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Geneva Motor Show opens this week, against the backdrop of poor consumer confidence and tough austerity measures hurting Europes car market. Media are getting a sneak preview today, two days ahead of its official kick-off.Global automakers have suffered setbacks in the region and the event is clouded by the absence of long-term participant, Saab, which went bankrupt last year, as well as Mitsubishi Motorss recent announcement that it would close its Holland based factory.Carmakers are eyeing emerging markets such as China and India, even as growth in their auto markets stall.Analysts say the industry faces a more uncertain and complicated landscape this year.世界五大车展之一的第82届日内瓦国际车展6日开始举办为期两天的媒体开放日,向上万名记者展示260多家参展商的最新汽车和配件。全球经济危机加上人们日益追求的节能环保生活方式,使得各汽车制造厂商更注重研发小型车节能车。201203/173774201201/167097Infuse some caffeine into your usual workplace high jinks with this little number.根据以下建议,制造打翻咖啡的恶作剧,为普通的办公环境融入一些情趣。You Will Need你需要A cup of coffee一杯咖啡A piece of card stock一张卡片An unwitting victim一位不知情的受害者Steps步骤Step 1 Cover mug1.覆盖杯子Place the cardstock on top of the coffee mug so that it covers it completely.将卡片放在咖啡杯顶部,将杯子完全覆盖。Step 2 Flip it over2.翻转过来Place your hand flat on top of the card stock to keep it in place. Quickly flip the mug over. When you release your hand, the card will stick to the mug by itself.将手平放在卡片上方,让它固定在原位。迅速将杯子翻转过来。当你松开手的时候,卡片会自动粘在杯子上。Practice this a few times before pulling the prank to perfect the flip.在导演这种恶作剧之前多练习几次。Step 3 Set it down3.放置Set the mug down on the victims desk.将杯子放在受害者办公桌上。Step 4 Remove card4.拿掉卡片Hold down the mug with one hand and grasp one end of the card with the other hand. Quickly slide it out from beneath the cup, so no liquid escapes.一只手扶着杯子,另外一只手抓住卡片末端。迅速把卡片从杯子下面拉出来,这样就不会有任何液体洒出来。Step 5 Watch5.观察Watch or listen from behind your cubicle in amusement when your victim returns to find their mug upside down on their desk.When they pick it up, their desk will get its own caffeine fix.躲在你的办公区偷着乐,看一下受害者回来后看到杯子倒立在办公桌上的情景。当他们把杯子拿起来的时候,桌上会洒满咖啡。A National Coffee Association survey reported that 17 percent of adult Americans drink gourmet coffee daily.美国国家咖啡协会一份调查报告称,17%的成年美国人每天都饮用美食家咖啡。视频听力栏目译文属。201304/235007

How To Control Your Temper on Howcast Controlling your anger requires a desire to understand its source, and to take action to tamp it down.You Will NeedTime Quiet A notebook Visualization techniques A sense of humor Step 1: Count to 10(发脾气之前,心里默默倒数10下)Declare a “time out” when you feel anger rising. Remove yourself from the situation. Counting to 10 can buy time to defuse your temper.Step 2: Do something physical(让自己忙碌起来,出去走走,或者跑跑来缓解气氛)Take a brisk walk or go for a run to exhaust an angry impulse. Swim, dig in the garden – anything that may interfere with the rush of negative feelings.Step 3: Keep an anger log(将生气时,自己的想法写下来,这样可以帮助自己消气)Log your thoughts in writing when anger intrudes. Recording these moments limits the effects of your rage.Yoga and meditation can also temper the effects of rage.Step 4: Practice deep breathing(快生气时,深呼吸来调整自己的情绪)Correct patterns of thought through deep breathing, or visualize pleasant memories. Use a mantra or a private word that triggers a peaceful reflection. Listen to relaxing music.Therapists and anger management professionals are trained to help you defuse anger.Step 5: Practice expressing anger(试着将自己的愤怒情绪倾诉给第三方,来缓冲自己的愤怒)Practice expressing anger to a neutral party. This allows you to clear the air before exhibiting behavior you might regret.Carry small objects or pieces of paper with advice. These items can serve as cues to avoid sudden eruptions.Step 6: Use “I” statements(在表述自己的想法时,最好用“我”开头,这样不会冲到其他人)Think carefully before you speak. Use “I” statements, such as “I feel as if…,” so that you don’t offend someone by placing blame and escalating tensions.Step 7: Use humor(试着用幽默的方式来缓和尴尬的场面)Use humor to defuse friction. But be careful not to overestimate your charm.Step 8: Ask yourself what you want(问问自己你最想要的是什么,事后多想想,自己的方式,多加改进)Analyze what look, tone, speech, action – even breathing – you exhibited in anger. Return to the original situation and attempt a different approach.Stress from anger sparks electrical changes in the heart that can lead to heart attacks.201007/108016

在这个充满的演讲里,Eve Ensler阐述了我们每个人内心都有一个少女的观点。但我们都被要求去压制这一内心少女。她也讲到了世界各地勇敢的女孩逆境里求得生存的故事,充分显现了内心少女的力量。201203/174248

Scott and his men sought the glory of discovery斯科特和队员们在无人涉足的荒原里in an untouched wilderness,追寻探索的荣耀and died in the attempt.却命丧途中But he, and those who followed him, were the first to reveal但他和队员们 是将南极壮丽美景the splendour of Antarctica to the rest of the world.呈现给世人的第一批人The lure of adventure still draws intrepid travellers today.今日 探险依然引诱着无畏的游客Like the first explorers,如同第一批探险者一样most modern visitors come during the brief summer大多数现代游客都趁短暂的夏天来到这when the cold relents enough for the toughest icebreakers这时候严寒缓和 最坚固的破冰船to reach the edge of the continent,才可以到达南极大陆but most still need a helicopter to go further.但要想走远 大多数人还需搭乘直升机The scenery in Antarctica is magnificent and dramatic,南极的风景壮丽宏大 变幻无穷but what really attracts people here is the wildlife.然而真正吸引游客的是野生动物An emperor penguin colony is a particular highlight.特别是帝企鹅聚居的地方Because human beings didnt人类在几世纪前arrive in the Antarctic until the past few centuries,才首次出现在南极大陆the animals have never developed a fear of man.这里的动物从不畏惧人类But very strict regulations govern但人们接近野生动物的范围how close people can approach any wildlife.受到严格规定And when visitors leave,而且当游客离开时they must take every trace of their visit away with them.必须将所有物品随身带走 /201212/214256


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