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信丰县中医院有学生套餐南康人民医院打胎一般要花多少钱办公室行为及情感表达——聊天  1.Family 家庭  A: How is your family? Are they doing all right?  B: They are fine. We are just back from a vacation to Florida.  A:你的家人怎么样?他们都还好吧?  B:他们挺好的,我们刚从佛罗里达度假回来。   2.Food 饭菜  A: I don't like the Cafeteria food.  B: Who does? They'd better do something about it.  A:我不喜欢吃自助食堂的饭菜。  B:谁喜欢?他们真应该改进一下了。  3.College 大学  A: Did you know that there are million high school graduates applying for college?  B: I did. Do we really need that many college students?  A:你知道参加高考的高中毕业生有一百万吗?  B:我知道,我们真的需要那么多大学生吗?  4.TV show 电视剧  A: What's your favorite comedy?   B: "Friends".  A: The CCTV planned to have that on this year, but later they switched to "Everybody Loves Raymond".  B: That one is Okay too.  A:你最喜欢哪部喜剧啊?  B:《六人行》。  A:今年中央电视台本来要播《六人行》,可是后来改播《人人都爱雷蒙德》了。  B:这个也挺好。  5.Weather 天气  A: What's the high today?  B: 9 degree ℃. The low is below zero.  A:今天的最高温度是多少?  B:9摄氏度,最低是零下。 /200811/54741赣州会昌治疗不孕不育哪家医院好的 Donald Trump went to a Wisconsin county that he narrowly won in the presidential election to sign a new “Buy American, Hire Americanexecutive order aimed at cracking down on skilled worker visa abuse and forcing US government agencies to buy more domestically produced products.美国总统唐纳特朗Donald Trump)去了威斯康星州一个他在此次总统选举中险胜的县,去签署一项“买美国货,雇美国人”的新行政令。该行政令旨在打击对技术工人签的滥用,并强制美国政府机构采购更多美国国内生产的产品。Mr Trump went to the headquarters of Snap-on a tool company in Kenosha, Wisconsin, hometown of White House chief of staff Reince Priebus and a swing county that was key to Mr Trump’s election in November to sign the two-part order.特朗普去实耐宝(Snap-on)总部签署了这项包含两部分内容的行政令。实耐宝是威斯康星州基诺Kenosha)的一家工具公司。基诺沙是白宫幕僚长雷恩普里巴斯(Reince Priebus)的故乡,去年11月,这个摇摆县对特朗普的当选起到了关键作用。The first part directs federal government agencies to crack down on fraud and abuse in the H-1B visa programme for skilled workers, used by many Silicon Valley companies and outsourcing giants to bring in foreign workers. It also aims to shift the awarding of the 85,000 visas issued annually from the current lottery system to one that gives greater preference to high-skilled workers with advanced degrees.该行政令的第一部分要求联邦政府机构打击面向技术工人的H-1B签计划中的欺诈和滥用行为。许多硅谷公司和外包业巨头都用该签计划引进外国劳工。这一部分还旨在把每年发放.5万份签的颁发机制,从目前的抽签制改为赋予拥有高级学位的高技能工人更大优先权的机制。The second part calls for the federal government to strengthen its various “Buy Americanprovisions that give preference to domestically produced products and also for a 220-day study of US trade agreements that effectively give foreign companies the right to be treated as domestic companies. Administration officials argue that the biggest of those the World Trade Organisation’s Government Procurement Agreement has seen US companies get less access to foreign government contracts than vice versa.行政令的第二部分呼吁联邦政府强化其各种“买美国货”规定,这类规定要求优先考虑美国国内生产的产品。此外,这一部分还呼吁开展一项为20天的调查,调查那些实际上令外国企业有权被视为美国国内企业的美国贸易协议。特朗普政府官员声称,这些贸易协议中影响最大的世贸组织(WTO)《政府采购协议Government Procurement Agreement)导致美国企业获得外国政府合同的机会低于外国企业获得美国政府合同的机会。Mr Trump said to tepid applause from a room full of Snap-on employees that the order would “minimise the use of waivers and maximise made-in-America content in all federal projects as well as cracking down on “companies that used dumped steel to take work away from workers like you在一间满是实耐宝员工的房间中,特朗普在稀稀拉拉的掌声中表示,该行政令不但会“在所有联邦项目中将豁免的使用降至最低,将美国制造内容提至最高”,还会打击“使用倾销钢材夺走你们这类工人工作岗位的企业”。He said that H-1B visas “should never be used to replace Americans his latest attempt to bolster support among the working-class voters who helped him win the White House, as he approached the 100th day of his presidency.他说,H-1B签“永远都不应被用来替代美国人”。这一言论是他执政接近百日之际巩固工薪阶层选民对其持的最新努力。工薪阶层选民曾帮助特朗普入住白宫。The new order drew criticism from business groups that have previously been supportive of H-1B visas and sceptical of Buy American laws.新行政令受到一些商业团体的批评,这些商业团体此前一直持H-1B签,并对“买美国货”法规持怀疑态度。The US Chamber of Commerce said expanding Buy American programmes risked other countries doing the same and closing their markets to US products. While the H-1B programme needed changes, it would be wrong to scrap it.美国商会(US Chamber of Commerce)表示,把“买美国货”计划扩大化,可能导致其他国家采取同样的措施,对美国产品关闭它们的市场。而尽管H-1B签计划需要改革,将其取消却是错误的。But the steel industry, which has been a beneficiary of Buy American laws for decades, said the move was vital to keep the US industry competitive.不过,作为“买美国货”法规几十年来的受益者,美国钢铁业表示此举对保持美国工业竞争力至关重要。来 /201704/505638Traveling with the Senior Executive和高级主管一起旅行陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作。他在走廊上遇到美国同事Amy。(Office ambience)A: Good Morning Chen Hao. How are you?C: I am fine, 不过,我正找你呢。 我有点急事要请教你!A: Whats going on?C: 老板昨天晚上打电话,通知我说,总部有一个高级主管今天要到北京来,让我早上去机场接机,然后下午陪她去天津考察。A: That sounds like a good opportunity for you. I wonder what you did to be selected.C: 我也不知道老板为什么让我去。不过啊,我宁可他挑的是别人。A: Why?C: 我是一行人等中职务最低的一个,也不知道应该做些什么事情。A: I suggest that you clarify this with... Im sorry, what is this womans name?C: Ms. Rose.A: Ask Ms. Rose, when you meet, what you can do to be helpful to her?C: 那你觉得她可能需要我做些什么呢?A: When a junior executive is traveling with a senior executive, the junior person generally attends to the logistical details.C: 什么是 Logistical 方面的细节啊?A: Logistical refers to the organizational details of the trip.C: 噢,Logistical就是后勤保障的意思。A: Your help may be required when you check in and out of the hotel, tipping, seeing that luggage is handled correctly and taking care of any special needs of the executive team.C: 什么?饭店、小费、行李,这些都是我的事?不好不好,来不及了。我得赶紧去接Ms. Rose. 我去天津之前再来请教你!A: Anytime.陈豪中午去找Amy.A: What did you find out?C: 你说的一点没错。所有杂事都归我管,包括行程、时间、账单、小费等等。A: Its your job to see that things run smoothly. Ms. Rose does not have to take her mind off business to handle any little annoyances.C: 是啊,简单说,就是这样。A: I guess you are ;good to go,; as Americans like to say.C: 我还有个问题,你可别笑话我!我从来没坐过豪华轿车。你说,在这种情况下,我应该坐在哪个位子呢?A: The first thing to do when the limo arrives is to ask Ms. Rose, ;Where do you want me to sit?;C: 如果她说随便呢?A: Then as the junior executive, you take the least desirable seat. That all depends on how many people are traveling with you.C: 同行的至少会有五名高级主管。A: You could well end up in the jump seat or worse, in the middle of the back seat.C: 啊?看来跟上司一起出去,真不是什么好差事。A: Think of it as an opportunity. You could end up being the senior person one day. /201209/202340兴国人民医院医术信得过

南县人民医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱1.Folder 文件夹A:How do you arrange your documents for each project?B:I put them in separate folders.A:你怎样保存每个项目的文件?B:我把它们放在不同的文件夹里。 /201001/94306赣州上犹妇幼保健院看妇科好不好 商务英语必备1000字 48暂无文本 /200708/16529赣州章贡人民医院人流多钱

于都县第二人民医院有做阴道松弛公司高管Peter,Jason和Helen开会讨论员工保健项目。Peter首先发言。Peter: Well folks, weve come to the last item on our agenda: our corporate wellness program.Jason: Yeah, Im very interested to see where youre going to do with this. Its a very delicate issue.P: Yes, it can be. But heres our general thinking: if employees are healthier the company benefits and makes more profit. Making more profit is good for everyone in the company.会议最后一项议事日程是公司的保健项目。The last item on the agenda is the corporate wellness program。这是个delicate issue很棘手、很微妙的问题。Peter解释说,员工健康会增加公司的利润,公司利润的提高对大家都有好处。P: Studies show that when employees are fit, there is less illness, a better attitude toward work, lower absenteeism and even better relationships at work.Helen: Ok...I get you. But Im concerned about our company becoming a kind of ;big brother.; Is it really our job to tell our workers how to care for themselves?有研究说,雇员健康的好处包括:少生病,工作态度改善,少请假,以及更为融洽的同事关系。这里的 absenteeism, 是缺席的意思。Helen说,I get you. 我明白你的意思。但她担心公司会成为对员工指手划脚的big brother过于专制的老大哥。P: Well, let me explain the idea. The first part is on our side. We in management need to provide some kind of affordable exercise options. Ive spoken to several of our designers who say they would definitely sign another years contract if we could provide exercise options.J: So part of the plan is an effort to retain talent?P: Yep. And to that end we will be turning the basement level into a small workout center with a shower.Peter解释说,公司要提供某种形式的健身项目,目的之一是to retain talent. 留住人才。为此,公司准备把地下室改造成带淋浴的小型健身中心,a small workout center with a shower.H: I like that. Then we could be flexible with what time we workout. Come in early, stay late or even grab a workout during a lunch break...that would be great.P: It requires some investment on our part, but we really do believe it could boost productivity.J: Im on board for that!这样一来,大家健身的时间可以很机动,very flexible, 可以早来、可以晚走,也可以利用午饭时间,during lunch break. Jason说,Im on board for that. 我持。 /201211/210499 赣县妇幼保健院是属于私立还是公立大余县妇幼保健院有做阴道松弛



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