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A Short Plane Ride短途飞机旅程The pilot and the passenger got into the plane. It was a small plane. It had one engine. It was an old plane. The pilot started the engine. ;Are you okay?; he asked the passenger. She said she was okay. They were flying to an island. The island was only 30 minutes away. It would be a short flight. She was a nurse. Her husband was a doctor. The doctor was on the island. The doctor needed some medicine. She had the medicine in her bag. The medicine would save a young boy. The young boy was very sick. The plane took off. The engine sounded funny. The pilot frowned. ;Is everything okay?; the passenger asked. ;Im afraid not,; said the pilot. ;There something wrong with the engine. We have to land.; He landed the plane. The nurse got out of the plane. She looked around the airport. She saw another plane. This plane had two engines. She walked over to the plane. ;Is this a new plane or an old plane?; she asked the pilot. The pilot said it was a new plane. ;Good,; she said. ;Please take me to the island.;飞行员和乘客上了飞机飞机很小它有一个引擎它是一架旧飞机飞行员启动了引擎“你还好吗?”他问乘客她说她很好他们要飞往一座岛屿去岛屿只要30分钟飞行时间很短她是一名护士她的丈夫是一名医生那名医生在岛上医生需要一些药物她的药物都装在包里这些药能救一个小男孩的生命那个小男孩病的很严重飞机起飞了引擎的声音听起来很有趣飞行员皱眉了“没事吧?”乘客问道“估计有事,”飞行员说“引擎出问题了我们得着陆”他把飞机降落了护士从飞机里面出来她看了看机场周围她看到了另外一架飞机这架飞机有两个发动机她走到飞机旁边“这是一家新飞机还是旧飞机?”她问飞行员飞行员说这是一架新飞机“很好”她说“请把我带到岛屿去”译文属原创,,不得转载 666美国总统奥巴马要回答众多小孩的问题哦!话说童言无忌,擅长处理国事的奥巴马能招架得住小孩们的折腾吗?Now that you answer people letters all the time and while we thought we might do we ask middle school and high school students to draw a few questions, Id like to that questions if you are a super hero and you gotta.既然你回答人民来信,我们认为可以要求初中和高中学生来问几个问题,我想如果你是位超级英雄而且想回答的话,我会读提出的问题You can have one super power what would it be?如果你有一个超级大国,会怎样?I have talked Maria about this. We both agree that the fine seems like be a pretty good thing to be a little dig. Then typically as an adult I will come up with something a little more skilled like I love the speak every eign language there is she can look like she means it. What can a super power was that?我也和玛丽亚也谈过这个我们双方一致认为这似乎是一个细听起来不错的事情作为一个成年人通常会我要想出一些更加有技巧的,像我喜欢每一个国家的语言,她会明白其中的意思一个超级大国是什么?Yeah.是啊But I have more modest goes where I can get super powers.但我有合适的问题,我在哪里能得到无上权力OK, your campaign slogan in was yes we can what will be.好的,年你的竞选口号是是的,我们可以,之后会是什么What is going to be your new slogan the election?的选举你有什么新口号?I think that a great question if those middle school have any suggestions let we know, we will still work on it.我认为这是一个很不错的问题,如果中学有什么建议的话,尽快让我们知道,我们还在考虑之中One of the Mars.火星之一Do reporters ever ask too many questions?记者从来都是问很多问题吗?No, I love. I love reporters, I love all their questions.不,我喜欢我爱记者,我爱他们所有的问题Sure. Now I got in the holiday spirit finally. If you are elected President again what would you do better?当然现在终于有些节日气氛了如果你再次当选总统,你会做得更好吗?What I wanna be able to do is to communicate to the American people. My absolute confidence in our future. We still have the best situation of any country around the world. I was in Asia and you know here in the ed States everybody always talk about China, hard rising.我想能做的就是传达给美国人民我为我们的未来有绝对信心我们仍然是全世界境况最好的国家我曾到过亚洲,你知道在美国每个人都谈论中国,谈论他们的不懈努力When youre in Asia, people are still looking to the ed States they dont look to China. They look to the ed States leadership insecurity, economics and culture and politics. Not because they think it was perfect because they realize that we are a unique super power in the sense that we dont think about ourselves interest we think about what good the world. And I want, wanna us to trade places with anybody and I want to communicate that more effectively with the American people.当置身亚洲,人们一直在仰慕美国而不是中国他们仰望美国的领导人,不安全,经济,文化和政治不是因为他们认为这是完美的,而是因为他们认识到,我们是一个独特的超级大国,在这个意义上说,我们不考虑自己的利益,我们思考的是什么适合这个世界我想要,想要与美国人民更积极有效的传达交流出这样的信息I thank you, Mr. President.感谢您,总统先生注:听力文本来源于普特 7The Birthday Party生日派对It was Susan birthday party. She was seven years old. She was born July 18. She was in second grade. She had many friends. She had friends in school. She had friends at church. She had friends in swim class. She had friends in dance class. Nancy was her best friend. Nancy and Susan did everything together. Susan invited all her friends to her party. All her friends came to the party. It was a pool party. The pool party was in her back yard. About 30 kids came to her pool party. There was a lot to eat. They had hamburgers and hot dogs. They had oranges, apples, and bananas. They had cake, candy, and marshmallows. They had soda1 and juice. There was a lot to do. They swam in the pool. They dove off the diving board. They floated on the floats. They played many different games. Everyone had fun. Everyone had a good time. No one wanted to go home. No one could wait until Susan turned eight.苏珊的生日派对到了她7岁了她是7.18日出生的她在上二年级她有很多朋友她在学校里有朋友她在教堂里有朋友她在游泳课上有朋友她在舞蹈课上有朋友南希是她最好的朋友南希和苏珊做什么事都一起苏珊把所有的朋友都请到了她的生日派对上她所有的朋友都来参加了晚会那是一个泳池派对泳池派对在她的后院里大约有30个孩子参加了她的泳池派对那里有很多吃的东西他们吃了汉堡和热他们吃了橙子、苹果和香蕉他们吃了蛋糕、糖果和棉花糖他们喝了苏打和果汁有很多事情可以做他们在游泳池里游泳他们从跳水板上跳下他们浮在浮艇上他们玩了很多不同的游戏每个人都玩得很有趣每个人都很开心没有人想回家大家都等到了苏珊8岁译文属原创,,不得转载 686Nazi hunters search war criminal in southern Chile. He is said to have kept the skull of a man he decapitated as a paperweight, timed his lethal injections with a stopwatch, and relished the look of fear in his victims' eyes. Reuters.Nazi hunters arriving in Chile Wednesday, say they are on the trail of Aribert Heim, whose hundreds of killings in an Austrian concentration camp during World War Two, earned him the nickname “Doctor Death”. He is a doctor who murdered hundreds of people in the Mauthausen concentration camp by injecting gasoline directly into their hearts. Fully documented by Aribert Heim himself, by the way, he is the one who recorded all the operations that he carried out, and all the murders that he committed, and that’s what makes him the most wanted Nazi war criminal in the world today. The investigators from Jerusalem’s Simon Wiesenthal Center are traveling to the Chilean town where Heim’s daughter lives, following new evidence they say points to a hiding place in the Patagonia region of Chile, or nearby Argentina. At 9, Heim is possibly the last Nazi war criminal alive, A 50,000 dollars bounty is being offered his arrest. Heim’s family claims the fugitive died in 1993, but a Berlin Bank and stocks and bonds in his name that total more than three million dollars still have not been claimed, that would require proof of Doctor Death’s death. Catherine Jackson, Reuters.WORDS IN THE NEWS1. bounty : n-countA bounty is money that is offered as a reward doing something, especially finding or killing a particular person.. fugitive : n-countA fugitive is someone who is running away or hiding, usually in order to avoid being caught by the police. 593

Bullet-proof Fashion Store Opens in the Netherlands防弹衣时装店荷兰开店A new clothing store specializing in fashionable, bullet-proof clothing has opened to the general public in the Netherlands. The owner of the shop says that the clothing, which includes suits and ties, is intended people who work in high-risk locations, such as jewellery stores. He also stated that demand armoured clothing has increased since the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. Last spring, Miguel Cabellero, the Colombian designer of the clothing, caught the world’s attention when he showcased his bullet-proof fashion line at a fashion show in Mexico. Some of Cabellero’s customers include high-profile world leaders.This new store in the Netherlands suggests, however, that the need bullet-proof protection is no longer limited to high-profile individuals or security workers.时尚型防弹衣装店在荷兰向公众开放店主人说防弹衣包括套装和领带,这些衣是位工作在高危职位的人群设计的,例如珠宝店他还说最近一段时间巴黎发生了恐怖袭击事件,自此以后防弹衣的需求与日俱增去年春天,防弹衣设计师,哥伦比亚人莫格尔·卡蓓蕾罗在墨西哥的时装展中展示了他所设计的防弹衣,这让他吸引了全球的目光卡蓓蕾罗的许多客户是世界高级别领导人荷兰的这家新店预示着对防弹衣的需求不仅仅停留在高端客户或者是安保人员译文属原创,,不得转载 3780

Good Excuse单元 好借口There was a middle-aged man who bought a Mercedes convertible 00.有个中年男子买了一辆奔驰00敞篷车He took off down the road, flooring it up to 80 mph and enjoying the wind blowing through what little hair he had left on his head.他开车上路,加速到时速80英里,享受着风儿吹过头上那头超短发的快感;This is great,; he thought and floored it some more.“好舒”他边想边继续加速He looked in his rearview mirror and sees a State Patrol behind him.这时,他从后照镜看到后面有个公路警察;I can get away from him with no problem,; thought the man and flew down the road at over 0 mph.“要把他甩掉还不容易这个人边想边加速”到0多英里急驰而去Then he thought, ;What am I doing? Im too old this kind of thing,; and pulled over to the side of the road and waited the police officer.接着他又想说:“我到底在干吗?这把年纪实在不适合做这种事”于是把车停到路边等警察来The officer pulled in behind the Mercedes and walked up to the man.警察把车停在这辆奔驰后面,走到这个人旁边;Sir, my shift ends in 30 minutes and today is Friday the th.; ;If you can give me a reason why you were speeding that Ive never heard bee, Ill let you go.;“先生,我再过30 分钟就下班了,今天又是号星期五如果你可以给我一个我从没听过的超速理由,我就不为难你”The man looked back at the State Patrol and remarked, ;Last week my wife ran off with a State Patrol officer, and I thought you were bringing her back!;这个人看着公路警察说:“上礼拜我老婆和一名公路警察私奔了,我以为你要把她带回来还我呢!”The State Patrol said, ;Have a nice day!;公路警察说:“祝你今天愉快!” 1858

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