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陕西省胃泰医院地址西安市第十二医院胃病胃肠官网专家在线咨询找工作对每个人来说都是极具压力的事情。不论是刚迈出校门在谋求第一份工作,还是寻求一份比之前的工作更为理想的工作,对于大多数人来说这都不是一件容易的事情。Listen Read Learn Job Hunting is a stressful problem for everyone. Whether someone getting a job right out of school or someone seeking a better position than the one they just left, it is not something that comes easy to most people. However, with preparation and planning, the difficulties can be focused on and the situation can become less stressful. For example, dressing correctly is an important step for any applicant. Also, if you dress correctly, you will feel more confident in your ability to get the job. Men should wear a dress shirt and tie or even a suit if they possess one. Women should wear a suit or other clothing suitable for the occasion. It is better to dress too conservatively than not conservatively enough. Always use honesty as some interviewers will be able to detect problems in your resume. Good manners and correct speech are essential in impressing the interviewer. Remember to smile and shake hands when you meet the interviewer. Make eye contact and answer questions directly and concisely. All of this will also be reflected in your attitude, so that it tells the interviewer that you are a responsible and hardworking person. This mind-set will allow you to know your ownworth with out being too proud of your accomplishments. This is also important when talking about your past working experience and your accomplishments. You do not want to be self-criticizing, but you do not want to be too arrogant of these as well. A proper balance must be struck between the two.听看学找工作对每个人来说都是极具压力的事情。不论是刚迈出校门在谋求第一份工作,还是寻求一份比之前的工作更为理想的工作,对于大多数人来说这都不是一件容易的事情。然而,如果进行适当的准备和计划,困难便可以得到重视,压力也会相对减少。例如,合理的着装对每一个工作申请者来说都是重要的一步。同时,如果你合理着装,就会使自己更加有信心能够得到理想的工作。男士在求职时应当穿衬衫打领带,如果有条件的话还可以穿上西装。女士则应该穿正装或者和场合相符的衣。穿着过于保守比起穿着不够保守要好一些。一定要诚实,因为有些面试官常常可以在你的简历中发现问题。好的言谈举止是给面试官留下好印象的关键。当见到面试官时记得跟他握手并微笑,利用眼神交流,同时回答问题要做到简明扼要。所有这一切都会在你的态度中表现出来,因此这会让面试官知道你是一个既负责任又肯勤奋工作的人。这些都会让你清楚地认识到自己的价值,又不会使你对于自己的才华过度骄傲。这点在谈及你以前的工作经历和成就时尤为重要。你不必自我批评,但是也不可因为那些成绩而骄傲自大。这两者间必须要有适当的平衡。Grammar 语法小结虚拟语气在一些表示祝愿的话语中常用到虚拟语气,此时多用动词原形,例如:Long live peace! 和平万岁!May you enjoy many years of health and happiness.祝您健康长寿美满幸福。May God bless you! 上帝保佑你!God bless you! 上帝保佑你!May there never be another world war! 愿永远不再有世界大战!Wish you merry Christmas. 圣诞快乐!May happiness follow you everywhere. 愿快乐随时与您同在!Do it together 家庭总动员两人一组,一方朗诵下面的中文句子,另一方说出相对应的英语句子。1. 祝你新年快乐!2. 愿快乐幸福永伴你左右。3. 恭祝健康、幸运,新年快乐。4. 祝你今后获得更大成就。5. 祝来年好运,并取得更大的成就。1. Happy New Year!2. Good luck and great success in the coming New Year.3. Good health, good luck and much happiness throughout the year.4. May the joy and happiness around you today and always.5. Wish you many future successes. /200809/48623西安市妇幼保健院肠胃科怎么样 电影词典film projection 放映电影美国俚语剧中:Care to do the honors?do the honors : 做...很荣幸e.g. lt;1gt;Why don't you do the honors and open the bottle of champagne for us all? lt;2gt;I'll do the honors and open the present.经典对白1.剧中:Two and a half yours of undercover workundercover : 秘密从事的, 秘密的, 被雇进行间谍活动的 undercover work : 秘密的工作 e.g. lt;1gt;The police have to work undercover to capture the drug dealers. lt;2gt;James Bond works undercover to get secret information from his enemies.2.剧中:Well,so longso long : 再见(分别很长的时间)e.g. lt;1gt;I'll see you when you return of Beijing,so long. lt;2gt;Take care and so long,I hope you have a good trip.原声碟I will go sailing No MoreAll the things I thought,I'd be all the brave things,I'd done vanished like a snowflake,with the rising of the sun. /04/65976你听说过“独狼”式恐怖袭击吗?没有的话,让奥巴马来告诉你。US President Barack Obama on Tuesday warned against the threat of "lone wolf" terror attack to the ed States, as the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks approaches.美国总统贝拉克#8226;奥巴马周二时警告说,随着9#8226;11事件10周年的临近,美国可能面临“独狼式”恐怖袭击的威胁。报道中的"lone wolf" terror attack即“独狼”式恐怖袭击,对此奥巴马解释为“one person killed dozens of people without elaborate organizational support”,即一名袭击者在没有elaborate organizational support(充足外部协助)的情况下单独行动,致数人死亡。奥巴马说这些人往往受hateful ideology(仇恨意识)所驱使,危害更大,更难trace(追踪)。美国当前正对这种袭击keep high vigilance(保持高度警惕)。对于举世震惊的9/11事件我们依然记忆犹新。2001年9月11日,al-Qaida terrorists(基地组织恐怖分子)劫持了四架commercial passenger planes(商务客机),其中一架撞上纽约的Twin Towers of the World Trade Center(世贸中心双塔),一架撞上了the Pentagon(五角大楼),造成3000多人遇难。事件的mastermind(幕后策划者)本#8226;拉登在跟美国政府玩了近10年的hide and seek(捉迷藏)后,终于在2011年5月2日被美国Navy SEALs(海豹突击队)击毙,但美国的anti-terrorist campaign(反恐斗争)还远未结束。 /201108/149786平凉市市中心医院肠胃科在哪

延安市市中心医院消化病属于几级Today is a day for getting the job done. Block out all distractions, excuses, or self indulgence and just get to work. Today is a day for single-minded focus. You can take care of all your personal business on another day, but today, stay focused and professional gains.Your Compatible Sign today forLove: Capricorn Friendship: Cancer Career: LibraYour Star Ratings for today:Love: 2 stars Finance: 4 stars Mood: 3 stars Career: 3 stars Your Lucky Numbers: 20, 42, 10, 4, 16, 22 /10/87080陕西西安高新医院胃息肉胃病胶囊胃镜 英语口语王 第4部分:第27章暂无文本 推荐口语专题:日常口语会话120分钟英语口语社交美语五分钟英语快餐 /200810/51654西安市第九医院看胃病多少钱

西安中医院胃肠科专家预约《剑桥常用英语》,。,。。在信息化时代的今天,英语已经渗透进我们生活的方方面面,而且使用频率越来越高。如果有一部较为全面的生活常用英语教材,那么,我们的学习、工作将会方便很多。《剑桥常用英语》就是专为大众常用而精编的英语教材。它全面、通俗易懂,是现代生活中的良师益友,有了它,就拥有了方便、高效和快捷! 在这次节目里我们要讲的两个习惯用语都是形容有的人用来欺骗别人的手法。美国人有许多有关欺骗的习惯用语,但是像其他的习惯用语一样,有的随着时间被淘汰了,而新的习惯用语又不断出现。最近几年来,在形容欺骗方面,人们经常用下面这个习惯用语:Smoke and mirrors. Smoke就是烟,mirrors是镜子。Smoke and mirrors这个说法是从那儿来的呢?实际上,这是从变魔术而来。魔术师往往让观众们相信他能使得一个人突然不见,然后又突然出现。要使人产生这么样的幻觉,魔术师一般都是用烟和镜子作为手段。所以,smoke and mirrors就成了欺骗别人的常用语。换句话说,也就是使用不真实的消息来蒙混别人。克林顿总统曾经在一次讲话中也用了smoke and mirrors 这个说法。他说,在他的发展经济和减少预算赤字方面,他不会用欺骗手段来蒙蔽全国人民。在看魔术的时候被骗倒是很好玩,但是在实际生活中被人欺骗,那绝对不是好玩的事。下面是一个例子。这是一个参加竞选的人在批评对立党内的一个竞选对手。例句1: My opponent's plan is nothing but smoke and mirrors: he's simply pulled his numbers out of the air to make it look like he can balance the budget without new taxes.他说:我那竞选对手的计划根本就是一个骗局。他只是毫无根据地提出几个数字,让人们觉得好像他可以不增加新的税收就平衡预算。******我们再来举一个例子。这是一个人受了他朋友的骗,正在发泄心中的不满。例句2: I told Mark about my plan to merge with a company in New York and asked his help. He promised to do all he could and even offered some ideas. But this was all smoke and mirrors. He bought that New York company himself last week - what a nasty trick!这个人说:我告诉马克有关我想跟纽约那个公司合并的计划,并希望他能给予帮助。他说他一定尽力帮忙,甚至还给我提了一些建议。可是,结果这些全是骗人的。上个星期他自己把那个纽约公司买下来了。真下流。******现在我们来讲第二个意思是欺骗的习惯用语。Bum steer. Bum就是不好的,或者是错误的。Steer就是引导向某个方向发展。把bum和 steer两个字合在一起就成了一个习惯用语。意思是:假的信息,或者是使人迷惑的信息。下面是一个例子,这是一个受害于假信息的公司总裁。例句3: I flew out to Los Angeles when I heard this company wanted to buy a million dollars worth of our equipment. But it turned out to be a bum steer, just a rumor sp by one of our competitions to make trouble for us.这个总裁说:我搭飞机到洛山矶去,因为我听说这个公司要买我们的设备,价值达一百万美元。但是,这个消息结果是假的,是我们竞争对象之一为了给我们制造麻烦而散布的谣言。******下面这个例子是一个人在说他认识的一个女孩。例句4: I really feel sorry for Mary. She moved all the way from San Francisco to New York believing that Frank would marry her as he promised. But his promise was a pure bum steer. Mary found out he's aly married and has two kids.这个人说:我真是为玛丽感到难受。她老远的从旧金山搬到纽约来,相信弗兰克会跟她结婚,就像他保的那样。可是,他的保全是假的。玛丽发现他是结了婚的,还有两个孩子。 /200711/21241西安市胃泰医院预约陕西中医学院附属医院胃病胃肠专家预约



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