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A typical day典型的一天Before all the schmoozing begins, Fiala starts her morning at 6:00 with a workout and then tackling administrative tasks. She answers emails and calls the Prague office, where three of the firm’s 15 employees are located (the others are sp between Warsaw, London and New York). Then she heads out for client meetings. 在开始一天的工作前,菲亚拉会在早晨6点起床锻炼,然后处理一些行政性任务。她会回复邮件,并给布拉格办事处打电话——该公司的15名员工有3人在那里工作(其他人分布在华沙、伦敦和纽约)。之后,她会出门与客户会面。During business meals, Fiala sticks to whatever appetizers she can eat in just a few bites. “There’s lots of talking, so I do what I call ‘social eating’,” she said.吃商务餐时,只要能够几口吃完的东西她都十分喜爱。“由于要谈很多事情,所以我会进行我所谓的‘社交餐饮’。”她说。Fiala says the two-month-long jaunts are necessary because they help to cement relationships. She’s able to meet with clients several times in a row before heading back to New York rather than simply touching base once or twice per year.菲亚拉表示,两个月的短途旅行很有必要,因为这可以帮助她巩固关系。她能在返回纽约前接连会见几次客户,而不只是每年进行一两次简单的接触。A packing regime着装准则With such long periods away from her home, she can’t fit into one carry-on and breaks the golden rule of almost any business traveller. She packs two suitcases, and checks one on each flight while carrying the other.由于离家时间很长,所以她不能只携带一个小行李箱,而且任何一个商务旅行者的黄金法则对她都不适用。她会携带两个行李箱,每次乘飞机都随身携带一个,然后托运一个。Taking two suitcases “allows me to still pack enough but keeps me flexible and mobile”, Fiala said. She takes single-coloured wardrobe pieces, to go with her mostly-black wardrobe and plenty of layers, but makes sure not to over-pack in order to leave room for last-minute shopping trips for special events or unexpected weather. 两个行李箱“既可以为我携带足够的行李,又能让我保持灵活。”菲亚拉说。她会穿单色衣,以便与几乎全黑的行李箱搭配——行李箱里面还有很多夹层。但她也不会把行李箱塞得太满,这样才能在遭遇特殊事件或意外天气时,为临时的购物行为预留额外的储物空间。“When I leave New York at the end of February and come back [closer to] May the seasons are different,” Fiala said.“如果我2月底离开纽约,回来的时候已经快5月了,季节完全变了。”菲亚拉说。 /201607/451550

The police are all set to launch an offensive against Internet live shows that feature obscene, violent or illegal content, said the Ministry of Public Security last Wednesday.公安部上周三表示,公安机关将针对传播淫秽、暴力或非法内容的网络直播开展整治工作。The operation will last until the end of October, according to a ministry statement.根据公安部的声明,这项工作将持续至10月底。About 150 websites registered in China enabled individuals to live broadcast, attracting 200 million users so far. Several leading operators have more than 100 million registered users and monthly active users exceeding 10 million.截止目前为止,约150个在中国注册的网站可以进行直播,共吸引了2亿用户。其中几家龙头运营商拥有超过1亿的注册用户,并且月活跃用户数超过了1000万。Live broadcasts have been abused by some to stream pornographic shows or host online gambling, the statement said.该声明称,某些人通过直播进行色情表演或在线聚众。Police will supervise website operators to ensure the legality of content and shut down accounts that flout the law.公安机关将监督网络直播平台,确保内容的合法性并关停违法账号。They will also assist operators to tighten internal management and push broadcasters to register their real identity and users to register their mobile phone numbers.公安机关还将协助网络直播平台加强内部管理,推进网络主播实名制及用户手机号注册登记。The ministry called on the public to inform on offenders through cyberpolice.cn.公安部呼吁民众通过cyberpolice.cn网站对犯罪分子进行举报。 /201608/458954

July is the best month of the year for cycling fans: three glorious weeks of the Tour de France to gorge on, provided you can wrestle the remote from any Wimbledon watchers in your life.7月对自行车爱好者来说是一年中最好的月份: 假如在你的生活中能远离温布尔观察者的争斗,那么你将尽享辉煌的三周环法自行车赛并饱吃美食。Yet while it is possible to watch Mark Cavendish#39;s renaissance live on both Eurosport and ITV4, anyone wanting to follow the Giro Rosa has to make do with crumbs posted on social media.尽管在欧洲体育和英国网络4频道可以看到马克卡文迪什的文艺复兴,然而任何想追随吉罗-罗莎的人必须寻找社交媒体上的消息。Every evening, I catch-up with the Tour highlights on ITV4: on Friday I found out that Evelyn Stevens of the USA won the individual time trial, her third stage win of the 2016 edition. I#39;d been wondering how Lizzie Armitstead had been getting on: it was only after some googling I found out our homegrown world champion pulled out after feeling poorly.每天晚上,我都追随英国网络4频道的旅游亮点节目:周五我发现美国的伊芙琳·史蒂文斯赢得2016年版的第三阶段的个人计时赛。我一直想知道阿米斯特德怎么得到的:用谷歌搜索之后,我才发现我们国内的世界冠军感觉状态不佳后退出了比赛。Apparently the Italians show Giro highlights each night, but no English language broadcaster seems to want to follow suit. It#39;s a huge problem for women#39;s cycling, as US cyclist Mara Abbott explained to me last week: without TV coverage, the sponsors aren#39;t interested. Without sponsors willing to invest decent money, riders don#39;t get paid properly, and like Abbott, end up working on civvy street to make ends meet. I couldn#39;t believe it when she told me she worked at a farmers#39; market to pay her mortgage this winter, despite winning the Giro Rosa twice.显然意大利人每晚都展示吉罗的亮点,但似乎没有英语广播公司想效仿。这对女性自行车运动来说是个巨大的问题,就像上周美国自行车参赛者者马拉雅培向我解释的那样:没有电视报道和赞助商赞助。没有赞助商愿意投资的钱,骑手也得不到适当的报酬,像雅培一样最终致力于平民生活来维持生计。我无法相信, 尽管在吉罗-罗莎赛道赢过两次,但她告诉我这个冬天她为付抵押贷款需在农贸市场工作。译文属 /201608/457529

There#39;s no such thing as dreaming too big or setting unreachable goals. Today might be one of those days when you find yourself wishing for something better for yourself or your family. Wanting better life doesn#39;t have to mean you#39;re dissatisfied with what you aly have or that you#39;re greedy, so if you#39;re feeling guilty about those dreams, cut it out. Instead, take a look at some concrete steps that you can take toward reaching those goals.根本就没有遥不可及的梦想或不可实现的目标这件事。今天你可能会希望自己或家人能够更好。想要更好的生活并不一定意味着你对现有的生活不满或者你很贪婪,所以如果你对这些梦想感到愧疚,那大可不必。相反,你可以想想具体的步骤,以实现这些目标。Your well being horoscope幸福运势Your sense of self may be challenged today. Keep in mind that the way others see you isn#39;t necessarily who you really are. Don#39;t feel like you have to change your direction to please anyone. Ultimately, your only responsibility is to yourself. Bizarre events are apt to spring up today, asking you to change your way of thinking.今天,你的自我感可能会受到挑战。切记别人对你的看法并不一定就是真实的你。不要觉得你得改变自己以迎合他人。最后一点,你唯一的责任就是要对自己负责。今天可能会发生奇怪的事情,这些事情会让你改变自己的思维方式。Your finance horoscope财务运势A gift you weren#39;t expecting could arrive, and you might not even be sure who sent it. Communications of all kinds are vague and somewhat unfinished, as though everyone#39;s too preoccupied to express themselves very well. You might be wondering if you should go out and run some more errands, but unless they#39;re vital, this isn#39;t a good idea. You need to relax more this evening than you need to go out.你可能会收到意料之外的礼物,你可能都不确定是谁送的。这类的交流都是含糊不清的,还有一点未完待续之意,就好像每个人都太全神贯注了,以至于不能清楚地表达自己。你可能会想要出去,多干些活,但除非这些活十分重要,否则这就不是好想法了。今晚,相比出去来说,你更需要放松放松。Your love horoscope爱情运势Family issues play an important role in your day today. Speak from your heart and tell your closest of kin how much they really mean to you. In general, you might be feeling a bit reserved with your energy. Don#39;t feel like you have to make any great strides in things today. It is more a time in which you can enjoy what you have worked for. Reap the rewards of all your hard work.今天,家庭事务扮演着重要的角色。说出内心的想法,告诉自己最亲的亲人他们对你的重要性。总体来说,你可能会觉得精力有所保留。不要觉得自己今天必须要在某件事上取得重大进步。今天更是享受以往奋斗结果的日子。收获努力工作的结果吧。Your career horoscope事业运势Why are you moping around? Are you worn out? If so, it#39;s probably because you are too stubborn to take time off from your work. You may wish to consider doing this, though, as some time still remains in which you can relax. In other words, this is the calm before the storm! Why not take advantage of it? Rather than being afraid of silence and inactivity, embrace them.你为什么闷闷不乐呢?感到十分疲惫?如果是的话,大概是因为你太固执了,工作都不愿意休息。然而,你可能想要考虑花些时间休息休息。换句话说,这是暴风雨前的宁静!为什么不好好利用呢?不要害怕安静和懒散,拥抱它们吧!译文属 /201608/463626

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