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Im curious,did you have a speech written?You were nominated.我很好奇 你提前做发言稿吗 显然你被提名了You lost to J.K.Simmons,did you have a speech y to go?你输给了JK.西蒙斯 你准备了发言稿了吗who by the way is a great,great actor those of us in the trade have been watching for many many years.顺便提一下 他是非常非常出色的演员 我们这一行很多人都看了很多年Hes always been great.This is just people catching up to how great hes been.他一直都很棒 这只是大家意识到他一直以来到底有多棒So he deserved every kind of accolade for that performance.他的表现 配得上那些荣誉I salute him.I think,you know,they drill it in.我向他致敬 我觉得 他们会反复练习you go to the nominee luncheons,and they say will you have 45 seconds and were not kidding.你去参加提名午宴 他们说你有45秒时间 我们不是开玩笑The music will start and Mic will drop.So,practice,dont wing it.音乐开始响 麦克风会下降 好好练习 别即兴发挥So,you kind feel like,well I better think of something.所以你想 我最好做好准备I cant say I spent the same six months Lady Gaga apparently spent preparing Julie Andrews.我不能说我花了6个月时间 好像嘎嘎 朱莉·安德鲁斯那样准备Which was amazing.Absolutely amazing,which was great.真是太棒了 真的很不错But,you know,you kind of think well,what would I say?但你会想 我该说什么呢And one of my partners called me and said,Have you seen the Vegas odds for your thing?我的一位搭档打给我说 你看到维加斯的赔率了吗And I said no.He said,youre not going to be talking.我说没有 他说你不会有机会发言的Thats a really good friend.I wouldnt worry about it.真是好朋友 要我我就不会担心Yeah,I ran into Paul,also one of the great filmmakers,on one of these things,said its terrific.I dont think its going to be your year.是啊 我碰到保罗 也是很棒的电影人 他们说那样真是太糟糕了 我觉得今年也不是你会获奖的时候201701/487184。

关键词:touch all bases 全面探讨问题短语释义:这幅图大家可能不是很明白,没关系,让我来为大家解释。棒球(baseball)有;美国国球;之称。这种球赛给英语创造了不少新词语,其中有一个是touch all bases(遍触各垒)。 棒球场设有四个垒(bases): 一垒(first base)、二垒(second base)、三垒(third base)、 本垒 (home base)。 球员击球之后,必须跑遍相隔颇远的一、二、三垒,回到本垒,也就是触到了所有垒之后,才可以取得一分。现在,人们就常常用touch all bases来比喻全面探讨某个问题,假如谈判双方完全谈不拢, 那么,我们可以说:They did not even get to first base(他们连第一垒都跑不到)。 也就是说 ,谈判一开始就触礁了。情景领悟:We need to touchall the bases before making a decision.在做出决定之前,我们必须权衡利弊。 可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园Click here gt;gt;gt;http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201208/196108。

网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:憎恨,厌恶I detest you.我恨你。一提到“恨”,可能很多人第一时间想到的都是;hate;,但是还有另外一个词,也有“憎恨,厌恶”的意思,detest。Detest:dislike intensely; feel antipathy oraversion towards【更多例句】I thoroughly detest writing letters to her.我很不乐意给她写信。She detests working.她厌恶工作。I detest those who deceive me.我厌恶那些欺骗我的。Some women detest this, some love it, and some hunger for it.某些女性憎恨它,某些爱它,还有某些对它如饥似渴。[本节目属] /201304/233799。

听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):The Bullshot just might be the most popular drink to ever come out of Detroit. In the 1950s, it was even more popular than the Last Word from the Detroit Athletic Club or the Hummer from the Bayview Yacht Club.“It was known as a ‘freak drink,’” Tammy Coxen of Tammy’s Tastings said of the Bullshot mixed drink. “It was something that really was supposed to freak a bartender out, maybe challenge them. So, celebrities loved it; this was a way they could establish themselves,” she explained. (For more, visit here.)This interesting concoction was first mixed up in 1952 at the Caucus Club in the Penobscot Building. The Caucus Club just reopened at its original site this month.What was so freaky about the Bullshot? The recipe includes Campbell’s Beef Broth.“The original recipe calls for it because the owner of the bar was friends with an advertising executive who had an account with Campbell’s. So there was a little bit of ‘co-marketing’ going on shall we say,” Coxen said.The reopened Caucus Club is serving the Bullshot, but it’s an updated version of the drink.It’s a lot like a bloody mary, but the beef broth stands in for tomato juice.For Cheers! we mixed a cold Bullshot, but it’s said that it can also be served warm in the winter.201705/510235。

特别声明改文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写。迷你对话A: Jane’s mother always wants her to marry a big shot.Jane的妈妈一直想让她嫁给有钱人。B: That is just wishful thinking. The cost of higher education has increased in recent years of faster than the cost of living. So she wants Jane’s brother to go on studying and earn his doctorate by means of it.那只是她的如意算盘。近年来,高等教育费用增长速度比生活费用增长快,所以她想通过这种方式让Jane的弟弟取得士学位。A: But it’s unfair for Jane.这对Jane太不公平了。对话精讲第一、 地道表达【核心短语】wishful thinking【解词释义】该短语源于奥地利心理学家兼精神病学家弗洛伊德(Fred)的精神分析。这一术语指“一个人对他所希望而难以实现的事物不理智的表达。”后来比喻“打如意算盘”“一厢情愿的想法”“痴心妄想”等意思。【持范例1】 I think her condition is improving but it may just be wishful thinking on my part.我认为她的情况正在改善, 但这也许是我一厢情愿的想法。【持范例2】Its wishful thinking to expect Phil to help you, hes a goldbrick.希望菲尔帮助你那是梦想,他是个懒汉。【持范例3】Without possessing the necessary skills, strategic intent is merely wishful thinking.如果不具备必要的技能,战略意图只是美好的愿望。【持范例4】Maybe it is only your wishful thinking to be close friends with him. After all, the time is too short for you to really know each other.或许这只是你的如意算盘和他成为密友。毕竟时间太短了,他们没法深入了解彼此。第二、 词海拾贝1. a big shot:大人物,具有影响力的人;要人;大亨He acts like a big shot, but he is just a small potato.他行事象个大人物,但实际上他却微不足道。John is a big shot in merchant banking.约翰是商业界的大亨。I saw him there acting like a big shot.我看见他在那儿,活象个大人物似的。2. by means of :用,依靠,借助By means of a clever trick, he made it disappear.他用了个巧妙的手法,把它变没了。We lifted the load by means of a crane.我们用起重机吊起重物。These ideas can be clarified by means of an example.可用一个实例来阐明这些概念。I got him back for you by means of the girl.我通过那个姑娘为你把他找了回来。第三、 句海拾贝1. Somebody go on doing something.某人继续做某事。【范例1】Unemployment is likely to go on rising this year.今年的失业人数可能会继续上升。【范例2】Tony had to push himself to go on doing such dull work.汤尼不得不驱策自己继续做这种单调无趣的事。2. Something is unfair for somebody.某事对某人来说不公平。【范例】It is unfair that he gets very little in reward for his hard work.他工作很辛苦,报酬却很少,这不公平。 /201307/245953。

Fidel Castro is dead. 菲德尔·卡斯特罗去世了。The infamous Cuban leader reigned for nearly half a century, longer than any other living national leader besides Queen Elizabeth the second. 这位声名狼藉的古巴领导人统治其国家近半个世纪,除了伊丽莎白女王二世,他是在位时间最长的领导人。He brought the Cold War to the West in 1959, and almost pushed the world to nuclear war. 1959年他将冷战带入西方,并将世界推向核战争。Castro controlled every part of Cubas existence, from the color of soldier uniforms to sending men to prison. 卡斯特罗控制着古巴的方方面面,从士兵制的颜色到把人送进监狱。Some people viewed him as a ruthless tyrant and dictator, others saw him as an impassioned revolutionist. 有些人认为他是一个残酷无情的暴君和独裁者,也有人视其为一个充满的革命家。Castro held a strong distrust of the ed States, and became a symbol of rebellion and defiance of American power. 卡斯特罗对美国有着强烈的不信任,他成为反叛并蔑视美国权力的象征。He was 90 years old when he passed.卡斯特罗享年90岁。译文属。201611/480498。

迷你对话:A: What does your friend Jim do?你的朋友吉姆是干什么的?B: He is a teacher, but he makes a little money on the side by repairing cars in his free time.他是一位教师,但是也在空闲时间修理汽车挣点钱。A: He can repair cares? I cannot believe it.他能修汽车?我真不敢相信。B: Believe me, he is the first-class.相信我,他修车技术是一流的。地道表达:on the side解词释义:side的本义是“侧面”。该习语直接翻译是“在侧面”,引申为“作为兼职”。持范例:1. He is a mechanic who buys and sells cars on the side.他是一个兼营买卖汽车的技工。2. Hes a teacher but he does some journalism on the side.他是教师,可还兼职做一些新闻工作。3. I also sell insurance on the side.我也兼职做拉保险。4. We told her that I do some handiwork on the side.我们告诉了她我兼职做些手工活。拓展讲解:on the side除了有“作为兼职”的意思,还有“暗地里,秘密地”的意思。持范例:1. Shes married but she has a lover on the side.她虽然已婚,但暗地里还有一个情人。2. Maybe he boozes on the side.也许他还暗地里酗酒。词海拾贝:1. makes money:挣钱He was a businessman, and therefore he always has an eye out for any opportunity to make money.他是商人,总见钱眼开。She scarcely makes enough money to make ends meet.她几乎挣不到足够的钱以维持开。联想记忆:make easy money:轻松挣钱,挣钱容易 make big money:挣大钱make a little money:挣一点钱 make more money:挣更多的钱2. in ones free time:在业余时间,在闲暇时间He usually employs himself in ing in his free time. 在空闲时间他通常忙于阅读。 He augments his wages by working in his free time.他在业余时间继续工作以增加工资收入。 /201301/218268。