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[社会]必胜客击败海底捞全聚德成中国最受欢迎餐厅 -- :1:9 来源:sohu 在中国烹饪协会和中国经济出版协会共同发布的中国餐饮行业品牌排行榜上,必胜客等餐厅名列餐饮品牌前名据悉,这些奖项评定经过企业申请、协会推荐、网上投票、专家意见和媒体意见等环节,历时四个月完成 其他排名还包括包括十大晚餐品牌、十大火锅品牌、十大快餐品牌、十大西餐品牌、十大清真食品品牌和十大小吃食品品牌等 China Cuisine Association and the Association of China Economic Press published the rankings of brands in China’s catering industry, with Pizza Hut leading the top catering brands. These awards were based on applications from the enterprises, recommendations by the association, online voting, expert opinions and media opinions, which took four months to complete. Other rankings announced included the top dinner brands, top hotpot brands, top fast food brands, top Western food brands, top Muslim food brands and top snack food brands. 以下是名列前茅的 个餐饮品牌名单 The following are the top catering brands in China. 第十位:真功夫 Top : ZKungfu 第九位:耶里夏丽 Top 9: Yershari 第八位:外婆家 Top 8: Grandma's Home 第七位:全聚德 Top 7: Quanjude 第六位:千喜鹤 Top 6: Qianxihe 第五位:肯德基 Top 5: KFC 第四位:豪享来 Top : Haoxianglai 第三位:海底捞 Top 3: Haidilao 第二位:东来顺 Top : Donglaishun 第一位:必胜客 Top 1: Pizza Hut English Source:China Daily高颜值“机器人女神”佳佳走红达沃斯 -- 18::00 来源:chinadaily You might do a double take when you see this particular robot - and if you did you would not be alone.看到这个特别的机器人时你可能一时反应不过来——如果是,不只你一个人这样Visitors to a recent exhibition in China were greeted by Jia Jia, a humanoid robot who is not only scarily lifelike, but intelligent and quick-witted too.在中国最近的一个展览上,参观者受到佳佳的欢迎,她是一个人形机器人,不仅外形非常逼真,而且聪明机敏The female robot has been called a 'robot goddess' by her hoards of online fans, and some who met her at a recent exhibition were taken aback by her lifelike appearance.这个女机器人被网上的粉丝称为“机器人女神”,一些在近期的展览会上看到她的人对其逼真的外形感到大吃一惊Jia Jia stood near the entrance of the exhibition hall that hosted this year's Summer Davos um in Tianjin, in a major port city in North China.今年届夏季达沃斯论坛在中国北方的一个主要港口城市天津举行,佳佳站在展览厅的入口处She was dressed in a traditional Chinese outfit, hairstyle, complete with a classic hairpin, and immediately caught the attention of passers-by.她身着传统的中国装,梳着传统的发型,头上还别着一个古典的发簪,一亮相立即引起了周围人的注意This life-like cyborg is the brain child of engineer Chen Xiaoping and his colleagues at the University of Science and Technology of China.这个栩栩如生的机器人是中国科技大学工程师陈小平及其同事们的智慧结晶Her 'brain', which is essentially a huge online database, is connected to a cloud computing platm that allows her to enhance her ability to process emotions and speech as new data is uploaded.佳佳的“大脑”本质上是一个巨大的在线数据库,该数据库连接到一个云计算平台,使她能够随着新数据的上传增强处理情绪、语音的能力Jia Jia can hold conversations with those who ask her questions and respond in less than a second.佳佳可以与那些向她提问的人对话,并在不到一秒的时间内作出反应Reports said she is also able to make micro-expressions and recognise the facial expressions of others.有报道称,她还能够做出细微的表情,并读取别人的面部表情She is thought to be one of a kind in China, although in the past few years there have been other similar 'smart' bots made by engineers.尽管在过去的几年里已有其他工程师设计出类似的“智能”机器人,佳佳被认为在中国是独一无二的According to reports, the Chinese are taking a great interest in robotic technologies, with China ing more than 5 percent of global industrial robot sales in - 6,000 of 8,000 s sold worldwide last year.据报道,中国人对机器人技术有着巨大的兴趣,年机器人在中国的销量占全球工业机器人销量的5%以上——即去年全球销量.8万台中的6.万台The Summer Davos um was established in and alternates between the cities of Tianjin and Dalian - in north-eastern China's Liaoning Province.首届夏季达沃斯论坛于年举办,之后在天津和大连两座城市轮流举行,后者位于中国东北的辽宁省'Don't come too close to me when you are taking a picture. It will make my face look fat,' Jia Jia said.佳佳说:“拍照时请不要太靠近我这会使我的脸看起来很胖”This group of researchers were also the masterminds behind the service robot 'Kejia' that took home first place at the RoboCup championship in .这组研究人员也是年机器人世界杯锦标赛的务型机器人冠军“可佳”的背后主创Kejia reached a historical mark 8,555 points by showing off its skills of neatly lining up drinks.可佳通过整齐地排列饮料展示其技能,创造了8555分的历史高分But Xiaoping's robot goddess doesn't seem like it will be used in any competitions. 但机器人佳佳看起来并不会用于任何比赛'We hope to develop the robot so it has deep learning abilities. We will add facial expression recognition and make it interact more deeply with people,' Xiaoping explained.小平解释说:“我们希望研发机器人,让它具备很强的学习能力我们将添加面部表情识别,使其与人进行更深入的互动”He also revealed that Jia Jia was 'priceless' and the team would not consider mass production, yet.他还透露,佳佳是“无价”的,团队还不会考虑大规模生产Vocabularydo a double take: 开始愣了一下,过一会儿才恍然大悟be taken aback: 惊讶,大吃一惊one of a kind: 独一无二的英文来源:每日邮报翻译:实习生朱善美编审:yaning奥巴马终于换掉黑莓手机,依旧让人抓狂 -- ::00 来源: 虽然花费了一段时间,但奥巴马总统终于换掉了他的黑莓手机然而奥巴马说,他现在使用的手机和小孩的玩具手机差不多 It took a while, but President Obama has finally gotten rid of his BlackBerry. However, he says he’s now using something akin to a child’s play phone.虽然花费了一段时间,但奥巴马总统终于换掉了他的黑莓手机然而奥巴马说,他现在使用的手机和小孩的玩具手机差不多Yes, that may well sound like an upgrade to some folks, but it seems much of the new phone’s functionality has been removed over security concerns.在一些人认为这意味着奥巴马的手机升级了,但是出于安全方面的考虑,新手机的一些功能被取消了It’s not clear which handset he’s now using, but in a recent appearance on the The Tonight Show, Obama joked about the conversation he had with his security aides when he was handed his new smartphone earlier this year.我们尚不清楚奥巴马现在用的是什么手机,但是最近在出席《今夜秀的时候,奥巴马拿今年早些时候得到新手机时与安全助理的对话开玩笑“I was the first president to have a BlackBerry, and so years passed and no one else has BlackBerrys,” Obama told Jimmy Fallon. “Then finally this year they said ‘Good news Mr. President, we’re going to give you a state-of-the-art smartphone instead of a BlackBerry.’ I thought, ‘Alright, this is cool. I’m excited, and I get the thing and they’re like, ‘Mr. President, security reasons, it doesn’t take pictures, you can’t text, the phone doesn’t work, you can’t play your music on it.’”“我是第一个使用黑莓手机的美国总统这么多年过去了,没有其他人使用黑莓手机,”奥巴马告诉吉米·法伦“今年,他们终于对我说‘总统先生,有一个好消息要告诉您您可以换掉黑莓手机,我们将给您一部最先进的智能手机’我想‘好啊,太棒了我很激动,我终于可以用和他们一样的手机了’但是,他们告诉我‘总统先生,出于安全原因,这部手机不能拍照,不能输入文字,不能对外通话,也不能播放音乐’”Much fuss was made about Obama being the first “high-tech president” when he entered office with his beloved BlackBerry in . At that time, the mobile device was still hugely popular, with the company, then called Research In Motion, enjoying more than 55 percentof the U.S. smartphone market.作为第一位“爱好高科技”的总统,奥巴马在年上任时得到了一部心爱的黑莓手机,这在当时引起一番轰动那时候,黑莓手机还很受欢迎,黑莓公司在美国智能手机市场的占有率超过55%Although iPhone and Android handsets grew rapidly in popularity after thanks to their touchscreens and extra functionality, Obama’s handlers decided to stick with the BlackBerry its more reliable security features, though even then the president’s phone was modified to make it even more secure. Then in the White House revealed it was testing Android phones’ security with a view to using them, while just a few months ago reports confirmed that many White House aides are aly using iPhones.年之后,苹果和安卓手机的触摸屏和额外功能迅速受到人们的青睐虽然总统的手机经过处理后更加安全,但是由于黑莓手机更可靠的安全特性,奥巴马的安保人员决定继续使用黑莓手机年,白宫透露正在监测使用安卓手机的安全性但是几个月之后的报告实,白宫的很多助理们已经在用苹果手机了As Obama, if he really is using a smartphone with barely any functionality, the good news is he only has a few months left in office. At which point he’ll be able to get any darn phone he likes.对奥巴马来说,如果真的要用一部几乎没有任何功能的智能手机,好消息是他还有几个月就要卸任了到那时候,奥巴马就能使用任何自己喜欢的手机了

手机控们:勤刷手机拇指会变大 --18 :8:51 来源: 依赖智能手机会在不知不觉中改变人的身姿人们的身体趋于弯曲,脖子往往非常僵硬这种情况还会扩散到手腕上 Unwittingly, dependence on smart phones make a person’s posture changes. Her body tends to bend and often stiff neck. This condition is also sping to the wrist.依赖智能手机会在不知不觉中改变人的身姿人们的身体趋于弯曲,脖子往往非常僵硬这种情况还会扩散到手腕上One of the ’trend’ recently researchers have realized is the thumb size of mobile phone fans. This fact was revealed in a survey conducted a phone manufacturer from the UK, O of the ,000 respondents.最近,研究者们意识到了一种趋势,那就是手机控们的拇指大小英国手机制造商O在对00名受访者调查之后揭示了这一事实According to research, the size of the thumb of people who spend a lot of time with her cell phone could be percent larger than the others, especially in the dominant hand is concerned.根据此项调查,花很多时间玩手机,拇指会比其他人大%,尤其是拿着手机的那只手This trend is most often seen in the mobile phone users aged 18-, and 1 in 8 people proved to have the magnification of the thumb as a result of constantly pressing the touch screen cell phone.这一趋势在18-岁的手机用户中间最为常见,并且每八个人中就有一个被实拇指由于经常压手机触摸屏而增大Not only that, more and more mobile phone users claim their little finger slightly curved the same reason. Total one-third of mobile users who recognize the physical changes due to the use of mobile phones.不仅如此,越来越多的手机用户称他们的小手指有点弯曲,原因是一样的共有三分之一的手机用户承认,由于使用手机,身体出现了一些变化How not, the same research reveal the average time each person spends on his cell phone two hours a day. 19 percent even claim could not live without a cell phone even if only a day.怎么不会呢,这项调查还显示,每个人每天平均花在手机上的时间是两个小时19%的手机用户甚至称他们没有手机的话一天也过不下去"The muscles of our thumbs are very complex and are located at the base of the thumb, but also connected with the wrist. So as a result of ’thumb swiping’ or slide the screen with your thumb can increase muscle strength, as well as its mass so that the thumb becomes increasingly bigger," explains therapist hands Nicola Goldsmith.“我们拇指的肌肉非常复杂,位于拇指底部,但是也连接着手腕,‘拇指敲击’或用拇指滑动屏幕可以增加肌肉强度,也会增加体积,所以拇指就会变得越来越大,”手部治疗学家尼古拉.戈德史密斯解释说But in such research is not stated whether this fact is alarming or vice versa. "Along with the development of technology, the enlarged thumb or pinkie bent will become the norm, especially the younger generation," added Goldsmith.但是,这项调查并没有说明这一事实是令人担忧还是无伤大雅“随着科技的进步,变大的拇指或弯曲的小手指就会成为常态,尤其对年轻一代来说,”戈德史密斯补充道Instead, an orthopedist, Dr. mudit Khanna said that in addition to the enlargement of muscle mass thumb actual m of disability, basically this can lead to injury.相反,整形外科医生穆迪特.康纳士说,这种肌肉体积增大的拇指其实是一种残疾,基本上这会导致拇指损伤"If the muscles are not y to be used continuously ’swiping’, then there is a repeated injury can affect flexibility and intense pain," he said as reported by the Times of India.“如果肌肉没有准备好用于持续‘点击’,那么就会再次造成损伤,可能会影响灵活性,引起剧烈的疼痛,”他在接受《印度时报采访时说Another danger that may arise from the use of mobile phones a long time is carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist and fingers, as well as arthritis and tendinitis.长时间使用手机可能产生的另外一项风险就是手腕和手指患上腕管综合征,以及关节炎或肌腱炎"It is not easy to separate someone from their phone. But be aware that putting a pause on the thumb on a regular basis in their favor," added Khanna.“把某些人和手机分开并不容易但是要意识到,经常定期让拇指休息一下对它们有好处,”康纳补充道

世界上那些让人尖叫不停的滑梯! -- :: 来源:sohu 谁说滑滑梯只是童年回忆,长大了我们玩儿法升级周末轻松一下,一起去惊声尖叫吧! 1.伦敦卖点:最长最高 英国公投脱欧了,欧盟说:别磨蹭,赶紧打包走人 不过,英国人民心还是蛮大的,他们说:来呀来呀,一起来玩儿吧!这里有全世界最高最长的滑梯 The world's tallest and longest tunnel slide opened to the public in London on June . 这座滑梯长约180米,高约80米,是在年伦敦奥林匹克公园里的奥运塔外修建的 The 8 meter-long slide is the latest intervention to the 1 meter-tall ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower which was built the Olympics. 这座塔当年被吐槽说:丑哭!另外,“安赛乐米塔尔轨道塔”,这么拗口名字一听就不会红啦!如今终于要咸鱼翻身了吧: Thrill seekers will get an adrenaline(肾上腺素) rush withthis newly-opened slide. It has a top speed of kilometers per hour, taking 0 seconds to go down. 全程不过0秒钟,票价有点儿贵:一张成人票英镑如果是你,去吗? Tickets the slide cost pound;, which include access to the Orbit's viewing platm. .洛杉矶卖点:高空透明 英国人民这么会玩儿,美国人也不甘示弱 上周末,他们紧随其后,推出了高空玻璃滑梯低头看,大地在你脚下! SkySlide, a glass slide suspended around 300 meters above downtown Los Angeles, opend on June 5. 和英国那个相比,美国人这个新滑梯不值一提,只有米长 不过人家胜在高啊,建在美国联邦大厦70层楼外你们看图体会一下 The -metre-long slide connects the 70th and 69th floors of the 7-storey US Bank Tower, the tallest building both in LA and in Calinia. 票价也不便宜一个成年人登上观景平台需要先付5元,坐滑梯再加8元,总计33元贵嘛? Tickets to get into SkySpace are adults. A ride on the SkySlide costs an extra . 3.广州卖点:全球最佳 炎炎夏日,不如清凉一下现在给大家推荐全球最佳的水上滑梯 不用去美国,不用去迪拜,就在广州,说走咱就走 The owners of Chimelong Water Park in Guangzhou are on a path to have the biggest, tallest, and best water rides in the world. And so far the Behemoth Bowl is the best. 玩过的小伙伴说,前面一段滑道冲下去略吓人,进入“大碗”之后感觉更奇妙,最后好像是被怪兽一口吞掉了似的 It is said to be the largest bowl water ride in the world, with a massive 18-meter-diameter. Water slide geeks call it a revolutionized water slide with its water injection system, patented corkscrew exit and central drop chute. 7月1日-8月31日,水上乐园成人门票为300元人和前两家相比,价格还算亲民 Tickets to the water park cost 300 yuan adults. .慕尼黑卖点:上学动力 看完了让你肾上腺素狂飙的那些滑梯,我们来个文艺小清新范儿的吧! 在德国慕尼黑工业大学的一栋教学楼内,有两座四层楼高的大滑梯 A pair of giant slides are located inside the Faculty Building Math and Computer Science of the Technical University of Munich. 不用走楼梯,不用等电梯,咻~~一转眼就到一楼啦 What a fun and quick way to get from the third floor to first. 感觉每天早晨起床上学都多了动力呢!据说就连校长和外来的访问学者们也忍不住一试价格嘛,当然是免费啦!FREE! They are sliding. By anyone in the building. Best. College. Ever. 5.各国城市卖点:大街上玩 什么才是夏日狂欢正确的打开方式?花车巡游,桑巴,痛饮啤酒? 一种新的玩法正在世界范围内流行开来——到大街上去溜水滑梯吧! 年,墨西哥第二大城市、哈利斯科州首府瓜达拉哈拉(Guadalajara)建起了一个长度超过百米的水滑梯,供市民消遣 年,英国布里斯托尔市一条繁华的陡坡大街也被改造成了水滑梯,吸引了众多市民的参与 除了图中的纽约之外,今年这种名为“Slide the City”的夏季狂欢还将在美国多个城市上演我们不得不赞一句:城会玩! 好啦,带你们看完那么多滑梯,你最想尝试哪一个? 不喜欢滑梯也不要紧,学生党可以告诉我们,你的暑假打算怎么过?职场汪可以告诉我们,你曾经的暑假是如何度过的?快来留言吧!

“公鸭嗓”成英国年轻女性新风尚 --9 :36:33 来源:中国日报 Females are adopting a croaky drawl known as lsquo;vocal fryrsquo; and showcased by the likes of many US celebrities including reality TV stars the Kardashian family.女性如今都爱拉长调子用沙哑的声音说话,俗称;气泡音;许多美国名人都这么说话,包括真人秀明星卡戴珊Their voices are also getting lower thanks to the linguistic phenomenon - perhaps reflecting the need to compete with men in the workplace.这一语言现象还让这些女性的声音变得更低沉,也许反映出在职场上和男性竞争的需要One cultural critic complained that it made young women sound like lsquo;ducks quackingrsquo;.一位文化家吐槽说这种风潮让年轻女孩的声音听起来像;鸭子嘎嘎叫;Paris Hilton and singers Britney Spears and Katy Perry are among other celebrities who pepper their speech with guttural growls and the style of speaking is becoming increasingly popular in the UK.帕丽斯bull;希尔顿、歌手布兰妮和凯蒂bull;佩里等名人在说话时都会时不时发出这种低沉的喉音,这种说话风格在英国正变得越来越流行Also known as creaky voice, it involves elongating certain syllables so that they vibrate at the back of the throat, creating a tapping sound like a stick running along a railing.这种声音也叫作;紧喉音;,发音时拉长特定音节,这样就会让喉咙深处发出颤音,产生一种像棍子一边移动一边敲击栏杆的哒哒声With vocal fry, the phrase lsquo;no wayrsquo; becomes lsquo;no waaaaaaayrsquo; and lsquo;whateverrsquo; turns into lsquo;whateverrrrrrrsquo;.用;气泡音;说话,短语no way(绝不)就变成了no waaaaaaay,whatever(无论什么)就变成了whateverrrrrrLouisiana State University researchers said that women think that lower voices make them seem more masculine and so better able to take on men in the workplace.路易斯安那州立大学的研究人员称,女性认为低沉的声音让她们听上去更阳刚,这样才能更好地在工作中与男性竞争However, while the vocal quirk hasnrsquo;t done Kim Kardashianrsquo;s career any harm, many believe it carries negative connotations.不过,虽然这种嘎嘎嗓没有给金bull;卡戴珊的事业造成任何损害,但许多人认为这种声音带有负面含义One study found that women with the speech pattern sound less competent and less employable.一项研究发现,这么说话的女性听起来能力较差,而且较不适宜被雇用The Society of Teachers of Speech and Drama has gone so far as to describe it as a speech impediment.演讲及戏剧教师协会甚至将其称作一种语言障碍Chairman Cally Foster said: lsquo;It seems extraordinary that, having fought hard the right to be heard, women risk not being listened to, or taken seriously, by adopting a speech impediment - one that is at best laughable, at worst vocally damaging.rsquo;该协会主席卡莉bull;福斯特说:;这看起来真让人匪夷所思女性费力争取了这么多年,就为了让自己的声音能被听到,而现在女性却时兴这种语言障碍,这将让女性面临得不到倾听或认真对待的风险这种语言障碍往最好的方面说就是可笑,往最差的方面说则会损害声带;看小编描述了半天,还是对这种;公鸭嗓;没有概念,那就一起来看一段;水果;凯蒂;佩里视频吧!Vocabularydrawl: 慢吞吞拉长调子的说话方式vocal fry: 声带微颤而发出的弱声,气泡音impediment: 障碍

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