in a downturn or be wiped away by an arbitrary act of government, Chinese businesspeople have begun to embrace insurance. A slowing economy has boosted their newfound appreciation.中国商人担心辛苦赚到的资产在经济下行周期中蒸发,或是被政府的有形之手掳去。经济放缓的事实,也使得他们对保险更感兴趣。#39;I have come across some high-net-worth people who wanted to buy as much as 0 million worth of life insurance,#39; said Harrison Ho, head of wealth management at Nomura in Hong Kong.The more common policy size for mainland Chinese high-net-worth clients is million″still large by insurance standards in the rest of the world. The megapolicies are so big that insurance companies band together to reduce their risks, according to insurance brokers in Hong Kong.野村券香港私人部董事总经理何乐生说,他曾经遇到过一些大陆高净值人士想要买价值高达一亿美元的人寿保险。有香港保险经纪称,中国高净值人士更常见的保单金额是1000万美元,按照世界上其他国家的标准,这也是很高的金额。这些保单价值高到保险公司都不愿一家承担,要分到几家以分散风险。While large life-insurance policies can be expensive and offer modest returns, they fill the financial needs of some wealthy Chinese. They act as a conservative investment to offset riskier ones and they can be an effective way to get cash offshore, while at the same time performing their base function of providing for a family if the policy holder dies.高额保险不仅贵,提供的回报也不高,但对富有的中国人来说,它具有特定的功能。作为一种保守的投资,其能够帮助他们平衡高风险的投资,也不失为把现金转移到海外的一种有效办法,同时又具有投保人过世后给家人提供保障的基本作用。For Chinese business owners, there are additional reasons why these policies can make sense. Their businesses often carry lots of debt, and lately they have been struggling with the combination of rising input costs and sluggish overseas demand. If a company fails, owners could be on the hook, but life insurance is protected if companies are liquidated. That#39;s a real possibility in some highly competitive industries. After the Wenzhou debt crisis erupted in 2011, about 30 businessmen fled the country and another one committed suicide.对于中国商人来说,还有其他原因使这些高额保险有它的用武之地。他们的生意往往有很多债务,近来很多老板受要素成本上升和海外需求疲软的困扰。如果公司倒闭,企业主会有麻烦,但就算公司被清盘,他们的人寿保险还是不受影响。这种情况在中国部分激烈竞争的行业相当普遍。2011年温州债务纠纷发生后,大约有30个商人逃出中国,还有一人跳楼身亡。Another reason for wealthy Chinese to buy big insurance policies is their age. The average Chinese millionaire is just 39 years old, a full 15 years younger than the average millionaire in the ed States, according to Chinese research firm Hurun. That means they often have younger families, so big-ticket items such as education are yet to be paid.中国有钱人喜欢买高额保险还有一个原因是他们的年龄。据胡润的数据,中国百万富翁(以美元计算)的平均年龄只有39岁,比美国要小15岁。这意味着他们家庭成员的年纪还小,一些出大头比如子女的教育费用还需要付。There are good reasons to buy life insurance offshore in Hong Kong, where insurers have been hiring mainland agents to boost their business. Offshore policies offer an annual return up to 4%, compared with 2.5% in mainland China, where the government has in the past capped interest rates to protect the margins of insurers. That#39;s only slowly starting to change.在境外买保险有它的好处,香港的保险公司正在招募大陆背景的经纪人来提升销售。境外销售的保险产品的回报可以达到4%,而在中国大陆销售的产品的回报为2.5%。过去中国政府对保险产品的利率有上限,以保护保险公司的利润率,这种情况直到现在才慢慢发生转变。A study of two comparable life-insurance policies offered by AIA in China and Hong Kong shows that mainland customers pay 48% more in premiums for the same amount of insurance. If they surrender the policy after 20 years, mainland customers get 26% less cash than their Hong Kong peers.通过比较中国大陆和香港的友邦保险提供的两个类似保单可以看出,为了获得相同的保障金额,大陆的客户缴纳的保费要高出48%。如果在20年后退保,大陆的客户拿到的现金也比香港的要少26%。The two plans aren#39;t exactly the same, but insurance brokers and agents in both Hong Kong and mainland China say they are similar. AIA stated that because the insurance coverage under these products is different and they are written in different currencies, they are not directly comparable.这两张保单并非完全一样,但在中国大陆和香港的多位保险经纪和顾问认为,它们具有比较价值。友邦保险则认为,这两种保险产品有所不同,它们的货币单位也不一样,所以没有办法直接拿来做比较。One reason for the difference is that insurance companies get low returns in China, so they can pass on less to consumers. Another is China is a riskier place to offer life insurance because of less-than-healthy lifestyles, pollution and food scares, which are reflected in premiums. In fact, margins in the two markets are not that different, according to Kevin Strain, president of Canadian insurer Sunlife Financial Asia.产生如此巨大差别的一个原因可能是保险公司在中国大陆获得的投资回报更低,所以他们也没办法给客户太高的回报。还有一个原因是中国大陆对保险公司来说是个高风险的市场,因为中国人的生活方式不算太健康,还有空气污染和食物中毒等各种因素,所以有必要提高保费。其实对保险公司来说,香港和大陆的利润率是差不多的,加拿大永明金融亚洲总裁Kevin Strain说。Another reason to buy insurance overseas is that it is easier to borrow against the policies offshore, which flatters returns. Using their policy as collateral, buyers can borrow at a rate of about 2% from private banks in Hong Kong and get returns of 4% a year from the policy.还有一个在海外买保险的理由是,更容易以保单作抵押借便宜的钱,这对提高回报是有好处的。在香港,买家可以以一年2%的成本从私人借到钱,而投资在保单上可以获得一年4%的回报。For those who want to pay in full, they can also borrow against their policy and invest in higher-yielding products. Banks are willing to lend cheaply against insurance policies, which have cash value and are more liquid than properties. The strategy is less attractive when interest rates are higher.那些全款买保险的人,也可以把保单做抵押,再借出钱来,买一些高息产品。一般比较乐意接受保单为抵押品,因为它们有现金价值,比房产等流动性强。不过利率上升后,这种策略就没有那么大吸引力了。Buying policies offshore also has its catches. Some medical plans don#39;t cover mainland China. Currency movement is another risk. For those big policies, a medical examination is mandatory. Few Chinese businesspeople pass physical tests without any red flags such as high cholesterol levels, insurance brokers say. Chinese businesspeople often pay 7% to 10% more than people in Singapore or Taiwan, brokers said.在海外买保险也有其问题。比如有些医疗计划并不包括中国,汇率波动也是一个风险。对于高额保险来说,体检是必需的。保险经纪说,中国有钱人很少能够没有任何问题地通过体检,常见的毛病包括胆固醇偏高之类。中国商人往往要比新加坡和台湾的投保人多给出7%到10%的保费以弥补他们身体的缺陷。But Chinese buyers often have age on their side. The same million policy is a lot cheaper to buy at age 35 than it is for 50-year-olds.但中国买家的优势在于年轻。同样一份100万美元保额的保险,在35岁的时候买要比在50岁的时候买便宜得多。One life insurance benefit that drives sales in the U.S. is the strategy of using the tax-free proceeds from the policy to pay estate taxes. China currently doesn#39;t have an estate tax, but the country is mulling one, so it isn#39;t a bad idea to plan early. While jumbo insurance policies won#39;t offer exciting returns, richer Chinese have unique reasons to like them now.在美国,人寿保险卖得好的一个原因是财产继承人可以用免税的保险金来付遗产税。中国目前没有遗产税,但正在酝酿这个新税种,所以早点计划起来并非坏事。高额人寿保险不会带来让人惊喜的收入,但有钱的中国人有理由现在就开始喜欢它们。 /201305/242251Trajan becomes Roman Emperor98 – Trajan becomes Roman Emperor after the death of Nerva.历史上的今天-图拉真成为罗马皇帝98年的今天,图拉真在涅尔瓦死后成为罗马帝王。Execution Yue Fei1142 – Execution, believed wrongful, of noted Song Dynasty General Yue Fei历史上的今天-岳飞处死1142年的今天,宋代名将岳飞以莫须有处死。 Mozart was born1756- composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria.历史上的今天-莫扎特诞辰1756年的今天,作曲家沃尔夫冈.阿马德乌斯.莫扎特出生于奥地利萨尔斯堡。Porfirio Lobo Sosa become President2010 – The 2009 Honduran constitutional crisis ends when Porfirio Lobo Sosa becomes the new President of Honduras历史上的今天-波菲里奥#8226;洛沃#8226;索萨成为总统2010年的今天,波菲里奥#8226;洛沃#8226;索萨成为洪都拉斯新总统,2009年洪都拉斯宪法危机结束。 /201101/124541江津区中心医院打玻尿酸多少钱川北医学院附属医院整形

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