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1.Where is the taxi stand?出租车停靠站在那里?.Where can I get a taxi?我到哪里可乘出租车?3.Call a taxi,please.请替我叫辆出租车.Do you know the way?你认识路吗?5.Take me to this address.送我到这个地址6.Take me to the shopping district.送我到购物区7.Take me to a good place to eat.送我到一家好餐厅8.How long will it take to the airport?到飞机场要多长时间?9.How long will it take me to get there?到那里需要多长时间?.Is it very far?很远吗?.What should I take to go to the Grand Hotel?去圆山饭店我该坐什么车?.What number bus do I take to down town?到城内坐几路公共汽车?.How can I get to Taibei airport?到台北机场怎样去?.Does this bus go to the National Park?这辆公共汽车到国家公园吗?.Could you please tell me where the bus stop is?请你告诉我公共汽车站在哪里好吗?.Take me to the train station.送我到火车站.Would you please tell me when to get off?请你告诉我在什么时候下车好吗?18.Should I get off at the next stop?下一站我该下车吗?19.Please tell me which bus goes to the Taibei train station.请你告诉我坐几路公共汽车到台北火车站.Do I need a transfer?我需不需要换车?1.Tell me when I get there.到站时请告诉我.Would you tell me where I should get off?请你告诉我在什么地方下车好吗?3.What time does the bus leave?公共汽车什么时间开?.When is the next one,please?请问下一班车什么时间开? 1


New statistics are suggesting the number of Chinese tourists travelling to the Antarctica has risen 0-fold over the past decade.最新数据表明,过去年间,造访南极的中国游客数量增长了0倍Figures from the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators show some ,0 Chinese people travelled to the southernmost continent in the - season. Ten years ago, the number was only 99.国际南极旅游组织协会的数据显示,-年南极旅游季,约有0名中国人来到这个最南端的大陆旅行年前这一数字仅为99With the increase of disposable incomes as well as the relatively reasonable tour packages put ward by travel agencies, over 5,000 Chinese people are expected to travel to the Antarctica in .随着可配收入的增长,以及旅行社推出相对合理的旅游套餐,预计年将有5000多名中国人到南极旅行And China is set to surpass Australia and become the second largest tourist source Antarctica, following just the US.此外,中国将超过澳大利亚成为南极第二大游客来源地,仅次于美国Currently, Antarctica tour packages in China cost between 70,000 yuan and 0,000 yuan. Activities include a close look at local animals such as penguins, seals and whales, as well as camping and hiking.目前中国的南极游套餐价格在7-万元之间活动包括近距离观察企鹅、海豹和鲸鱼等当地动物,还有露营和徒步Most visitors land at the Antarctic Peninsula on vessels departing from southern Argentina.大多数游客是从阿根廷南部搭船出发登上的南极半岛 5659


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  The opening of a cafe devoted to Russian President Vladimir Putin has raised eyebrows over its use of Western leaders images in the toilets.一家以俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普京为主题的咖啡馆近日开业,其厕所内挂着的西方国家的领导人肖像真是让人大跌眼镜The appropriately named President cafe, in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, has adorned its interior with photos of Mr Putin across the years, and plays the Russian national anthem every day at midnight, state-owned Rossiya TV reports.俄罗斯国有电视台Rossiya 报道称,这个位于西伯利亚的克拉斯诺亚尔斯克市的总统咖啡馆倒是名副其实,内部装饰着普京各个时期的照片,每当午夜时分就会奏响俄罗斯国歌But the establishment toilets are a Putin-free zone. Labelled ;Nato bloc;, theyre plastered with images of ;non-friendly Western leaders; including David Cameron, Angela Merkel and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, the report says. Barack Obama gets a look in too - on the toilet paper.但是咖啡馆的厕所里边一张普京照片都没有据报道,这个叫做“北约集团”的厕所里贴的都是“不友好的西方领导人”的照片,包括卡梅伦、默克尔,和乌克兰总统波罗申科奥巴马当然也露了脸——他被印在了厕纸上The owners have provided a black marker pen visitors to add their own flourishes to the leaders photos, and there a less-than-subtle dig at the US underfoot, with American flag doormats. The doesnt discriminate, though, with both French fries and Coca Cola on offer.咖啡馆老板还给顾客提供黑色的马克笔,任其在这些领导人的照片上涂鸦,而且门垫的图案是美国国旗,大有把美国踩在脚下的嘲讽意味不过菜单倒没什么歧视,既有法式薯条也有可口可乐One customer tells the channel that he liked the toilets decor and would ;revisit it with pleasure;, but the report notes that Krasnoyarsk residents arent all so enthusiastic, with some concerned it could violate the law on inciting hatred.一个顾客对Rossiya 电视台说他喜欢厕所的这些装饰,并会“很高兴再来此地”,但是记者注意到克拉斯诺亚尔斯克的居民并不都是如此狂热,有些人担心这种做法可能会煽动仇恨进而触犯法律Lawyer Igor Simonov seems to agree, telling the channel that individuals images cant be used without permission. He says even if the use is satirical, it would violate ;one personal rights, honour, dignity and business reputation;.律师伊戈尔·西蒙诺夫似乎对此表示赞同,他对电视台说,个人肖像非经允许不得使用他还说,即使只是用于讽刺,但也会侵犯“个人权利、名誉、尊严和企业声誉”There been a mixed response from Russians commenting online. On the Komsomolskaya Pravda website one person congratulates the owners their idea and another says: ;Everything is super! We wish you prosperity!; But a Moscow-based user says: ;Such patriotisim makes me sick.;俄罗斯人在网上对此事的褒贬不一在真理报网上,一个人称赞这个想法很好,另一个则说:“这一切都超赞!祝你们生意兴隆!”但一个在莫斯科的用户说:“这样的‘爱国主义’真让我恶心”Several others agree, with one writing: ;This is so crude! We have to put up a real fight against our opponents - in the economy, in defence, in high living standards our people, not fall to the level of primitive insults.;还有另外几个人同意他的说法,其中一个写道:“这也太粗鲁了!我们必须向对手发起真正的战争——在经济领域、国防领域,在提升人民的生活水平上,而不能沦落到低级的辱骂上” 3618A: My amenities bill says that I owe $ a movie, but I never ordered one.B: Let's see. It says that you were charged Monday at 9:00 p.m. the movie "Titanic."A: That's absolutely wrong! I was out exploring the city Monday night.B: Okay, let me see what I can do.A: Thank you. I didn't think it would be this simple.B: I can take the $ off your bill, but I need to charge you $ the service.A: Are you serious? I have to pay $ a movie I never watched?B: Untunately, sir, it's how the computer is programmed.A: This is outrageous! I'm never coming back to this hotel again!B: I'm sorry, sir. Perhaps you'd like to write a letter to headquarters. 19

  The recent death of a -year-old bridesmaid in Wenchang, Hainan province, from being ced to drink too much alcohol at a wedding banquet has stirred up public debate, the media reported last Monday.据媒体上周一报道,近日海南省文昌市一位岁伴娘因在婚礼现场被迫大量饮酒而不幸身亡,此事引起了群众的热议A clip widely circulating on Chinese social-media sites shows the woman in a black dress being egged on into drinking baijiu at the ceremony.一则在社交网络中迅速传播的视频显示,一名身穿黑色裙子的年轻女子在婚礼上被旁人频频劝饮白酒She later appears to lose consciousness, and is rushed to local hospital. Untunately, the emergency department fails to resuscitate her.随后该名女子便失去意识,并被火速送往当地医院不幸的是,急诊部最终没能挽回她的生命A preliminary investigation by local police shows the woman died after consuming too much alcohol, which caused vomiting and choked her to death.当地警方经过初步调查之后认为,该女子是因饮酒过量,导致呕吐物堵塞了呼吸道引发窒息死亡According to the report, the family of the bridesmaid and the newlyweds are negotiating the liability and related compensation issues.据新闻报道,这位伴娘的家人正在与这对新婚夫妇就死亡责任以及相关赔偿等问题进行协商The incident has become a controversial topic on the internet over wedding traditions, as well as who should be held responsible her death.这起事件已经在网络上引发了人们对于婚礼传统习俗的讨论,一时成为热点话题,同时还有谁应为伴娘之死负责这个问题In China, drinking baijiu is usually considered an important part of social ritual, especially in business dinners and wedding banquets.白酒在中国的社交场合可谓是必不可少的一部分,在商务晚宴和婚宴这种场合更是如此But sometimes it just goes too far as the guests have to follow the hosts orders no matter how reluctant they are.然而,对于不顾客人意愿,主人强行劝酒的这种行为就有些过分了And this also puts too much social pressure on women as many men start crossing the borders in physical contacts, using indelicate language and ced drinking.同时,有些男性会越过身体上接触的边界,并说出一些粗俗下流的语言,强行劝酒,这让女性也承受了很大的社会压力While some internet users said those who ced the bridesmaid should take full responsibility as they pushed her, others believed the woman should also be blamed as she was an adult and could have chosen not to drink.尽管一些网友认为应该让那些劝酒的围观者负全部责任,但仍有一些网友认为该伴娘也应承担责任,因为作为一名成年人她完全可以选择拒绝喝酒 67857本对话选自Desperate Housewives 《绝望的主妇Kendra 向Susan道歉她影响了Susan和Mike的交往二人谈起了一些感情问题Kendra: Sorry about the misunderstanding.Susan: Me, too.Kendra: So, how long have you two been seeing each other?Susan: Well, you sort of interrupted our first date. But up until then, smoking hot tension. Sounds pathetic, I know.Kendra: No, I think it's good to take it slow. You'd be smart to be careful.Susan: Any particular reason?Kendra: Look, Mike's a wonderful guy, really. But you should ask him why he moved to Wisteria Lane. It's one hell of a story.Mike: Here, I got some ice. Here ya go.Susan: Thanks.重点知识解释:1. pathetic adj. 可怜的,悲哀的,悲惨的the little dog's pathetic cries of pain 小可怜的哀叫声;可以引申为没有希望成功的,无用的意思,例如:my pathetic attempts to learn French 我毫无成功希望地学法语的尝试,在对话中Susan形容她和Mike虽然彼此有感觉可是没有实质进展的可怜状态. smoking hot tension 非常性感的紧张气氛smoking hot 通常是说特别性感例如:She is smoking hot!smoking hot tension 在这里是说Susan和Mike在约会以前就相互注意,彼此有强烈的感觉3. take it slow 慢慢来You can take it slow, we've got plenty of time. 你可以慢慢来,我们有充足的时间. aone hell of aone helluva 极度的,难以形容的,极好的hell本意是地狱,苦难的经历,悲惨的状况,现在在词组里经常表示一种强烈的语气one hell of 就是一个表示程度的词组,可以放在名词的前面表示加强的语气,例如:I had a hell of a good time. 我玩的很愉快!Mary's a hell of a lot prettier than her sister. 玛丽比她长的俊俏多了汉语译文:Kendra: 很抱歉制造了误会Susan: 我也是Kendra: 那么你们俩交往了多久了?Susan: 你算是打扰了我们第一次约会,不过到现在为止,我们俩有非常浓烈的热情我知道听起来很悲惨Kendra: 不,我觉得慢慢来很好啊当心一点是非常明智的Susan: 有什么特别的原因么?Kendra: Mike真的是个非常优秀的人,不过你得问他为什么搬到了紫藤镇这可是一个好故事Mike: 给,我拿来一些冰拿着Susan: 谢谢课后题目:学习完后,Kendra为什么向Susan道歉? 7781

  Mexican Judge Anuar Gonzalez has a strange definition of rape.墨西哥法官阿努阿尔·冈萨雷斯对强奸有一个奇怪的定义Last week, he dismissed rape charges against Diego Cruz, 1, who allegedly ced -year-old Daphne Fernandez into a car, then sexually assaulted her with three friends.他上周驳回了对1岁男子迭戈·克鲁兹的强奸指控,后者涉嫌将岁少女达芙妮·费尔南德兹绑架到一辆车上,并和三名同伙对其实施了性侵It wasnt because Gonzalez didnt believe her story. Instead, the judge said Cruz should not be punished because ;an incidental touching or fondling will not be considered sexual acts, if proof is not presented that it was done to satisfy a sexual desire.;然而这并不是因为冈萨雷斯不相信达芙妮的遭遇相反,这名法官宣判克鲁兹不应受到惩罚,依据是“如果没有据能明是为了满足性欲,那么一次偶然的接触或抚摸不应被认为是性行为”In other words: It doesnt matter what Cruz did, as long as he didnt enjoy himself.换句话说:不管克鲁兹做了什么,只要他没有快感就不是强奸!Gonzalez also suggested that the victim — who testified that shed been pushed into a black Mercedes, had her cellphone snatched from her hands and struggled while her attackers laughed — was not ;defenseless; because shed changed places in the car.受害者作称,当时她被强行推入一辆黑色奔驰轿车内,手机被抢走,罪犯大笑着对她实施暴行,而她反抗也非常激烈但是法官冈萨雷斯却表示,这说明受害人并非“毫无抵抗”,因为她还可以在车里动来动去Gonzalez decision in this highly charged case, which has sparked relentless media coverage and big protests across Mexico, seemed to confirm Mexicans worst fears about their justice system: that in this hopelessly corrupt system, the rich can buy their way out of punishment.墨西哥媒体对这起强奸案进行了旷日持久的报道,该案还在墨西哥引起了多起大型抗议活动,但是法官冈萨雷斯的判决似乎实了墨西哥人对他们司法系统最糟糕的担忧:在这个无可救药的腐败制度内,富人可以花钱逃避法律的惩处The girl father called the judge arguments ;abominable,; saying ;if this is approved, then any adult can touch a minor and by simply arguing that it wasnt done lasciviously, that he didnt have any intention to copulate, he going to get off.;被害女孩的父亲称法官的观点“可恶至极”,说道:“如果这都说得通,那么任何成年人都可以随意猥亵未成年人,然后只要说他们并不是出于下流目的、并不是想要和对方进行性行为,那他就可以脱罪!” 556

  第一句:How many kinds of Chinese cuisine do you have?你们这有多少种中国菜?A:Here is the meun. Which do you prefer, Western food or Chinese food?这是菜单西餐和中餐您比较喜欢哪一种?B:A real Chinese dinner. How many kinds of Chinese cuisine do you have?要地道的中餐你们这有多少种中国菜?第二句:May I have your order now?现在点菜吗?A:May I have your order now?现在点菜吗?B:Yes. Two shrimp cocktails and some fried peanuts appetizer.是的要两杯虾仁鸡尾酒和炸花生米来开胃A:What would you like to drink?要喝点什么?B:Beer me. Budweiser.我要百威啤酒 请别人吃饭时,可以说:treat sb. to...Would you like some dessert? After you.你要什么点心?您先点dessert 是开胃的食品或饮料等,一般是在饭后用After you. 您先点这个短语用来请别人先干什么,如先走路、先下车等 185。



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