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旌德县人民医院尿科宣城哪里割包皮手术哪里好Science and technology.科技。Climate change.气候变化。Good news at last?终于来了好消息?The climate may not be as sensitive to carbon dioxide as previously believed.气候对二氧化碳的敏感性可能低于先前的预期。CLIMATE science is famously complicated, but one useful number to keep in mind is ;climate sensitivity;. This measures the amount of warming that can eventually be expected to follow a doubling in the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, in its most recent summary of the science behind its predictions, published in 2007, estimated that, in present conditions, a doubling of CO2 would cause warming of about 3°C, with uncertainty of about a degree and a half in either direction. But it also says there is a small probability that the true number is much higher. Some recent studies have suggested that it could be as high as 10°C.气候科学的复杂程度众所周知,但把一个指标记在脑中非常好用,那就是;气候敏感性;。该指标表示预计大气中二氧化碳浓度翻倍所能引致的升温量。政府间气候变化专门委员会(IPCC)在其最近一次关于其预测背后的科学性的概要中(发布于2007年)估计,在如今的情况下,二氧化碳浓度翻倍将造成3°C左右的升温,上下误差在1.5度左右。但该概要也声称,真实数据有少许可能还要高得多。一些近期的研究也猜测气温上升可能达到10°C之高。If that were true, disaster beckons. But a paper published in this weeks Science, by Andreas Schmittner of Oregon State University, suggests it is not. In Dr Schmittners analysis, the climate is less sensitive to carbon dioxide than was feared.如果这种猜测属实,灾难说来就来了(直译:灾难朝我们挥手)。但美国俄勒冈州立大学的安德烈亚斯-施密特纳在本周《科学》杂志上刊登的一篇报告认为,情况并非如此。在施密特纳士的分析中,气候并不像先前人们所担忧的那样对二氧化碳那么敏感。Existing studies of climate sensitivity mostly rely on data gathered from weather stations, which go back to roughly 1850. Dr Schmittner takes a different approach. His data come from the peak of the most recent ice age, between 19,000 and 23,000 years ago. His group is not the first to use such data (ice cores, fossils, marine sediments and the like) to probe the climates sensitivity to carbon dioxide. But their paper is the most thorough. Previous attempts had considered only small regions of the globe. He has compiled enough information to make a credible stab at recreating the climate of the entire planet.现有的关于气候敏感性的研究主要基于气象站收集的数据,可以追溯到公元1850年左右。施密特纳士采用了另外一种方法。他的数据来源于最近一次冰河时期的顶峰(介于一万九千到两万三千年前之间)。他的团队不是第一个使用这些数据(冰芯,化石,海洋沉积物诸如此类)来探测气候对二氧化碳的敏感性的团队。但他们的报告是最全面彻底的。过去的研究只考虑了全球的小部分地区。而他汇编了足够的信息,可以确凿地尝试一下重建整个地球的气候模型。The result offers that rarest of things in climate science-a bit of good news. The groups most likely figure for climate sensitivity is 2.3°C, which is more than half a degree lower than the consensus figure, with a 66% probability that it lies between 1.7° and 2.6°C. More importantly, these results suggest an upper limit for climate sensitivity of around 3.2°C.研究的结果给出了气候科学中最为罕见之物——一丁点好消息。该研究组给出最有可能的气候敏感性数字是2.3°C,比公认的数据低了半度多,并且该数字有66%的几率位于1.7°C到2.6°C之间。更重要的是,研究结果指出,气候敏感性的上限在3.2°C左右。Before you take the SUV out for a celebratory spin, though, it is worth bearing in mind that this is only one study, and, like all such, it has its flaws. The computer model used is of only middling sophistication, Dr Schmittner admits. That may be one reason for the narrow range of his teams results. And although the studys geographical coverage is the most comprehensive so far for work of this type, there are still blank areas-notably in Australia, Central Asia, South America and the northern Pacific Ocean. Moreover, some sceptics complain about the way ancient data of this type were used to construct a different but related piece of climate science: the so-called hockey-stick model, which suggests that temperatures have risen suddenly since the beginning of the industrial revolution. It will be interesting to see if such sceptics are willing to be equally sceptical about ancient data when they support their point of view.但是在你把SUV开出去兜风以作庆祝之前,要记住这只是一项研究而已,并且——就如同所有这类研究一样——研究自身也有缺陷。施密特纳士承认,该研究采用的电脑模型的复杂程度一般。这可能也是他的团队实验结果范围较窄的一个原因。而且,尽管这项研究的地理覆盖范围是迄今为止同类中最大的,它仍有空白区域——尤其指澳洲,中亚,南美和北太平洋地区。此外,一些怀疑论者对这些远古数据被用来构建一个不同的但是相关的气候学分:所谓的;曲棍球棒模型;(认为气温自从工业革命以后就突然上升)满腹牢骚。看看当远古数据持这些怀疑论者的观点时,这些人是否还愿意以同等的怀疑态度对待,这一定会非常有趣。 /201208/195752宣城切包皮哪家医院好 Ive missed more than 9,000 shots in my career.在我的职业生涯中,自己已经错过了超过9000个球。I think what made him so special as a marketing icon is that he was natural. Today, when everyone really tries to be like Mike, theyre trying so hard to invent a personal, I think that people see through that and it doesnt stand the test of time.我想是什么令他作为市场营销的偶像如此特别,那就是他的自然。今天,大家都很努力地做喜欢的迈克,而他们则会发现很难做自己,我认为人们明白了自己经不起时间的考验。Ive failed over and over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed.在我的生活中,自己已经无数次屡尝败绩,而这也是为什么我能成功。Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome once again the Bulls basketball. playoff basketball as we move to the Eastern Conference Finals---the Bulls and the Indiana Pacers. These two teams were two and two in the regular season. But the rivalry really begins on a Sunday afternoon in Chicago. Miller and Jordan and a cast of characters that is not afraid to win.各位,下午好,欢迎再次收看公牛队。您现在看到的是季后赛东部决赛中公牛和印第安那步行者队的较量。这两球队在常规赛中不相伯仲。但竞争在芝加哥一个星期日的下午才真正开始。米勒和乔丹等一系列的大腕级角色就是为胜利而来。Heres Michael, slips and falls down, gets back up into the lane, hops through, falls, fires on the rim and its good!迈克尔拿球,有些踉跄,但重新调整后又站起来,晃动过人,边线投篮,得手了!注:听力文本来源于普特201201/168184宣城包皮手术那家医院比较好

宣城朝阳医院骗人吗Imagine boarding a flight to Saturn, what would you need to know before travelling?想象登上一架前往土星的航班,你知道在旅行之前需要了解什么吗?The best ring sight-vantage points.最佳的景点观测地。The must-see moons.必看的星球。Think of this as your personal guide to the splendor of the Saturnian system.把这当成是你个人的一次辉煌壮丽的星系旅行。A wondering spot of light.一个充满了光的奇迹之地。Twice as far as Jupiter.远超木星的两倍。And four times further than the asteroid belt.是小行星带的四倍多。Although its a billion miles from home,虽然离家有十亿英里,Saturn has always commanded our attention.而土星一直吸引我们的注意力。Saturn is the most phenomenal logically rich planetary system that we have in our solar system because of its rings,土星是最具非凡的逻辑上富有的行星系统,我们在我们的太阳系也曾得到,是因为它的光环,and planet, and magnet sphere, and numerous of collection of very diverse moons.和星球,磁铁球体,及非常多样化的众多的卫星收集品。It has it all. We may even just take the rings as an example.它拥有这一切。我们甚至可能只是把光环作为一个例子。Inside rings we find examples of the other rings.在光环中我们找到了其他土星环的例子。注:听力文本来源于普特201205/183437宣城哪个性病医院好 宣城治疗膀胱炎费用多少

宣城市中心医院治疗阳痿多少钱Would you eat a y meal from the fridge rather than cook from scratch? Have you been doing internet shopping rather than going to the stores? What cant you be bothered to do?您是否情愿吃冰箱里的即食食品,也懒得亲自下厨做饭呢?您是否更乐于网上购物,而懒得去逛街?还有什么其他您懒得去做的事情呢?A study into how lazy British people are has found more than half of adults are so idle theyd catch the lift rather than climb two flights of stairs.Just over 2000 people were quizzed by independent researchers at Nuffield Health, Britains largest health charity. The results were startling.一项关于“英国人有多懒”的调查发现,超过半数以上的成年人非常懒惰,就算住在二楼,他们宁肯坐电梯也懒得去爬那两段楼梯。有超过两千人接受了英国最大的健康慈善机构——纳菲尔德健康中心的独立调查员的调查,调查结果令人大吃一惊。About one in six people surveyed said if their remote control was broken, they would continue watching the same channel rather than get up. More than one third of those questioned said they would not run to catch a bus. Worryingly, of the 654 respondents with children, 64% said they were often too tired to play with them. This led the report to conclude that its no wonder that one in six children in the UK are classified as obese before they start school.调查显示,如果遥控器坏了,大约六分之一的人宁肯继续看原来的频道也懒得起身去换台。超过三分之一的被调查者称,他们不会跑着去赶一班公交。令人担忧的是,654名有孩子的受访者中有64%的人声称他们经常由于疲惫而懒得陪孩子们玩。调查报告最后总结道,难怪英国每六个学龄前儿童就有一个患有肥胖症。Dr Sarah Dauncey, medical director of Nuffield Health, said: ;People need to get fitter, not just for their own sake, but for the sake of their families, friends and evidently their pets too.If we dont start to take control of this problem, a whole generation will become too unfit to perform even the most rudimentary of tasks.”纳菲尔德健康中心的医疗顾问萨拉·当西士说,“人们的生活有必要变得更健康,这不仅仅是为他们自身考虑,也是为他们的家人、朋友、当然还有他们的宠物考虑。如果我们现在还不开始采取措施控制这个问题,整个一代人将会因过度不健康而丧失完成最基本任务能力。”And Scotlands largest city, Glasgow, was shamed as the most indolent city in the UK, with 75% surveyed admitting they do not get enough exercise, followed closely by Birmingham and Southampton, both with 67%.在关于体育运动的调查中,苏格兰最大的城市格拉斯哥有75%的人承认他们缺少足够的体育锻炼,因而格拉斯哥市被评为英国最懒惰的城市。紧邻其后的是伯明翰和南安普敦,均有67%的人承认缺少足够的体育锻炼。 The results pose serious challenges for the National Health Service, where obesity-related illnesses such as heart disease and cancer have been on a steady increase for the past 40 years and are costing billions of pounds every year.调查结果给英国国民健康务体系提出了严重挑战,在过去40年来,像心脏病和癌症这些与肥胖相关的疾病一直呈稳步上升态势,而每年的医疗投入和花费都高达数十亿英镑。原文译文属!201301/222356 Everyone is likely to be ask about,imaging the view who has heading taken the hard zone of the two planets,where would you go?what would you sleep?and how would you survive?The latest robort machines have viewed more about the world than ever before,arms with this new knowledge,think of this as your personal travel guide to our near neighbours,as the planet closes to the sun,Mercury is antomatically summer vacation,step up your space graft and seasonal temperature are guaranteed for a day that last three month,and once the sun finanlly does set,the night life begins with a unique cosmic light show.每个人都可能会问,想象到这两颗行星后的情景,你会去哪儿呢?你如何睡觉?你会如何生存?最新型装载着先进智能的机器人看到了比以往更多的世界, 把这当作是您拜访我们的邻居的私旅游,由于这颗星球离太阳很近,水星自然而然成了暑假,穿上你的空间装备而这里的季节性温度会持续三个月,而一旦离开太阳,夜生活以一种独特的宇宙亮光拉开了序幕。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/172371宣城检查性病多少钱宣城妇女儿童医院男科



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