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;never say never!; “别把话说死!”(非正式)英文释义Informal expression meaning ;Dont say you will never do something because future conditions may change.; (NOTE: often used as advice)例句My elderly father, who often said he would never use a computer, now loves the Internet, and often ;Never say never!; is his advice to his friends.我的老爸过去常说他永远不会用电脑,但他现在爱上了互联网。“别把话说死!”是如今他常给朋友们提的建议。 /201309/255934。

正文: What you say is partly right.你说的有一部分是对的I agree with much of what you said.我基本上同意你的意见。经典句扩展:Thats one way of looking at it, I admit.我承认可以从这个角度看问题。I get your point, but there are other things we have to consider.我明白你的意思,但是我们还需要考虑其他的事情。 Thats quite true, but on the other hand, we have to think of our priorities.那很有道理,另外一方面,我们还需要弄清楚我们的当务之急。内容来自: /201407/308569。

derived demand 衍生需求英文释义Business term referring to demand for a product because it is needed for the production of another product that is in demand.例句Increased demand for consumer electronic devices has resulted in a higher derived demand for semiconductors.对消费电子产品的需求增加,导致了对半导体的衍生需求的增加。 /201307/246038。

sorry sight -------- 惨样(俚语)英文释义 (SLANG) Something or someone of untidy or pathetic appearance.例句 I had to walk to work in the rain yesterday without my umbrella, so when I finally arrived at my office, I was a sorry sight.昨天,我被迫不打伞冒雨去上班,所以当我最终到达办公室时,已经是一副惨样。 /201502/359292。

第5讲介绍:,,, /200809/50008。

【Trancript】Work time and breaksA:Didn’t you punch in this morning, Monica?B:Sorry, I don’t know the rule about punching.A:That’s ok. I should have told you earlier. This is a company rule.B:Do we also need to punch out after work?A:According to the company rule, we should punch in before 8 o’clock and punch out after 5 o’clock every work day.B:How about the lunch break, Lucy?A:From 11:30 to 1 o’clock.B:May I ask whether we need to work overtime?A:Sometimes, but not quite often. /201006/107376。

第一句:Please the “Notes” before.填表格前请先细阅“须知”部分。A: Please the “Notes” before filling this form.填表格前请先细阅“须知”部分。B: All right. Thank you.好的,谢谢。第二句:So this is my staff number.那么这个就是我的员工号了。A: So this is my staff number.那么这个就是我的员工号了。B: Yes, youd better memorize it.是的,你最好记住哦知识扩展:1.认真填写表格,公司要用来存档的:·Please the information on the back page before completing the form.填表前请先认真阅读表格背面为内容。·When filling in the forms, please don’t write in script style.填表格时,请写书写体。·Please fill in the form in duplicate.请填表格,一式两份。Please complete the form both in English and Chinese.请填表格,中英文都填。script n.书写体的字induplicate n.(指文件等的)一式两份.2.员工号很重要,以后会经常用到,即使记不住也要多做几个备份哦。·employee number 员工号·remember; bear in mind; learn by heart 记住·backup; document 备份重点单词查看全部解释employee[.empl#596;i'i:]想一想再看n. 雇员 联想记忆X单词employee联想记忆:employ雇用+ee表名词,“被动或主动的人” →雇员 script[skript]想一想再看n. 手稿,脚本,手迹 vt. 为... 联想记忆X单词script联想记忆:scrib写+pt→原本,脚本 document['d#596;kjum#601;nt]想一想再看n. 文件,公文,文档vt. 记载,(用文件 联想记忆X单词document联想记忆:docu[doc教]+ment→用来教的东西→文件;书 duplicate['dju:plikit]想一想再看n. 副本,复制品adj. 复制的,二重的 联想记忆X单词duplicate联想记忆:du二,plic重叠一把一份变成重叠的两份一复制的。

cold fish 态度冷淡的人英文释义 A person who is unfriendly and lacking in personal warmth.例句 The famous software engineer is a cold fish who is often rude and boring, so nobody talks with him at parties.这位著名软件工程师是个态度冷淡的人,粗鲁又惹人烦,所以聚会上没人和他说话。 /201208/193523。

Cell Phone Civility手机礼仪陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作。他和同事Amy散会一起往外走。(Office ambience)A: Chen Hao, I cant believe what you were doing during that meeting.C: 开会的时候?我没干什么啊?A: You were using your cell phone to send text messages.C: 噢,不就是用手机发发短信吗,Joe就坐在我旁边,他也一直在发啊。A: He was out of line, too. Its rude to send and receive text messages during a meeting.C: 今天会上说的都是Todd的项目,本来就跟我没什么关系,真不知道他干吗让我来参加。A: Even if you felt it was a waste of your time, you needed to give the meeting and everyone there your full attention.C: 别人可能根本没注意到我在开小差。A: Several people were aware that you were texting and they didnt look happy about it. What if your boss had been there? Would you have done the same thing?C: 如果老板在,我可不敢。A: That should tell you something. He would have called you down for that.C: 好,我知道了,这样做是不太礼貌,我下次一定注意。12点了,我们去吃点东西吧。A: Ok, lets go to that little sandwich shop around the corner.午饭时,陈豪的手机响了。C: 是我的电话,对不起,Amy。Hello, Oh, hi Sue. Whats up? You cant find the report? Its in a green file folder. Call me back if you dont see it. Bye.A: That was rude.C: 难道我不应该接Sue的电话吗?A: Its discounting to others when you take calls and have conversations with people who are not present.C: 手机不就是干这个用的吗,这样别人才能随时随地找到我啊。A: You dont have to be available every minute of every day to whoever calls. When you are in meetings or at meals with other people, you should turn off your phone or put it on silent ringer.C: 照你说的,开会或是吃饭的时候关上手机,那误了电话怎么办?A: You can always check your voice mail afterwards and return calls later when you are alone.C: 如果要是急事呢?A: In that case, you explain to the person or group that you are expecting an important call and ask them to excuse you to answer if it comes in. Then you go to a private location to talk.C: 你是说,我应该事先告诉别人,我在等一个重要电话,然后到旁边去接。可是Amy, 其他人好像并没有这么做啊。A: That doesnt mean its acceptable behavior or good manners. When you talk on the phone in front of other people, you send a message that the person you are with is not as important as the one on the phone.C: 所以说,出于对别人的尊重,能不接的电话就不接,一定要接,就应该事先跟别人打个招呼。 /201210/202997。