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The captain of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 received a two-minute call shortly before take-off from a mystery woman using a mobile phone number obtained under a false identity.It was one of the last calls made to or from the mobile of Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah in the hours before his Boeing 777 left Kuala Lumpur 16 days ago.Investigators are treating it as potentially significant because anyone buying a pay-as-you-go SIM card in Malaysia has to fill out a form giving their identity card or passport number.Introduced as an anti-terrorism measure following 9/11, this ensures that every number is registered to a traceable person.英国媒体报道,马航失联客机MH370航班的机长查哈里在客机起飞前,曾接过一个维持了两分钟的神秘电话,而当局发现,与机长最后通话的人,利用女性名字和假身分购买电话卡,令外界揣测客机失联或与机师有关。不过,据马来西亚星洲网报道称,马来西亚警方指报道纯属炒作,没有根据。《每日邮报》报道,该通电话是查哈里驾驶客机起飞前所接的最后几个电话之一。据报道,马来西亚警方查出电话来源后,往卖出相关SIM卡的吉隆坡店舖查,发现有人以女性名字及假身分注册买该SIM卡。But in this case police traced the number to a shop selling SIM cards in Kuala Lumpur. They found that it had been bought ‘very recentlyby someone who gave a woman’s name but was using a false identity.The discovery raises fears of a possible link between Captain Zaharie, 53, and terror groups whose members routinely use untraceable SIM cards. Everyone else who spoke to the pilot on his phone in the hours before the flight took off has aly been interviewed.调查员认为该线索甚为重要,因任何人在马来西亚购买预付SIM卡,须填上身份或护照号。这11事件后引入的条例,保每个手机号码可追踪到注册者。由于恐怖份子惯常用预付卡与人联络,故外界再度揣测,机长是否与恐怖组织有联系。In a separate development, The Mail on Sunday has learned that investigators are now poised to question Captain Shah’s estranged wife in detail.They have waited two weeks out of respect, but will now begin formally interviewing Faizah Khan following pressure from FBI agents assisting the inquiry.Although the couple who have three children were separated, they had been living under the same roof. A source said: ‘Faizah has been spoken to gently by officers but she has not been questioned in detail to establish her husband’s behaviour and state of mind in the days leading to the incident.据报道,那些曾在客机起飞前几个小时,与机长通电话的相关人士已经被查。英国小报《太阳报》日前率先报道指查哈里在航班起飞前,曾打了一通神秘电话,但马来西亚警方指报道纯属炒作,没有根据。来 /201403/28167366:Cut coffee and cigarettes第66单元:戒除咖啡和香烟Caffeine and nicotine constrict your blood vessels,cutting back on your body efficient use of calories and adding io cellulite buildup.咖啡因和尼古丁会使你的血管收缩,这不但会降低你身体使用卡路里的功效,还会加速皮下脂肪的形成If youre consuming just a little,quit.If youre consuming a lot,dont expect to stop completely tomorrow-theyre both very addictive substances.如果你咖啡喝得不多、香烟也抽得不凶的话.就赶快统统戒了吧如果你咖啡喝得多、香烟也抽得凶的话.别期望自己明天就能完全戒除-一咖啡和香烟都是会让人上瘾的东西But start making plans your escape.但现在就开始计划戎掉吧 3693面试英语口语Lesson6:About Ways to Contact You (Ⅰ)经典对话:70.Well send you a letter then,if youre hired.我们如果决定雇佣你,就会给你去信71.Your phone number?你的电话号码是多少?7.What number could we reach you?你的联络电话是?73.My home number is 3755818.我家电话是37558187.In case Im not there,please leave a message and I will call back your instruction.假如我不在,请留言,我将打回电话询问您的指示75.We will let you know probably next Tuesday.I hope to give you the positive reply.我们大概会在下星期二让您知道,我希望让您有个肯定的答复76.Thank you,I will be glad to hear that.谢谢,如能听到这消息我将很荣幸77.If your application is successful,we will notify you by mail.如果你申请成功,我们会去信通知你78.When can I know whether I am accepted or not?我什么时候才能知道是否被录用呢?79.I think well send you a letter by early next week,if you are wanted.我想,如果你被聘用,我们将在下周初给你去信80.We may give you a call.我们可以打电话给你81.By the way,have you got a telephone?顺便问一下,你有电话吗?8.Yes.My office phone number is 373833.我办公室电话是37383383.What the best time to call you,then?那什么时候给你打电话最合适呢?8.Between four and five in the afternoon,Im afraid.恐怕在下午点至5点之间85.When can you give me your final decision?您什么时候可以给我答复?86.Well notify you next Thursday at the latest.Shall I tele-phone you?我们最迟下周四就通知你我打电话给你行吗?87.You wont be able reach me directly by phone.您打电话找不到我88.But you can page me over BP.My BP number is 7-6566.不过您可以呼我的BP机,我的BP机号码是7-656689.Do you have my number?你知道我的电话号码吗?90.Yes,I see it here on the resume.是的,我看到你的简历上有情景案例:Dialogue A(IInterviewer主试人 AApplicant受试人)A: When can I know whether I am accepted or not?I: I think well send you a letter by early next week,if you are wanted.Or we may give you a call.By the way,have you got a telephone?A: Yes,My office phone number is 373833.I: What the best time to call you,then?A: Between four and five in the afternoon,Im afraid.I: Thank you coming,Miss Yan.A: The pleasure is mine.It been nice talking with you,madam.Good-bye.Dialogue BA: When can yon give me the final decision?I: Well notify you next Thursday at the latest.Shall I telephone you?A: You wont be able to reach me directly by phone,but you can page me over BP.My BP number is 7-6566.I: All right.Thank you coming today.A: Thank you your interview with me,madam.Dialogue CI: How can we contact you about our decision?A: By telephone,please.De you have my number?I: Yes.I see it here on the resume.May I call you at your office about our final decision?A: Yes,please.I: Thank you,Miss Zhao, your interest in this job.Good luck to you.Notes 注释:1.The pleasure is mine.我也感到很荣幸.How can we contact you about our decision?我们决定下来后怎么跟你联系?3.Good luck to you.祝你好运Words and Expressionsin case 万一,假如positive a.肯定的,正面的notify v.通知,告知by mail 邮寄want v.聘用by the way 顺便问一下page v.找寻,呼唤,打传呼 60

话题 花销预算出门旅行,当然要对行程有个预算,确保不会超连连,如此方可在旅行中尽情玩乐旅行预算包括装备的花销,吃喝住宿的花销,景点门票的花销,往返车票的价钱等,计算好旅行要花费的费用,以避免给旅行带来不必要的困扰英语情景会话A: Judy, have you ever made out how much money shall we spend?A:朱迪,你已经算出来我们要花多少钱了吗?B: Oh, yeah. The total amount is no less than .000 RMB, according to our itinerary.B:噢,是的李,根据我们的行程宋看,总数不会少于1 3000元A: What? That too much.A:什么?这么多!B: Sit down.Ill show you the list of our financial budget. First of all, it is nearly ,000 RMB that we should spend in transportation.B:先坐下吧我给你看看我们的预算清单首先,我们在交通上要花将近000元A: Ah, the transportation fee always takes a great part in the budget.A:啊,交通费在预算中总会占很大一部分B: Then we must pay a large amount of money the hotel. But if we want to save money, we can choose a hotel which is not so good.B:然后我们住丰旅馆要花一大笔钱如果想省钱,我们可以不选择这么好的旅馆A: Hmm, what Im fearful of is that the accommodation will also deteriorate once we choose a cheaper hotel.A:嗯,但我担心一旦我们选择便宜的旅馆,件宿条件也会跟着变得很差B: In that case, we can choose the Youth Hotel. It a good choice, clean and economic.B:这样的话,我们可以选择青年旅馆那是一个不错的选择,干净又经济 其他常用英语口语表达How your budget this tour?你这次旅行的预算是怎样的?Our budget is a little tight this time.我们这次的预算有点紧Maybe we can cut some expenditure, shall we?也许我们可以减少一些开,是吗?Have you ever made out how much money we shall spend?你已经算出来我们要花多少钱了吗?We must take more money in case of emergency.我们得多带点钱以防紧急事件的发生常用英语词汇表达budget 预宴expenditure 开list 清单tight 紧的cut 减少hotel 旅馆 35

85:Make every day a salad day第85单元:天天吃沙拉There no need to restrict lettuce,tomato and other salad fixings to a bowl.没有必要限制生菜、番茄或其他沙拉材料一定要拌在碗里Liberate your salad:Stuff it into your tacos,plump up your sandwich,pop it atop your pizza.自由自在地吃生菜沙拉吧:把它们塞进卷饼里,夹进三明治里或撒在比萨上面尽情享用吧 3693

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