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VirgoVirgo is a consummate wordsmith with a sharply observant eye, usually able to convey practical sense when it#39;s most needed. They point out details others miss, though they can get obsessed with trivia. They need to stand back to see the broad picture once in a while for best effect.处女座处女座的人一般追求完美,喜欢观察,能够在需要的时候提出有用的意见。 /201210/203030Wish: Libra (September 23-October 22)Libra is a southern constellation between Virgo and Scorpio. Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, which the sun enters during the autumnal equinox on or about September 23.The Goddess of Justice was the daughter of Zeus, while Poseidon was the younger brother of Zeus. In ancient times, human beings and gods coexisted in the world and were happy and harmonious. However, the Goddess of Justice and Poseidon admired and respected each other. The Goddess of Justice was persistent and enthusiastic, whereas Poseidon was complex and cold-blooded. Zeus had numerous wives and children but he only had one brother, who was created by his and Hera’s tears. Thus, Poseidon was loved by everyone in the heaven, but the Goddess of Justice was independent.Human beings were clever. They learned to construct buildings and pave roads. But they also created conflicts amongst themselves. Wars and crimes erupted everywhere and many gods returned back to heaven. Only the Goddess of Justice and Poseidon remained with humans.The Goddess of Justice did not lose the confidence towards human beings but believed someday they would be conscious of what they had done. But Poseidon felt disappointed and persuaded her to return to heaven. The Goddess refused and they quarreled for the first time. The Goddess despised him only as salt water creature, but Poseidon released the scandal of Zeus, that the Goddess was Zeus’ illegitimate daughter. She felt to be humiliated and found Zeus to have it out.Hera suggested a competition. Whoever made mankind peaceful first should apologize to the other. Hera liked Poseidon and envied the mother of the Goddess. She knew water was the source of life and could make people peaceful again.The arena was a square in heaven. When Poseidon distributed clear water, people felt comfortable and at ease with it. At this moment, the Goddess became a tree with red trunk, green leaves and golden olives. Everyone felt its peace and love. Poseidon smiled at Goddess and knew she had won.Poseidon and the Goddess restored their relationship. To commemorate the result, Zeus threw a balance on the sky and called it Libra.星座起源的美丽传说:天秤的心愿正义女神是宙斯的女儿,海神波塞冬是宙斯的弟弟。在极为遥远的年代,人类与神一起居住在地上,过着和平快乐的日子。而正义女神和波塞冬在长时间的相处中也产生了感情,他们彼此尊重,互相爱慕。正义女神有着男子一样的气质,坚毅而热情;波塞冬像海一样深邃,冰冷。宙斯有无数的妻子,因此也有数不清的儿女,而波塞冬是他唯一的兄弟,是他和天后赫拉用泪水造出来的。不仅宙斯和天后疼爱他,神殿里所有的神祗都视如掌上明珠。正义女神却十分独立,有自己的思想。人类很聪明,他们逐渐学会了建房子、铺道路,但与此同时也学会了勾心斗角和欺骗。战争和罪恶开始在人间蔓延,许多神无法忍受纷纷回到天上居住,只有正义女神和波塞冬留了下来。女神没有对人类绝望,她认为人类终有一天会觉悟,回到过去善良纯真的本性。但是波塞冬却对人类丧失了信心,他悲观的劝女神回到天上去。女神自然不听,于是两人生平第一次争吵。他们争执得很激烈,从人类的问题上不断升级,最后竟吵到了彼此的身世上。正义女神鄙夷波塞冬不过是一滩咸水,而波塞冬则抖落出宙斯的丑闻及女神私生的事实。正义女神受到极大的侮辱,找到父亲宙斯评理。天后赫拉建议两人比赛,看谁能更让人类感受和平,谁输了谁就向对方道歉。赫拉偏爱波塞冬,又嫉妒正义女神的母亲,她知道水是生命的源泉,一定会让人类感到和平。比赛的地点设在天庭的广场,由海神先开始。只见波塞冬朝墙上一挥,裂缝中就流出了非常美的水,晶莹剔透,让人看了以后感到无限的清凉与舒适。这时候正义女神变成了一棵树,这棵树有着红褐色的树干,苍翠的绿叶以及金色的橄榄,任何人看了都感受到爱与和平。波塞冬朝女神微笑着,他知道女神的心愿终于实现了。人类认识到和平的重要,女神与波塞冬和好如初,宙斯为了纪念这样的结果,把随身带的秤往天上一抛,就有今天的天秤座。 /201209/200695Did this woman really love her mummy or was she just interested in cashing his Social Security checks?她爱的究竟是这个化成干尸的男人?还是他社保账户里的钱?That question is one of many surrounding an investigation launched by Jackson, Mich. police after they discovered Charles Williams Zigler#39;s mummified remains inside the house of his alleged girlfriend, Linda Chase, 72, on July 6.72岁的琳达-蔡斯将其男友查尔斯-威廉姆斯-齐格勒的干尸放在家中,直至7月6日才由密歇根的杰克逊警方调查发现,而后这个“爱钱还是人”的问题就引发多方关注。Chase insisted to Michigan Live that, while she did cash Zigler#39;s Social Security checks after he died, she kept him around, not for his money, but for the pleasure of his company.Chase坚称,尽管她在男友齐格勒死后,仍从他的社保账户中取现金,但是她保存干尸的原因并不是为了那些钱,而是为了继续拥有男友的陪伴。Chase and police also disagree on the nature of the pair#39;s relationship. The cops say the two were boyfriend and girlfriend, but Chase insists they weren#39;t.蔡斯还和警方就他俩的关系产生分歧。警方认为他们是情侣,而蔡斯则予以否认。;It#39;s not that I#39;m heartless. It#39;s just that after so many bad things happen to you, I don#39;t know,; Chase told Michigan Live while wiping away tears. ;I didn#39;t want to be alone. He was the only guy who was ever nice to me.;“不是我心肠冷酷,可发生了这么多惨事,我自己完全理不清自己了。”蔡斯哭着告诉《密歇根时报》的记者,“我只是不想孤苦伶仃,而他是这么多年来唯一对我好的人。”Chase says Zigler died a few months ago, but Jackson Police spokesperson Chris Simpson told The Huffington Post that Zigler likely passed away around Christmas time in 2010.蔡斯告诉记者,齐格勒是几个月前去世的。而杰克逊警方发言人辛普森告诉《赫芬顿邮报》说,齐格勒的死亡时间可以追溯到2010年的圣诞节前后。No one disputes that Zigler, who was in his 60s, died of natural causes, but Simpson said his department is looking into charging Chase with financial fraud.60多岁的Zigler属于自然死亡,这点双方都没有异议。然而辛普森表示,有关部门正在调查,指控蔡斯涉嫌金融欺诈。The investigation is ongoing,; Simpson said. ;We#39;re talking with a local prosecutor and hopefully we can get some charges soon.;“调查仍在进行,”辛普森警官如是说,“我们正在和当地的检察官进行交涉,且我们相信很快就会向她发出起诉。”Simpson said police were called after Zigler#39;s family members hadn#39;t heard from him ;for a long period of time.;辛普森还补充说,警方是在Zigler的家人“长时间”失去他的联系后才向警方报案的。 /201207/190148

Fatter people are more likely to lose their memories and brain power quicker than those who are thinner, according to British research. 据英国某一研究,相比瘦子,胖子的和脑力下降得更快。 Those who are obese, and have other health problems such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, lose their memory and thinking skills almost a quarter faster, found researchers at University College London. 英国伦敦大学学院的一份研究表明,那些患有如高血压高胆固醇等健康问题的胖子和那些一般的胖子,比起瘦子来说,他们的和脑力下降速度要快四分之一。   Their study was based on almost 6,500 Whitehall civil servants, whose health was monitored between the ages of 50 and 60. 这份研究以将近6,500名年龄在50岁到60岁之间的白厅(英国)公务员的健康状况为研究对象。   They were weighed and measured, their blood pressure and cholesterol levels were taken, and they were also asked what medication they were taking. 研究人员对他们称了体重,做了测量,记录了他们的血压和胆固醇含量,同时还了解了他们目前在做哪些药物治疗。  In addition, they were asked to perform mental tests three times during the decade, which were used to assess memory and other cognitive skills. 此外,研究对象在这十年时间里还要参加三次智力测验,这些测验结果将作为评估记忆和其它认知技能的依据。    Of the 6,401 civil servants in the study, nine per cent (582) were obese. Of those, 350 were also classed as ;metabolically abnormal; - meaning they had two additional risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, were taking medication for either condition, or were diabetic. 在参与这项研究的6,401名国家公务员中,9%(即582人)是胖子。有350人的新陈代谢存在异常现象,这也意味着他们将面临双重危险,高血压和高胆固醇。他们需要用治疗高血压和高胆固醇的药物。除此以外还有糖尿病患者。  The researchers found the obese tended to lose their mental powers faster than their thinner colleagues, while those who also had additional conditions lost their memory and thinking skills fastest of all. 研究人员发现胖子比起他们的瘦子同事更容易失去大脑思考能力,而这个人群中最容易失忆和失去思考能力的是这些还有其它健康问题的胖子。    The latter group experienced a 22.5 percent faster decline on their cognitive test scores over the decade than those who were healthy. 比起健康的胖子,后一组研究对象(指还有其它健康问题的胖子)在过去的十年时间里在认知测试中得分下降高达22.5%。   Archana Singh-Manoux, of the Paris research institute Inserm, who contributed to the study, said their results indicated the idea that people could be obese but still healthy was flawed. 巴黎研究机构Inserm的辛格-曼诺(Archana Singh-Manoux)负责这项研究。他说,他们的研究结果表明胖子是健康的这一看法是站不脚的。   Shirley Cramer, chief executive of Alzheimer#39;s Research UK, said: ;We do not yet know why obesity and metabolic abnormality are linked to poorer brain performance, but with obesity levels on the rise, it will be important to delve a little deeper into this association. 英国老年痴呆症研究所的主管雪莉·克莱默(Shirley Cramer)说:;目前我们还不知道为什么肥胖与新陈代谢异常这两方面会和脑力衰弱有联系。但是随着肥胖程度的增加,进一步深入探究它们之间的关联将变得很重要。;   ;While the study itself focuses on cognitive decline, previous research suggests that a healthy diet, regular exercise, not smoking and controlling blood pressure and cholesterol in midlife can also help stave off dementia.; ;虽然这项研究本身关注的是认知能力的减弱,但先前的研究表明在中年时期,健康的饮食、定期锻炼、不吸烟、控制血压和胆固醇等有助于减缓痴呆症的产生。;( /201208/197053

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