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A: So what brings you to my office today?B: My tooth is killing me!A: How long has your tooth been bothering you?B: It just started hurting me last night.A: Have you injured your tooth in any way?B: I think one of my fillings might be coming loose.A: Do you have a special kind of toothbrush that you like to use?B: I have an electric toothbrush.A: Does it bother you when you eat something really sweet?B: Oh yeah, when I do that, it hurts a lot more! 33Lesson One第一课General Procedure一般程序G:Id like to order an international newspaper.Is that possible?旅客:我想订一份国际报纸,行吗?R:Yes.Which paper would you like?接待员:可以,您想订哪一种报纸?G:What papers do you have available?旅客:你们有哪几种报纸?R:Here a list (of the newspapers and magazines we can order you).接待员:这是一份订目录(我们可以为您订的报纸和杂志)G:I dont see the New York Times on this list.旅客:在订目录上怎么没有(纽约时报)呢?Is it possible to get the New York Times here?能不能在这弄到《纽约时报?R:If it not on the list,Im not sure,but Id be glad to check you.接待员:如果征订目录上没有,我就不能保了,但是我可以给您差一下May I have your room number?告诉我您的房间号码好吗?G:.旅客:R:.Okay.接待员:房间,Ill check you and get back to you as soon as possible好的,我可以给您查找并尽快给您送去G:Hello,Mr.Cibatti?旅客:您好,是Mr.Cibatti吗?G:Yes?旅客:什么事?R:This is the Front Desk.I have good news you.接待员:这是前台有您的好消息,We are able to get the New York Times you.我们可以为您订到《纽约时报When you have time,you can stop by the Front Desk to fill out the order m.or:如果您有时间,顺便请到前台来填写预定单或者:G:Oh,never mind.Thanks anyway trying.旅客:喔,没关系,不管怎样,谢谢你们的努力I guess Ill order the Herald Tribune instead.我想我可以改订《先驱论坛报Lesson Two第二课Newspaper Is Late报纸送晚了G:Where my Herald Tribune?旅客:我的《先驱论坛报怎么没来呢?R:Im sorry.None of the papers from Beijing arrived today.接待员:对不起,今天从北京邮寄的报纸都没有到达It probably because the weather so bad,the flight didnt come through.可能是由于天气不好,航班没到Youll get today issue a day late,今天的报纸您要晚一天拿到,together with tomorrow paper.Im so sorry.和明天的报纸一起收到我们感到非常抱歉Lesson Three第三课Magazine Is Late杂志送晚了G:Where my Time Magazine?I havent received it two weeks.旅客:我的《时代杂志到了吗?我已经有两周没有收到了?R:Im sorry; Im not sure why.接待员:对不起,我也不太清楚为什么Ill check on it you and get back to you.我为您查一下然后给您答复 9A: How did you find your apartment?B: You can check on the bulletin boards at school local housing.A: What if I need a roommate?B: There are websites that can hook you up with a roommate.A: How much do apartments cost around here?B: It depends on what you want. Do you want a one- or two-bedroom apartment?A: I just need a one-bedroom apartment.B: That will probably cost you around twelve hundred dollars a month.A: Would you come with me to look at apartments?B: I would be happy to look at apartments with you. 00

Tourists who encounter a language barrier while visiting Japan can now access -hour, multilingual phone assistance, it reported.有报道称,如今,在日旅游遇到语言障碍的外国游客,可以通过小时多语言电话翻译务获得帮助了Local authorities have started offering the translation services after a boom in eign visitors, many of whom have little knowledge of Japanese, The Japan Times website reports. In some areas the hotlines are accessed by staff in hotels, car rental companies or restaurants to decipher tourists queries, but others enable visitors to contact a call centre directly.据《日本时报网站报道:随着赴日旅游的外国游客人数的激增,日本地方政府开始为他们提供翻译务,因为大部分游客对日语一窍不通在某些地区,酒店、汽车租赁公司或饭店员工接听翻译热线,负责解答游客的问题但在其他地区,游客还是直接与热线中心联络The number of international visitors arriving in Japan has soared in recent months. In August, an estimated 1.8 million eign tourists entered the country, a 6% increase on the previous year, according to figures from the Japan National Tourism Organisation.近几个月来,赴日旅游的国际游客数量飙升日本国家旅游局数据显示:8月约有18万外国游客到日本旅游,较前一年增长了6%Local authorities have partnered with private companies which run the call centres, and staff can help people with everything from finding a doctor who speaks a particular language, to negotiating a deal in a souvenir shop. One company has languages available, including Russian and Indonesian. ;In the case of hotels, guests often ask simple questions such as what time is breakfast or dinner,; says Toshiharu Kimura, a spokesman Shiga Prefecture. They also often ask how to send baggage home, he says.日本地方当局与经营电话务的私人公司合作,工作人员可以为游客提供他们所需的一切帮助,无论是寻找会说特定语言的医生,还是在纪念品商店讨价还价有一家公司能为游客提供俄语、印尼语等种语言务滋贺县发言人木村寿治说:“就酒店方面的务而言,游客经常会问些简单的问题,如什么时间供应早餐或晚餐”他们还经常会询问如何把行李寄回家,木村说In the southern Saga Prefecture, the government has launched a smartphone app to connect tourists directly to an operator, who can answer queries or contact local services on a tourist behalf. A spokeswoman the Saga Tourism Federation says: ;Weve gotten the fire department and the police on board as well, so you can use the service help if you are involved in a traffic accident in a rented car or you need urgent medical help.;在日本南部的佐贺县,政府推出了一款智能手机应用程序,使游客能直接与运营商联系,运营商会解答游客的问题或代表游客与当地务机构联系佐贺县旅游协会发言人说:“我们把消防部门和警察也加了进来,如果你开着租来的汽车发生交通事故或需要紧急医疗救助,便可以使用该务” 18

第一句:Do you have any plan on your mind?你有什么打算吗?A:Do you have any plan on your mind?你有什么打算吗?B:I want to go to Italy travelling this summer vacation.这个暑假我想去意大利旅行Where do you plan to go?你打算去哪儿?A:Where do you plan to go this summer?今年夏天你打算去哪儿?B:Japanl, I suppose. What about you?你想是日本吧你呢?A:Well, I have not decided yet, Id like to go to France.嗯,我还没决定呢,我想去法国知识点延伸:询问假期旅行计划的相关表达法还有:Where are you going on your vacation?你打算去哪儿度假?旅行计划用英语说是:travel planWhat your travel plan?你的旅行计划是什么? 185

A: Thank you coming, officer.谢谢您能来,警官B: What seems to be the problem?有什么问题?A: I was in school all day and came home to a burglarized apartment.白天我一直在学校里,回到家时发现公寓被盗了B: Was the door locked when you left?离开时门锁了吗?A: The door was still locked when I came home, so maybe they came in through a window.我回家时门还锁着,也许盗贼从窗户进来的B: Do you live here alone?你一个人住吗?A: I have a roommate, but she is still at school.我有一个室友,但是她还在学校B: Have you seen anyone suspicious in the neighborhood?在附近你看见可疑的人了吗?A: No, nothing unusual.没有,没有什么不正常的B: Well, I am going to check the windows and look fingerprints. I want you to figure out what is missing.我得去检查下窗户和指纹我想让指下丢失的物品 1988

导购口语:We are running a special offer now.我们现在有特价优惠Dont delay your decision. This is the best offer.别再犹豫不决这是最好的优惠了This offer will expire in two days.这个特价优惠两天内就结束了语句:Special offer与best offer意为“最低报价,(商品等的价格)特别优惠”情景再现:Dont delay your decision. This is the best offer.别再犹豫不决这是最好的优惠了We are running a special offer on this holiday.我们在这个假期有个特价优惠On clearance sale, all our shop goods are at special prices. Dont miss this golden chance.本店清仓,商品特价,莫失良机 1895

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