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One of the world#39;s largest meat processing companies is taking a 5-percent ownership stake in a company that produces plant-based faux meat products.世界最大的一家肉制品加工公司于日前购买了一家生产植物人造肉制品公司5%的所有权股份。Tyson Foods announced last Monday that it#39;s investing in Beyond Meat, a privately held company best known for creating the ;Beyond Burger,; a vegan burger that ;bleeds; beet juice.泰森食品公司上周一宣布将投资;超越肉类;公司。这是一家私营企业,以开发能流出甜菜汁的;超越素食汉堡;而著名。The amount Tyson is investing has not been disclosed, The New York Times reports.据《纽约时报》报道,泰森公司的投资数额尚未对外披露。;This investment by Tyson Foods underscores the growing market for plant protein,; said Beyond Meat founder and CEO Ethan Brown in a Tyson press release.超越肉类公司创始人兼首席执行官伊森·布朗在泰森的新闻发布会上表示:;泰森食品公司的投资展示了越来越大的植物蛋白市场。;;I#39;m pleased to welcome Tyson as an investor and look forward to leveraging this support to broaden availability of plant protein choices to consumers.;;我很高兴地欢迎泰森公司作为投资者加入我们,我们很期待这能够帮助拓宽消费者对植物蛋白食品的选择。;Demand for plant-based meat alternatives is growing worldwide due to a variety of factors, including concerns about animal welfare, desires to eat healthier and increased awareness of industrial animal agriculture#39;s impacts on the environment and climate.世界范围内对植物人造肉的需求越来越大,原因有很多:担心动物福利、为了吃得更健康以及人们越来越关注工业化畜牧业对环境和气候的影响。Tyson#39;s not the only food giant hoping to cash in on trends spurred by eco-conscious consumers.有生态意识的消费者引领了各种趋势,泰森并不是唯一一家向这些趋势投资的食品业巨头。In May, processed meat leader Hormel Foods Corporation ― which makes Spam ― purchased Justin#39;s, an organic, vegetarian nut butter company based in Boulder, Colorado.5月份,加工肉制品领域的龙头老大荷美尔食品公司(就是生产世棒午餐肉的那个公司)收购了位于科罗拉多州波尔德、专门生产纯天然有机坚果酱贾斯汀氏公司。 /201610/473051


  I#39;ve through some of the older marriage posts on this sub but none really touch upon my questions. I#39;m aware of the process to get married in China but I still have other questions. So for the Americans who have married a Chinese in China please help me by answering the following:我看了一些婚姻相关的老帖子,但是感觉都没有触及到我所存在的疑问,我已经知道了在中国结婚的相关的程序但是我还是有些问题,这个问题是给美国人的,如果有在中国与中国人结婚的经历的话请帮忙解答下好么:1、Is your name on the marriage certificate written in English or do you need to make up a Chinese name?1、你的英文名会写在结婚上么?还是说得取一个中国名字?2、If you need to make up a Chinese name for the marriage certificate does that cause problems for America to recognize the marriage? I#39;ve heard that America recognizes Chinese marriages but I#39;m interested in anecdotal advice on what you had to do for America to recognize the marriage.2、如果要取个中国名字的话美国方面会承认这一婚姻么?我听说美国官方是承认中国婚姻的,但是我想了解下要让美国政府承认该婚姻的话具体要做什么。3、Even if China uses my English name on the marriage certificate my Chinese spouse would use her Chinese name so does that cause problems for America to recognize our marriage?3、假如中国方面将我的英文名登记在书上而我的中国爱人会写上一个中文名字,那样会对美国政府承认该婚姻造成什么影响么?4、Does America require my wife to use my family name in America? As far as I know the wife keeps her family name in China.4、美国政府会要求我的妻子在美国使用我的家族姓氏么?据我所知在中国女方会保留自己的家族姓氏。5、We live in Shenzhen so is getting married in HK a better option? I doubt many people here have married in HK but I#39;d like some advice about that as well with regards to the questions above. Thanks in advance5、我们现住深圳,去香港结婚会更方便么?但是我觉得去香港结婚的人并没有很多,但是我想就这些问题寻求下意见。谢谢各位了。edit: formatting and her hukou is in shenzhen.附:请说一下需要准备的详细措施,还有她的户口现在深圳。 /201702/493726。

  We all like to let our hair down come Friday, but studies have shown that some of your favourite weekend activities could actually be wrecking your sleep for the entire week ahead.我们都喜欢一到周末就纵情狂欢,但研究表明一些我们最喜爱的周末活动很可能会毁掉接下来整个星期的睡眠。For many of us, the weekend is a chance to catch up on some much needed rest, as the monotonous routine we endure during the week is thrown merrily to the wind - but what if we#39;re doing more harm than good?对大多数人来说,周末是用来放松的绝佳机会,忍受了一个星期工作的枯燥乏味,终于可以将之抛到九霄云外。但如果这些放松活动对我们弊更大于利呢?Here’s how sleeping in, binge drinking and lazy Sundays can affect your weekday sleep cycle.下面将介绍睡懒觉、豪饮狂欢和周日懒散是如何影响我们工作日睡眠周期的。You’re sleeping too much睡的太多Is there such a thing as too much sleep? It seems so.睡的太多也对身体有害?似乎是这样。According to sleep experts at Sweden’s Katolinska Insitute having an irregular sleep schedule confuses our natural cycle.据瑞典卡罗林斯卡学院的睡眠专家表示,睡眠时间不规律会打乱我们的生理周期。Sleeping in really late, taking long naps, or ones that are late in the evening means you won’t have an appetite for regular sleep and it will leave you feeling jet-lagged.睡到很晚,打盹儿时间长,或者晚上熬夜都说明你不喜欢规律睡眠,这会让你感觉时差颠倒。That’s not to say you shouldn’t catch a few extra Zzzs at the weekend though, just keep your wake up time to within 30 minutes of the time you get up during the week otherwise you can start to mess up your sleep cycle.但并不是说你不应该在周末多补充一些睡眠,只不过要保周末起床时间不晚于工作日起床时间半个小时,不然就是在打乱自己的睡眠周期。You drink too much alcohol无节制酗酒Ever woken up in the night after having one too many tipples? Well, science says this is down to alcohol-induced sleep disruption.是否曾因多喝了一杯烈酒而半夜醒来?科学家说这是由酒精诱发的睡眠中断。Drinking too much booze affects your sleep pattern and quality as well as daytime alertness. In fact, one study has identified that alcohol, while improving the time it takes to fall asleep actually interrupts REM sleep later in the night.过度酗酒不仅影响睡眠模式和质量,还会影响白天的警觉性。实际上,已有研究实酒精在延长入睡时间的同时,还会打断夜里的REM睡眠(即快速眼动睡眠,在此睡眠阶段,眼球会快速移动,大脑神经元的活动与清醒的时候相同)。The obvious solution here is to drink less but if you are going to have a couple of glasses of wine give your body a few hours to process the alcohol before hitting the hay.显而易见,要睡得好就得少喝酒。但如果你要小酌几杯,记得在睡前留出几个小时让身体消耗体内的酒精。You don’t exercise at all根本不运动People have long disputed the benefits of exercising before sleep but studies show that if you don’t get moving over the weekend, it can really throw off your sleep pattern.人们对睡前锻炼的好处一直争论不休,然而研究表明,如果在周末一点不动,睡前锻炼可能真的会搅乱你的睡眠模式。A study from Appalachian State University in North Carolina showed that morning workouts in particular are ideal for achieving the best quality sleep each night with early exercisers having up to 75 percent more deep sleep than those who exercised later in the day.北卡罗来纳州阿巴拉契亚州立大学的一项研究表明,早晨锻炼是每晚获得高质睡眠的理想选择,早起锻炼的人深度睡眠时间比晚些时候锻炼的人多75%。While you might be tempted to take the weekend off, your body needs a regular pattern so try and get at least 10 minutes of activity early in the day or wind down with some relaxing yoga moves before bed.你可能是想在周末休息一下,但你的身体需要规律的作息。所以,尝试在早上的时候锻炼至少十分钟,或在睡前做舒缓的瑜伽放松下来。You’re binge-watching TV疯狂煲剧We’re all guilty of spending the occasional lazy Sunday in front of the TV but it could be the reason that you’re finding it so hard to fall asleep at night.我们都会因偶尔在电视前度过慵懒的周日而内疚,但这可能是你晚上难以入睡的症结。While you might be static in stance your brain is constantly stimulated which could make it harder to switch off. One study has even shown that when people’s television time was restricted, they actually went to bed earlier and slept for a longer period; maybe that next episode can wait after all.尽管你可能一直坐着没动,但大脑在持续受到刺激,很难安静下来。一项研究甚至表明,当人们看电视的时间受到限制,他们会早些上床,有更长的睡眠时间;下一集毕竟可以以后再看嘛。Try and get some activity in to your day and make sure to give your body time to unplug away from artificial light before heading to bed.试着白天时活动一下,睡觉前一定要让身体有时间从人造光源中抽离。 /201610/473750

  Seoul#39;s city government is asking people for help to correct poorly translated street signs - with prizes on offer for those who spot the most errors.首尔市政府发动广大群众帮助纠正翻译质量低下的道路标志牌,发现错误最多的人将有奖励。It#39;s running a two-week campaign calling on Koreans and foreigners alike to keep their eyes peeled for mistakes in English, Japanese and Chinese text, the Korea Times reports.据《韩国时报》报道,该市正在进行为期两周的纠错活动,呼吁本国人和外国人擦亮眼睛发现英语、日语以及中文翻译的错误。There#39;s a particular focus on public transport signs, maps and information signs at historic sites, as part of a drive to improve the experience of foreign tourists in the South Korean capital. Anyone spotting a confusing or incorrect translation is being asked to snap a photo and report the details via email.该活动主要关注公共交通标志、地图以及历史遗迹的信息牌的翻译,希望以此提升外国游客在首尔的旅游体验。发现错误翻译后需要现场拍照并通过电子邮件通报给活动方。As an added incentive, the government is stumping up 1.6m won (,430) in gift vouchers, with the top error-spotter getting an ;award of excellence; and a 200,000 won voucher (0).首尔市政府专门拿出160万韩元(约合1430美元)的购物礼券作为奖励,发现错误最多者将获得“突出表现奖”,并得到20万韩元(约合180美元)的购物礼券。While the campaign#39;s promotional poster uses fairly innocuous typos as examples, the internet is awash with more amusing - and sometimes embarrassing - errors, particularly on tourist s. Earlier this year, South Korea#39;s government announced plans to crack down on baffling translations.该活动的宣传海报上用一些无伤大雅的拼写错误作为示例,网络上则涌现出大量令人捧腹,有时甚至有些尴尬的翻译错误,尤其是菜单翻译。今年早些时候,韩国政府曾经宣布要清除令人迷惑的菜单翻译。While Seoul is trying to adopt more visitor-friendly signage, its own tourism campaigns have run into language troubles in the past. Last year, ;I.Seoul.U; was chosen as a slogan to promote the city internationally, and was promptly mocked for making little sense in English.这边首尔市政府在努力提供游客友好型的公共标牌,而该市的旅游宣传活动却在去年遭遇了语言危机。去年,该市选择;I.Seoul.U;作为国际宣传口号,结果被取笑,称该口号不符合英语语法习惯。 /201609/468047During last year’s presidential debates, and through this year’s inauguration, Merriam-Webster has been an active presence on Twitter, sharing words experiencing an uptick in search, or funny, relevant trivia.在去年总统竞选辩论以及今年的就职典礼期间,韦氏词典一直在推特上很活跃,分享着那些搜索量增加的词汇或是一些相关趣事。You might even say the dictionary provided a safe space on social media, or “a place (as on a college campus) intended to be free of bias, conflict, criticism, or potentially threatening actions, ideas, or conversations.”你可能会说这本词典在互联网上提供了一个安全空间,或“一个(像大学校园一样的)场所,(那里)没有偏见、冲突、指责,或是潜在的危险活动,可以自由地交流思想或进行对话。”It’s fitting, then, that “safe space” is among the 1,000 new additions Merriam-Webster made to its online dictionary today. The word was first used in 1970, and has been used by colleges post-election to describe themselves as campuses that will protect students who might feel in danger due to their religious beliefs, sexual orientation, race or gender.后来,韦氏词典就把“safe space”(安全空间)这个词收录到现今在线词典的1000个新增词条中,这也是十分恰当的。1970年,这个词被第一次使用,大选后,大学就用这个词来称自己为“保护那些因个人宗教信仰、性取向、种族或性别而感到危险的学生的校园”。Not all of the added words have been around for decades. Some of them, like “binge-watch” and “photobomb,” are products of newer technologies, but saw big spikes in recent use.不是所有的新增词汇都已使用了几十年。像“binge-watch”(刷剧)和“photobomb”(照片炸弹)这样的一些词汇是新兴技术的产物,而最近其使用率迅速增长。In an announcement, Merriam-Webster explained its methodology: “In some cases, terms have been observed for years and are finally being added; in others, the fast rise and broad acceptance of a term has made for a quicker journey.”在一则声明中,韦氏词典解释了它的方法论:“在某些情况下,一些词被观察多年,最后被收录到新词中;在其他情况下,一个词,其使用率迅速增长,且被广泛接受,这个词就会更快地被收入词典中。”In a statement to The Huffington Post, Merriam-Webster’s editor-at-large Peter Sokolowski added that the words announced today were added to the dictionary’s digital pages. “The online dictionary gives us both more space to expand entries and a way to add them more quickly,” he said.在发给赫芬顿邮报的一则声明中,韦氏词典的特约编辑彼得·索科洛夫斯基补充道,如今发表的新词被添加到字典的数字页面中。“在线词典既为我们提供了更多的空间来扩展词条,又为我们提供了一个迅速补充词条的方法。”Other entries are updates of pre-existing words, such as “ghost” used as an informal verb, and “train wreck” used metaphorically to describe “an utter disaster or mess.”其他词条是对现有词汇的更新,如“ghost”(悄悄地行进)这个词被用作一个非正式的动词,而“train wreck”则被比喻为“一场彻底的灾难或混乱”。The new additions come from medicine, sports, literature, fashion, politics and technology. One even comes from the name of a prolific word inventor ― “Seussian,” meaning “suggestive of the works of Dr. Seuss.”新增词汇出自医药、运动、文学、时尚、政治以及技术领域。甚至还有一个词汇出自一个富有创造力的词汇发明家的名字,“Seussian”,意为“瑟斯士提出的词汇”。 /201702/491513

  She#39;s famously known as Donald Trump#39;s daughter but Ivanka Trump has proven she#39;s a savvy businesswoman in her own right.伊万卡·特朗普因是唐纳德·特朗普的女儿而为人所知,但她已经明了可以凭自己的实力成为一个精明的商人。She may only be 35 but it turns out that Ivanka Trump is running one of the highest-earning companies in the country. The beautiful blonde secretly launched a skincare company last year and has been serving as CEO.年仅35岁的伊万卡·特朗普正在经营美国收入最高的公司之一。这个漂亮的金发女郎于去年秘密成立了一家护肤公司,并且一直担任CEO。Ivanka admits she purposely avoided publicly announcing her business because she wanted to make sure the company could stand on its own two feet.伊万卡承认,她是刻意没有公开宣布她的生意,因为她希望确保公司能够独立生存。;I was worried people would just associate it with my famous family and I felt as though that was be a huge disservice to the company. The products we produce really are life-changing and they deserve to be recognized on their own merit,; Ivanka explained.伊万卡解释道:“我担心人们将它与我著名的家族联系起来,我觉得可能这会对我的公司很不利。我们生产的产品真的能够改变人生,它们值得因其优点被认可。”The product she#39;s talking about is the Amoré Skin which has taken the world by storm.她说的产品就是已经风靡全球的Amoré Skin。The product is repeatedly selling out within minutes and Ivanka says her number one struggle as CEO is sourcing enough products to be able to adequaltey service the demand.该产品经常在数分钟内就一售而光,伊万卡表示,她作为CEO的首要奋斗目标就是发出足够的产品从而满足需求。;We#39;re forever selling out. Whether its in stores or online, whenever we re-stock our customers buy out all the products within minutes.;“我们一直都是一售而光。无论是在店里还是网上,只要我们补充货源,我们的顾客就会在几分钟内将所有产品一扫而光。”The scintillating success hasn#39;t come easy and Ivanka admits she spent years of hard work behind the scenes perfecting the products.这一巨大成功来之不易,伊万卡承认,她在幕后努力工作了好几年来完善这些产品。;I use the Amoré Skin myself and a few of my friends started asking me what was responsible for the huge change in my skin. Word started sping that way and before I knew it, we had amassed a huge celebrity clientele.;“我自己也使用Amoré Skin,我的一些朋友们开始问我是什么使我的皮肤发生了这么大的变化。人们开始口口相传我的方法,在我察觉到这个之前,我们已经积累了大量的名人顾客。” /201703/498689


  When someone close to you has something terrible or sad happen to them, it#39;s tough to know exactly what to do or say.当你亲近的人遇到一些可怕或悲伤的事,你是否很惆怅不知道该做或说什么。The keys are to be specific, don#39;t dismiss or gloss over what#39;s happening, and always keep an open ear. Here#39;s what we mean.关键是要提供具体建议,不要忽视或掩盖发生的事情,并始终保持聆听。可如何做到这几点呢?Marie Forleo lays out specific tips for when someone close to you gets serious health news, has a loved one die, or suffers another loss. Throughout all these sad scenarios, there are a few common do#39;s and don#39;ts.当亲近的人得知自己有严重的健康问题,或他心爱的人去世,或遭受了一项损失,玛丽·福莱奥给出了上述这些问题的具体提示。在所有这些悲伤的情况下,有常见的几点是该做和不该做的。1.Do offer specific help.1.请提供具体的帮助。While telling someone to ;let them know if there#39;s anything you can do; is generous, helping them and offering help in specific ways makes them more likely to take you up on your offer.虽然告诉某人;让他们知道你能做什么;很慷慨,但帮助他们,并以具体的方式提供帮助,会令他们更有可能接受你的帮助。2.Don#39;t dismiss or gloss over their experience.2.不要否认或掩饰他们的经历。Platitudes like ;He#39;s in a better place now; or ;There#39;s a reason for everything; are easy to fall back on, but they#39;ve all been heard before, and even worse, they can be pretty insulting if you think about how you#39;d like to hear them if you were suffering.讲一些诸如;他现在在一个更好的地方;或;万事皆有原因;这样的话并没有什么用,这些话已经听过了,更糟的是,这些话可能会很侮辱人,想象一下如果你是遭遇不幸的那位,你听了会作何感想。Instead, focus on letting them know how you feel, and that you#39;re there with them. Try ;I#39;m always just a phone call away; or ;I wish I had the right words, but please know I care.;相反,重点是让他们明白你的感觉,知道你就在身边。尝试着这样说:;随时给我打个电话;或;我希望我没说错话,但请知道我很在乎你;。And of course, if you haven#39;t had the same experience as them, don#39;t tell them you know how they feel because you don#39;t.当然,如果你没有与他们相同的经验,不要告诉他们你明白他们的感觉,因为你根本不了解。Of course, these won#39;t work in every situation, but if you get nothing else from it, take these two pointers to hear the next time someone close to you is struggling or suffering and you#39;d like to help.当然,这不会适合每一种情况。但如果你没有别的办法,下次你亲近的人遇到困难或不幸,你就可以试试这两个建议来帮助他们。 /201612/483276。


  3.Fighting Crime With Health And Fitness3.健康与健身打击犯罪A mother drinking or smoking while pregnant can double or triple the odds of her baby becoming a violent offender later in life.若女性在怀期间吸烟或酗酒,则其宝宝日后变成暴力罪犯的几率将会扩大两倍或三倍。Lead exposure may also influence adult behavior. Poor nutrition at age three has been shown to cause more aggressive and antisocial behavior in the teenage years.另外,铅暴露也会影响成人的行为。若儿童三岁时营养不良,则其在青少年时期会表现得更加好斗、孤僻。With so many studies linking a child#39;s environment to violent crime later in life, some are questioning if we can manipulate biology to prevent it.这么多研究都把儿童的生活环境和其日后的暴力犯罪联系起来,有些还在疑惑我们是否能运用生物学来阻止犯罪行为。Scientists are studying the effects of ;biological intervention; to combat crime later in life. It doesn#39;t have to involve medication.科学家正在研究“生物干预”的效应,借此在以后打击犯罪。而且,这种干预无需药物治疗。Studies have shown that better nutrition, more exercise, and cognitive stimulation from ages three to five reduces crime at age 23 by 35 percent.研究表明,若儿童在三岁到五岁期间摄入更多的营养,进行更多的锻炼,得到更多的认知刺激,那么他/她23时犯罪的概率就会降低35%。When nurses visit poor mothers and provide advice to reduce smoking and alcohol consumption, juvenile delinquency is cut in half 15 years later.要是护士去探望那些糟糕的妈并给她们提供少烟少酒的建议,那么15年后青少年犯罪的几率就会减少一半。Adults can be affected by nutrition, too. Studies in England and the Netherlands showed that supplementing the diets of young prisoners with omega-3, which is critical for proper brain structure and function, has reduced the incidence of serious crimes by 35 percent.营养也会对成人造成影响。英国和荷兰的研究表明,给少年犯的膳食补充欧米伽-3脂肪酸有助于减少35%的严重犯罪事件,这种物质对正常大脑的结构及其功能有着至关重要的作用。Studies like these suggest that reducing the likelihood of a child developing into an adult criminal may be as easy as providing good nutrition and avoiding toxins.诸如此类的研究都表明,降低儿童长成成年罪犯的概率可能就跟保营养、避免毒素这类事情一样容易。2.A Matter Of The Heart2.心脏问题Studies have shown that teens with a low resting heart rate may be at risk of becoming violent offenders when they become adults.研究表明,低静息心率的青少年在长大成人之后极有可能成为“暴力犯罪者”。In Sweden, military service was mandatory until 2009. Among other tests, every young man had his heart rate measured when he was about 18.在瑞典,直到2009年为止,兵役都还是强制性的。在兵役测试项目中,每一个年轻人在其18岁时都要接受心率测试。Researchers analyzed this data and divided the men into five groups based on their heart rate.研究人员分析了这些数据,并根据他们的心率将其分为五组。Surprisingly, those men with resting heart rates of no more than 60 beats per minute were 39 percent more likely to be convicted of a violent crime over the next few decades than the men with the highest heart rates of 83 or more beats per minute. Those violent crimes included murder, assault, and arson.出人意料的是,那些心率低于60次/分钟的人与那些心率高于83/分钟相比,在将来的几十年中,前者比后者更有可能成为暴力犯罪者,确切的说,前者比后者多出了39%的可能性。上面所提及的“暴力事件”包括谋杀、袭击和纵火。The group with the lowest resting heart rates was also 25 percent more likely to commit nonviolent crimes like drug use and 39 percent more likely to be injured by an assault or in an accident.五组之中,静息心率最低的那一组,其中25%的人会去实施一些“非暴力犯罪事件”例如吸毒,而39%的人更容易在袭击或意外事件中手上。To explain this, researchers have suggested that a person with a low resting heart rate may have unusually low levels of psychological arousal, meaning that they feel less awake and alert.为了实以上理论,研究人员认为,那些低静息心率人群的心理冲动水平与常人相较,异常低下,也就是说,他们可能没有常人那般清醒、警觉。This may lead them to seek stimulating experiences like risky behaviors and crime.这也许就是导致他们寻求“刺激经历”例如一系列冒险行为和犯罪活动的原因之一。It may also mean that they have less of a reaction to mildly stressful experiences like getting your heart rate checked, which would mean that they are more fearless and prone to taking risks.这也就意味着“轻微的紧张经历”无法“满足”他们,他们也不会因此去“确认”自己当时的心率,也就是说,他们实施“冒险事件”的恐惧感弱于常人,其犯罪的倾向性则强于常人。1.It#39;s Not All Genetic1.遗传问题While a person#39;s biology may influence whether he becomes a criminal, it#39;s not all about a person#39;s genes.人的先天生物结构也许会对其日后“是否会犯罪”产生一定的影响,但其实,基因也并不是绝对的决定因素。As we mentioned earlier, scientist Jim Fallon was researching the minds of serial killers and psychopaths when he discovered that his brain scan was like that of a psychopathic serial killer.正如我们前文提到的,科学家吉姆·法伦在研究连环杀手与精神病患者的大脑活动时,竟发现他自己的脑部扫描显像正是一个精神错乱的连环杀手无疑!Assuming Fallon wasn#39;t secretly murdering dozens of people, this type of finding suggests that genetic factors may only predispose a person to violence and psychopathic tendencies.假设法伦没有秘密杀死数十人,此类研究结果则可表明,遗传因素也许只是会让某人先天具备实施暴力和心理变态的倾向。When he realized that he had the mind of a killer, Fallon continued the experiment to check for other factors that are consistent with criminal behavior.当他意识到自己拥有“杀手意识”时,他选择继续进行他的研究,以求符合罪犯“犯罪行为”的其它因素。His hypothesis was that killers often experience abuse or violence in their childhoods. For example, Ted Bundy was raised by his grandparents and originally thought that his mother was his sister.法伦提出假设,他认为那些连环杀手在其童年时期,通常遭受过严重创伤,比如虐待或目睹残酷暴力。例如泰德·邦迪,他由他的祖父母抚养长大。祖父母以他的父母自居,而他的生母则扮演他的“”。Once the truth was revealed, his cousin tormented him with that fact. His grandfather was also prone to violence.但是后来事情真相败露,他的堂兄弟便不停拿这个“事实”去折磨他。此外,他的外祖父也有暴力倾向。However, Fallon had grown up in a loving, caring household, which he thinks made all the difference.然而,法伦本人却拥有一个充满爱心和关怀的家庭大环境,这也是在他的研究中他所认为的最至关重要的一点。He#39;s a prime example of how neither biology nor environmental factors can solely determine a person#39;s fate.所以说,单靠先天遗传因素和后天环境因素二者之一,并不能完全决定一个人的命运,法伦就是一个最好的例子。 /201609/468465


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