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There were times a few years back when the emergency room at SUNY Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse looked like a scene from a zombie movie. Dr. Ross Sullivan, a physician there, recalls one afternoon when staff wheeled in a man with dilated pupils who was covered in sweat.在过去几年里有过好几次发生在雪城SUNY Upstate大学医院急诊室里的事就像一部僵尸电影里的场景Ross Sullivan 士是该医院的一内科医生,她回忆了那天下午当同事把一个浑身是汗而且瞳孔散大的男人推进来时的情形;The patient was screaming obscenities, and anybody he would pass, he was threatening and saying he was going to kill them,; Sullivan recalls.“这病人一直在骂着脏话,他威胁任何从他旁边经过的人,说他打算把他们都干。Sullivan 回忆道。Police suspected the patient had taken ;bath salts,; the notorious synthetic stimulants that were ravaging scores of American communities at the time.警察怀疑患者之前曾用过一种臭名昭彰的人工合成毒品-“浴盐”。在那时,这种毒品已经摧毁了大量美国社区。It took 10 people to hold him down, and even then he was able to break a limb free. Eventually, they injected him with a sedative.这需0个人才能压制住这个病患,即使那样他还能挣脱掉。最终,他们只能给他注射镇定剂;We probably used 10 times the dosage we would have used in a nondrug-induced person,; Sullivan says.“我们可能要对一个非药物诱导的人注射10倍用量的镇定剂,Sullivan 说An empty lab used by China Enriching Chemistry, which was accused of shipping illegal drugs to the U.S. Eric Chang, the companys director, is currently in jail in China, where he was charged with producing ecstasy.图中是上海灿禾化工有限公司一间空置了的实验室。该公司被指控非法输送毒品到美国。这家公司的主管Eric Chang,正目前因为被指控生产毒品而被关在中国的监狱里。In central New York around that time, bath salts sent hundreds of people to emergency rooms for hallucinations, seizures, even heart attacks. But what most people didnt know is that some of the drugs wreaking havoc in New York state as well as in Southern California, Virginia and Texas were created thousands of miles away in a lab in China, according to a federal indictment.大约那个时候的纽约市中上百人因为“浴用盐”所导致的幻觉,癫痫甚至是心脏病而被送往急救室。但是大多数人不知道的是,根据联邦的控诉,一些在纽约州,同样也在南加州,弗吉尼亚州,德克萨斯州肆虐的毒品,其实是在千里之外的中国实验室创造出来的。来 /201407/316111A popular online extreme travel show has been banned in China after a run-in with Isis in a case of war tourism gone badly wrong.一档在中国网络热播的极限冒险旅游节目在内容涉及“伊斯兰国ISIS)的视频播出后遭禁播,这是战地旅游严重出错的案例之一。The Lu Xing “On the Roadshow stars Zhang Xinyu, a tofu machine mogul and Liang Hong, his patient wife, who quit the rat race to tour world hotspots, camera crew in tow, since 2013.这档名为《侣行On the Road)的真人秀节目,由商人张昕宇和他耐心的妻子梁红自2013年起带着摄制组奔赴世界热点地区拍摄制作。张昕宇靠贩卖即食豆腐机起家,梁红退出职场和丈夫一起旅行。From wandering the arms bazaars of Mogadishu to the Buddhas of Bamiyan, the show tapped into a new wanderlust among Chinese professionals, picked high viewing numbers on Youku Tudou, China’s version of YouTube, and a sponsorship by Mercedes.从流连于加迪沙(Mogadishu)的武器集贸市场到巴米扬大Buddhas of Bamiyan),该节目利用了中国职业人群一波新的旅游热,在中国版的YouTube——优酷土豆视频网络播出,观众人数较高,并得到梅赛德斯(Mercedes)赞助。But last month the couple appear to have pushed their luck too far. During a visit to Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq they flew a camera-equipped drone over Isis military positions in neighbouring Syria and claimed on camera that the footage was used to identify jihadist targets.然而上个月,这对夫妇似乎冒险过了头。在访问伊拉克北部的库尔德战斗人员时,他们放飞一架装有摄影装备的无人机,飞过了ISIS在邻近的叙利亚的军事阵地,并在节目中声称,视频内容曾被用于识别圣战分子目标。Mr Zhang also said the Kurdish YPG fighters gave the footage to the French air force for three bombing raids. The French embassy in Beijing declined to comment on the claims, as did a representative for the Kurdish YPG militia in Germany.张昕宇还说,库尔德人民保卫军(YPG)将视频内容交给法国空军,由其实施了三次空袭。驻北京的法国大使馆以及德国的YPG代表都拒绝对此置评。After the episodes depicting the drone reconnaissance were aired last month, the show was suspended and the couple returned to China. The homepage of the show has been removed by host Youku Tudou, and none of the final four episodes, which deal with IS, has been viewable on the Chinese internet. Social media postings and search terms about these episodes have been blocked, a sure sign of China’s “great firewallat work.在记录无人机侦察的画面上月播出后,该节目被暂停播放,张昕宇夫妇也返回了中囀?节目主页已从优酷土豆网站上移除,而涉及伊斯兰国的最后四集节目在中国的互联网上都找不到。关于这几集的社交网络发帖和搜索内容都被屏蔽,显然受到中国“长城防火墙”的干预。Youku Tudou declined to comment on why the popular show was abruptly halted.优酷土豆对于该热播节目为何突然停播拒绝置评。In their last post on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, on December 3, the couple said: “We are all well, recently the show has been suspended, there are a lot of theories out there. Thank you for your concern, don’t worry about us! If all goes smoothly, the show will make a comeback soon!”张昕宇夫妇2日发出的最后一条微(相当于中国版的Twitter)上说:“我们都很好!最近片子下线,各种各样的声音都有,谢谢大家的惦记,请大家不用担心!如果一切顺利的话片子会在不久之后重新上线!”Beijing does not disclose its reasons for censoring online content but two people familiar with the matter said the show was suspended amid fears of a backlash by Isis, which killed its first Chinese hostage on November 19.中国当局不公开在线内容审查的具体原因,但熟悉此事的两名人士透露,该节目停播是出于对遭ISIS报复的担忧,该组织已19日处决了第一名中国人质。The two most provocative episodes appear to have been aired on November 4 and 11, before Fan Jinghui was executed, according to the weekly broadcast schedule, though as they have been removed the air date could not be confirmed.根据每周播出时间表,最具煽动性的两集节目似乎分别1日和11日播出,正好在樊京辉被处决之前。然而因节目已被移除,具体播出时间无法实。The November 4 episode, viewable on US-based YouTube, showed Mr Zhang and Ms Liang giving Kurdish fighters body armour, helping them load a machine gun and piloting the drone. The November 11 episode showed Mr Zhang telling the camera: “The Kurds turned in the footage from our drones over to the French, and the French military made three air strikes using the material from our footage near the Kurdish frontline. It had a great effect. This is quite consoling for us.”从务器位于美国的YouTube上可以看到,1日播出的节目中,张、梁夫妇向库尔德战斗人员发放防弹衣,帮助他们为机装弹,并操纵航拍无人机11日播出的节目则可看到张昕宇在镜头前说:“库尔德人将我们航拍飞机获得的视像交给了法国,法国军方使用我们从库尔德前线获得的视频资料实施了三次空袭。效果很好,对我们来说是很大的安慰。”Military experts interviewed questioned the claim, saying French forces have drones of their own, though it is possible the footage was shared with the French along with other intelligence about Isis positions.受访的军事专家质疑了这一说法,称法军有自己的无人机,尽管这段视频有可能跟其他有关ISIS阵地的情报一起与法国方面分享。来 /201512/416342

China will host the 2016 Group of Twenty (G20) summit in the eastern city of Hangzhou, best known for its scenic West Lake, on Sept. 4-5, President Xi Jinping announced here Monday.中国国家主席习近平周一宣布016年中国将于风景秀丽的西湖湖畔——美丽的东部城市杭州,举办二十国集团领导人峰会(G20)。Its theme will be ;Building an innovative, invigorated, interconnected and inclusive world economy,; Xi said while addressing a working lunch during the just-concluded 10th G20 summit in this Turkish resort city.习主席在即将结束的土耳其安塔利亚二十国集团领导人第十次峰会上发表讲话称016年G20峰会的主题将是“构建创新、活力、联动、包容的世界经济”。Chinas preparations, Xi told world leaders, will be focused on innovating upon growth patterns, improving global economic and financial governance, boosting international trade and investment, and promoting inclusive and interconnected development.习近平主席告诉二十国领导人,中方将从创新增长模式、完善全球经济金融治理、促进国际贸易和投资、推动包容联动式发展个领域进行筹备工作;We need to increase the representation and voice of the emerging-market economies and developing countries (in global governance), so as to enhance the capabilities of the world economy to resist risks,; the president said.“我们要努力提高新兴经济体市场国家和发展中国家在全球治理中的代表性和发言权,从而提升世界经济抵御风险的能力”,他表示。Explaining Chinas selection of the theme and priorities, Xi noted that although the world economy has walked out of crisis, the recovery remains highly fragile and growth underpowered.习近平向各位领导人解释,中国选择这一主题的原因是要强调世界经济虽已经走出危机,但复苏的新经济仍非常脆弱、增长动力仍不足。The president also called for concerted efforts to help the group shift from a mechanism of crisis response to one of long-term governance, so as to consolidate its status as a main forum for global economic governance.习主席还呼吁二十国集团成员国需要共同努力,使二十国集团从危机应对的机制向长期管理转变,从而巩固其作为全球经济管理主要论坛的地位;China will take an open, transparent and inclusive attitude in the preparations, and will enhance communication and coordination with all G20 members to jointly maintain, build and develop the group in a sound way;.“中国将保持开放、透明、包容的姿态,同各成员国加强沟通和协调,共同把二十国集团维护好、建设好、发展好”。China will take over the G20 presidency on Dec. 1, 2015, and a series of related meetings will be held next year, according to Wang Xiaolong, the Chinese Foreign Ministrys special envoy on G20 affairs.据中国外交部二十国集团事务特使王晓龙透露,中国将0152日接任G20轮值主席国,相关会议将在明年举行。US President Barack Obama voiced support for Chinas presidency, saying that he looks forward to attending the Hangzhou summit. The ed States is willing to work with China closely to ensure the success of the meeting, Obama told Xi on the sidelines of the Antalya summit.美国总统奥巴马对中国表示持,并期待出席杭州峰会。奥巴马在安塔利亚峰会上表示,美方愿与中国保持密切合作,以确保会议取得成功。来 /201511/410580

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe courted Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday (Jan 4), holding out the prospect for a summit as he renewed his call for progress on an elusive World War II peace treaty.周一,日本首相安倍晋三向俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普京示好,主张举行首脑会晤,并再次呼吁推进二战和平条约制定的进程。The two countries have never officially struck a peace accord more than 70 years after the end of the conflict amid a territorial dispute over four Japanese islands seized by Soviet troops at the wars conclusion.二战后,苏联军队占领北方四岛,在此后长达70年间,由于争议领土的冲突,日本和俄罗斯双方政府没有达成任何和平协议;President Putin and I share the view that it is abnormal for our nations not to have a peace treaty 70 years since the war;, Mr Abe said at his first press conference of the year. ;The issues related to the Northern Territories cannot be resolved without exchanges between the leaders,; he added, referring to the Japanese appellation for the islands.安倍晋三在新年的首次新闻发布会上称:“战0年间,日俄双方没有达成和平条约,对此普京总统和我都认为这是不正常的。北方领土的问题需要双方领导人协商进行解决。”在此期间,他用日本的名称来称呼这些岛屿;I will continue my dialogue with President Putin when opportunities arise,; he added. ;We will explore the most appropriate timing for his visit to Japan.;他还表示:“如果条件允许,我会同普京总统再续对话,我们将研究他访日的最佳时机。”Mr Putin has come under intense criticism from the ed States and other democracies over Russias annexation of Crimea and the conflict in eastern Ukraine, with the countrys participation in the Group of Eight summits under suspension.由于俄罗斯吞并克里米亚以及在乌克兰东部的冲突,普京总统受到了美国和其他民主国家的强烈指责,同时俄罗斯参加八国峰会的资格也被暂时取消。Mr Abe is hosting a meeting of Group of Seven leaders in May. Mr Putin is not expected to attend and Mr Abe did not suggest otherwise. But he emphasised the need for dialogue, saying the international community must encourage Russias participation in the worlds fight against terrorism and the Syrian crisis.今年5月份,安倍晋三将在日本主持召开七国领导人峰会,如果安倍不提议邀请,普京则无法参加该峰会。但安倍晋三强调了对话的重要性,他认为国际社会应当鼓励俄罗斯参与到全球反恐斗争和解决叙利亚危机的行动中;It is also important that we gain Russias constructive engagement to deal with issues of terrorism, Syria and Iran,; Mr Abe said.他说:“俄罗斯在应对恐怖问题、叙利亚问题和伊朗问题上的行动是富有成效的,这点同样很重要。”来 /201601/420296

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