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British no longer willing to queueQueuing, along with warm beer and afternoon tea, was once a quintessential British trait. But it would seem we are no longer prepared to wait in line.Two minutes is the longest many British consumers are prepared to queue, down from five minutes just six years ago.Two-thirds of us have walked away from buying something in a shop because we were so fed up with queuing, the survey also found.Queuing patiently was once considered a typically British trait, fostered during the era of rationing. It was deemed a sign of civility that consumers were prepared to wait a long time, sometimes only to discover the shop had run out of butter or meat.British buses, with only one place to hop on, are also believed to be a key reason why we have been more prepared to queue than our European cousins – where the predominant form of public transport was the tram, with multiple doors, which discouraged the single, disciplined line.However, the survey undertaken for Barclays and Barclaycard discovered that two fifths of British refuse to queue for longer than two minutes and 51 percent of shoppers refuse to even enter a store if they spy a queue.This is in contrast to a similar survey back in 2004 which discovered half of shoppers refused to queue for more than five minutes in a high street shop.The internet, which allows shoppers to buy most goods, with just a click of the mouse, is one of the reason why people's patience appears to be so thin. While ever longer working hours has also meant British employees have lost the art of queuing.Some shops, the study found, made the queues appear shorter, by shifting the position of the till.Stuart Neal, head of contactless payment at Barclaycard, said: “Our research shows that consumers are much less willing to stand in line compared to six years ago and it would seem that as the Internet has become more popular among shoppers, impatience with queuing has increased."Used to buying without delay, customers are even abandoning purchases rather than wait their turn. Shoppers are also less likely to queue for long if the item they are buying is of low value, and as a result food and drink retailers are having to find innovative ways to deliver good customer service.”Vocabulary:fed up with: 对……感到厌烦rationing: the policy of limiting the amount of food, fuel, etc. that people are allowed to have when there is not enough for everyone to have as much as they want 定量配给政策;配给制high street: 大街(城镇的主要街道),繁华的商业大街till: 交款处背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/110972双辽市孕前检测多少钱To come here,to the stations, With all the difficulties that dealts, to perform magnets, we are motivated because we know our jobs important.Not only for us, but for every person who live in Mexico city. And if that earthquake occurs, we may save many lives.我们来到这里,来到这些监测站,面对所有的困难并发射磁场。我们坚守岗位因为我们知道工作十分重要。不仅是为了我们,而是为了每个住在墨西哥市的居民。如果地震发生,我们可以拯救许多生命。The equipment is so delicate, it needs shielding for the sub-tropical sun, and retrieve must work fast.该设备是如此精致,它需要屏蔽亚热带阳光,回收工作必须行动迅速。The routine magnets is done every two months, so every two months we come to look at each one of parameters of the sensor equipment and ramification and done.We measure the lots of parameter with moderator we have here with us.常规磁检每两个月检验一次,因此每两个月,我们来看看每一个传感器的参数和所做的设备及衍生物。我们用身上的调节器检测了很多参数。The sensor passes the inspection, the electronic lock out faithfully its post. In the never ending war with mother nature, Mexico city remains on the defensive. Ever alert. Never knowing when it will be forced to re-live a nightmare. The day, the earth shock.该传感器通过检查、电子锁定位置。在地球上与大自然永不休止的这场战争中,墨西哥城仍然处于守势。警报响起的一刹那,我们永远都不知道什么时候一场噩梦将会重新上演。那一天,地球都颤抖了。Most great cities are founded on rivers. Mexico city was founded on prophecy. On the Swaphin island,as take legacy says, an omen appeared. An eagle perched on a cactus eating a snake. An omen to build. The architects builds Tinosity strawn, the city of dreams. Through the century, it survived mother natures worse torments. Then from across the sea came a man-made disaster. Spanish conquers the doors, destory the city of dreams, and build a new city in its place. Centuries later, disasters still alive from the sea, the empty center of Mexico cities biggest quakes. September 19th, 1995, just after 7:00am, the city awakes to shatter news.多数大城市都建立在河流附近。墨西哥城诞生预言。在Swaphin岛,作为遗产,吉兆显现。一只鹰停在仙人掌上吃一条蛇。这就是建造的预兆。建筑师们建造了城市的梦想Tinosity strawn。而整个世纪,它幸免于大自然的折磨。然后海上的人造灾难降临。西班牙敲开了大门,摧毁这个城市的梦想,并建立一个新的城市。数百年后,海上灾难再次降临,墨西哥最大的地震带来了一场浩劫。1995年9月19日刚过7点,城市在睡梦中醒来,还不知道将被粉碎的消息。166007吉林省长春四院人流要多少钱White House Says Auto Bailout Not Imminent白宫称不会立即救助汽车业 The Bush administration is attempting to dampen expectations for immediate government action to save America's troubled car manufacturers. 美国的三大汽车公司正在谋求政府资助。但是布什政府星期二表示,政府不会表示立即采取行动来拯救陷入困境的美国汽车制造商。Two of America's main three automakers are believed to be weeks - if not days - away from bankruptcy. That is an outcome the Bush administration says should be avoided, yet White House spokeswoman Dana Perino says the president will not be rushed into making a hasty decision when it comes to federal intervention. 美国三大汽车公司中的两家濒临破产,它们即使不在几天之内倒闭,也有可能在几个星期内宣布破产。尽管布什政府说应该避免这种结局,但是白宫发言人佩里诺表示,说到联邦政府出面干预的问题,布什总统不会仓促做出决定。Perino was asked if a rescue plan for the auto industry is imminent. 当被问到拯救汽车工业的计划是否指日可待时。"We did not signal that it would be almost immediate," she said. "I do not know of an imminent announcement coming from us. We are trying to take the time to do it right."  她说:“我们没有表示过会马上采取行动。我也不知道我们会立即宣布有关计划。我们正在把握时间尽量把事情做好。”Last week, the Senate rejected a multi-billion dollar package of bridge loans to carmakers. After the vote, the White House signaled its willingness to consider other options it had previously ruled out, including possibly tapping funds from the 0 billion financial rescue package Congress approved in October. 上个星期,参议院拒绝了向汽车制造商提供几十亿美元短期贷款的方案。在投票之后,白宫发出信号,表示愿意考虑此前被它排除的其他方案,包括可能动用国会10月份批准的7千亿美元金融救助计划中的资金。Perino says the administration is reviewing the auto companies' financial figures while attempting to craft a government response to the situation. She says no one wants to see the U.S. auto industry go bankrupt, but that President Bush will only approve a rescue plan if he is satisfied that the industry will put itself on a path to long term viability. 佩里诺表示,布什政府在试图对情况做出反应的同时,正在审核汽车公司的财务数据。她说,没有人希望看到美国的汽车工业倒闭,但是布什总统只有在看到汽车工业能够把自己置于一个长期生存的道路上才会批准一个救助计划。"One of the options here is allowing the companies to go into a disorderly bankruptcy," she said. "That is one of the options that is least favored by the president. Put it at the bottom of the list, because he does not think, I the current weakened state of our economy, we could sustain such a body blow." 她说:“一个选择是允许这些公司出现无序的倒闭。这是布什总统最不喜欢的一种选择。所以这个被放在所有选择的最后面,因为鉴于我们经济目前的疲软状态,他不认为我们能够承受这样一个严重的打击。”Millions of American jobs are tied directly or indirectly to the country's domestic automobile industry, widely viewed as the backbone of the shrinking U.S. manufacturing base. 数以百万计的美国工作直接或是间接地与美国国内的汽车行业有关。这个行业被普遍看作是日益缩小的美国制造业基地的主干。For years, American carmakers have focused on larger vehicles, almost ceding the small car market to foreign brands. Sales of trucks and utility vehicles plummeted when fuel prices skyrocketed earlier this year, and vehicle sales of all kinds have faltered during the economic slowdown. 多年来,美国的汽车制造商都把焦点放在更大的汽车上,几乎把小车市场拱手让给外国汽车生产商。在汽油价格今年早些时候飞涨的时候,卡车和多功能车的销售直线下降。在经济滑坡期间,所有汽车的销售都出现了下跌。200812/59016Global Financial Summit May Endorse Increased Government Spending全球金融峰会将拟促经济增长计划 As leaders of leading developing and advanced economies prepare to meet in Washington November 15 to discuss weakening conditions in the global economy, there is an expectation that they will endorse increased government spending to maintain economic growth. 来自主要发展中国家和发达国家的领导人将于11月15日前来华盛顿出席全球金融峰会,讨论如何振兴日益疲软的世界经济。专家预期,各国领导人将在这次峰会上提出增加政府开以促进经济增长的计划。Charles Dallara, who heads an association of global financial institutions, says it is extraordinary that leaders have agreed to meet on such short notice. He says the Washington summit symbolizes the seriousness with which leaders view the financial crisis. 专家指出,在如此短的时间里各国领导人能够同意举行这次峰会,这一点就颇不寻常。查尔斯.达拉腊(Charles Dallara)是国际金融研究所的常务董事。他说,这次华盛顿峰会表明,世界领导人对于目前的金融危机态度都非常严肃。"The first thing we would hope to come out of it would be a clear message of their commitment to coordinate financial, economic and monetary policies with a view towards continued stabilization of the current market environment, because we're still not back to normal," said Charles Dallara. 达拉腊说:“我们首先希望他们在这次峰会上能够发出一个明确的信息,表明他们有决心在金融、经济和货币政策方面通力合作,以求继续稳定当前的市场环境,因为我们现在仍然没有恢复正常。”Fred Bergsten, the respected director of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, says it is essential that the leaders avoid controversy and discord. He is hopeful that the summit will agree to coordinated fiscal stimulus that would prop up a dramatically slowing world economy. 彼得森国际经济研究所所长佛瑞德.伯格斯滕(Fred Bergsten)也认为,在这次全球金融峰会上,各国领导人避免争议和分歧至关重要。他满怀希望地说,这次峰会看来能够在协调财政刺激措施方面取得一致,从而振兴正在急剧走软的世界经济。"Given the immediacy of the need to counter what looks like a savage turn-down in the world economy, I would put that [fiscal stimulus] right at the top of the list," said Fred Bergsten. 伯格斯滕说:“鉴于我们迫切需要对付疯狂下行的世界经济,我认为,这次峰会的首要任务就是财政刺激。”Bergsten applauds the announcement that China is boosting government spending by 0 billion to maintain domestic consumer demand. European nations and the ed States are also considering further measures to boost flagging demand. What is called the Group of 20 Summit includes Western European countries, North America, Japan as well as Brazil, Argentina, China, India, Russia, South Africa and others. Altogether the 20 nations account for 70 percent of global economic output. 伯格斯滕对于中国政府刚刚提出的经济刺激计划表示赞赏。这项金额高达六千亿美元的经济刺激措施将通过增加政府开来促进国内的消费需求。欧洲国家和美国也都在考虑采取进一步的措施来振兴不断衰弱的市场需求。20国集团的成员国包括西欧国家、北美国家和日本以及巴西、阿根廷、中国、印度、俄罗斯、南非等国。这20个国家的国内生产总值加在一起占全球经济的70%。Mike Mussa, a former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund, says through interest rate cuts the major economies have aly demonstrated their capacity to act cooperatively.  麦克.穆萨曾经在国际货币基金组织担任首席经济学家。他指出,世界主要经济体通过协调行动削减利率已经表明他们有能力相互合作。"There is certainly the fact of a world-wide policy response to what is viewed as an increasingly threatening situation," said Mike Mussa. 穆萨说:“针对这种威胁性越来越大的形势,我们实际上正在作出全球范围内的政策反应。”The Washington summit is being held at the urging of the French and British, whose economies and banking systems have been hard hit by the freezing up of credit markets that began with mortgage loan defaults in the ed States over one year ago. The summit, which has scheduled only five hours of formal discussions, will also discuss proposals to better regulate financial markets and improve the functioning of the International Monetary Fund. 此次20国集团华盛顿峰会是在法英两国的敦促下召开的。美国次贷危机一年多前爆发后,法国和英国的经济和系统深受信贷冻结的打击。这次峰会为正式会谈只安排了5个小时的时间。峰会还将讨论如何更有效地监管金融市场以及改善国际货币基金组织的功能。200811/55877长春妇科医院检查多少钱

长春做个引产手术多少钱长春吉林大学一院网络咨询Bush Defends Presidency in Farewell Remarks布什在告别记者会上为其政绩辩护  U.S. President George Bush defended his record in office and wished his successor well as he went before reporters for a farewell news conference. 美国总统布什在白宫举行告别记者会时为他执政期间的政绩进行辩护,并祝福他的继任者。At times nostalgic, at times defensive, Mr. Bush talked about the issues he faced as president and the challenges that lie before Barack Obama saying, "I genuinely mean what I say - I wish him all the very best." 布什总统谈到他作为总统曾面临的一些问题,以及奥巴马面前要应对的各种挑战,话语之间有时流露出怀旧之感,有时又为自己辩护。布什说:“我祝愿他一切顺利,这是发自我内心的祝愿”。He said preventing another terrorist attack will be the biggest challenge facing the new chief executive. 布什说,新总统面临的最大挑战就是防止再次发生恐怖袭击。"The most urgent threat that he will have to deal with, and other presidents after him will have to deal with, is an attack on our homeland," Mr. Bush said. “他和继任他的各届总统要应付的最紧迫的威胁就是对我们国土发动的攻击。”The president was asked about his 2002 State of the Union address, when he first referred to an Axis of Evil - Iran, North Korea and Iraq.He said Iran remains dangerous and North Korea is still a problem. But he pointed to progress in Iraq, noting that his decision to send in extra U.S. forces helped turn the tide of the war. He acknowledged the young Iraqi democracy is still fragile. 他说,伊朗仍然很危险,北韩仍然是个问题。但是他强调伊拉克已经取得进展。他指出,他向伊拉克增兵的决定帮助伊拉克扭转了战争的局势。不过,他承认伊拉克新建立的民主仍然很脆弱。"The question is, in the long run, will this democracy survive and that is going to be the challenge for future presidents," Mr. Bush said. “问题是,从长远来看,这个民主是否能够生存,这将是未来总统要面对的挑战。”Mr. Bush also defended his policy in the Middle East. He was asked if he thought the Israeli assault on Gaza might end by Inauguration Day. He did not answer directly, but he said Hamas militants must stop rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel. 布什还为他的中东政策进行辩护。有记者问,他是否认为以色列对加沙地带的攻击能在1月20日就职典礼日之前结束。布什并没有直接回答,不过他说,哈马斯激进分子必须停止从加沙向以色列发射火箭。"There will not be a sustainable cease-fire if they continue firing rockets," Mr. Bush said. "I happen to believe the choice is Hamas's to make." “如果哈马斯继续发射火箭,就不可能有持久的停火。我认为哈马斯必须在这个问题上做出选择。”Mr. Bush said he is not bothered by criticism of his policies, and he strongly denied the notion that America's credibility around the world has been damaged under his watch. 布什说,他并不因为人们批评他的政策而感到困扰,他还坚决否认美国在世界上的信誉在他的执政期间受到损害。He also disputed accusations that he has been a poor steward of the nation's economy. 他还反驳有关他管理国家经济不当的指责。"Look, I inherited a recession and I am ending on a recession," said Mr. Bush. "In the meantime, there were 52 months of uninterrupted job growth." “我上任时继承的是经济衰退,卸任时也处于经济衰退。但是在此期间,美国曾经有52个月就业持续不断增加。”President Bush said he has been discussing the economic situation with the president-elect. He said he is looking forward to Inauguration Day, noting he will have a front row seat for history as the nation's first African-American president takes the oath of office. 布什总统说,他同当选总统奥巴马讨论过目前的经济局势。他说,他期待着就职典礼那一天。他指出,在美国第一位非洲裔总统宣誓就职之际,他将坐在第一排目睹这历史时刻。"He will get sworn in, and they will have the lunch and all the deal up there on Capitol Hill, and then he will come back and go through the inauguration (the inaugural parade), and then he will walk into the Oval Office, and there will be a moment when the responsibilities of the president land squarely on his shoulders," said Mr. Bush. “他将宣誓就职,他们将在国会山共进午宴,经历所有的程序。然后他将回来参加就职典礼,然后他将走进椭圆形办公室,在那个时刻,总统的重任将完全落在他的肩上。”In keeping with tradition, President Bush will leave the Capitol immediately after the swearing-in ceremony. He will board a helicopter to the side of the inaugural platform and begin his journey back home to the state of Texas. 根据传统,布什总统将在宣誓仪式结束后立即离开国会山。他将登上停在就职典礼台一侧的直升机,返回他的家乡德克萨斯州。01/60975Time to stop play-acting and spit out the tea是时候停止演戏,摒弃茶党思维了The Republicans are not being serious about the deficit共和党人没有认真对待赤字问题THIRTY billion dollars is a lot of money for anyone except America’s government. In Washington it is a bagatelle: about what the feds spend in three days, or less than 2% of the predicted budget deficit for this year. Yet in the peculiar battle that is now raging over the budget for a fiscal year aly half over, billion is all that now separates the Republicans and the Democrats, who have been bickering for the past 14 months over the details. Because neither side thinks it can afford to back down, the risks of a government shutdown are rising fast; without an agreement, the government will run out of money on April 8th.300亿美元对任何人来说都是一笔巨款,但对美国政府来说不是。对华盛顿来讲,300亿美元只是小菜一碟:大概相当于联邦政府三天的开销,预计还不到今年财政赤字的2%。然而在这场持续了将近半个财政年度的罕见战争中,就是这300亿美元成为了共和党人和民主党人的分歧所在,在过去的14个月中双方一直在为细节问题争吵不休。因双方均不想为之让步,政府倒闭的风险正迅速增加;如果达不成协议,到4月8日政府将无运转资金。Some irresponsible people, on both sides of the political aisle, think that a temporary shutdown would not matter all that much. A fair few Democrats hope that the Republicans will be blamed for their intransigence, as they were at the time of the last shutdown, in 1995-96 (though they may be disappointed on that score, since public opinion swung against the Republicans in 1996 only after their leader, Newt Gingrich, made a fool of himself over a seat on Air Force One). Those of a tea-partyish persuasion imagine that they will be politically rewarded by their supporters for sticking to their guns, and that the only good government is one on enforced leave.两党中有些不负责任的人认为政府暂时倒闭不会有太大影响。相当一部分民主党人认为毫不让步的共和党人应受谴责,正如1995-1996年间政府倒闭时共和党人备受指责一样(虽然对此他们倍感失望,因为1996年公众批评共和党人完全是因为其党首纽特·金里奇为了空军一号的一个座位而犯傻)。那些持茶党思维的人认为坚守立场会得到其持者的政治持,而且一个好政府是被迫“休假”的政府。In the short term, it is true, a shutdown would be far from catastrophic; soldiers will continue to fight; aircraft will not collide; Social Security (pensions) cheques will mostly continue to be automatically sent out. But it would still be highly disruptive, not least for government employees who will not get paid, and it will inconvenience people and businesses in countless ways. That is no small matter while the recovery remains so fragile.确实,短期来讲,政府关门绝不是什么灾难性事件;士兵会继续战斗,飞机不会坠毁,绝大部分社会保险也会自动发放。但它仍极具杀伤力,特别是对那些拿不到薪水的政府工作人员。它也将给公众和企业带来诸多不便。在经济恢复仍旧脆弱的背景下,这绝不是什么小事。More worrying than a shutdown itself would be its implications. If the politicians’ attempts to resolve one year’s budget end in acrimonious collapse, what hope is there of reaching agreement on issues that require both sides to take much more political punishment? Later in April another battle looms, this time over the need for an extension to America’s debt limit, currently set at .3 trillion and now very close to being reached. A row over the fiscal 2011 budget might not alarm investors too much; a fight over authorising money that ultimately could be needed to pay international creditors is quite another thing.比政府倒闭更让人担忧的是其暗示意义。如果政治家们解决一年预算问题的努力都付诸东流,两党严重分裂,那又有什么希望让双方接受更多的政治让步,就诸多议题达成一致呢?四月后期另一场战役也会打响,这场战役关于是否需要放宽美国的债务限额。目前债务限额为14.3万亿美元,且已逼近底线。因2011年财政预算产生的严重分歧可能并不会使投资者过度担忧;最终可能还需要政府资金付欠债权国的债务,而就这笔资金产生的争论则是另外一种景象了。201104/130973长春做无痛人流得花多少钱温总理说,中国仍要对经济危机保持警惕,继续实施经济刺激措施,并就近期热炒的人民币升值话题给予最权威的回应。During his annual news conference following the conclusion of the parliament sessions, Premier Wen Jiabao says the world is still facing uncertainties in the economic recovery and China must take steps to sustain its recovery."China needs to strike a balance between maintaining a relatively fast and stable development, adjusting the economic structure and managing inflation expectations to avert a possible economic 'double dip' this year."Boosted by a raft of stimulus measures, China's economy expanded 8.7 percent in , staging a speedy recovery after being hit by the worst global financial crisis in decades. But worries have arisen over possible economic bubbles. Last year, the country had new loans amounting to 9.6 trillion yuan, or more than 1.4 trillion U.S. dollars. Investment in real estate rose by 30 percent and housing prices remained staggeringly high for residents. Premier Wen says the country's exit strategy on economic stimulus should be "very cautious and flexible" in order to sustain the economic recovery. He says China will continue implementing proactive fiscal policy and moderately loose monetary policy. The premier also says the Chinese Yuan is "not undervalued" and rejects foreign pressure to boost its value."Depreciating one's own currency and attempting to pressure others to appreciate, for the purpose of increasing exports, in my view, is protectionism." The premier says China opposes certain countries engaging in finger-pointing or forcing other nations to appreciate their currencies because it is not good for the Renminbi exchange rate reform.For the Beijing Hour, I'm Shuangfeng.201003/98751长春可视无痛人流医院

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