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嘉兴市曙光医院激光去痣多少钱海盐治疗蒙古斑价格迪士尼公主模仿秀:热情从未退却 -- ::33 来源:chinadaily 许多孩子模仿过他们最喜爱的电视或电影中的人物,这是很自然的事但这样的爱好通常会随着我们的成长而消失然而,有一个女孩对模仿的热情从未退却事实上,她花费数千美元来模仿她喜欢的公主形象 A lot of little kids like to impersonate their favorite television and movie characters. It's natural. But usually this hobby fades away as we grow into our teen years, and eventually, into adults. However, one girl never let this passion get away from her. In fact, she's paid thousands of dollars to keep it alive. 快来看看为模仿迪士尼公主花费数千美元的5岁的莎拉;英格尔吧! Meet Sarah Ingle, the 5-year-old girl who has paid over $ 000 to look like a Disney princess. 莎拉的工作是市场销售经理但当她不在办公室的时候,她喜欢打扮成她喜爱的迪士尼人物你最好相信她是认真的,她会用几个小时打扮成动画人物,例如白雪公主、灰姑娘、长发公主还有其他著名的迪士尼公主莎拉共有套装和顶假发 Sarah works as a marketing manager during the day, but when she's not in the office, she enjoys dressing up like her favorite Disney characters. And you better believe she takes it seriously. She spends hours getting dressed up as characters like Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel and many other famous princesses. In total, Sarah has different outfits and different wigs... 电影《小美人鱼中的爱丽儿 Ariel from The Little Mermaid 电影《冰雪奇缘中的艾莎 Elsa from Frozen 白雪公主 Snow White 电影《美女与野兽中的贝儿 Belle from Beauty and the Beast 长发公主 Rapunzel 电影《冰雪奇缘中的安娜 Anna from Frozen 每件裙子都需要6个月来制作,制作材料来自世界各地 Each dress takes around six months to make, and consists of materials from all over the world! 因为这是莎拉的爱好,所以她觉得很值得 But it's well worth it, because this is what Sarah loves to do! 事实上,莎拉模仿迪士尼人物真的很成功,所以后来她开了一家店,名为“从此以后一直是公主”,并专注于模仿迪士尼人物的业务,相信小朋友过生日什么的父母一定乐于花钱请她来 In fact, she's so good at her Disney impersonations that she's recently opened a business called Princess Ever After which specialized in Disney impersonators! 这个故事告诉我们:把自己的梦想变成事业不一定只是童话啊 I guess it is possible to turn your passion into a career!嘉兴曙光中西医医院抽脂减肥 为何在国外反响平平的魔兽电影在中国却炙手可热? -- 19::01 来源: 魔兽世界最先开始是一款电脑游戏,后来被改编成为电影而现在,尽管魔兽电影在国外反响平平,但是中国人对它却尤其追捧,魔兽电影席卷了中国各大影院 Warcraft: The Beginning, the film of the hit computer game, opened in China last week, taking m (pound 1m) in five days and topping box offices.改编自热门电脑游戏的电影《魔兽:起源于上周登陆中国电影院,在五天之内就席卷了1.56亿美元(约合1.亿英镑)的票房,票房名列首位Comparatively, Star Wars: The ce Awakens took .m during its entire box office run in China.相比之下,《星球大战:原力觉醒在整个上映期只在中国获得了1.5亿美元的票房Warcraft is now on its way to overtake Furious 7 as the highest-grossing Hollywood film in China.《魔兽即将取代《速度与7,成为在华票房最高的好莱坞电影In the US, the film is considered to have bombed, having opened to the tune of $.m (pound .m). Warcraft also received critical reviews, getting only 7% on ratings website Rotten Tomatoes.然而在美国,《魔兽却被认为已经暴死了,上映至今只收获了0万美元(约合万英镑)的票房《魔兽还被许多人批评,在烂番茄网站上,这部电影的新鲜度只有7%So why has Warcraft permed so well in China?那么,为啥《魔兽在中国表现这么好咧?Globally, the majority of WoW players are men aged 18-35, a demographic which often has expendable income.从全球来看,魔兽的大多数玩家是男性,年龄在18到35岁之间,这部分人群的可配收入往往很可观And China has long been one of the biggest markets, making up about half of the game’s five million players.而中国一直是魔兽游戏的最大市场,在其全球500万玩家中,中国玩家占到了一半The game was first introduced in China in , at a time when online access and internet cafes were growing rapidly.魔兽游戏第一次被引入中国是在年,当时中国互联网接入和网吧的数量都增长得非常快The film adaptation, with a budget of 意大利APP提供实时“蚊子热点” -- :5: 来源:chinadaily Smartphones are being used to combat the ded mosquito in Italy, with a new app that tracks the location of the blood-sucking pests.意大利人很怕蚊子,于是用上智能手机来抵御蚊害:一种新开发的应用程序将能追踪到这种吮血物种的形迹The free app, called ZanzaMapp, gathers inmation from the public in order to highlight hot spots of mozzie activity in real time. The mosquito heat map will allow people to avoid areas with high concentrations of bugs, and help authorities to better direct pest control efts, the project's website notes. It also enables users to upload photos so that experts can determine which species have been found and where.这是一款免费应用,名为“ZanzaMapp”,它可以搜集公共场所信息,然后实时给出蚊虫猖獗的热点项目官网称,这些蚊子热点地图能帮人们避开蚊虫集中区,也有助于政府更有效地实施灭蚊措施它还允许用户上传自己拍到的蚊虫照片,便于专家帮忙识别蚊子种类及其活动范围The app's creator, expectant father Cesare Bianchi from Rome's Sapienza University, says he was driven by a lack of inmation on how to deal with new threats such as the mosquito-borne Zika virus, which doctors believe causes severe birth defects.该应用程序的发明者是罗马大学的切萨雷·比安奇即将为人父的比安奇表示,面对依靠蚊子传播的寨卡病毒等新威胁,相关应对措施却存在信息缺乏的问题,他于是萌生了创建这个应用的想法医学界认为寨卡病毒会导致严重的新生儿缺陷"I was searching a place that was as safe as possible from the risk of Zika", he says. "I realised there's little practical inmation on how to manage the presence of mosquitoes." The app includes tips making places less attractive to the insects, such as removing stagnant water.他表示,“我一直在找一个最不容易受寨卡病毒威胁的地方然后我意识到,在定位蚊子的问题上,相关实用信息几乎没有”这款应用里还有各种小贴士,告诉人们降低蚊虫滋生的办法,比如周围不要有积水In March, the World Health Organisation warned that European countries may be at risk of a Zika outbreak, with the widesp tiger mosquito capable of transmitting the virus. In , tiger mosquitoes were blamed an outbreak in northern Italy of the chikungunya virus, more commonly seen in tropical regions.今年3月,世界卫生组织曾向欧洲国家发出预警:寨卡病毒可能肆虐欧洲,而广泛存在的虎斑蚊是传播寨卡病毒的祸首年,意大利北部曾爆发基孔肯亚病毒,原因也是虎斑蚊的猖獗基孔肯亚病毒常见于热带地区Vocabularymozzie:蚊子(口语,方言)mosquito-borne:蚊媒的,蚊虫传播的birth defect:先天缺陷,出生缺陷stagnant water:积水;死水英文来源:B编译:杜娟m, was released on 67% of China’s 39,000 screens in the middle of last week.这部电影改编的预算达到了1亿6千万美元自从上周三登陆中国市场以来,魔兽电影已经在中国67%的影院中上映(全国共有39000家影院)The opening coincided with the Dragon Boat Festival, a public holiday across China, so the potential audience was vast.魔兽电影首映期恰逢中国的端午节,在这个全国性的法定节假日期间,《魔兽的潜在观众数量非常巨大It did face competition - X-Men: Apocalypse, the Angry Birds Movie and Tim Burton’s Alice Through the Looking Glass were the other main Hollywood flicks showing in China. But none could touch the appeal of Warcraft.魔兽电影并非没有竞争--《X战警:天启、《愤怒的小鸟、和《爱丽丝魔镜之旅等好莱坞电影也在中国市场上映但是没有那一部电影的吸引力能够和《魔兽相比The studio behind the movie, Legendary Entertainment, was earlier this year acquired by Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda .5bn. Legendary’s in-house marketing teams reportedly cut several dozen pieces of China-specific footage, and released more trailers the movie in China than in the US.这部电影是由“传奇”工作室制作的,在今年年初,这个电影工作室被万达以35亿美元的价格收购了据报道,传奇美国营销团队删减了几十个中国特色的镜头,并且在中国发布的预告片要比在美国市场发布的更多It also brought on companies such as computer maker Lenovo, chip maker Intel, car maker Jeep and brewery Tsingtao to sponsor the show.这部电影还获得了来自电脑厂商联想、芯片制造商英特尔、汽车制造商吉普和青岛啤酒等公司的赞助"Many of the decision-makers at these brands were ’Warcraft’ players," Peter Loehr, chief executive of Legendary East, Legendary’s China arm, told the LA times.传奇中国分社“传奇东方”的CEO皮特·罗异告诉《洛杉矶时报说:“这些公司的许多决策者都是‘魔兽’的玩家”On Sunday, ticket sales Warcraft in China plunged to.m pound, a big drop from previous days.上周日,《魔兽电影门票收入骤跌,只有万英镑,较前几天的战绩来看下跌非常严重Yet it still ed 7.5% of Sunday’s box office screenings, according to Deadline.但是据“Deadline”表示,魔兽电影还是占据了周日中国市场票房总收入的7.5%It all points to the growing importance of the Chinese cinema-going public. China’s box office is expected be the world’s largest by next year, according to one report this weekend , surpassing the US.这一切都显示了中国市场对电影上映的重要性据这个周末的一份报告显示,中国票房市场将在明年超过美国,成为世界第一Hollywood actor Jackie Chan recently told the Shanghai Film Festival that the success of Warcraft had "scared" Americans.最近在上海电影节上,据好莱坞大腕成龙透露说,魔兽电影在中国市场的成功“吓坏”了美国人"If we can make a film that earns bn [yuan] then people from all over the world who study film will learn Chinese, instead of us learning English."“如果我们可以拍一部票房达到0亿(元)的电影,那么全世界研究电影的人就会学习中文,而不是学习英文”连任仅5天 国际足联主席布拉特宣布辞职 -- 18:: 来源:   Sepp Blatter, who led world soccer’s governing body years and who was regarded as one of the most powerful people in global sports, said Tuesday that he would resign his position, making his announcement in Zurich even as law encement officials in the ed States confirmed that he was a focus of a federal corruption investigation.  赛普·布拉特领导了世界足球管理机构年之久他被认为是全球体育界最有权势的人之一周二,就在美国执法人员确认他是联邦贪污调查的重点对象之际,布拉特在苏黎世宣布辞职  Mr. Blatter had days tried to distance himself from the controversy, but several ed States officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that in their efts to build a case against Mr. Blatter they were hoping to win the cooperation of some of the FIFA officials now under indictment and work their way up the organization.  多日以来,布拉特试图让自己远离争议,但一些匿名的美国官员表示,希望和被起诉的和想要升官的国际足联官员合作,以图针对布拉特立案  Mr. Blatter’s resignation speech, which he delivered in French to a mostly empty room at FIFA headquarters, served as a stunning coda to a dramatic sequence of events that began last Wednesday with a police raid at a five-star hotel, where seven soccer officials were arrested and held extradition to the ed States on corruption charges.  上周三,警方突然搜捕了一家五星级酒店,逮捕了7名足球官员他们受到贪污指控,会被引渡给美国以此事为开端的一系列戏剧性事件有一个令人震惊的尾声:布拉特用法语在几乎没人的国际足联总部发表了辞职演说  A high-ranking soccer official said Mr. Blatter had been advised by his legal counsel that continuing in his current position could make defending him against possible future prosecution more difficult.  一名足球高官称,布拉特的法律顾问建议,如果布拉特继续担任现有职务,在未来的起诉中为他辩护会变得更加困难  The soccer official added that pressure on Mr. Blatter from soccer’s corporate partners, as well as from various FIFA members, increased considerably over the weekend as itbecame clear that the Justice Department indictment was not just looking at corruption within Concacaf, the regional governing body overseeing soccer in North America, Central America and the Caribbean.  这名足球官员还补充道,上周末以来,随着美国司法部的起诉显然将不局限于中北美及加勒比海足协,布拉特受到的来自足球合作伙伴和多个国际足联成员的压力显著增加嘉兴曙光中西医整形医院隆胸好不好

海盐二三门诊激光去斑手术多少钱纸们嘴上说着不要,而实际的想法却是... -- :6: 来源:chinadaily 都说“女人心,海底针”,世间最难参透的除了人生道理,恐怕要数纸的话里有话了美国新闻聚合网站Buzzfeed搜罗了一波纸的潜台词,菇凉们来看看自己躺几回,帅锅们也来检测下悟性吧~ 1. Do I look OK? 我看起来还行吗? 潜台词:If you say anything other than yes, I’ll be upset. 如果你的不是yes,我会很不爽~ . Is this cute? 这个可爱吗? 潜台词:Again, say yes. 跟上面一样,说yes 3. I’m over it. 这事儿我已经不放在心上了 潜台词:No, I’m not. 不,我还揣着呢 . Nothing is wrong. 一切正常 潜台词:There’s definitely something wrong. 肯定有问题 5. I’m fine. 我很好 潜台词:I’m not fine. 我很不好! 6. I like, honestly don’t even care. 说实话,我并不在意 潜台词:I care so much. 我可在意着呢 7. I hate makeup. 我痛恨化妆 潜台词:I am so freaking thankful that makeup exists. 谢天谢地世间竟有化妆这样的存在 8. I love your dress. 我太喜欢你这件裙子了 潜台词:I’m pissed that you bought it bee me. 居然在我之前先买到了,气死我了 9. I think I have something going on that night. 我那天晚上可能有事 潜台词:I have nothing going on except Netflix, but I don’t really want to hang out. 我其实除了刷剧也没别的事儿,但就是不想跟你出去 (Netflix是美国互联网电视商) . Do you think I’m emotional? 你觉得我这人情绪化吗? 潜台词:Do you think I’m crazy? 你觉得我疯了吗? . I’m not really hungry. 我其实不太饿 潜台词:I’m starving. 我快饿疯了 . Am I overreacting? 我是不是反应过度了? 潜台词:I know I’m overreacting but I want you to support me anyway. 我知道反应过度了,那我也想让你持我 . We’ve been through so much together. 我们在一起经历了那么多 潜台词:We got into a fight one time. 我们也曾互掐过 . I’ll only eat one piece of candy. 我就吃一块糖 潜台词: * eats the whole bag * 吃一包…… . I have nothing to wear. 我没啥衣穿啊~ 潜台词:I have multiple things I could wear but I don’t currently like any of them. 我衣多着呢,但现在找不出我喜欢的嘉兴市中医医院口腔科 带宠物入住?宠物友好酒店的兴起 -- ::01 来源: 现在越来越多的人喜欢带着宠物出门旅行,那么在入住酒店时,他们会选择“宠物友好”酒店,带着宠物入住,有些还能提供高级务哦! You may think it is barking mad, but in Vienna a hotel arranges dogs to go to the opera without their owners.也许你会觉得这疯狂至极,但维也纳的一家酒店的确为安排去歌剧院,而且不带它们的主人The cultural nights out canines are organised by the five-star Park Hyatt Vienna, which allows people to check in with their dogs or cats, and aims to be as pet-friendly as possible.的文化之夜是由五星级酒店-维也纳柏悦酒店组织举办,他们允许客人带着自家的宠物猫入住,并且尽可能善待宠物If a guest wants a night out in the Austrian capital without his or her dog, but doesn’t want the pooch to get lonely on its own in the hotel room, staff can step in.如果客人想要在奥地利首都度过一个没有宠物的夜晚,但又不想让自己的在酒店“独守空房”,可以请店员帮忙In addition to the more usual requests dogs to be walked, the hotel can arrange an employee to take the animal to the theatre.除了常规遛的需求,酒店还可让店员带宠物去歌剧院"If the pet wants to go to the opera by himself we will arrange their ticket if the opera allows it," says the hotel’s general manager Monique Dekker.“如果宠物想要独自去歌剧院,只要歌剧院允许,我们会帮它买好票”酒店总经理Monique Dekker说"If he loves Madam Butterfly, then please go ahead."“如果他喜欢《蝴蝶夫人,请尽管去看”Meanwhile, other guests with a dog once asked the hotel to arrange some exclusive transport just their pet.与此同时,其他带的客人曾经要求酒店为他们的宠物安排过“专属交通”"We have had one dog that has been transferred by a limo because the guests were somewhere else, and they suddenly wanted their four-legged friend to come to where they were. us the sky is the limit," says Ms Dekker.“曾经有次我们用一辆豪华轿车专门送过一只,当时客人在别的地方,然后突然想要他们这个四条腿的朋友与他们会合对我们来说,带宠物坐飞机是受限制的(其他没问题)”Dekker女士说Very Important Dogs贵宾While most pet-friendly hotels don’t go to quite the levels of the Park Hyatt Vienna, it is in fact indicative of the big growth in recent years in the number of hotels that allow people to check in with their dogs, cats or other animals.尽管大部分允许带宠物入住的酒店没有达到维也纳柏悦酒店的程度,事实上近年来,允许客人带宠物、宠物猫或其他动物入住的酒店越来越多Bookings website Hotels.com says: "We have witnessed a huge increase in demand pet-friendly hotels, and guests wanting to travel with their animals.酒店预订网称:“我们发现越来越多的人需要允许带宠物入住的酒店,客人们想带着他们的宠物一起旅行”"Demand is growing year-on-year, with a large proportion of hotels across the globe now not only accommodating pets, but also advertising this key feature."“随着需求逐年增长,现在全球相当比例的酒店不仅仅允许宠物入住,还把这当成亮点进行宣传”Hotels.com says that a quarter of the 35,000 hotels it now lists around the world allow people to check in with their pets.酒店网称,在它们网站清单上的全球35000家酒店中,四分之一允许客人携带宠物入住 most pet-friendly hotels, guests wishing to bring their pets with them have to pay an initial surcharge. instance, the Park Hyatt Vienna’s "Very Important Dog" programme costs euro 35 (产权之争:第五季《中国好声音暂更名为《中国新歌声 -- :5: 来源: 由于最新法院裁决节目方禁止使用之前的冠名,浙江卫视于本周三宣布大型歌唱选秀节目《中国好声音暂更名为《中国新歌声 Zhejiang Television had to change its top singing competition show from "China’s Good Voice " to "China’s New Singing Voice" on Wednesday night due to a court ruling that bids it from using the mer name.由于最新法院裁决节目方禁止使用之前的冠名,浙江卫视于本周三宣布大型歌唱选秀节目《中国好声音暂更名为《中国新歌声"Zhejiang Television always respects the rule of law and will respect the court ruling. To obey the authority of the justice system, the TV station’s ’China’s Good Voice ’ will be temporarily renamed ’China’s New Singing Voice,’ and the renamed show will be broadcast on July , , as scheduled," the statement said.浙江卫视声明:“浙江卫视一直秉持法治理念,尊重司法裁判为维护司法权威性,浙江卫视《中国好声音节目将暂时更名为《中国新歌声,节目更名后仍将于年7月日如期播出”The English show title was previously changed to "Sing! China," but it is currently unknown if the English name will also be changed again.先前节目将英文版名称改为了“Sing! China.”但不知现如今该英文版名称是否也会随之更改The Beijing Intellectual Property Court rejected the appeal of mer producer Canxing Productions of "The Voice of China" (its Chinese name is literally "China’s Good Voice") on Monday night, ruling that they cannot produce further episodes under the name. But this is a temporary protection order the plaintiff rather than a verdict in a copyright infringement case.7月日晚,北京知识产权法院驳回了灿星的复议请求,维持之前针对灿星的诉前保全裁定,责令上海灿星文化传播有限公司停止使用“中国好声音” 、“the Voice of China”的节目名称及相关商标标识然而,这对于原告方来说也只是暂时的保护令,而并非版权侵权案件中的仲裁行为The brand and mat are owned by Talpa Holding, which originally produced "The Voice of Holland." Canxing acquired the rights of the show and co-produced four seasons with Zhejiang Television and made the show the top rated show in China.好声音的品牌和设计由《荷兰好声音的出品方Talpa Holding独家拥有后来灿星获得了节目的播出权,并且与浙江卫视在前四季都有合作,一步步将《中国好声音打造成为中国顶尖的歌唱节目This year, Canxing and Talpa’s negotiation fell apart and Talpa found another Chinese agent, the Zhejiang Talent Television Film Company Limited. But Canxing continued doing a similar show with some amended changes and the same Chinese name ("China’s Good Voice") that will be broadcast on July . So Talent filed a lawsuit.今年,灿星与Talpa的谈判决裂,Talpa转而向浙江唐德影视股份有限公司寻求合作然而,灿星仍旧使用相同的中国品牌名《中国好声音,制作相似的歌唱类节目,并计划在7月日播出唐德对灿星提起了诉讼But Zhejiang Television said the Chinese name of the show, "China’s Good Voice," was created by the television station itself according to laws and contracts and is approved by China’s TV watchdogs. It has also registered the trademarks and owns the rights to the name.然而,浙江卫视则坚持认为节目的中国名称《中国好声音是电视台根据法律和相关合同条款合法冠名,并且当时也得到了国内监管机构的认可除此之外,浙江卫视也表示已经登记注册了商标,应当有使用该名的权利The television station said the temporary renaming will cause them significant damage and that they maintain the right to sue the relevant parties.电视台表示现如今临时改名给台内造成了重大损失,他们表示将保留追诉相关责任方的权利Tian Ming, the CEO of Canxing Productions, said they would countersue Talent their reckless legal action and restraining order, demanding damages. Tian added his company won’t import eign show mats in the future and will focus on original creation instead.灿星公司的CEO田明表示他们将会就唐德公司草率仓促的禁止令反诉对方,并要求索赔同时,田明还表示公司未来将不会再引进国外的制作形式,将会全力着重节目的独创性; pound 7). Food and other services, such as dog walking or sitting, or a trip to the opera, are then charged on top.对于大部分允许宠物入住的酒店而言,想要带宠物入住的客人必须付额外费用比如,维也纳柏悦酒店“贵宾”项目收费35欧元(0美元;7英镑)食物和其他务,如遛或照顾、带去歌剧院则需另外收费Woof Waffles’“华夫饼干”The Milestone Hotel in central London has its own "pet concierge".英国伦敦市中心的里程碑酒店有着独一无二的“宠物管理员”Georgia Wood, who holds the role, says the hotel does all it can to "make sure the pets have just as great a stay here as the guests".担任这项工作的Georgia Wood说,酒店竭尽所能“确保宠物和客人一样享受”She adds: "We send a pet preference m prior to someone’s arrival, and I’ll just ask the breed of the dog, the size of the dog, if there are certain things the dog likes to eat.她补充说:“我们会在客人入住前提前发送一份宠物喜好表,我会询问的品种、大小,它们最喜欢吃什么”"When we have this inmation, we can then, prior to your arrival, set up the room, set up the dog bed."“拿到这些信息后,我们会在客人到来前安排房间和的床”In addition to offering dog-sitting and walking, the Milestone has an extensive dogs and cats, which can be ordered as room service hours a day.除了提供遛和照顾的务以外,里程碑酒店还为猫猫们提供一项额外的菜单,他们可以小时呼叫客房务Dishes include "Woof Waffles" (two grilled potato waffles with a large Cumberland sausage, pound5.50), and "Meaty Muncher" (chunks of steak in gravy, served with creamed mashed potatoes, pound 7.50).菜品包括“华夫饼干”(两片烤土豆华夫饼加一大根坎伯兰香肠,5.5英镑)和“大肉饼”(浓汁牛排,加奶油土豆泥,7.5英镑)Doggy damages宠物破坏Ms Wood says that the hotel hosts three or four pets in an average week. Mostly these are cats and dogs, but occasionally a guest will bring other animals, such as parrots and rabbits.Wood女士说酒店平均每周接待三到四位宠物入住,大部分是或者猫,但偶尔也会有客人带其他动物,比方说鹦鹉或兔子If a guest does arrive with a pet, they had better be sure that the animal is well behaved, because the Milestone - which is full of antique furniture - takes a 1,000 pound returnable deposit in case of any damages.如果客人带宠物入住,他们最好确保宠物表现良好,因为里程碑酒店到处都是古董家具-为了防止古董损坏,他们会收取00英镑可退还保金Christine Fulton, head housekeeper at the Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel in central London, says hotels that allow pets are generally much more welcoming. "It makes the hotel feel like a home," she says.伦敦市中心梅尔福切斯菲德酒店客房部主管Christine Fulton说,允许宠物入住的酒店总体来说更受欢迎“这使得酒店更有家的感觉”她说"Our team enjoy the novelty of having pets at the hotel, whether it is walking the dogs or babysitting animals while their owners enjoy time in London.“我们的团队很享受酒店出现宠物的这种新奇感,不论是遛还是主人在伦敦玩耍时替他们照顾小动物”"Many of our staff are unable to keep a pet various reasons, and this gives them a chance to have the companionship of an animal a while."“我们有很多员工因为种种原因无法养宠物,而这正好给了他们短时间内和小动物作伴的机会”Nadine Kayser, founder of dogs charity Wild at Heart Foundation, regularly travels throughout Europe with her husband and two rescue dogs Bally, a Romanian shepherd-mix, and Ivy, a Rottweiler-Labrador cross.心脏基金会“野生动物”慈善基金创始人Nadine Kayser经常和丈夫一起环游欧洲,他们还会带着两只搜救犬-Bally是只罗马尼亚和牧羊犬的杂交犬,而Ivy是罗特韦尔犬和拉布拉多杂交犬"The most important question we always ask is: do they allow dogs?" she says.“我们总会问的最重要的问题就是:他们允许宠物入住吗?”她说"Some allow them in certain parts of the hotel, which is fine us, as long as they can sleep in the same room."“有些酒店允许宠物待在酒店特定的区域,这对我们来说可以接受,只要它们能和我们睡一个房间”My baby’“我的孩子”Back in Vienna, Simone Dulies, the general manager of the pet-friendly Hotel Bristol, takes her dog Brix, to work with her every day.回到维也纳,允许宠物入住的布里斯托酒店总经理Simone Dulies每天带着她的Brix一起上班She says it isn’t enough hotels to tolerate pets, they have to make them feel genuinely welcome.她说,酒店仅仅做到容忍宠物是不够的,他们必须让他们感受到真诚的欢迎"[The welcome pets] needs to be honest, otherwise you see it as just a bit of marketing," she says.“[欢迎宠物入住]必须要真诚,否则它仅仅是市场宣传的噱头”她说"My dog is like my baby, so if a hotel is nice to my dog, the same as it should be to a mum with her kids, then that’s some major brownie points from me."“我的就像我的孩子,所以如果酒店对我的好,就像对待带着孩子的妈妈那样,这对我来说是绝对的加分项”嘉兴抽脂的价钱

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