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Play your cards right, and your buddy#39;s nuptials can be nookie central for you.采取正确的策略,好友的婚礼可能成为你吸引异性的舞台。You Will Need你需要Charm魅力Discretion慎重A sense of humor幽默感A baby to dance with舞伴Steps步骤STEP 1 Circulate and smile1.沟通,微笑Let your social animal run free. Work the crowd, introduce yourself, and keep the conversation flowing.自由发挥你的社交能力。在人群中走动,自我介绍,保持对话流畅。Don’t ignore couples, kids, and grandparents. Impress just one, and you’ll have an automatic wingman.不要忽视夫妻,孩子和长辈。只要给一个人留下深刻印象,你就能获得一位好帮手。STEP 2 Show your best side2.展现自己最好的一面Show your best side to the opposite sex. If you’re a girl, ask if someone knows the score of the game. If you’re a guy, now’s the time to boogie with that toddler.向异性展现自己最好的一面。如果你是女孩子,问其他人询问游戏如何记分。如果是男孩子,现在是时候展现你的舞姿了。If you’re drinking, don’t get too drunk. You’ll just embarrass yourself.如果你饮酒,千万不要过量,否则会让自己很尴尬。STEP 3 Keep it real3.真实When you meet that knock-out, keep the conversation light, and devote some time to finding out a bit about them. Be charming and down to earth. Hotties can detect a phony faster than it takes to say #39;I do.#39;当你遇到合适的人时,保持对话轻松,花费一点时间了解对方。保持迷人的魅力,同时脚踏实地。如果是骗子,辣们很快就能鉴别出来。STEP 4 Participate4.参与Have fun with all the silly wedding conventions, and make your object of desire your partner in crime. When you’re a team, watch the #39;hokey pokey#39; turn from an embarrassment into an aphrodisiac. Don’t overdo it. Being too interested in the wedding activities will just make you look creepy.参与所有愚蠢的婚礼活动,并从中获得乐趣,将你看中的异性作为你的同伴。当你们成为一个团队时,把游戏转变为你们关系进展的催化剂。不要过分。对婚礼活动太感兴趣只会让你看上去非常猥琐。STEP 5 Give a compliment5.赞扬Find a sincere reason to give that special person a little boost. Keep your compliment fresh and original, and steer clear of anything clichéd or pre-planned.找个真诚的理由,给对方一点鼓励。你的赞美之词要新颖而真实,杜绝陈词滥调或有备而来。STEP 6 Be discreet6.谨慎Whatever your arrangements are, keep the details quiet. Your date will be thrilled that you can both have fun while keeping things on the down low.无论你的安排是什么样的,细节一定要秘而不宣。既可以获得乐趣,又可以低调,你的约会对象会感到非常激动。In one survey, nearly 60% of respondents said they’d at least kissed someone they’d met at a wedding.在一项调查中,接近60%的受调查对象表示他们至少亲吻过一个在婚礼上遇到的人。视频听力译文由。 Article/201404/284712Russian, EU leaders call for extending ceasefire俄罗斯,欧盟领导人呼吁延长停火时限Russian President Vladimir Putin has had a teleconference with his counterparts in Germany, France and Ukraine.俄罗斯总统普京同德国,法国及乌克兰的领导人进行了电话会议。The Russian and EU leaders called on Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to extend the ceasefire in the eastern part of his country.俄罗斯和欧盟领导人呼吁乌克兰总统波罗申科延长在这个国家东部的停火协议。The ceasefire, which began on June 20th, will expire Monday.停火是在6月20日开始,周一就会到期。During the ceasefire, EU, Russian and Ukrainian authorities have held several talks with the millitants in East Ukraine.在停火期间,欧盟,俄罗斯和乌克兰当局同乌克兰东部的武装分子举行了几次会谈。The 4-nation teleconference is the second such communication in the past week.这次的4国电话会议是在过去一周的第二次沟通。 Article/201407/308857Obviously, over time,显然 随着时间的推移the subtle signals for any specific earthquake任何一次地震留下的细微痕迹disappears very quickly,都会很快消失and this has virtually disappeared in less than six months,事实上 它不到6个月就消失了so as we#39;re scrabbling around the hillsides,只要我们在山坡周围寻找we see signals every now and then,就可以不时地发现一些痕迹but the data is very sparse,但是这些数据很分散 very difficult to put together.很难把它们收集起来Geologists like Mike hope麦克等地质学家们希望 that by mapping the past,通过测绘已发生的地震遗址they#39;ll come closer to predicting the future.能让他们更进一步地预测未来的地震But even if you know where to measure,但即便你知道测量从何处下手every earthquake is complicated by a significant factor,仍有一个关键因素使地震趋于复杂how big it#39;s going to be.即地震的规模We don#39;t know what makes an earthquake start today我们不清楚地震为何发生在今日instead of yesterday.而不是昨天We also don#39;t know what makes it stop我们也不知道它为何停止and that#39;s what controls the size of the earthquake.而这决定着地震的规模A magnitude three starts at a point,比如 3级的地震由一点开始爆发you start to slip at a point地壳从这一点开始滑动and you have a rupture front that travels out并产生了一个延伸的破裂前沿and causes more of the fault to slip,造成了断层的更多滑动and in a magnitude three, you travel out this far.3级地震会延伸这么远In a magnitude five, it travels out for a kilometre or two.5级地震的时候 延伸1至2千米In a magnitude eight, it travels out for 500 kilometres,8级地震的时候 延伸500千米so when we#39;re trying to predict what the earthquake will be所以当我们去预测地震大小时we#39;re saying, it starts here,我们会说 它从这里开始but does it stop after one kilometre,但它是在1千米后就停止呢or does it stop after, um, 100 kilometres?还是在100千米后才停止 Article/201305/239258

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