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As an attempt to discourage young people from becoming smokers, 为试图阻止年轻人成为烟民,it was decided to raise the legal age to buy cigarettes and other tobacco products from 18 to 21 in San Francisco. 旧金山决定提高购买香烟和其它烟草产品的法定年龄从18岁到21岁。San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors voted on Tuesday to raise the legal age to buy tobacco products, 旧金山监事会周二投票决定提高购买烟草产品的法定年龄,joining New York City, Boston and Hawaii in increasing the minimum age. 联合纽约市、波士顿和夏威夷提高最低年龄。San Francisco becomes the second-largest to raise the minimum age to buy tobacco products, including e-cigarettes. The ordinance goes into effect 1 June.旧金山成为第二大提高最低年龄,购买烟草产品包括电子香烟的城市。该条例于6月1日生效。译文属。201603/429122郴州东方医院有生殖器科室吗郴州治疗前列腺增生男科医院Germany and the euro德国和欧元You Kant do that请依法办事Many Germans fear that the European Central Bank is not on their side很多德国人担心欧洲央行不是他们这一阵营的HORST SEEHOFER, premier of Bavaria, sums up German attitudes to the European Central Bank (ECB). Based in Frankfurt, but run by Mario Draghi, an Italian, the ECB said on September 4th that it would cut its interest rate to 0.05% and start buying asset-backed securities from banks to get them to lend. By opening the money tap, taking on debt and buying “junk”, Mr Seehofer told Bild, Germanys biggest tabloid, the ECB frightens people. “It must be our job to criticise these policies.”巴伐利亚州州长霍斯特·泽霍费尔向欧洲央行(ECB)表明了德国的态度。坐落于法兰克福,但如今却被意大利人马里奥·德拉基掌舵的ECB,在9月4日公开表示,将基准利率下调至0.05%并从放贷购买资产抵押债券。泽霍费尔向图片报透露,ECB借着开通资金流、承担债务和购入“低档债券”的方式来恐吓民众。他表示“我们的职责就是批评这些政策。”Like others on the centre-right, Mr Seehofer frets that a new anti-euro party, the Alternative for Germany, will poach voters by bashing the ECB. The Alternative has just got into its first state parliament and may get into two more on September 14th. But scepticism about the ECB is growing across the country. Hans-Werner Sinn, boss of Munichs Ifo Institute and an economist, echoes Mr Seehofer: the ECB has “cut interest rates by too much”; and it is not authorised to buy bonds “as this is a fiscal and not a monetary-policy measure. Such a policy would be at the expense of European taxpayers, who would have to pay for the losses incurred by the ECB.”与其他中右翼党派一样,泽霍费尔同样忧心德国新选择党—一个新的反欧元党派—会借机抨击ECB来拉拢选民。而新选择党才刚刚成功进入第一个州议会,在9月14日新选项党还可能会成功进入另外两个。但是ECB质疑论正在这个城市大肆传播。慕尼黑经济研究所所长汉斯-维尔纳·辛恩也在泽霍费尔之后随声附和:ECB已经“降低基准利率太多”;而且ECB并未得到购买债券的授权,因为这并不是一个货币政策措施而是一个财政法令。而这样的一个政策将以欧洲的纳税人为代价,让他们不得不为ECB引起的损失买单。Mainstream views in Germany are diverging from those elsewhere in the euro zone and in Anglo-Saxon countries. The world outside Germany is afraid of deflation. Germans, however, worry that cheap money could lead eventually to inflation. This may be surprising, since prices in the euro zone are rising by only 0.3% a year, far below the ECBs 2% target. But inflation fears have been etched into the German psyche since the hyperinflation of 1922-23.现今德国国内的主流观点便是与那些欧元区的其他国家和盎格鲁-撒克逊国家分道扬镳。除德国之外,全世界都惧怕通货紧缩。然而,德国人忧心的却是宽松货币政策最终可能引发通货膨胀。由于欧元区的价格一直在不断上涨,每年涨幅仅为0.3%,这相较于ECB2%的目标已经是很低了,在这种状况下,德国人的此种担忧让人颇感意外。但是自从经历过1922-1923年的恶性通货膨胀之后,德国人对通货膨胀的恐惧已经深入骨髓。Many are cross that cheap money is crushing interest rates on savings accounts and capital life-insurance policies, a common form of retirement planning. Real returns on such savings are laughable, just when greying Germans need them. Low rates may boost shares and property, but ordinary Germans shun such assets. One argument they use against low rates, indeed, is that they create asset bubbles.也有许多人持相反的观点,他们认为宽松货币政策正压制储蓄账户和资本人寿保险政策的基准利率。这种储蓄的实际回报效果却让人觉得可笑,仅仅是在头发花白的德国人需要之时才会出现。低利率可能会刺激股票和房地产行业,但是普通的德国人还是会避开这两样资产。而实际上这些普通人用来反对低利率的一种说法便是,这样做会引起资产泡沫。But the roots of German scepticism are more fundamental, argues Marcel Fratzscher, head of the German Institute for Economic Research in Berlin, in a forthcoming book, “The Germany Illusion”. Anglo-Saxon economists are guided by the utilitarian philosophy of John Stuart Mill or Jeremy Bentham, asking merely if a policy works. Germans side with Immanuel Kant, believing that nothing works except through law, and are horrified when the ECB strays from its narrow mandate.但是,马塞尔·弗雷兹策尔—柏林德国经济研究所所长—在他即将出版的书《德国的幻象》中表示,德国质疑论的来源更加坚实。盎格鲁-撒克逊那群仅要求这政策能奏效的经济学家们,皆以约翰·斯图尔特·密尔或是杰里米·边沁的功利主义哲学为指南。那些拥护伊曼努尔·康德的德国人,坚信任何事情只有借以法律手段才能奏效,而且在ECB打破自身的局限颁布条令之时,他们也被震惊了。Germans felt it was doing this in 2012 when Mr Draghi announced that the ECB would, under certain conditions, buy the bonds of euro countries in crisis. Outside Germany, this is considered the most effective step in the euro crisis to date. Inside Germany, it is seen as illegal. The ECB would indirectly finance governments when it may only manage the money supply, ruled the German constitutional court in February (though it referred the issue up to the European Court of Justice).当德拉基宣布ECB会在某些情况下购买身处危机中的欧元区国家债券之时,德国人意识到ECB曾在2012年就这样做了。在德国之外,这种举措被认为是迄今为止在欧元危机之中最奏效的一步。而在德国国内,这种行为却被认为是违法的。当ECB仅能控制货币供应之时,它会间接的向政府融资,对此,德国宪法法院已在二月份作出裁决。Buying asset-backed securities from banks is, by this logic, another step in the wrong direction. Worse, Germans fear that it could lead to “quantitative easing”: printing money to buy bonds. “Breaking the rules destroys trust,” warns Ralph Brinkhaus, a Bundestag member from the centre-right party of Chancellor Angela Merkel. And it sends the wrong message to crisis countries, he adds, by reducing the pressure on them to reform.按照这种“德国认为是违法的”的逻辑,那么ECB从购买资产抵押债券也是在错误方向上的另外一步了。更糟的是,德国人害怕的是,ECB的这种做法会导致“量化宽松”:也就是印钞买债券。德国总理默克尔所属基督教民主联盟籍议员Ralph Brinkhaus 提出警告 “打破规则摧毁信任”。而且他补充道,这些做法通过减少改革的压力,给那些身处欧元危机中的国家发送了错误的信息。 /201409/328760郴州治疗前列腺囊肿费用

嘉禾县人民中妇幼保健医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱郴州市妇幼保健院泌尿系统在线咨询Thank you for being here,Fareed.Nice to have you on the show.多谢你抽空前来 法里德 很高兴你能来上节目Lets get started first with your background.I do think I know a lot about you.首先聊聊你的背景 我觉得我很了解你You were born in India.What was it about the ed States that made you really want to come here?你是在印度出生的 美国的哪一点让你真的很想过来The opening sequence of Dallas.You know,I was growing up as a kid in India in the 70s.《达拉斯》的序幕 我七十年代在印度长大India was then a very poor country,cut off from the world.印度是个很穷的国家 与世隔绝And then we could get these bootleg copies of Dallas,which were done on old VHS Tapes.我们搞到了《达拉斯》的盗版 是VHS版本Kids are not going to understand this.Ancient technology called tape.孩子们不懂 那是古老的科技 叫做录像带And the opening sequence was this shiny glass skyscrapers in Dallas,helicopters landing on roots,big Cadillacs and men in 10 gallon hats.《达拉斯》的序幕是达拉斯闪亮的玻璃天大楼 屋顶上停着直升机 卡迪拉克轿车 带着巨大帽子的男人That was my American dream.And Victoria principal.那就是我的美国梦 还有维多利亚·普林西帕尔Incredibly hot women throwing drinks in mens faces.Exactly.So part of it was just the fascination with America.This larger than life country.超性感的女人 往男人脸上泼饮料 是啊 一部分原因是美国的魅力 这个传奇国家Part of it was the people who came back and had gone to college in America would talk about college like it was really fun.还有一部分原因是去美国上大学 然后回来的那些人会说大学很好玩And I,Im not talking about keg parties.I mean they would find the process of the course,the classes,this was all fun.我说的不是饮酒会 他们会觉得课程的过程都很好玩Thats not what it was meant to be like in Asia.In Asia you went to college and it was kind of a drag在亚洲不是这样 在亚洲上大学是个负担and you studied hard and there was these massive tests at the end of two years or three years and you crammed heart out for those tests你认真学习 一年两年三年后会有许多考试 为了那些考试你操碎了心and then you promptly forgot everything you had studied the day after the test.Right.接着考试那天之后 你就立马忘了学过的一切 好吧So to be told that theres a college experience where you actually learn and enjoy it and call follow your passion,this sounded really cool to me.所以有人跟我说了大学体验还可以 真正学习 乐在其中 追随你的爱好 我觉得这很酷201609/465687My car is stupid, Don.Don,我的汽车真笨。What do you mean, Yael?Yael,你什么意思?I turn the key, the engine ignites.我拧车钥匙,引擎发动。I turn the steering wheel,the wheels move. And thats it!我转方向盘,轮胎转动。就是这样。Well, what you expect? Thats how a car works.汽车都是这样呀,你还想怎么样呢?I know, but cars are so rigidly mechanical,我明白,可是这也太机械化了吧。you know, its likewhen we removed the horses to make horseless carriages;我们用汽车代替马车,they took away the only intelligent partof the carriages!但是却卸下了马车唯一智能的部分。So you want to go back to the horse-baggage days?那么,你想回到马车时代?No, but it would be cool, if cars are more intelligent.我不想,要是汽车能更智能就太好了!You mean like be able to sense things and react to them, like a horse mind?你是说能像马一样识别事物并做出反应?Right, actually there are designers and engineers at MIT working on a new kind of three-wheeled car–a new kind of wheel actually.没错,事实上,麻省理工学院的设计师和工程师已经在研究一种新型三轮车。Its a sort of “smart” wheel that contains most of themechanical parts of the car—drive train, suspension, and braking.这是种车的“智能”轮胎具备大部分汽车的机械部分功能—驱动系统、悬置系统、制动系统。And the wheels have artificialintelligence–they can sense obstructions and potholes in the road.轮胎人工智能:能识别障碍物和道路的坑洼。And since these smart wheelscan communicate with each other, they could allow cars in cities to move in flocks, like birds orsheep.另外,智能轮胎能相互交流,让车子像鸟和羊一样成群结队。Also, the wheels can turn 360 degrees, so the car can move in any direction.轮胎还能360度转弯,这样车可以向任何方向移动。That sounds kind of futurist.这听起来很前卫,Do these kinds of cars actually exist?这种车确实存在吗?Sort of, there are computer models and prototypes, but its not like you can buy one at a cardealership. 算吧,已经有计算机模型和汽车原型了,但是想在车行买到可能还不太现实。Well, let me know when you can.那么,可以的时候别忘了告诉我。 /201409/331018郴州包皮手术大概多少钱American Utopianism美式乌托邦Short-lived, much loved短命的狂热How American idealists withdrew from the mainstream to create their own paradise美国理想主义者退避俗世,自建天堂。UTOPIANISM in politics gets a bad press. The case against the grand-scale, state-directed kind is well known and overwhelming. Utopia, the perfect society, is unattainable, for there is no such thing. Remaking society in pursuit of an illusion not only fails, it leads swiftly to mass murder and moral ruin. So recent history grimly attests.乌托邦主义在政治上不是个好词,现在的主流观点是反对大规模、政府主导的事物。乌托邦这个完美的社会,则是可望不可及的海市蜃楼。强行让社会追求一个虚无缥缈的幻觉不只会以失败告终,也会很快走向大规模屠杀和道德崩溃,这已经被近代历史实了。Although true, that is just half the story. Not all modern Utopians aim to seize the state in order to cudgel the rest of the world back to paradise. Plenty of gentler ones want no more than to withdraw from the mainstream and create their own micro-paradise with a few like-minded idealists. Small experiments in collective living swept America, for example, early in the 19th century and again late in the 20th.尽管这是事实,但并不全面。并不是所有的现代乌托邦都致力于夺取政权,并用暴力把世界改造成伊甸园。很多温和派乌托邦主义者充其量只希望退隐俗世,和一群志同道合者建造一个属于自己的微型天堂。从19世纪初到20世纪末,美国各地都有这些群居者的身影。Most failed or fell short. None lasted. All were laughed at. Yet in this intelligent, sympathetic history, Chris Jennings makes a good case for remembering them well. Politics stultifies, he thinks, when people stop dreaming up alternative ways of life and putting them to small-scale test.这种实践大都是失败的或者受人嘲笑。 Chris Jennings在他的书《现世天堂:美国乌托邦发展史》(《Paradise Now: The Story of American Utopianism.》)中记录了这段凝聚着前人智慧的而又令人同情的历史。他认为,如果人们停止对于另一种生活方式的梦想并不再付诸于实践,则是政治的停滞。Though with occasional glances forward, Mr Jennings focuses largely on the 19th century. At least 100 experimental communes sprang up across the young American republic in the mid-1800s. Mr Jennings writes about five exemplary communities: the devout Shakers, Robert Owens New Harmony, the Fourierist collective at Brook Farm, Massachusetts, the Icarians at Nauvoo, Illinois, inspired by a French proto-communist, Etienne Cabet, and the Oneida Community in New York state practising “Bible communism” and “complex marriage”.尽管书中偶尔会展望未来,Jennings把大部分笔墨放在了19世纪。19世纪中期,至少有100个实验性的公社在年轻的美利坚合众国中,如雨后春笋般萌芽般诞生。Jennings描述了其中5个典型的社区:虔诚的震教徒(一个基督教的分教派——译者注),罗伯特·欧文的新和谐村,傅里叶空想社会主义者在布鲁克农场和马萨诸塞州的公社,继承了法国共产主义者Etienne Cabet的伊卡洛斯派在纳府和伊利诺伊的公社,以及纽约的奥奈达社区(实践了“圣经共产主义”和“群婚”模式)。The Shakers founder was a Manchester Quaker, Ann Lee, a devout mother worn out by bearing dead or dying children. In 1774 she left for the New World, determined to forswear sex and create a following to share her belief. An optimistic faith in human betterment, hard work and a reputation for honest trading helped the Shakers thrive. At their peak in the early 19th century, they had perhaps 5,000 members scattered in some 20 villages across eight states. They counselled celibacy, to spare women the dangers of child-bearing, made spare, slim furniture, now treasured in museums, and practised a wild, shaking dance that was taken as a sign of benign possession by the Holy Spirit.震教徒派创始人是一位名叫Ann Lee的曼彻斯特贵格会教徒,她虔诚却饱受丧子之痛。1774年,她决定开创一个新世界,她誓言禁欲并找到了志同道合的信徒。对于人类进步的乐观信心、努力工作、以及诚实交易使得震教徒派得以发展壮大。到了19世纪早期,教派发展到了鼎盛时期,在美国8个州的20个村子里散布着约5000名信徒。他们提倡独身禁欲,向妇女劝导生孩子的危险,制作现已被收藏于物馆的细长家具,并跳一种狂野而颤抖的舞蹈,这被看作是圣灵良性附身的征兆。译文属译生译世 /201603/429087郴州东方医院图片

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