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赣州市肿瘤医院不孕不育科蓉江区妇幼保健院有哪些医生大余县下垅钨矿职工医院收费好不好 A company owned by Clive Palmer, the mining tycoon turned lawmaker, has moved to terminate the mining rights of China’s Citic at its multibillion dollar Sino Iron project in Australia.克莱夫#8226;帕尔默(Clive Palmer)旗下一家公司已采取措施,将终止中国中信(Citic)在澳大利亚数十亿美元的中澳铁矿项目(Sino Iron Project)的采矿权。帕尔默是澳洲的矿业大亨,也是澳洲议员。Mr Palmer’s company Mineralogy on Friday served a legal notice against Citic – until recently known as Citic Pacific – marking the latest development in an increasingly bitter dispute between the partners in the troubled iron ore project.帕尔默旗下公司Mineralogy周五向中信集团发出法律通知书,标志着这一陷入困境的铁矿石项目的合作方之间的争议日益激烈。中信集团最近将资本全部注入子公司中信泰富(Citic Pacific)。“This is a Abn project involving many hundreds of millions of dollars, they’ve failed to pay their royalties to us and they’ve shipped more than 0m worth of product to China and not paid for it,” said Mr Palmer.帕尔默表示:“这是一个价值100亿澳元的项目,他们未付专利费,并且在把价值超过2亿美元的产品运往中国,却没有为此付费。”Citic, one of China’s largest state-owned conglomerates, agreed a deal in 2006 with Mineralogy, which owns the rights to the ore deposits, to develop a USbn mine.中信是中国最大的国有综合企业之一,2006年,该公司与拥有该项目铁矿石采矿权的Mineralogy达成协议,合作开发一个价值20亿美元的铁矿石矿。But the project has been hit by high labour costs and complexities involved in processing the magnetite ore, causing its costs to blow out to USbn.受较高的劳动力成本及铁矿石加工流程的复杂性影响,该项目成本扩大至80亿美元。In a statement to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Citic said it would seek an injunction in the supreme court of Western Australia on Friday to restrain Mineralogy from relying on the notice to terminate its mining rights.在向香港交所提交的一份声明中,中信表示,将于周五向西澳高等法院申请禁止令,制止 Mineralogy用自己发出的通知来中止中信方面的采矿权。“Mineralogy has been restrained by the court or has undertaken to the court not to rely on several default and termination notices on three separate occasions over the past two years,” said Citic.中信表示:“过去两年中,因Mineralogy发出违约及终止采矿权通知书一事,已经三度与法院交涉。”The company said it had paid US5m to Mineralogy to acquire its rights at the Sino Iron project and all the royalties owed to the company.中信表示,已向Mineralogy付了4.15亿美元以取得在中澳铁矿项目的开采权,并付了所有应付的专利费。The Chinese company recently launched a legal action against Mr Palmer, who was elected to parliament last year and holds the balance of power in the Senate through his Palmer ed party.中信最近针对帕尔默提起法律诉讼,帕尔默去年被选为澳大利亚议会议员,通过他所在的“帕尔默团结党”(Palmer ed Party)影响澳大利亚参议院的权力。Citic has accused the mining magnate of misusing m through his company Mineralogy to finance his election campaign.中信指控这位矿业大亨通过Mineralogy非法利用1200万美元为他的竞选活动融资。Mr Palmer denies the allegations. He told A radio on Friday that Citic’s claims were “just a made-up story like Alice in Wonderland that the press can run”. He then abruptly hung up the phone on the interviewer.帕尔默否认这些指控。他周五告诉美国广播公司(A)无线电台,中信的指控是“无中生有,就像《爱丽丝梦游仙境》,媒体可以借题发挥”。他随即挂断了采访者电话。Last month Mr Palmer prompted a diplomatic incident between Australia and China when he launched a tirade against the Chinese on national television, labelling them “bastards” and “mongrels” who shoot their own citizens.上月,帕尔默曾在中澳之间掀起了一场外交风波,当时他在澳大利亚国家电视台发布了一篇针对中国人的长篇演说,称中国人是射杀自己人的“混蛋”。 /201410/332605赣州市赣南片区做人流哪家医院好的

赣州瑞金人民医院在那儿Visitors are often attracted to southwestern Guizhou province for its rugged hills and the colorfully dressed minority people, including the Miao, who populate it.说起中国西南的贵州,游客们通常被其崎岖的山脉和当地衣着鲜艳的少数民族所吸引,包括人口众多的苗族。But according to local people and official reports, some of the tiny hamlets in the province#39;s east have begun to attract visitors looking for something else: gambling.然而根据当地群众和官方的报告,贵州东部的一些小村庄开始寻求用其他东西来吸引游客――。China#39;s Xinhua news agency called one such area where police say a blast was deliberately set off Monday afternoon a #39;gathering place for gamblers.#39; The explosion occurred at a makeshift gambling tent, killing at least 15 people and injuring eight more, according to Xinhua.据新华社报道,周一下午贵州省凯里市龙场镇老山村一处聚众的场所发生人为的爆炸案件。发生爆炸的这个窝点是一个临时搭建的帐篷。爆炸造成至少15人死亡,八人受伤。Little is known about the event, which occurred in Laoshan village, but state media linked the apparent bombing and gambling.这起事件的具体情况还不得而知,但官方媒体暗示此次爆炸与有明显的关联。Some 20 kilometers northwest of Kaili city, Laoshan is located one of China#39;s most remote and poorest spots. The pepper-farming village claims an average income around 1,300 yuan annually, far less than the national average of around 7,000 yuan.老山村位于凯里市偏西北约20公里处,是中国最偏僻、最贫穷的村子之一。这个种植胡椒的村子据称当地村民平均年收入只有约人民币1,300元,远远低于大约人民币7,000元的全国平均收入水平。News of the deadly explosion linked to gambling follows other signs of betting in the area. Last month, police in Kaili said they raided three gambling sites there. The take was limited: 210,000 yuan confiscated, with seven organizers and 57 gamblers detained.此次与有关的爆炸事件发生前已有迹象显示当地存在聚众现象。上个月,凯里警方说查处了那里三处聚众窝点。此次行动成果有限:警方共收缴赌资人民币21万元,七名组织者和57名人员被拘留。In the broader Qiandongnan prefecture where Kaili and Laoshan are located, police late last year estimated gambling rackets worth more than 100 million yuan. A report from China News Service said the gambling was causing family tragedies, including large debts and high-interest rate loans.在凯里和老山村所在的黔东南州,去年底据警方统计,一年内额超过了人民币1亿元。中国新闻社报道称,这导致不少痴迷者欠债,甚至借高利贷,也让不少家庭遭受了的悲剧。After Monday#39;s event, eight suspects were detained, including three who turned themselves in, according to a statement posted to the official microblog of the Guizhou province police. China Central Television saida preliminary investigation shows Monday#39;s event was a man-made criminal undertaking.据贵州省公安厅的微,周一爆炸发生后,已刑拘犯罪嫌疑人八人,其中自首三人。中国中央电视台报道,初步调查,该疑似爆炸案系人为造成的刑事案件。An official from Longchang township, where Laoshan is located, government said he was dealing with the logistics of the case and #39;knows pretty much the same information that has aly been reported in the news.#39; Government officials in Kaili city couldn#39;t be reached for comment.龙场镇一位官员表示,正在处理善后工作,他所了解的情况与媒体报道的大致相同。记者未能联系到凯里市政府官员发表。Yang Guangcao, a corn farmer who lives nearby the site of the blast, said he hasn#39;t been to the site but has heard about it, describing it as a shack built on wasteland.住在距离爆炸地点不远处的农民杨广曹(音)表示,他没有去过出事地点,但是听说过,他说那是一处在荒地上搭建的棚子。Xinhua ed the wife of a survivor as saying the gamblers were playing a game called Gundilong, which uses dice and a big box. Mr. Yang said that most people who come to the village do so to gamble.新华社引述一位伤者妻子的话称,听说是赌“滚地龙”(一种使用骰子和一个大盒子的方式)。杨广曹说,大多数来老山村的人都是赌这个。#39;All the gamblers are from other villages or places,#39; Mr. Yang said.杨广曹表示,所有参与的都是别的村子或其他地区的人。 /201401/273095南康市第一人民医院妇产 赣县人民医院妇科

南康市横寨卫生院医生名单The identities of four passengers aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines flight are under investigation, the country’s transport minister said on Sunday, as the company confirmed that it was “fearing the worst”.Investigators are examining the entire passenger manifest after European diplomats said late on Saturday that two of the 227 passengers were travelling on stolen passports. Hishamuddin Hussein, who is also defence minister, said Malaysia would work with the FBI and other international agencies and that two more names were being checked.“All the four names are with me,” he said, according to Reuters.He spoke as the multinational hunt for any sign of the Malaysia Airlines flight missing with 239 people on board widened on Sunday, with officials saying search and rescue teams had so far found no trace of it.Hishammuddin also said there was a chance the aircraft had turned back in mid-air.“We are looking at the possibility of an aircraft air turn back, in which case different locations will have to be identified,” he said.Citizens from 14 nations were on board, though the vast majority were Chinese. The 12-strong flight crew were all from Malaysia.据英国《卫报》报道,马来西亚交通部长于3月9日称,马亚西亚航空失联航班上的4名乘客的真实身份正进行调查中,而马来西亚航空公司方面表示,担心正在发生“最糟糕情况”。欧洲外交官员们3月8日晚称,227名乘客中有两名旅客冒用他人护照混上飞机,调查人员正在检查全部乘客名单。马来西亚国防部长希山慕丁·侯赛因(Hishamuddin Hussein)表示,马来西亚将与美国联邦调查局(FBI)及其他国际机构一同协助调查,而另外两名乘客展开调查。据路透社报道,希山慕丁说道:“我已掌握四名乘客的名字。”在希山慕丁发表上述言论之时,多国正扩大搜救范围联合搜寻载有239名乘客及机组人员的失联马航的痕迹,而有官员反映称,搜救队迄今没有发现任何迹象。希山慕丁还透露,该失联航班可能曾折中途返吉隆坡。他说:“我们正研究飞机失联前掉头返航的可能性,这种情况下,搜寻范围必须扩大。”机上的乘客来自14个不同的国家,不过绝大多数是中国人,其中超过12名机组人员均来自马来西亚。On Saturday night, diplomats confirmed that two Europeans listed on the passenger manifest – an Italian, Luigi Maraldi and an Austrian, Christian Kozel – had not been on the flight and were safe and well. Maraldi had his passport stolen in Thailand last year and Kozel’s was stolen in the region two years ago.The flight was a codeshare with China Southern and the two people named as Maraldi and Kozel on the list booked together via the Chinese airline, Chinese media reported.The company said it had CCTV footage of the two people who checked in as Maraldi and Kozel.The Boeing 777 disappeared from radar screens just 40 minutes into its flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in the early hours of Saturday morning. It was last detected over the seas between Malaysia and Vietnam.On Sunday morning the Malaysian director-general of civil aviation, Azaruddin Abdul Rahman, told reporters the search had expanded to a larger area of the South China Sea area and west coast of Malaysia, theStraits Times reported.3月8日晚上,外交人员实,所列乘客名单中的两名欧洲乘客,来自意大利的Luigi Maraldi和来自奥地利的Christian Kozel并没有登上该航班,目前处于安全状态。他们俩的护照都是在过去两年间于泰国被偷了。据中国媒体报道,失联航班与中国南航公司共享代码,名为Maraldi和Kozel的冒名顶替者是通过中国南航完成订票的。南航则表示拥有Maraldi和Kozel在检票登机时的闭路电视录像。马航波音777客机于3月8日凌晨执行吉隆坡至北京任务,起飞后仅短短40分钟就从雷达屏幕中消失了。其最后一次被检测到是在马来西亚和越南之间的海域。据《海峡时报》报道,马来西亚民航局局长阿卜杜勒·拉赫曼(Aaruddin Abdul Rahman)于3月9日告诉记者,搜救范围已扩大至南中国海区域和马来半岛的西海岸。Warships from Singapore and China were heading to the area and the ed States also offered vessels and aircraft.In a statement issued on Sunday morning, Malaysia Airlines said: “More than 24 hours after the loss of contact with Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, the search and rescue teams are still unable to detect the whereabouts of the missing aircraft.“In fearing for the worst, a disaster recovery management specialist from Atlanta, USA will be assisting Malaysia Airlines in this crucial time.”An earlier statement began with the words: “Malaysia Airlines humbly asks all Malaysians and people around the world to pray for flight MH370.”新加坡和中国的军舰赶赴相关海域搜救,美国也相继派军舰前往援。马来西亚航空于3月9日上午发布声明:“马来西亚航空公司MH370航班失联已超24小时。搜救队目前仍无法侦察到失踪机的下落。”“做好最坏打算的心理准备,来自美国亚特兰大的灾难恢复管理专家人员将将在这个关键时刻协助马来西亚航空公司。”马来西亚航空公司在声明的一开头称:“马来西亚航空公司诚致地请求所有马来西亚人民和世界各地的人民为MH370航班上的所有乘客祈祷。”Vietnam’s deputy transport minister, Pham Quy Tieu, said no wreckage had been seen in the vicinity of two oil slicks detected late on Saturday, but that the search continued.The pilot of another flight told a Malaysian newspaper he had made brief contact with the plane via his emergency frequency, at the request of Vietnamese aviation authorities who had been unable to reach it as expected. Vietnam has said it believes the flight never entered its airspace.The unnamed man said his Japan-bound plane was deep into Vietnamese airspace when officials asked him to relay to MH370 to establish its position, and that he succeeded at about 1.30am local time.“The voice on the other side could have been either Captain Zaharie [Ahmad Shah, 53,] or Fariq [Abdul Hamid, 27], but I was sure it was the co-pilot.“There were a lot of interference ... static ... but I heard mumbling from the other end.越南交通部副部长Pham Quy Tieu于周六晚上称,侦察到的两条油迹带附近没有任何飞机的残骸,搜救仍在继续。另一个航班的飞行员对马来西亚报社称,他曾在越南航空当局的要求下,通过应急频率与MH370客机取得过短暂联系,而越南航空之前一直无法如预期与该航班联系上。越南当曾认为MH370没有进入过越南领空范围。据一位未透露姓名的飞行员指出,其在执行飞往日本的任务而进入越南领空时,越南当局要求他联系MH370以确定它的位置,而他在当地时间1点30分左右成功与MH370取得过联系。“那边的声音可能是机长Zaharie Ahmad Shah(现年53岁)或Fariq Abdul Hamid(现年27岁)两个人其中一个的,但我可以肯定的是对方是副驾驶。”“有很多干扰……静电干扰……但我听到另一端在断断续续的声音。”他告诉《海峡时报》:“这是我们最后一次与MH370取得联系,之后就失去联系了。”“That was the last time we heard from them, as we lost the connection,” he told the New Straits Times.He sakd he did not think any more of it at the time, as losing connections was common.Malaysia Airlines executives have said the flight was at 35,000 feet when it vanished and had given no indication of problems when last in contact.William Waldock, who teaches accident investigation at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical university in Arizona, told Associated Press the lack of a distress call ‘‘suggests something very sudden and very violent happened”.Both Malaysia Airlines and Boeing-777s have strong safety records.CNN reported that an FBI team was flying to Malaysia to assist in the investigation because three Americans were on board. It cited an unnamed official. 他表示,当时对此没有很在意,觉得联系中断是正常的。马航高级官员之前曾表示,MH370航班在飞行高度达35000英尺时消失前的最后一次联系中没有发出任何求救信号。美国亚利桑那州的安柏瑞德航空航天大学(Embry-Riddle Aeronautical university)意外调查专家威廉·瓦多克(William Wwaldock)告诉美联社,连一个求救信号都没有,“表明可能发生非常突然、猛烈的状况。”另外,马来西亚航空公司和波音777都具备无可挑剔的安全记录。CNN报道,据一位未透露姓名的官员称,失联飞机上有三名美国人,美国联邦调查局已派出一FBI小组赶赴马来西亚协助调查。 /201403/279590 The scandal around a composer called Japan#39;s Beethoven continued to reverberate as an Olympic skater prepared to compete to a musical piece that had been falsely attributed to him in Sochi and as his revelation he isn#39;t completely deaf led to further doubts and questions.围绕人称“日本贝多芬”的作曲家的丑闻持续发酵,一名在索契参加冬奥会滑冰项目的运动员挑选的一个音乐作品此前曾被认为出自他手,而他透露说自己并未全聋也引发了更多的怀疑和质问。In a public letter this week, Mamoru Samuragochi said that over the past three years he has regained some of his hearing. The confession took his own lawyers by surprise, they said in a statement accompanying Mr. Samuragochi#39;s letter.在本周发表的一封公开信上,佐村河内守(Mamoru Samuragochi)说在过去的三年间,他恢复了部分听力。他的律师团队在一份声明中说,这一说法让他们颇感意外。这份声明与佐村河内守的信一同公开。But even the latest admission was immediately the subject of doubt. Thursday, the guest of a morning television show said Mr. Samuragochi hadn#39;t used a sign-language interpreter in a conversation that took place four years ago.但就连他的最新的这份“供词”也立即成了怀疑的对象。周四,一名早间电视节目的嘉宾说,佐村河内守在四年前的一次谈话中没有使用手语翻译。Mr. Samuragochi and his lawyers on Thursday declined to comment further and referred to the Wednesday statement.佐村河内守和他的律师们周四拒绝进一步发表,说相关问题请参阅周三发表的声明。The people Mr. Samuragochi apologized to in his letter included Olympic skater Daisuke Takahashi, who was to compete in the men#39;s short figure-skating program at the Sochi Games on Thursday. The competition was to start at 7 p.m. local time in Sochi, midnight in Tokyo.佐村河内守在公开信中道歉的对象包括在索契冬奥会花样滑冰运动员高桥大辅(Daisuke Takahashi),他将于周四参加男子短节目比赛,比赛将于索契时间下午7点(东京时间午夜)举行。Health Minister Norihisa Tamura told reporters on Wednesday that if Mr. Samuragochi had not been certified deaf under appropriate circumstances, his certification would be rescinded.日本厚生劳动大臣田村宪久(Norihisa Tamura)周三对记者说,如果佐村河内守不是在适当的情形下被认定耳聋,他的明将被吊销。He added that he wanted to take appropriate measures after confirming the facts.他还补充说,他想要在确认相关事实后采取适当的措施。Mr. Samuragochi said in his letter that he is certified as #39;Level 2#39; hearing disabled, which corresponds to being completely deaf. If a hearing exam finds otherwise, he said, he would give up his certification.佐村河内守在信中说,他被确诊为二级听觉障碍,这相当于完全失聪。他说,如果听力测试的结果与此不符,他承诺放弃原先的明。Mr. Samuragochi attained celebrity status for popular pieces thought to have been composed despite a loss of hearing. Last week, he acknowledged that he hadn#39;t composed the music, after a 43-year-old university professor, Takashi Niigaki, said he had been the celebrity#39;s ghostwriter for nearly two decades, and that the man hadn#39;t appeared to be deaf.佐村河内守之所以得享盛名,是因为在人们心目中,他是在失聪的状况下完成了一些受到欢迎的作品。上周,他承认那些乐曲并不是自己所作。此前,43岁的大学教授新垣隆(Takashi Niigaki)说他近20年来一直为这位名人当手,而且他似乎并不聋。The public letter on Tuesday was the first time Mr. Samuragochi addressed Mr. Niigaki#39;s assertion that he had seemed not to be deaf. Until then, the 50-year-old Mr. Samuragochi had said he had lost his hearing completely by the time he was 35 because of a degenerative illness.佐村河内守周二发表的公开信是他首次针对新垣隆有关他似乎并不耳聋的说法进行回应。在此之前,现年50岁的佐村河内守说他在35岁时因退化性疾病而完全失聪。Also Thursday, local media reported that the Toho Gakuen School of Music in Tokyo had rescinded its acceptance of a retirement offer by ghost writer Mr. Niigaki, after students protested his leaving the school by collecting thousands of signatures.同样是在周四,日本媒体报道说,东京的桐朋学园(Toho Gakuen School of Music)已经取消其接受新垣隆请辞的决定,此前有学生征集了数千个签名抗议新垣隆辞职。A representative for the school reached by phone Thursday morning said that the school was conducting an investigation into the events, and could not comment on the issue at this time.记者周四上午通过电话与校方的一名代表联络,这名代表说校方正在对相关事件进行调查,当时无法就这一问题发表。 /201402/276285大余县不孕不育哪里好赣州瑞金人民医院有人在那做过人流吗



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