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PARIS — When France won its second Nobel Prize in less than a week on Monday, this time for economics, Prime Minister Manuel Valls quickly took to Twitter, insisting with no shortage of pride that the accomplishment was a loud rebuke for those who say that France is a nation in decline.巴黎——本周二,法国在不到一周的时间里获得了本年度的第二个诺贝尔奖,这次是经济学奖。法国总理曼纽尔·瓦尔斯(Manuel Valls)很快登上Twitter,非常自豪地声称,对于那些说法国正在衰落的人,这是一次响亮的回击。“After Patrick Modiano, another Frenchman in the firmament: Congratulations to Jean Tirole!” Mr. Valls wrote. “What a way to thumb one’s nose at French bashing! #ProudofFrance.”“继帕特里克·莫迪亚诺(Patrick Modiano)之后,又一个法国人登上巅峰:恭喜让·梯若尔(Jean Tirole)!”瓦尔斯写道。“这是对法国衰落论的冷眼蔑视!#ProudofFrance。”Some in the country were aly giddy after Mr. Modiano, a beloved author, whose concise and moody novels are often set in France during the Nazi occupation, won the Nobel Prize for literature last week. The award helped to raise the global stature of Mr. Modiano, whose three books published in the ed States — two novels and a children’s book — before the Nobel had collectively sold fewer than 8,000 copies.莫迪亚诺上周获得诺贝尔文学奖,已经让一些法国人沾沾自喜。莫迪亚诺是一名受人爱戴的作家,其小说文字简练、情绪多变,往往以纳粹占领时期的法国为故事背景。该奖项有助于提高莫迪亚诺的全球地位;在获奖之前,他在美国出版了三本书——两本小说和一本儿童读物——总共销量不足8000本。Joining in the chorus, Le Monde suggested in an editorial that at a time of rampant French-bashing, Mr. Modiano’s achievement was something of a vindication for a country where Nobel Prizes in literature flow more liberally than oil. Mr. Modiano was the 15th French writer, including Sartre and Camus, to win the award.法国的《世界报》(Le Monde)也秉持这一观点。它在一篇社论中指出,在法国衰落论甚嚣尘上之时,莫迪亚诺的获奖是对一个国家的认可。在这个国家,诺贝尔文学奖涌现得比石油还多。莫迪亚诺是赢得该奖项的第15名法国作家,加入了萨特和加缪的行列。Yet this being France, a country where dissatisfaction can be worn like an accessory, some intellectuals, economists and critics greeted the awards with little more than a shrug at a time when the economy has been faltering, Paris has lost influence to Berlin and Brussels, the far-right National Front has been surging, and Fran#231;ois Hollande has become one of the most unpopular French presidents in recent history. Others sniffed haughtily that while France was great at culture, it remained economically and politically prostrate.然而这是法国,不满情绪就像穿戴配饰一样平常。经济步履蹒跚,巴黎失去了对柏林和布鲁塞尔的影响力,极右翼政党国民阵线(National Front)的势力急剧扩张,总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗德(Fran#231;oisHollande)沦为法国近代史上最不受欢迎的总统之一。在这样的光景下,一些知识分子、经济学家和人士对诺贝尔奖的反应无非就是耸了耸肩。其他一些人则傲慢地表示不屑,虽然法国在文化上很伟大,但在经济和政治领域,它依旧不怎么样。Even Mr. Modiano may have unintentionally captured the national mood when, informed of his prize by his editor, he said he found it “strange” and wanted to know why the Nobel committee had selected him.就连莫迪亚诺本人也在无意中捕捉到了这种国民情绪。当他的编辑告知他获奖一事时,他说自己觉得“奇怪”,很好奇为什么诺贝尔委员会选中了他。Alain Finkielkraut, a professor of philosophy at the elite #201;cole Polytechnique, who recently published a book criticizing what he characterized as France’s descent into conformity and multiculturalism, said that rather than showing that France was on the ascent, the fetishizing of the Nobel Prizes by the French political elite revealed the country’s desperation.阿兰·芬基尔克罗(Alain Finkielkraut)是一名哲学教授,在菁英汇集的巴黎综合理工学院(#201;cole Polytechnique)担任教职。在最近出版的一本书中,他称法国陷入了同质化和多元文化,并对此加以批评。芬基尔克罗说,法国政治上层对诺贝尔奖的盲目迷恋,显示的不是法国正欣欣向荣,而是它身陷绝望。“I find the idea that the Nobels are being used as a riposte to French-bashing idiotic,” he said. “Our education system is totally broken, and the Nobel Prize doesn’t change anything. I have a lot of affection for Mr. Modiano, but I think Philip Roth deserved it much more. To talk that all in France is going well and that the pessimism is gone is absurd. France is doing extremely badly. There is an economic crisis. There is a crisis of integration. I am not going to be consoled by these medals made of chocolate.”“我觉得,用诺贝尔奖来还击法国衰落论的做法很愚蠢,”他说。“我们的教育体系完全失灵,诺贝尔奖不会改变任何东西。我很喜欢莫迪亚诺,但我认为菲利普·罗斯(Philip Roth)远远更该获奖。说法国一切运行良好、悲观已经消失,这种说法很荒谬。法国目前的状况极为糟糕。有经济危机,也有融合危机。这些巧克力奖牌不会令我感到安慰。”Robert Frank, a history professor emeritus at the University of Paris 1 — Sorbonne, and the author of “The Fear of Decline, France From 1914 to 2014,” echoed that the self-aggrandizement that had greeted the prizes among the French establishment reflected a country lacking in self-confidence. In earlier centuries, he noted, the prize had been greeted as something obvious.罗伯特·弗兰克(Robert Frank)是巴黎第一大学(University of Paris 1 — Sorbonne)的历史学荣休教授,著有《对衰落的恐惧,从1914年到2014年的法国》(The Fear of Decline, France From 1914 to 2014)一书。他也认为,法国掌权者对奖项的欢迎姿态,反映了这个国家缺乏自信。他指出,早前几个世纪,人们把法国获奖视为理所当然的事情。When French writers or intellectuals won Nobels in the mid-20th century, “there was no jolt at that time, because France still saw itself as important, so there wasn’t much to add to that,” he said. “Today, it may help some people to show that France still counts in certain places in the world. This doesn’t fix the crisis of unemployment, however, that is sapping this society.”在20世纪中期,当法国作家或知识分子荣获诺贝尔奖时,“不会带来震撼,因为法国人仍然认为自己是个大国,锦上添花作用不大,”他说。“而今天,它可以帮一些人展示:在世界上的某些地方,法国还是很重要的。这不能解决失业的危机,然而,那才是会侵蚀这个社会的东西。”In academic economic circles, Mr. Tirole’s winning the 2014 Nobel in economic science for his work on the best way to regulate large, powerful firms, was greeted as a fitting tribute to a man whose work had exerted profound influence. It added to an aly prominent year for French economists, as seen from Thomas Piketty’s book, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” which became an immediate best-seller when translated into English six months ago.梯若尔因其在“对实力雄厚的大型企业进行监管的最佳方式”上所做的研究,荣获了2014年诺贝尔经济学。学术经济圈认为他的成果产生了深远影响,这个奖项实归名至。法国经济学家今年已经风头很劲:托马·皮克提(Thomas Piketty)的作品《二十一世纪资本论》(Capital in the Twenty-First Century)六个月前翻译成了英文后,立即成为了畅销书。Mr. Tirole’s work gained particular attention after the 2008 financial crisis, which revealed problems in the regulation of financial firms in the ed States and Europe.2008年发生金融危机之后,梯若尔的研究吸引了特别多的关注,因为它揭示了美国和欧洲在监管金融机构的方式中存在的问题。But some noted the paradox of the award going to an economist from a nation where the economy was less than shimmering, and where many businesses and critics bemoan a culture of excessive red tape.但有人指出,这个奖项有其矛盾之处:它被颁给了来自法国的经济学家,而那里的经济状况相当糟糕,许多企业和批评人士都抱怨该国文化充满了官僚作风。Others like Sean Safford, an associate professor of economic sociology at Institut d’#201;tudes Politiques de Paris, the elite institute for political studies known as Sciences Po, said Mr. Tirole, a professor of economics at the University of Toulouse in France, was notable for coming at a time of economic malaise and brain drain, when so many of the country’s brightest are emigrating elsewhere in Europe or to the ed States. “The average French person, who is struggling to pay the bills, is not going to rejoice,” he said.著名政治研究机构巴黎政治学院(Institut d#39;#201;tudes Politiques de Paris,也称Sciences Po)的经济社会学副教授肖恩·萨福德(Sean Safford)等人表示,值得注意的是,图卢兹大学(University of Toulouse)的经济学教授梯若尔出现在经济困难和人才外流的时代,法国最优秀的人才中有许多正在移居欧洲其他地方或者美国。他说,“正在为付账单发愁的普通法国人不会为此感到高兴。”At a time when France is trying to overhaul its social model amid withering resistance to change, others said the award had laid bare the country’s abiding stratification between a small, hyper-educated elite and the rest of the country.此时此刻,法国正试图在抵制变革的强大力量下全面调整社会模式。有人说,诺贝尔奖暴露了法国受教育程度极高的精英小群体和其他人群之间长期存在的隔阂。Peter Gumbel, a British journalist living in France who most recently wrote a book on French elitism, said that while the prize would provide some sense of national validation, the two men did not reflect the country as a whole.在法国生活的英国记者彼得·冈贝尔(Peter Gumbel)最近写了一本关于法国精英主义的书。他说,虽然诺贝尔奖能在某种程度上让人觉得国家得到了认可,但两个人并不能反映国家全貌。“Undoubtedly the French ecosystem produces incredibly smart people at the very top end, who are capable of winning prizes, and who fall into a grand tradition, and that is what the French school system is geared to produce,” he said.“毫无疑问,法国的生态系统在社会顶层造就了一群极度聪明的人。这些人拥有获奖的能力,遵循大传统,而这就是法国的学校系统应该生产出来的东西,”他说。As for the prizes countering French-bashing, he added, “The French are the biggest bashers of France themselves.”在提到这些奖项能否反击法国衰落论时,他还说,“法国人自己才是最唱衰法国的人。” /201410/335703A black S.U.V. recently rolled through the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and stopped in front of the converted warehouse that is the global headquarters of Vice Media. Out of the vehicle stepped the media mogul Rupert Murdoch.前不久,一辆黑色的SUV车驶过布鲁克林威廉姆斯堡的街头,停在Vice传媒由仓库改建的国际总部门口,从车上走下来的是传媒界的大人物鲁伯特·默多克(Rupert Murdoch)。Mr. Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox owns a small stake in Vice, and he was visiting Brooklyn to meet with Vice’s chief executive, Shane Smith. Among the topics at hand was a rumor that Vice was negotiating to collaborate with, and perhaps sell a large stake to, one of Fox’s competitors, Time Warner.默多克的21世纪福克斯公司拥有Vice的一小部分股份,他来布鲁克林是想见Vice的首席执行官尚恩·史密斯(Shane Smith)。他们的议题包括这样一条谣言:Vice正在与福克斯公司竞争对手之一的时代华纳公司谈判合作,或许还要出卖一大笔股份给它。Fox is discussing a deal with Vice, too. So is Disney. Any agreement is likely to value Vice, which started as a free magazine in Montreal in 1994, at .5 billion to .5 billion. A partnership could take many shapes. But Vice, which has produced limited programming expressly for television, is seeking its own TV network, a movie deal and a lot of money for its founders and investors.福克斯公司也在和Vice谈判一笔交易,迪斯尼也是。Vice的起点是一个蒙特利尔的独立杂志,创刊于1994年,如今,与这些公司的任何一笔交易中,它的估值都可能在15亿到25亿美元之间。合作可能有很多形式,但Vice已经制作了一些项目,显然是提供给电视的,它希望建立自己的电视网络、签一个电影合约,为它的创始人和投资者们大赚一笔。The digital disruption that is transforming the news and entertainment businesses has led to many odd alliances, but few seem more incongruous than one that would join Vice with a corporate media conglomerate. Though financing itself mostly by making s in partnership with large corporations, Vice has assiduously cultivated an insurgent image, with its tattooed news correspondents, hand-held cameras and journalistic stunts like sending the former basketball player Dennis Rodman to North Korea.数码产业的破坏力在改变着新闻和业,这导致了很多奇怪的联盟,但是Vice加入一家大型传媒集团这个想法还是让人觉得太不搭调了。Vice赚钱主要是依靠和大公司合作制作视频,但它也一直不懈地维持自己的叛逆者形象,它有带纹身的新闻记者、使用手持摄像机、制造新闻噱头,比如把前篮球运动员丹尼斯·罗德曼(Dennis Rodman)送到朝鲜访问之类。Along the way, Mr. Smith, 44, has routinely criticized the mainstream media and traditional television. If he can reach a deal with one of these companies, he will be joining the club he has professed to disdain.一直以来,44岁的史密斯经常批评主流媒体和传统电视业。如果他和这些公司签一份合约,他就会加入那个自己公然鄙视的俱乐部。And yet here he is, in negotiations involving the likes of James Murdoch, Rupert’s son and Fox’s heir apparent; Robert A. Iger, chief executive of Disney; and Jeffrey L. Bewkes, chief executive of Time Warner. All of them are desperately scrambling to reach a generation of consumers who are more attached to their mobile phones than to traditional television.但他却在与鲁伯特之子、福克斯的法定继承人詹姆斯·默多克(James Murdoch)谈判,还有迪斯尼的首席执行官罗伯特·A·伊格(Robert A. Iger)、时代华纳的首席执行官杰弗里·L·比克斯(Jeffrey L. Bewkes)等人。这些人都拼命争抢新一代的消费者,他们对手机比对传统电视更感兴趣。The executives covet Vice’s unruly, D.I.Y. sensibility — “News from the edge” is the tagline for its 30-minute weekly program on HBO — and, above all, the connection it has established with its core audience of young men.这些执行官们觊觎Vice这种不守规矩、自己动手的易感性——“来自边缘的新闻”是它在HBO台每周播放的30分钟节目的广告词——最主要的是,他们还觊觎Vice和年轻的核心观众建立起来的联系。Now that he is in conversations that could net his company hundreds of millions of dollars, Mr. Smith, normally brash and outspoken, is trying to be discreet. Though he would not speak about the various deals Vice is discussing, he talked about his vision for the company’s future and television’s role in it recently at his office.史密斯现在正在进行能令公司获益数亿美元的谈判,他一贯傲慢而坦率,如今正学着审慎一点。尽管他不愿谈起Vice目前正在进行的各种谈判,但最近他在自己的办公室接受采访时谈了自己对公司未来的看法,以及电视在其中扮演的地位。“It’s the next step in our evolution,” he said. “Our mobile and online stuff is going to grow exponentially, but we want a three-legged stool, and the third leg is TV.”“这是我们发展的下一步,”他说,“我们的移动与网络部门员工正在呈指数级别增加,但我们希望用三条腿站立,这个第三条腿就是电视。”Bearded and bearish, Mr. Smith looks as if he belongs at a Viking feast, drinking mead from his helmet. Instead, he was sipping chilled premier cru Chablis poured by an assistant.史密斯满脸胡须,脾气粗暴,仿佛是维京人盛宴上用头盔畅饮蜜酒的人物。事实上,他喝的是冰镇的夏布利一级葡萄酒,是助理倒给他的。Fox, Disney and Time Warner all declined to comment.福克斯、迪斯尼和时代华纳都拒绝对此进行。Deals that join heavily hyped digital companies with large media conglomerates do not always end well. News Corporation bought the website Myspace for 0 million in 2005, and sold it six years later for million. Time Warner’s 2000 merger with AOL is now taught to aspiring M.B.A.s as the worst business transaction in history.大热的数码公司与大型媒体集团进行的谈判,最后的结局通常通常不怎么美妙。2005年新闻集团曾以5.8亿美元收购Myspace网站,6年后以3500万美元卖出。2000年,时代华纳与AOL的联合如今已经作为史上最糟的商业交易案例用于MBA教学。Mr. Smith contends Vice is different. The company’s finances are private, but a person familiar with its business said it expected to generate about 0 million in revenue in 2014. A vast majority comes not from online news content but from s created to resemble news content, paid for by companies like Intel and ATamp;T.史密斯声称,Vice是不一样的。公司的财务状况是保密的,但一位熟悉Vice经营的人士称,2014年它预计创造5亿美元的收入。其中大部分不是来自网络新闻,而是来自类似新闻的视频内容,由英特尔与ATamp;T等公司出钱。Vice would also arrive with a devoted following, though the size of its audience is hard to verify independently. The hope is that it will not become another Myspace, but a modern, multiplatform MTV. Tom Freston, a founder and former chief executive of MTV who went on to run Viacom, is one of Vice’s investors and closest advisers.Vice还拥有一批忠实拥趸,尽管它的观众数量很难单独核算。希望它不会成为另一个Myspace,而是成为现代的、跨平台的MTV。MTV的创始人之一与前首席执行官汤姆·弗莱斯顿(Tom Freston)后来执掌维亚康姆公司,他是Vice的投资者与最密切的顾问之一。MTV was built on an original concept: the pop-music . Vice’s appeal is that it has branded a certain kind of cool, but coolness is an ephemeral concept. And there is exponentially more content to compete with now than when MTV began in 1981, making it harder than ever to stand out.MTV成立之初是建立在流行音乐录像的基础之上。Vice的魅力来自它已为自己打上“酷”的标记,但“酷”是个短暂易逝的概念。和MTV在1981年初创之时相比,现在需要竞争的东西要多得多,一直保持卓越不凡就更难了。Vice got its first taste for television when it started producing its weekly newsmagazine show for HBO last year. It recently broadcast the final episode of its second season, featuring reports from crime-ridden Camden, N.J., and refugee camps in Chad and Darfur. (In last year’s infamous finale, Mr. Rodman and three members of the Harlem Globetrotters played before Kim Jong-un in North Korea.)去年,Vice开始为HBO台制作每周的新闻杂志秀,这是它第一次制作电视节目。最近,这个节目的第二季刚刚播出了最后一集,内容包括犯罪猖獗的新泽西州卡姆登,以及乍得和达尔富尔的难民营。去年这个节目的最后一集可谓臭名昭著,拍的是罗德曼和其他三个哈林花式篮球队的队员在朝鲜为金正恩表演。In its first year, Vice’s HBO show averaged 821,000 viewers a week, including the original broadcast and viewings in the next seven days, according to Brad Adgate, the director of research for Horizon Media. Weekly viewership fell to 760,000 in its second season. HBO says the number is 2.8 million weekly viewers when repeat broadcasts, online and on-demand viewings are included.地平线传媒的研究主管布拉德·艾德盖特(Brad Adgate)说,Vice在HBO的节目第一年平均每周有82.1万名观众收看,包括首日播出的收看者和其后七天内的收看者。到第二季,每周收视率降低到了76万人。HBO说重播的收视率是每周280万人,包括网络和点播收视。People familiar with the negotiations say the talks with Time Warner have made the most progress. It could buy a large, minority stake in Vice, and give Vice control of the cable channel HLN, or they could operate the network as a joint venture. The deal would give Vice a 24-hour news network that reaches more than 100 million households. Time Warner would get a potential solution to a channel that has struggled to find an audience.了解这些谈判的人说,与时代华纳的谈判进展最大。时代华纳有可能买下Vice的大笔少数股权,把有线电视HLN台的控制权交给Vice,或者两个公司会像合资企业那样运营电视网。该项合同交给Vice的是一个24小时播出、入户一亿个家庭的新闻台。这样,时代华纳也可能为一个难以找到观众群的频道找到潜在的解决方案。But the companies remain at odds over how much influence Time Warner would have over Vice and HLN, said the people familiar with the talks, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they are continuing and delicate. The two also disagree about the total value of Vice. Time Warner contends it is worth about .5 billion; Vice says it is worth at least .5 billion.但了解这些谈判的人说,两家公司仍然在为华纳公司应该对Vice和HLN拥有多少影响力而争执,这些知情者要求匿名,因为谈判还在继续,而且非常微妙。两家公司对Vice的总价值也未能达成一致。时代华纳认为它价值15亿美元,Vice认为自己价值至少25亿美元。These people also cited another matter. In March, Mr. Smith delivered a profanity-laced assessment of CNN — also owned by Time Warner — to The Daily News in New York, calling the network “a disaster.” The president of CNN, Jeff Zucker, was furious, a Time Warner official said. If Vice were to take over HLN, Mr. Zucker and Mr. Smith would be colleagues.这些知情者还提到另一件事。三月,史密斯在纽约的《每日新闻报》(The Daily News)上,就时代华纳旗下的CNN台发表了脏话连篇的评价,他说CNN台是“灾难”。一个时代华纳的主管说,CNN台长杰夫·扎克(Jeff Zucker)勃然大怒。如果Vice接手HLN,扎克和史密斯就会成为同事。Among its other suitors, Vice has the strongest relationship with Fox, which last year bought a 5 percent stake in the company for million. James Murdoch is on Vice’s board.在所有追求者当中,Vice和福克斯的关系最密切,福克斯以7000万美元买下了Vice至少5%的股份,詹姆斯·默多克是Vice的董事会成员。But a Fox deal faces hurdles, too. The company does not have a logical single channel to give Vice, which is what Mr. Smith most wants. “You can’t be MTV without a TV network,” he said.但是和福克斯合作也有障碍。这个公司并没有一个独立的电视频道可以提供给Vice,而这正是史密斯最想要的。“没有电视台,我们就成不了MTV台,”他说。An agreement might instead call for Vice to program blocks of time on a few Fox networks. And, of course, Fox’s defining news brand, Fox News, is not popular among Vice’s core audience.福克斯的替换方案可能是在旗下的电视台里提供给Vice的节目一些时段。当然,福克斯的招牌新闻品牌福克斯新闻在Vice的核心观众中并不流行。The talks with Disney were initiated more recently — it is not clear at whose prompting — after news of the Time Warner discussions broke. It is also unclear how a deal might be structured.和迪斯尼的谈判是最近才开始的,是在Vice和时代华纳的谈判破裂的新闻爆出之后,不清楚是谁先提起的,合同的框架尚不分明。Disney has recently pursued digital media assets that cater to a younger audience. In March, it acquired the YouTube production network Maker Studios.迪斯尼最近开始收购数码媒体,以迎合年轻观众。三月,它买下了YouTube的视频制作公司Maker Studios。Mr. Smith said Vice was in a powerful bargaining position. “It’s not like we’re beggars coming cap in hand saying please give me a network,” he said. “We’re bringing Gen Y, we’re bringing mobile, we’re bringing social, we’re bringing all of these things that they don’t have.”史密斯说,Vice在谈判中的立场很强硬。“我们并不是手捧帽子的乞讨者,祈求别人给我一个电视频道,”他说,“我们能吸引Y世代(Gen Y),我们能吸引移动用户,我们能吸引社交媒体用户,我们能为他们带来他们没有的一切。”Vice has focused most of its energy and resources on the web. But while its six YouTube channels and various websites attract plenty of digital advertising, those rates pale in comparison to what Vice’s shows could potentially command on television.Vice最关注自己在网络上的能量与资源。但是,虽然它的六个YouTube频道和若干网站吸引了大量网络广告,这些和它的节目吸引电视广告的潜在能力相比还是太少。More to the point, the move into television might also allow Vice to become less financially dependent on advertising agency work and corporate partnerships. In other words, it could try to evolve into a pure content-only operation.此外,走向电视这个举措可能会令Vice在经济上不那么依赖广告经纪的工作与公司合作伙伴。换言之,它想试着发展为更纯粹的内容运营者。Even if Vice can make a deal, there is no guarantee that its fans will follow the company to television in an era when young people are getting their news, increasingly, on other types of screens. “News on TV skews very old,” said Tom Rogers, the chief executive of TiVo, who helped start CN and MSN among other cable channels. “Most news channels have average audiences of 60 or older.”就算Vice能签下一份合同,也不能保它的粉丝就一定会追随这个公司去看电视。在这个时代,年轻人愈来愈多地从电视以外的其他屏幕获取新闻。“从电视上看新闻的方式太古老了,”TiVo的首席执行官汤姆·罗杰斯(Tom Rogers)说,他曾协助开创了CN和MSN等有线台。“大多数新闻台的观众平均年龄是60岁或更为年长的人。”The average age of Vice’s HBO viewers is 46 to 50, Mr. Adgate said. Its online audience is a good deal younger, but on television anyway, it has not reached the elusive millennial demographic.Vice在HBO的节目的观众平均年龄是46-50岁,艾德盖特说。它的网络观众则比较年轻,但在电视上,它还是没有得到难以捉摸的千禧年一代观众群。Developing a television show is also very different from developing a web series; Vice has produced about 76 hours of domestic and international programming. Michael Lombardo, the president of programming at HBO, said the network had worked very closely with Vice to shape the newsmagazine show into something it felt could build an audience on television. The conversations were not always easy, he said.做电视节目和做网络系列是非常不一样的;Vice已经制作了大约76小时的国内和国际电视节目内容。HBO的节目总监迈克尔·伦巴多(Michael Lombardo)说,HBO台和Vice密切合作去制作这档新闻杂志秀,让它能适合电视观众。他说,双方沟通并不总是轻松的。“When you’re in the digital space and you’re looking for clicks the idea is to just be noisy,” he said. “That impacts not only the subjects of your story but the way you tell a story. It’s different when you have someone sit down to a half-hour or hour show.”“在追求点击率的数码世界里,只要足够吵闹就行了,”他说。“影响力不是来自故事题材本身,也是来自你讲故事的方式。但是要让人坐下来看半小时或一小时的电视节目,那就是另一回事了。”Last week, the talks over Vice’s future moved from Brooklyn to Cannes, the site of an annual international media conference that attracts many of the world’s biggest companies. Vice rented three villas for the occasion, and, hosted a couple of big parties. One had been scheduled for a French strip club, but the guest list grew so long that it had to be moved to a more conventional location, the Palais des Festivals.上个星期,关于Vice未来的谈判从布鲁克林移到了戛纳,年度国际传媒大会在那里召开,吸引了全世界许多顶级公司。Vice包下了三座别墅,举办了几个大派对。其中一个本来计划在法国脱衣舞俱乐部举行,但是宾客名单太长,只好搬到比较传统的地点——戛纳电影节宫。 /201407/309852

KARACHI, Pakistan — Karachi’s poor have long learned to cope with the many adversities that afflict Pakistan’s most crowded and chaotic city, including flooding, street violence and political crises. But since a suffocating heat wave descended on Karachi three days ago, killing at least 650 people, they have found no respite and no escape.巴基斯坦卡拉奇——对于困扰这座巴基斯坦最拥挤、最混乱的城市的各种灾难,比如洪水、街头暴力和政治危机,卡拉奇的穷人们早就学会了如何应对。然而,一股令人窒息的热浪在三天前袭来,至今已导致至少650人死亡。这一状况没有得到任何缓解,令他们无路可逃。“It’s so hot,” said a security guard, Shamim ur-Rehman, 34, as he sat on a cot, beleaguered. “There is no fan, there is nothing. I can’t sleep at night or during the day.”“太热了,”34岁的保安沙米姆·拉赫曼(Shamim ur-Rehman)说。他坐在一张行军床上,备受炎热困扰。“没有风扇,什么都没有,白天晚上都睡不着。”Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif declared an emergency on Tuesday as the death toll from the heat wave soared, with overwhelmed hospitals struggling to treat a surge of casualties and morgues filling to capacity. The army set up emergency treatment centers in the streets and the provincial government closed schools and city offices.高温引发的死亡人数在急剧上升,各大医院疲于应对大批涌入的伤员,太平间也已经达到人数上限。在这样的形势下,巴基斯坦总理纳瓦兹·谢里夫(Nawaz Sharif)于周二宣布进入紧急状态。军队在街道上搭建急救场所,当地的省级政府下令学校停课,市政办公场所停业。The Edhi foundation, which runs an ambulance service and Karachi’s largest morgue, said it had collected over 600 bodies in recent days.拥有卡拉奇最大的停尸房、并提供救护车务的艾德希基金会(Edhi foundation)表示,他们在最近几天已经接收了600多具尸体。“The first to die were the people on the streets — heroin addicts, beggars, the homeless,” said Anwar Kazmi, a spokesman for the service. “Then it was the elderly, particularly those who didn’t have anyone to take care of them.”基金会的发言人安瓦尔·卡兹米(Anwar Kazmi)表示,“最早死亡的是在街头生活的人——海洛因成瘾者、乞丐和无家可归的人。然后是老年人,尤其是那些没人照顾的。”In many ways, the emergency is the product of a perfect storm of meteorological, political and religious factors in Karachi.从许多方面讲,这场危机是卡拉奇的气象、政治和宗教因素共同促成的一场完美风暴带来的后果。Chronic shortages of water and electricity have exacerbated the impact of the heat wave, which has brought temperatures up to 45 Celsius, or 113 degrees Fahrenheit, in a crowded city of 20 million people that is normally ventilated by a seabreeze.热浪使得气温最高达到摄氏45度,而长期缺水缺电加剧了这种天气的影响。在这座人口达2000万的拥挤城市里,通风基本只能靠海风吹。The health dangers are further exacerbated by the demands of the annual Ramadan fast, when most Muslims abstain from eating or drinking water during daylight hours.此时正值一年一度的斋月期间,大部分穆斯林会在白天戒食禁水。这也加重了高温天气带来的健康威胁。In Karachi, that means about 15 hours with no source of hydration — a factor that has particularly affected manual laborers and street vendors, who work outside under the sun.在卡拉奇,斋月意味着15小时没有任何水源补充。这尤其影响到在户外日头下工作的体力劳动者和街头商贩。Dr. Seemin Jamali, head of the Jinnah hospital’s emergency wing, said 272 people had died there from heat-related conditions, including dehydration. The smaller Abbasi Shaheed Hospital said 56 bodies had been brought in since Monday night.真纳(Jinnah)医院急诊部主任思敏·贾马里(Seemin Jamali)表示,该院有272名病人死于与高温有关的状况,其中包括脱水。规模较小的阿巴西·沙希德医院(Abbasi Shaheed Hospital)则表示,自周一晚上以来该院已收入56具尸体。Officials said the majority of the victims were men over the age of 50, especially day laborers from lower-income groups.卡拉奇官员表示,大部分受害者是50岁以上的男性,尤其是来自低收入群体的日间劳工。Although Karachi residents are used to dealing with other emergencies — stockpiling groceries, for example, during bouts of street violence — they seemed at a loss for how to manage the extended heat wave.尽管卡拉奇居民习惯于应对其他各种紧急情况——比如他们会在时常出现的街头暴乱期间囤积日常用品——但是面对不断加剧的高温,他们似乎有些不知所措。The electricity shortages are the product of decades-long mismanagement of Pakistan’s national grid, and are often worse at dusk when many people are cooking in preparation for the end of the fast.缺电是巴基斯坦国家电网几十年来管理不善的后果,而且通常在傍晚时分,很多人结束斋戒开始做饭的时候会更加严重。Not only do the power cuts make air-conditioning units and ceiling fans useless, they also reduce the water supply by shutting down pumps. Ice is in short supply and being sold for a premium in many neighborhoods.停电不仅会使空调设备和电扇瘫痪,还会因为电泵无法工作而导致供水减少。在很多社区,冰块因为短缺都会被加价出售。“We try and sit in the shade,” said Mohammad Yusuf, 32, a laborer who works on a moving crew with a pickup truck. “We went all the way near the port today and sat under a tree for three hours.”“我们尽量坐在阴凉里,”32岁的穆罕默德·优素福(Mohammad Yusuf)说,他跟随一个搬运队乘皮卡车四处做活。“我们今天一路开到港口附近,在一棵树下坐了三个小时。”At the Jinnah hospital, Dr. Jamali said her staff had treated over 5,000 patients between Saturday and Monday. The heat, not the fasting, was the principal factor in the deaths, she said.在真纳医院,贾马里表示,从周六到周一,她的员工已经接治了5000多名患者。她说,最重要的致死因素是这一波热浪,而不是斋戒。Although many continued to fast, others quietly admitted that they were unable to cope with the demands of their faith. Subah Sadiq, a fruit vendor and father of seven, said it was impossible to stand in the street all day without drinking anything.尽管有很多人继续禁食,但其他一些人暗地里承认,他们无法承受信仰的要求。苏巴·萨迪克(Subah Sadiq)是一名卖水果的摊贩,也是七个孩子的父亲。他说,一整天都站在街上却什么都不喝是不可能的。“This is the only way to survive,” he said.“这是唯一的活路,”他说。Even for those not fasting, staying hydrated is a challenge: under Pakistani law, eating and drinking in public places are illegal during Ramadan, although some clerics said their followers could break the fast if their health was in danger.即便是对那些不禁食的人来说,保持不脱水也是一个挑战:按照巴基斯坦的法律,斋月期间在公共场所吃喝是违法的,不过一些神职人员称,如果健康存在危险,信徒可以违反斋戒的规定。Mr. Rehman, the building watchman, was refusing to give up.大楼保安拉赫曼不愿放弃斋戒。“As long as I have some life in me, and strong intentions, I will fast,” he said.“只要还有些力气和强烈的意愿,我就会斋戒,”他说。 /201506/383134

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